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A girl and her Disneyworld

Why yes, this is my third time to Disney World in the last 15 months, and I kinda love it. I’m shooting with the Disney Vacation Club team, exploring all these hidden fun things at Disney World — OH, LIKE MAYBE I’M GOING TO SHOOT IN TREEHOUSES TOMORROW THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY STAY IN … NBD.

The crew is awesome, the weather is great. Alls good in Flo-ride-ah. I’m staying now at the Wildnerness Lodge which is a Yosemite park theme resort and recently renovated. I totally love it. I’ve stayed at three different resorts here and this is my favorite. It’s just so cozy and quiet. It reminds me of Oregon.

Check out the carpet in the lobby (and throughout the hotel):

Totally rad. It’s not meant to have the hipster appeal that it does, it’s meant to feel all Wild West/American Indian, but since we are all bolo tie wearing fools these days, it seems to fit the trend.


Going up. Love those elevators.

Oh, just a five-story tall Christmas tree. I’m a tiny, tiny person.

I’m crawling in this big ‘ole tub to read and relax before I crawl in my huge bed in 45 minutes. I’m reading the most inane book by Nicholas Sparks (shut up, it was an airport purchase) and it’s REALLY doing the job of putting me to sleep (I mean, it’s just so stupid) — but I’ll finish it because I’m just that dedicated to fictional love of the most unrealistic kind.

In other news, 24 people have already entered the mantel styling contest on my facebook page. Remember, if you don’t have a mantel, you can use a console or credenza or piano — any horizontal surface.  Vote for your favorite mantel HERE and enter the contest to win my favorite brass trunk HERE.

Read yesterday’s post for full details. But mainly what you need to know is that there will be five total winners, with most votes being the first place winner of this bad boy:

You know you want him. And if you don’t want him, then don’t enter because he needs to go to a very loving home. I’m way too much of a hoarder to give him up to someone who won’t properly give him the emotional adoration that he deserves.

Follow me on Instagram for all my weeklong behind-the-scenes pics of filming here; emhenderson is my username (yes em_henderson is my twitter … it’s social media suicide, I know).

(P.S. — For those of you who want to join the mantel contest but don’t have a Facebook account anymore, i’m so sorry, but in order to upload and have everyone be able to see each others and vote — which is the fun part — I have to use Facebook. (Unless anyone knows another way to do this.)  But maybe you can borrow somebody else’s profile.


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