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The Link Up: Emily CUTE $40 Puffer Jacket, Julie’s Pancake Recipe & A Brand New Newsletter By An EHD Alum


design by sharon mrozinski |photo by marta xochilt perez for the maryn | via cup of jo

How’s it going? Life may seem wildly uncertain right now (because it is) so our hope is that here, you give yourself permission to take your mind off the news and escape for even just a moment. In hopes to continue to provide that space, here is what EHD has been watching, reading, and finding joy in this week:

Today’s home tour (via Cup Of Jo) is the virtual equivalent of visiting your eclectic great aunt’s house who has REALLY great style and hundreds of amazing stories. Trust us when we say you’re going to want to hit that pin button.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Studio McGee’s new kitchen reveal. Yes, it’s Shea’s actual, kitchen in her new custom home. OH and they just launched their new collection at Target yesterday and guys, it’s GOOD.

From Emily: If you haven’t already heard…I am recommending this book to everyone I know.

Also from Emily: “I am not really shopping right now but this puffer jacket is 50% off and crazy cute.”

From Jess: If you thought I was excited about my newsletter announcement last week, this week I am PHYSICALLY BURSTING with excitement to let you know that our very own Arlyn Hernandez (EHD alum if you are new around here) decided to start a weekly newsletter. I know, I KNOW! So while she loves her new venture in Marketing, she just couldn’t stay away from the ole keyboard. Apparently writing for a little under half of your life will do that. So if you miss “hearing” her sweet, funny and all-around wonderful voice, miss no more because baby, she’s back. 

From Mallory: “HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED THE JOY OF COLORING AS AN ADULT?? I spent my entire senior year of high school coloring during class which was a really weird thing for me to do since those fancy adult coloring books were not cool yet. BUT, now coloring is socially acceptable for everyone since it’s super therapeutic and fun. Here are some printable coloring books that ROCK. This one is from one of my favorite artists, Tug Rice, and this one is from none other than our friends at Studio McGee. Happy coloring!”

From Julie: “Breakfast most mornings as of late have consisted of these healthy pancakes (truly they are). It’s also only two ingredients although you can add a little cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract to spice them up. If you want to get really fancy (and a little unhealthy) try adding some sauteed apples, you won’t be disappointed.”

From Sara: This article was totally eye-opening to me, but also comforting (aka NOT panic-inducing). I also recently heard the phrase “You are not working from home, you are at home during a crisis trying to work” and I think a lot of people, especially parents, need to hear that and realize no matter how much or how little they’re accomplishing, they’re doing GOOD.

From Caitlin: HEY, DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE QUARANTINE ACNE? QuarACNEtine? I am breaking out like crazy on my chin-ish (you know, like the area beside your mouth, but NOT your chin, but not your cheek, either? Right in there!) and need help. I complained to the team on our Wednesday zoom call, showed everyone closeups of my whiteheads (yes, I am very popular here), and asked if someone could just tell me what to do and they were like, “Hey, dummy, SARA ALREADY DID.” I ordered a sample of Curology (cause it was only $4.95 for a 30-day trial) and a few more of the cheap options she recommended, just to try and calm my face down a little. Just wanted to percolate it back up to the top for anyone else who also needs a beginner skincare guide!

And related (double link from me, sorry): I haven’t been showering with the greatest frequency (I know, gross, overshare-y, and probably the root of my acne issues TBH) but I found a set of my 5 all-time fav perfumes on sale for $20 at Sephora (and even cheaper if you do a quick google for a coupon code, of which there are like, BILLIONS. They alone were the impetus for me to start bathing with more regularity. I literally have not seen a person in OVER 3 weeks (!!!) but it’s kind of nice to smell like warm cotton, JUST FOR ME. (P.S. I’ve actually owned full bottles of warm cotton, fresh, rain, and skin and they’re definitely more for lovers of clean and fresh scents…) But yeah, if you’re just feeling kinda gross and stuck in a rut, maybe this little indulgence will help? It helped me!!! Also, CAN YOU TELL I LIVE ALONE? I am feeling SO CHATTY.)”

