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The Link Up: Emily’s $27 Dress For When You Need “That Dress,” Jess’s $4 Etsy Find, and A VERY Cute Dog Costume You Need To See

Hey everyone!! How are you? How was your week?? Good? GOOD! Bad? We’re here to make it better. We’re so happy to have you here this Sunday and can’t wait to share some of our link findings for you this week. It’s full of Target carts, Etsy finds, and even a hilarious dog costume we think is so cute (even those of us who don’t have a dog are racking our brains for an animal we can put it on). Anyway, we’ll let you see it all for yourselves. Enjoy this week’s link up!

This week’s home tour is the Chelsea loft of broadway actress Patina Miller (ever seen the Pippin revival?? SHE’S A LEGEND). The home was finished right before the big March shutdown in 2020 (great timing) and is filled with color, personality, and life. We love when rooms have modern, neutral walls then bring in color through furniture and decor – it feels so fresh but never boring – and the firm Evan Edward did an amazing job doing just that. Don’t miss this one (especially the fun kid’s room where the walls are definitely less white).

From Emily: It’s my dress when I need THAT dress. You know the one that makes you feel cute and fun but constricts zero parts of your body and is highly comfortable. I thought it would puff out and add too much volume but it drapes really nicely. It’s part of the “cloud” trend which leans babydoll but I’m into it for the comfort and flattery level.

Also From Emily: Speaking of awesome Target clothes, they just launched their Fall Fashion Designer Collection! Rachel Comey (I KNOW), Victor Glemaud, Nili Lotan, and Sandy Liang killed it. If you want to know my picks head to my instastories🙂

Also from Emily: Do you follow the new design star winner Carmeon Hamilton? If not, it’s certainly time to start and even more importantly, it’s time to start watching her new show, Reno My Rental. It’s on Discovery+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime and it’s amazing. Go check it out because she is the best!!

From Ryann: Great news. I found yet another Etsy shop to add to my list of favorites. This one makes frames and they are so reasonably priced and good-looking. I just got this one in the mail and I am really impressed with the quality!! The faux wood is lightweight but the color and ornate detailing is gorgeous. It looks expensive and vintage and is exactly as pictured on the site. No question I will be returning to this shop for all future framing needs!

From Mallory: I went to Target to pick up some dish soap and I came out with 3 items that I didn’t anticipate purchasing but am SO glad I did (classic target). Here’s what I put in my cart: First things first. I passed the women’s dress section and this dress caught my eye. I tried it on over my clothes (because I was too lazy to go to the dressing room) and immediately knew it was comfortable, had a very cute pattern, and would be the perfect summer/fall transition dress. I bought it in the red color, then once I found out it had pockets, I went online and bought it in the gingham too. (FYI I sized down one because it’s a very loose fit (totally a “THAT dress”) but if you’re into the very oversized thing or if you have boobs (I don’t) then keep your normal size. I’ve worn this dress every single day since getting it and it’s perfect for WFH. The second thing I impulsively threw in my cart was this candle. I thought I wasn’t ready for fall and then I smelled this (it’s shaped like a pumpkin btw) and I’ve been burning it every day since I got it. For hours. It smells like my childhood home during the holidays and makes me SO HAPPY. Lastly, I actually got dish soap (because that’s what I came there for) and was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this scent smells for fall. Even my boyfriend (who is protesting the end of summer) was doing the dishes and said “WHAT IS THIS AMAZING SMELL I LOVE IT.” It’s called Acorn Spice by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and boy oh boy is it fantastic. He loved it so much that he told me I should’ve bought the hand soap. I’m never making that mistake again. And then an honorable mention goes to this dress that I almost bought (and still might go back for if I need it because I’m wearing the other dresses a little too much). It’s very flattering and I love it in the black dot print (but the brown is also really really cute).

Also from Mallory: I know we talk about Armchair Expert a lot over here, but I had to mention that I LOVED this week’s episode with Andrew Huberman. I wasn’t expecting it to be as informative as it was…I learned so much about hormones and the way our bodies work. Give it a listen – especially if you struggle with getting good sleep at all – he has some interesting insights on sleep toward the middle/end that I found really interesting!

From Caitlin: OH MY, I have found my three favorite fall and winter candles! Stick with me for a second: spiced pumpkin for October, vanilla and ghost pepper (!!!) for November, and Spruce for December. Spiced pumpkin is pretty sweet but it feels like living inside a pumpkin pie, which may or may not be your cup of tea. (As a Libra who grew up on Bath & Bodyworks, I’m like “THE SWEETER THE BETTER!!!” but I do know that some people prefer an earthier pumpkin scent. This one is lit next to me right now, though, and I am SO CALM because I keep taking deep breaths in – what a dream!) Vanilla & Ghost Pepper is definitely more of a crowd-pleasing scent – not too spicy and not too saccharine. The first thing that came to mind when I smelled it was like, “ah, this is what a rich person’s spa smells like on a crisp fall day,” so I’m REAL excited about bringing that vibe to my house, especially when I have some folks over for Friendsgiving! And as a lover of clean and fresh scents…oh my gosh, Spruce. Incredible. It’s my favorite of the three hands down (and I love a tree scent – this is the best one I’ve ever smelled!!!) and I can’t WAIT for temperatures to drop below 80 so I can bust this out without feeling silly. Have only had them for a few days but the pumpkin candle is putting in WORK and it hardly looks used – so happy with the investment. Highly recommended!!!

