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The Link Up: Em’s $15 Sunglasses, The Running Shoes Mal Lives In, And A Truly Great Mascara

Hola from Mexico! Just kidding we’re back home (well, aside from Jess who decided to extend an extra day:)). We are so grateful to have had that time together, in a beautiful country, to connect! Like Emily said last week, we are going to recap the whole thing but just as a warning, you are going to want to pack those bags and head to Todo Santos ASAP. Ok, now back to our regular programming…LINKS!

This week’s house tour is a Zoe Feldman special y’all! But this time it’s an even more modern (90s and early 00s) and eclectic space with some very cool design standouts…we’re talking a neon yellow range and hood. It’s colorful and cool while still feeling like a home where people really live (and enjoy). Go check it out here!

From Emily: The sun came OUT hard and I was cruising around in the now totally viral Target dress (currently on sale for $28) and not only did I get compliments on it, but also these $15 aviators that are pretty cool. I’m not saying they are the best sunglasses ever but if you are like me and need many that are affordable (in case you are also like me and lose and/or scratch/break them) then I think these are solid contenders that aren’t dorky.

From Mallory: I’ve been getting into running for the last few months and when I was first starting out I posted asking if anyone had tried Hoka running shoes before and you guys gave me the BEST insight. A collective wave of comments told me to immediately go to Road Runner and have them analyze my feet before willy-nilly buying running shoes and you guys were so right. I went in and it was awesome (they do this service for free and if you’re not by a Road Runner I think there are other running stores that do this). I ended up getting custom insoles from them and then they ultimately recommended the Hoka Bondi 8 (I got them in white but they almost have a blue tint to them which I love) and I have literally worn them every single day because they’re SO comfortable. Anyway thought I’d say a big thanks and if you’re thinking about getting into running or just want some very comfortable shoes go to Road Runner!!

From Gretchen: I was running low on my go-to foundation, IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream, and magically (more like scarily) somehow Amazon knew because when I opened the app, a newer version of the same was recommended to me. This one is the “Nude Glow” formula. I already loved the OG version but I LOVE how this one delivers exactly what it says–that nude, my-skin-but-better glow–I think because it’s slightly less coverage? For me, foundation is more about giving my pale face some kind of color than it is about coverage anyway. My shade is Light and it blends into my skin so well! It’s lightweight, moisturizing, has a decent amount of SPF, and is oh so glowy. I think I found a new favorite!

From Caitlin: I’ve shared this before, but I can’t get enough of the 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose podcast. I’ve been a fan for years and it’s been so fun to see them expand beyond The Bachelor franchise – I’m OBSESSED with their recent episodes on Sex and the City, Love is Blind Sweden (so good, if you haven’t watched it) and I can’t wait for some of the coverage they have planned this summer!

From Arlyn: It’s here: Sweat-through-your-makeup season. One of my oldest foes of summer makeup was smeared mascara thanks to my greasy upper cheeks. But it’s been a few years since I even really had to worry, since switching to this Thrive Liquid Lash mascara. It’s a tube mascara, which means it coats each lash in a, well, tube of mascara that dries and doesn’t budge until you wet it. I’ve used other tube mascaras that don’t smudge but also don’t give me long and full lashes, so this one is definitely tops for me and a staple of my makeup drawer forever and ever.

From Jess: New hair mask alert! As to not disrupt my hair care schedule, I bought an Oribe Mini Gold Lust Transformative mask. It was a bit of a splurge for the price but what better excuse when you need a mini-sized mask bottle, right? Well, I decided to give it a whirl a week before the trip (I was too curious), and as I suspected it’s incredible and smells amazing…like all of Oribe’s products. My hair looked and felt amazing after so now I might need to get the full size when I run out of my current one:)

Thanks for stopping by and being understanding about the altered schedule this past week:) See ya tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Mike Kelley | From: The Fig House Lounge | Before & After

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9 days ago

I wish you guys wouldn’t do this product advertising–it’s off-brand (home style) and you don’t disclose the perks you get for promoting these products. If you were recommending things that you don’t get paid to promote then it would be much more genuine and you should share that right at the beginning of your post.

9 days ago
Reply to  Catherine

these are all just things we like – no brands are paying to be here (i wish!!!). we do use affiliate links if available (and those earnings bankroll key things like our health insurance, ha – it’s disclosed in our site’s privacy policy!), but we’re just sharing what we talk about to each other every week! hope you enjoy some of the non-shopping links every sunday, too 🙂

9 days ago

I still love the Fig house. One of my all time favs!

8 days ago
Reply to  Kristi

I came here to say the same thing! I can’t believe Emily designed that room TEN years ago – it still feels so fresh 😍

7 days ago
Reply to  Kristi

Agreed. It’s still one of my favorite sources of inspiration, even after everyone moved to farmhouse / monotone / CA cool / whatever it’s called these days. Love it so much! That stained glass, the jewel tones – so happy and vibrant.

9 days ago

Personally, I really enjoy these types of emails. I have found many new outfits and products to use.

9 days ago

Everyone, check out the Big Library Read. “Join the first global virtual book club.” The selected ebook/audiobook is available in Libby from your local library with no waitlists or holds. This month’s pick is Wild New World, a nonfiction book. But they have a variety.

9 days ago

I enjoy the Sunday house tours but this week the link won’t open if you aren’t a subscriber to ArchDigest, at least for me, and I tried a few different ways. That’s a bummer. 🙁

8 days ago
Reply to  Tana

Thanks! Poncho the beagle in his puppy pen is my favorite part!

8 days ago

HOKA is a great running shoe! I wear their Torrent for trails and recently picked up the Mach 6 for every day runs. If you ever are interested in extending the life of your running shoes, it’s good practice to only use your shoes for running until they wear out (250-400 miles on them) and then switch them over to daily use. YMMV on if you want to do it or not, but it can be helpful to anticipate when you’ll need to make an expensive shoe purchase.

7 days ago

I know sometimes book recommendations get shared here so figured I’d pass on this book, Skin & Bones by Renee Watson. Thinking it might be of interest since it takes place in Portland 🙂

7 days ago

This house tour is pretty cool. I really like the sink and wallpaper combo in the powder room. And the color choices are really lovely. Thanks for sharing 🙂