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Secret Saves: What’s In Our “Top Secret” Private Instagram Bookmarks

Just in case you missed last week’s announcement and are wondering why there are TWO posts today (head here to read this morning’s post), then let us welcome you to our new, regularly scheduled weekday afternoon post. It’s just a quick, fun article that can serve as a helpful PM pick-me-up. So we hope you are hungry because here is your daily “Afternoon Snack.”

There’s something about what you save as a bookmark on Instagram that feels safe. No one can see, so no one can judge, right? When you openly Pin something or share on your feeds, there’s always the moment of vulnerability where you stop and wonder…“is this cool enough to share?” But there’s a whole process and reasoning that goes into the save when you’re doing research. You can bookmark a shot just because you like the color palette your eye picked up, or the use of scale, or even just the composition of the shot.

I have my bookmark folders saved by “design,” “recipes,” “restaurants,” “fashion,” “editorial ideas,” and so on and so forth, so today, I’m throwing caution to the wind and pulling back the veil on my top secret “design” folder, what caught my eye and why. When someone on the team, including Emily, feels like sharing, they’ll pop up and show you their private bookmarks, which is essentially like looking deep into the soul of each of us (a bit dramatic, perhaps?). This week, to start, let’s see what’s hiding behind that little white tab on my Instagram profile.

Via @decoristofficial Design By
via @decoristofficial | design by

There is so much about this shot that caught my eye: the rounded sofa, the blue velvet, THAT AMAZING LEG on the sofa, the round pillow, the shelf high above the fireplace, that stool. It’s so much good in one photo that feels timeless yet edgy. Thank you Charlie Ferrer for cooking up this little corner.

Via @hutchapp Design By @bambetleblog
via @hutchapp | design by @bambetleblog

I’m not huge on pink, tbh. I can appreciate the color, as I do ALL colors, but it’s not for me, personally. I did love, however, how the painted orange arch (interestingly cut off around that edge) takes what could have felt pretty saccharine and made it brazen. I’m always on the hunt for high-impact, low-cost decorating ideas, and paint is basically as HILC (did I just start a new acronym?!?) as you get. Also, the hunter green on that chair upholstery is just always something that will make me stop mid-feed.

Via @lonnymag Design By @simonehaag
via @lonnymag | design by @simonehaag

Simone Haag, you breath of fresh air, you. If you don’t follow her, I grant you permission to pop out of this post, head to Instagram, take care of business, and come back.

Back? Great. I give Simone my double tap most days, but this one got saved to the bookmarks for that gallery wall (always racking up those ideas for art), and that stellar caned cabinet on the stone plinth. OH, and there’s almost no chance I would have had eyes for that coffee table had I seen it in a store, but in this room, it works.

Via @thisisglamorous Design By @tamaramageldesign
via @thisisglamorous | design by @tamaramageldesign

I have my eye out on new kitchen and bathroom trends for the coming year, so anything that strikes me, I save. This one, from Tamara Magel Design, caught me because of the intensely marbled countertop and the speckled subway tile backsplash. It’s just a sliver of a photo, but I can already tell it’s very much a kitchen in which I want to be perfecting pie crust, as one does.


You had me at weird crumbly looking wall and dramatic arch. The color on that millwork and door next to the slate gray checkerboard tile floor feels very Swedish or maybe Parisian to me. (Actually, this is a space in Prague I believe, so…I’m wrong but I can’t help how it makes me feel.) It feels effortless yet grand, forgotten yet new all at once, and that is possibly grounds for another acronym (EYGFYN??).

Photo And Design Via @benjaminvandiver
photo and design via @benjaminvandiver

And finally, a warm hug of a room from the immensely talented Benjamin Vandiver. He’s another one to follow. I’ve had my eye on his work since my print magazine days and he’s only gotten better from there. This room stopped me for a few reasons: the scale of the banquette and that GIANT oil painting is not something I’d think to do, but man do I love it here. I’d also never think to do a center chandelier, and then just a few feet away, a pendant that’s not centered on the bistro table beneath it, mind you. Man do I love a rule breaker.

And just like that, you know the inner workings of my soul, eh, private Instagram bookmarks. As we dabble with those second posts of the days, your “afternoon snack” if you will, we’d love to know what resonates with you. Are you interested in seeing behind the hedge of team EHD’s mental musings/research? Let us know in the comments, pretty please.

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2 years ago

I moved to the Czech Republic five months ago, and Parisian-meets-Swedish is a pretty good description of the aesthetic here!! I love this roundup.

2 years ago

oh my GOD that last photo gives me so many feels and I don’t know why. Is it the oddly low windows? The double carpet situation? The way it feels like my grandma would have lived here but also never in a million years would my grandma’s home look like this? That the wallpaper reminds me of my beloved childhood dentist’s office? I don’t know, but I’m saving it to my “Impt Things” folder for further inspection.
TY for sharing it!

2 years ago

I’m loving the Afternoon Snacks; the concept and the way you’re doing it is spot on, as far as I’m concerned. Keep ‘em comin’!

2 years ago

I have another “top secret” question: what bra does Emily sleep in?
I got all my new jammies coming (tanks Saturday post! ) but just know that so I can be comfortable.

2 years ago

Enjoyed the peek. Love the huge oil painting and the high backed sofa.

[…] post Secret Saves: What’s In Our “Top Secret” Private Instagram Bookmarks appeared first on Emily […]

2 years ago

I bet that table often gets pulled closer to the banquette once people are seated, making it both a bit more functional as well as centering the light over it.

2 years ago

I’m loving these posts. This one was great, Aryln! I didn’t look at who wrote it at first and then went back to confirm it was you after the pink not being your thing comment. 😉 Enjoyed getting a peek into your thought process as you bookmark things. This was very fun!

2 years ago

I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned it…also, sorry I misspelled your name. I realized when I hit post comment and couldn’t edit it.

2 years ago

I think also Emily has made abundantly clear orange is NOT her thing!

2 years ago

Love snacks. Is Emily not doing mom/family posts anymore? Very miss those. How did the backyard evolve/turn out now that it’s been lived in? How did her parents help her to be someone that journals everyday? Oh and what are the blogs/other content you guys read every morning? Etc. etc.

2 years ago

Loving the 2 posts a day + the weekenders. It feels kind of gluttonous getting to read them (in a good way). And yes they are wonderful afternoon pick me ups. I love anything you want to write about…mistakes, ideas, wishes, concepts, problems, super finds and steals….life!

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

I like the second post of the day, and I like all of your secret bookmarks but I’m not sure why you would have secret bookmarks. (Although I do have secret Pinterest boards for my own projects at home- products, mostly). I have never really gotten into Instagram (I’m old).

The Prague image captures that cool moody European vibe. (For another really cool European interior, see the movie Hopscotch- Glenda Jackson’s house- you get a couple of glimpses of it in the trailer at this link. (I love the movie, too- check it out- Walter Matthau is genius).

Brooke Johnston
2 years ago

I just went to that cafe in Prague last month, it was one of our favorite spots!

2 years ago

These afternoon snacks are perfect. Love the insight into some of the things that inspire you and a great look at some of the different styles that are out there. I also LOVE your new acronyms, they definitely resonate and explain the feel perfectly.

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