Also From Caitlin: I’m sorry, I need to lie down for a FULL MONTH after seeing this Hocus Pocus dog costume (complete with Bette Midler wig). SO CUTE IT HURTS.

From Jess: With the season changing, I know I need to keep my immune system strong! For some reason, I completely forget about my trusted Wellness Formula. It’s incredible whether you are trying to maintain a strong support system or are in need of a boost if you are feeling a bit under the weather. And I’m not the only one who loves it. Basically, everyone I know swears by it and it’s won 16 awards for immune system support. Just a little tip from me to you:) Stay healthy out there people!

Also From Jess: As I was browsing through Etsy I came across these matches. I know it’s completely unnecessary to have matches that are pretty/kinda sexy (if matches can even be sexy) but for $4 WHY NOT? It’s officially fall and I know I will be lighting a ton of candles (like this one) well into the new year and displaying some nice matches seems like a nice little indulgence for my eyeballs.

That’s all for this week, guys! Hope you have a great rest of your day and we’ll see you tomorrow!! BYE! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Evan Edward |Photo by Tim Williams | via Architectural Digest

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9 months ago

Jess, at first I was all sexy matches whattttt there’s no such thing. Then I clicked through and dang, you’re so right. Definitely need them in my life.

9 months ago

Thank you for the frame rec! I have been trying to figure out a less staid but not too cutesy/trendy way to display my diplomas, and something like that could be really cute (if anyone has seen any cute displays of diplomas, let me know!!). Thanks also for linking to Carmeon’s series- I keep meaning to check it out, so thanks for the reminder!

Christine Uliassi
9 months ago

I want to watch Reno My Rental but it’s actually only on Hulu if you have the live TV add-on and it’s not on Prime. That just links you to Discovery+.

9 months ago

Carmeon’s show is SO great!! I was hoping y’all would do a whole post on it! She was made for this gig and her designs are approachable, beautiful and a welcome break from farmhouse/minimalist (not a dig, just refreshing variety!). In light of her recent and incredibly heartbreaking loss, watching and supporting her and her family is worth the Discovery+ fee for a month (and she actually has a promo code in her stories for a free month!!). Highly encourage folks to check it out!

Christine Uliassi
9 months ago
Reply to  Mags

Thanks! Good to know.

Roberta Davis
9 months ago

🙂 Have a good one!

9 months ago

Just went to add “Reno my Rental” to my Amazon Prime watchlist, and it’s *not* Prime. It’s available for an additional $4.99/month subscription to “Discovery +” payable to Amazon on top of a Prime membership.

Too bad. Prime is already too expensive.

9 months ago

I have a “satisfying home DIY” influencer I have to recommend! (I tried to find the link up where one of you talked about loving this content genre but a cursory site searches of “satisfying DIY” “link up” didnt help).

I actually found Jalapeño Soultions on Pinterest ( ) but his content is obviously created on TikTok. I don’t even want or need to edge up my house (does that phrase apply outside the barber shop?) but these videos and his fast explanations are so good. Especially when he talks about how compelled he is to fix minor details homeowners don’t care about! Everyone relates to that feeling of feeling like you could spiral out over something most people are whatever about haha.

9 months ago
Reply to  Diana

I checked out several of JS’s tiktok videos – he’s great! Very good personality and voice for the videos, and helpful info is at the beginning, middle, and end of the videos. I didn’t have to wade through a lot of “me me me I’m amazing like my videos!” before learning how to fix a cabinet hinge. Which is quite the rarity these days! I’m not on tiktok so I can’t follow him or whatever they call it, but I did bookmark the page so I can check it when I want to see what’s new. Thanks for the rec!

9 months ago

LEARNED About an artist, David C Roy, who makes amazing kinetic wood sculptures. Video about his process More videos of all his pieces on his website:

READ Finished “The Paper Palace” by Miranda Cowley Heller and still unsure if I absolutely loved it or absolutely hated it (beautifully written but the book is filled with dark trauma and the ending felt a bit like a trick). Started “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig. Interesting article about four new “book related” apps/businesses, has anyone tried any of these?

WATCHED The Emmys on Sunday night (love Ted Lasso but agree with this opinion on this season’s “new romance” [spoiler warning:] Finished season 3 of “Pose”. Watched “Uncle Frank” (nostalgic road trip movie) and “Sylvie’s Love” (retro romance) on Prime. Didn’t realize that Nnamdi Asomugha, the lead in “Sylvie’s Love,” was an All-Pro/Pro Bowl NFL defensive back for 11 seasons (and Mr. Kerry Washington).

9 months ago

I’m making a concerted effort not to buy new clothes for the rest of the year–by which I mean I will only buy consignment and thrift–so I suppose I should be grateful that almost everything from Rachel Comey x Target is sold out. And yet.
Also, Andrew Huberman has his own podcast, which is just so, so informative and actionable. I highly recommend his episode on ADHD if you have it, love someone who has it, or just struggle with executive function in a sub-clinical kind of way.
Finally, Wellness Formula is the truth. I am deeply skeptical of supplements, but I swear that has stopped dozens of colds in their tracks since I started using it about a decade ago.

9 months ago

The dress is not available for shipping or same day delivery or pick up. Also not in any store near me, and I live in Los Angeles.

9 months ago

What a beautiful post. Really good pieces and they are also cheap… Thank you

9 months ago

This is so gorgeous! The color is exactly my type.

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