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Airbnb has gone Hollywood … in a good way :)

Hey there, friends. Have I got a project for you — especially you Angelenos).

– and yes, you may have noticed that this post was up last week for a few hours but was moved to private for a few days for PR reasons, but now its back!

One day, not too long ago I got asked to design five houses with five celebrities in LA that will only be up for five days. Perfectly normal, I know, but I was into it because it sounded weird and you know how I like ‘weird.’

Once I got the details — what the houses were (awesome prefab houses by KitHuas), who the celebrities were (James Franco, Anjelica Huston, Molly Sims, Moby and Lake Bell), and who I could work with on each house (designers in LA of my choice — Bash, Please, Orlando Soria, Matthew Lanphier, and Justina Blakeney) I was even more excited.

So here’s the deal (and this IS NOT a sponsored post): Air Bnb is awesome. They have properties all over the world that you can rent instead of staying at a hotel. They are more interesting, in more desirable neighborhoods (not Times Square) more affordable (normally, but there are some super amazing luxe spaces as well), and just overall a better, less touristy experience than a hotel. You go online, shop, and book. Done.

If you think your house is awesome and vacation-able (or just a good inexpensive solution in an expensive city), then you can upload pics/info of your house to the database and poof, make some dough by renting it out to vacationers.

That’s how the company normally runs.

But for this month in LA, they have partnered with me to create five awesome pop-up houses that you can win nights stay in. But that’s not it. These five houses are designed in conjunction with these celebrities, built and living at five iconic places in Los Angeles: The Grove (designed by Bash, Please and Molly Sims); Hollywood Forever Cemetery (designed by Matthew Lanphier and James Franco); Cooks Garden on Abbott Kinney (designed by Orlando Soria and Anjelica Huston); The Arts District by the Brewery (designed by Justina Blankeney and Lake Bell); and The Viper Room (designed by Moby and me). I get to oversee the design of all of them, and kinda art direct the whole thing. IT’S A TOTAL DREAM PROJECT. I’ve never slept less and been more happy.



We are still in the throes of designing them, getting custom pieces made for them, crying over how beautiful some of the wallpaper is. They go up (and you can come tour them) September 27 – October 1st.

air bnb


There will be like 10 events at each pod (music, drinking, art demos, etc) every day and night from the 27th – Oct 1st. For that schedule and to RSVP to those things, go HERE. 

Follow me on Instagram to see sneak peeks into the pod and then you can follow my friends that are working on the project with me because i’ll be tagging them all along. They are all doing some pretty awesome things and the pods are shaping up to look intensely good.


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