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A Modern Makeover with method

Adding personality to a simple space is kinda my thing. Sometimes that personality is a sophisticated, refined, French woman and sometimes it’s a young, fun, modern party girl. When you start with a basic foundation it’s so much easier to bring the crazy in a way that doesn’t feel permanent or too committal – and crazy without commitment is something I can always get behind. Method asked me to partner with them and to use the clean design and fun, bright colors of their products as the inspiration for a makeover on a really modern, beautiful but rather cold house. I said yes, and as you remember made this video to give you a taste. This space needed personality, and we chose the personality of a vintage loving, color-obsessed, bright happy lady. I wonder where we got that from . . .

Watch our new video and see this space transform before your eyes.

The original space was certainly nothing to be ashamed of.


The house had good lines, the space was open, but it needed that last 15% – the accessories, the personality and the style. Lets start in the dining room:


They had some great pieces, certainly, but we wanted it to feel brighter, younger and more alive. We switched out the black chairs for some lovely classic white wishbones, changed out the dark artwork for the bright abstract painting, replaced the contemporary floor tiles with the pretty rug and gave it a big old dose of happiness with the accessories.


Nothing softens the hard lines of a modern home more than soft, sculptural plants, and round accessories. Most of the shapes we chose were still really simple (it’s not like we brought in crazy carved porcelain floral lamps) but because they were round and textured, they brought more life to the space. *The books spines are facing away from us because they weren’t ‘cleared’ to be shot in the video. 




Black Table Lamp | Candle Stick Holders | Art | Book Ends | Geo Vase | White Table Lamp | Dining Chair | Rug | Tall Blue Vase |  Faux Pink Flowers | Painted Pots


That there is a very happy dining room, worthy of showing off and possibly even eating in.

The living room was looking for a jolt of happiness as well. It had a more neutral palette and contemporary finishes – which were all fine and well, but didn’t really have the method freshness we were looking for. I liked all the major pieces of furniture but we wanted it to feel more bright, happy and alive.


Nothing wakes up a room more than a crazy colored rug and teal chairs, right? It’s amazing how it feels like such a different room, and one that I want to party in (I CAN PARTY SOON!!!!).


Turquoise Chairs | Rug | Pillows | Hexagon Accent Table | Double Table Lamp


Some clients are super into this kind of saturated color and pattern, but most people can’t handle it. In this case there was no ‘client, ‘ just a couple rooms inspired by a simple, fresh product. Which made my job so fun. It was a fantasy job – everything was rented or borrowed, brought in just for the shoot so I could go crazy playing, accessorizing and layering without a client to there to veto me. No offense to you clients, but sometimes I miss doing doing the show (RIP) because I could do whatever I wanted and the clients were always happy with the result.


Chair | White Floor LampPainted Pots | PillowArt | Book Ends | Geo VaseWhite Table Lamp


Mint Vase | Faux Flowers | RugBrass Task Lamp | Black Floor Lamp | Throw Pillows


Shopping for the makeover took a few days and styling it took a few hours – for both of which we had lots of help from a production designer (Thank you, Jessica!). That is some serious instant satisfaction, which makes my little stylist heart sing.

The whole space came together in a bright, happy, fresh, modern and young way that was inspired by the method product.

Job well done, method (and team). Don’t forget to watch the video and check out the first inspiration post.

Method_LivingRoom_EmilyUsingProduct3 (1 of 1)

This post was brought in partnership with method. All opinions, designs and ideas are mine. 

*Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

See our design process here.

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8 years ago

Love it! Question: Did you choose a smaller rug because of the print/colors?

8 years ago

Love it! Was a wall hanging on the fireplace out of the question? To me that big expanse of one-color brick is just screaming for art, but I guess there is probably no Command product strong enough to handle it and if you couldn’t stick a nail in the brick…

8 years ago

I love that blue rug in the dinning room! It’s so gorgeous!


8 years ago

Amazing decor, love this post!