From Veronica: “My friend Nicky is doing illustration commissions starting at $30 and all profits are going towards Direct Relief and Global Giving — two organizations who made it their mission to support healthcare professionals around the world, provide medical supplies, and protect communities who have been impacted by COVID-19. Slide into her DMs and let’s make the magic happen! (If you do not want an illustration, please feel free to donate on the organization websites).”

Lastly, (sorry for the extra long link up – or your welcome??) in case you interested there are some GREAT deals going on right now from some of our favorite retailers…

Madewell Denim Sale: They have a bunch a great styles for only 75$ (almost half off) with code SWEET DEAL. We know jeans kinda seem nuts to buy right now but on our Friday zoom call half of us were wearing them because we needed to feel a little normal. Mainly this is just a really great deal from a beloved EHD shop.

MIDCENTURYLA, one of Emily’s favorite vintage stores, is having a benefit sale where 100% of profit from sale items will be donated to LA Regional Food Bank.

And lastly, Norell Furniture another small business that has been greatly impacted but this crisis is having a 15% off all of their handmade furniture sale. See one of their beautiful chairs in Emily’s mountain house here.

That is all for now, but do come back later for a very special DIY Easter post. See you then. xx

Opening Photo Credits: Design by Sharon Mrozinski| Photos by Marta Xochilt Perez for the Maryn | via Cup of Jo

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Hey I don’t think the Studio McGee kitchen tour link is correct. Just an FYI. Great list!

Roberta Davis

true- I couldn’t link to the tour- but love their site and looked at some othe rthings!

All fixed!


Hi Caitlin,

Could your breakout actually be perioral dermatitis? It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint what causes it and it can be tough to treat, but acne solutions won’t work on it. A topical medication called Elidel (prescribed by a derm.) helps me a little.


I am also experiencing acne during this time. I work in labor and delivery and we started wearing surgical masks regularly weeks ago (and now N95 masks for deliveries). I find that I’m breaking out exactly where the ear loops attach to the masks. So frustrating, but at least it’s easy to cover the zits…. with a mask!

I am so sorry! But thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate you so much!


My bf and I just had the best time making the 2-ingredient pancakes! Thanks for the recipe!

I’m so glad you enjoyed them! They are surprisingly filling too 🙂


Arlyn??!!?? Yaaaaaaay!!!!
Signed up … can’t wait! ?

I know!!

Roberta Davis

Isn’t Target so smart for recruiting all you fabulous designers and creating fabulous affordable collections? Thanks for all the new things to think about. I always love the home tours, in particular. Also signed up for Arlen’s newsletter.

Roberta Davis

Sorry- Arlyn!

Seriously! This collection is SO good and I am so happy you signed up for Arlyn’s newsletter:)


What newsletter announcement last week, Jess?

O one of my online favorite writers, Haley Nahman, who recently left Manrepller started a newsletter and I highly recommend it:


MY FRIENDS! Thank you Jess for sharing. I love you all (and thanks for everyone who already signed up!). Made my week!

OF COURSE!!! It made MY week getting it in my inbox:) Love you!


Mmade my day!!! I was havin’ a clunker and it gave me an underwire-like lift!!! Hahaha ?


Hahaha that’s fantastic!!

Rusty, me too! Yesterday was rough but then Arlyn popped up in my inbox and all of a sudden my day was lighter:)

This was a great resource
Thanks for the manager of this site
good lunch


Thank you, Sara! “You are not working from home, you are at home during a crisis trying to work” is so accurate. I’ve been working from home for years and am well acquainted with what working from home feels like. This is not it. I couldn’t quite describe why before now.

Really loved the article too!

Milo, I agree. Sara reminded me of this earlier in the week and it really helped to put those more frequent moments of feeling overwhelmed into perspective. We are not JUST dealing with getting our jobs done but also worrying if our families are healthy, wondering when we will be able to hug our friends again and the overall uncertainty of an end date and much more. We all need to give ourselves time and a little bit of leeway xx


yes! Love you, mean it Jess!


Tried Julie’s 2 ingredient pancakes. They’re really tricky to flip (you warned me, I know) and kind of underwhelming in taste. I made it with a frozen banana and that may have affected the result. But it was fun to try something new, even if it wasn’t for me.

PS I added the baking powder and vanilla as advised.


Thanks to you, i went hunting on Nordstrom for next year’s winter coat!!! Keep up the good posts, you are always inspiring

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