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Affordable (almost) ART ROUND-UP

Artwork is like the hairdo of home decor – your outfit can be the perfect mix of trendy and classic, your makeup can be totally beautiful yet natural, but if your hair looks like the hair on a poodles stomach, then you are not only not pulling off the look, but you’ve just dummed everything else down.  Plus you are not getting laid with that hairdo, unless its by a poodle…and if thats who you want to attract then keep it up. 

I actually think that not having something on your walls is soooo much better than having hotel looking art from a mass market store….in the 90’s.  You know what i’m talking about. The only thing that its saying about you is that you one time bought art at a store – and that’s not terribly interesting.  

There are a ton of new options out there – between the typography craze and Etsy, you don’t have to be a rockefeller to have beautiful art, and you don’t have to live in a major city, be friends with high top wearing hipsters to have art that looks young, fresh and well, ‘hip’. 

So here are some very happy favorites of mine that i’ve been loving lately.  

 Saturated for summmer time.  And so warm and happy.  


1.Michelle Armas 2.Laura Trevey  3.Nancy Ramirez 4.Christopher Wool  5.Yangyang Pan


 But for those of you who can’t handle huge hits of magentas and fuscias in your life, these cooler toned pieces above might take the edge off.  

1.Michelle Armas 2.Clare Esaesser 3.Yellena James 4.Lindsay Cowles 5.Yolanda Sanchez


1.R.Castle  2.Jen Gotch 3.Tchmo 4.Alexandra Valenti 5.The Lepolas

I love all of these and have actually bought the ‘bronze pop’ and the ‘smile’ before for me and a client, so you’ll have real life proof that they are 100% endorced by me.  

I just finished a weekend in Atlantic City for a bachelorette party and my brain is far less creative and on point than usual, but so i’ll just focus on the pretty pictures for now.  

Oh and a big thank you to my new assitant Bonnie for pulling this together. She just took BlogShop last weekend and learned a lot of new skills that are going to make my blog look less like a high school project and more like the coolest thing thats ever happened to the internet.  She promised.  


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