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Animal Lighting Round-up

I like animals.  I like lamps. So i asked my friend Scott Horne (otherwise known as a human shopping catalogue) to do an online roundup of the best animal lamps out there that we haven’t seen a trillion times.  And here’s what we got:




 1. Bronze Bird Lamp 2. Seal Lamp 3. Frog Lamp 4. Brass Peacock Standing Lamp 

That Brass standing lamp kills me. It’s incredible.  And that seal? What Oregon coastal native can go on living without that lamp adorning a console? None. Or people that don’t love their country.  


5. Horn Lamp 6. Giraffe Lamp 7. Horse Lamp  8. Brass Cat Lamps, Pair 9. Brass Lion Paw Lamp 10. Dog

Resting Lamp

The fact that i don’t own those brass bearcat lamps is very disturbing to me.  Oh for shame…..

i’m in New York, headed to the Project Runway 10th anniversary party with Aphrochic, Design-milk, Not Martha and Design Crush.  Hopefully i’ll meet Heidi and say something passive aggressive, but with a smile on my face.  I’m going dressed as Tim Gunn in hopes of getting Tim Gunn’s attention. I’m pretty sure it will work.