Anika |

8 years ago

Such happy rooms can’t help but smile. Kind of hoped for a baby notice although I imagine you guys did too!

What does clearing the book titles mean? I seem to know in the back of my mind that you can’t use real book titles in movies having an actor sit there sobbing over something and ripping up an actual authors work but you can’t show the title of books without permission? Similar reason with seeing art blurred on the walls too?

8 years ago

The rugs build a foundation for the settings and add a hint of personality. The textile you chose are gorgeous.×9-n11264-rug

8 years ago

Beautiful, perfectly executed, as always. Your use of color to make a space unique is impeccable. I’m intrigued by the house. Who does it belong to? Is it for sale?

8 years ago

Such a great job! I love mid century modern homes but they are often filled with the standard pieces (Barcelona chairs + Eames lounger ALWAYS), which aren’t bad, just expected and repetitive. I love this take on things! This home looks alive and fun but still true to it’s architecture. Happy last days of pregnancy!

8 years ago

I miss the show too! It was you unedited, but this is really cool, love it!

8 years ago

SWEET MARY SUNSHINE! Thank you for explaining why books spines are turned around in photo shoots! It absolutely never made any sense why designers were doing that in photos! Love the rooms with or without exposed book spines! 🙂

8 years ago

Love it! But….gotta Emily at the hospital having the baby?

8 years ago

It looks beautiful! I’m so glad you posted this, I’ve been toying with buying the blue rug as a runner. It looks so beautiful in this room I think I’ll pull the trigger!

8 years ago

May I have the picture you took out of the dinning room? haha i liked them both a lot!!

8 years ago

These rooms are so fresh and alive! Exactly what I needed to swoon over on this dreary Oregon day.

8 years ago

Definitely an improvement with color! Love just about every single item, most especially the teal chairs. Oh, and love your dress, too.

8 years ago

Damn, this house is unreal! Really comes to life with all the color. Well done!

8 years ago

That rug is too small for the room. Isn’t that one of your rules? Overall, looks great, though!

I love it, so much fun! Although I had trouble concentrating once I got to the part where I realized I have the same side MCM side tables as the stunning living room you’ve put together (the one with the tapered legs and little drawer). I guess we both have incredible taste 🙂

8 years ago

This is my favorite room you’ve done in a long time. I love the happy colors.

8 years ago

Congratulations on your baby’s birth!

Christina Gliati
8 years ago

I really love this transformation, but this time I want to focus on wishing you the very best for the lovely princess and for all of you. I hope everything went well for you and I am glad. I saw this picture today on insta. I watch it every day because I love you so much but I don’t have social. So I wish you all the best !!!

8 years ago

Congrats on little Ellie!!

Could you do a post on brick fireplaces… To paint or not to… Dark or light? This room looks amazing and I love the fireplace so it begs the question.

8 years ago

Do you know the source for the live edge coffee table? I love it!

8 years ago

You’ve totally transformed the rooms with color. Beautiful. Those two wooden tables are drop dead divine.

8 years ago

I did a double take when I saw this post, I am from the Seattle area but I have been in this house! The home was lovely when I toured it during one of the Dwell on Design tours, it was my favorite of the day, but I would have liked to have been there after you put your touch on it.

8 years ago

I am só curious. Why is it that the sofa and the chairs match so very well in this room? While I would say, you can’t mix and match turquoise with blue. And normally people would say the same! But why is it, that in your room, it’s possible. I can’t figure it out. Hope you can help. Cause I would really like to understand this.

(And, congrats with Ellie or Ella or whatever name you come up with. I am só happy for you. Hope you recover very well!)

EB Black
8 years ago

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

Source question–who designed that dining room table? Oh my goodness it is lovely!!

8 years ago

LOVE this makeover – so much vibrant color & texture! Definitely makes me want to liven things up in my own space…

8 years ago

I love this room. I try to channel “emily” in every thing that I do in my house. What would Emily do? I wish I could afford you to come style my house…except I’d have no money left to buy things! Oh well. I am doing my best.

I LOVE the dress, where is it from?