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The Link Up: Emily and Brian’s Favorite Account To Follow, Caitlin’s $20 Fall Sweater, and The Fall Boots In Our Carts Right Now

Hello all! It’s link up time! We hope your weeks were full of cozy fall weather –– we got 1 rainy day here in LA and now it’s back to 90 but it did make us a little excited for pumpkin season. We’ve got some fun things to share with you today so let’s just hop right on in:

This week’s home tour comes from one of our absolute favorite design sites, the design files (those Australians really know what they’re doing). It’s the founder of YSG Studio (who we briefly mentioned in our post “designers we would totally hire to design our homes“), Yasmine Ghoniem’s Bondi apartment and we are absolutely in LOVE. Check this one out, it truly deserved the house tour pick this week.

From Emily: Brian and I are so rarely obsessed with the same things so when he texted me to follow @uselessfarm and said ‘I’m very jealous and I want to be her’ I peaked. Also Brian follows like 9 people on instagram and is very not into social media (YET – there is still hope for us). But this account (mostly via tik tok) is exactly what Brian wants his life to be – living on farm with a bunch of super awkward rag tag group of useless and awkward farm animals. I more want eggs and goat cheese, etc, but he has this vision of what he wants and this lady is living it. You HAVE to follow her, watch her reels/tik toks and go to the site to read about each animal (and donate if you are super into what she does). Amanda, you have two new major fans over here.

From Jess: An artist I LOVE, Cristina Martinez, just came out with a collaboration with Nordstrom and it’s so fun! It’s full of colorful bold patterns and the kid stuff is so so cute. Go check it out!

From Mallory: It’s BOOT SZN Y’ALL!! Fall to me is the time of year to get black boots (I don’t know why I never wear any other color boots but that’s the way the cookie crumbles). The black boots I’ve been wearing for years are finally disintegrating (I’m just happy I got to spend so much valuable time with them before they kicked it – pun intended). But anyway, I’m in the market for a boot that will last for years because I know now that I’ll ALWAYS wear black boots. These beauties caught my eye (and they come in a bunch of other colors if you’re less of a black boot person, btw). But I’m also wondering are these a better purchase for that price??? Do you guys do ALL black boots or do you like a black and brown mix?? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Also From Mallory: For my birthday my friend gave me a Gua Sha and OH MY GOD IT’S THE BEST THING EVER. I truly had zero idea how much I needed this thing. If you don’t know what it is, watch this video to give a little overview, but it basically comes from ancient chinese medicine and you take a jade (or another crystal) tool and rub it on your face to promote lymphatic drainage and it seriously WORKS. It’s like having a mini facial every day and I’m so into it. I didn’t know I need it but it was the best gift ever (cool aunts: this would be a great gift for your nieces too). Make sure you get one that’s a real stone..if you wanna shop on etsy and support a small business this one seems great!

From Caitlin: This week I popped into Target to do some returns and WOOPS, I slipped and then came out with two new pieces that I’m SO excited about. First up was this green fisherman sweater, which fits like a total dream. It was $20 and I got a size large, but now after seeing some review photos I kind of want to get another and size up because it drapes in such an awesome way. Crewneck pullover sweaters can be super tricky with 36F boobs but this one somehow falls super nicely and doesn’t make me look/feel like a brick (FWIW I am traditionally the queen of the shapeless brigade because I didn’t know something like this was an option and now I want a million of them). And then I also grabbed this corduroy dress which was the perfect mix of tight and loose, if that makes any sense – like, it skims your bod without making you feel like a lil’ stuffed sausage casing. Wore it on a date this week and it got great marks so I highly recommend!!!

Also from Caitlin: Em just told us that she got a washable zip-off mattress topper and now I’m like…WOW why isn’t EVERY mattress topper a zip-off?!?! My current mattress topper is, uh, a little worse for the wear – I guess 9 years and a spray-tan addiction will do that to ya – so I’m very excited that I’ll no longer feel horrified by the idea of anyone seeing my mattress sans-fitted sheet. #emfluenced

From Ryann: The only show worth watching right now is Ted Lasso IMHO. It’s the ultimate feel good show, as in it makes you laugh and cry but at the end of every episode you just feel all the warm fuzzy feelings about what it means to be human. Jason Sudekis is a treasure and needs to be protected at all costs!!! If you haven’t watched it yet I guarantee it’s worth your time and then some!

Opening Image Credit: Design by YSG Studio | Photo by Prue Ruscoe | via The Design Files

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1 year ago

I really like those Sam Edelman boots – but really dislike that there is no zipper on them! They remind me of the boots Sandra Oh wore in The Chair (Netflix) and I have been desperately wanting a pair since …

1 year ago
Reply to  wally

The And Other Stories Boots are all rubber = sweatlodges.

Emily Neuberger
1 year ago
Reply to  wally

I have these boots and the elastic is surprisingly stretchy and on and off is super easy, even without a zipper!

1 year ago

Thanks for the head’s up on Cristina Martinez. I may or may not have a pillow, throw and tee in my cart!

1 year ago

I am also team black boots, and it’s mainly so I can also wear them with tights). I got a pair from Sezane last year, and while they were definitely more than I wanted to spend, the leather was so much softer than any other pair I had tried on and returned that I bit the bullet and kept them.

Amy C
1 year ago

Love the links. Craft fairs, bake sales, and church bazaars are BACK this fall. Im excited to support micro businesses and home grown causes. This fall.

1 year ago

It’s not A gua sha, it’s a gua sha tool. The Chinese medicine technique is called gua sha. Wildling has awesome how to videos on their instagram as well as a nice tool for face, one for body, face oil, etc. I started with the linked Mount Lai tool and upgraded to Wildling. Big fan!

1 year ago

Take a look at <3

1 year ago
Reply to  Chris

Whoa, those boots look great, are handmade, and waaaay less than I would pay for mass produced stuff that *is* nice but…I know a good chunk of the price is the brand name. I’m really eyeing those work boots!

1 year ago

READ Finished “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig and “The Personal Librarian” by Marie Benedict. Both were Good Morning America book club picks. I have loved everything I have read that was a GMA pick.
WATCHED Emmy nominated movie “Oslo” and series “The White Lotus” on HBO. Interesting article about the wallpaper in the opening credits:

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this article its informative and to much information

1 year ago

Mallory, I have more boots than I care to admit, and live in LA, so anytime the weather dips, they come out. I only have one pair of black boots, the Young Western Boot by Golden Goose. All the other boots are brown/tan and most of them are suede. I find them more breathable and easier to wear with the warmer weather here. Plus they go with everything and look so cool with all black. The other ones I wear constantly are the Loeffler Randall Joni Boots and a pair of Ash suede boots. I clearly love a western inspired boot.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lola

To clarify, it’s the Young Western ankle Booties by Golden Goose.

1 year ago

Ted Lasso makes me very happy!

1 year ago

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1 year ago
Reply to  khushi

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1 year ago

“peeked”, maybe? Thanks for the rec on that Fishermans sweater and they are an additional 20% off right now.

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