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99 cent DIY candles and other stuff

I don’t understand sleep. Sometimes i go to bed at 1am, wake up at 6am and i’m fine, fresh as a baby daisy. Then last night i went to bed at 9:30 woke up at 7 and i’m literally dying of tiredness.  Although i have been boxing like a maniac and eating wayyy too good.  Can that exhaust you?

Meanwhile check out these Emily-ish posts:

Orlando is doing a ‘Shopping with Emily’ segment on his blog over here: where he shows what we bought or almost bought this week. (stay tuned for the mother of all posts after the Rose Bowl this weekend).

Also i’m doing a series of 99cent makeovers at, click HERE. 

Which shows you how to make these for like zero dollars:

They made me want to copper leaf my body. and i just might.  I was thinking about being C-3po for halloween next year and spraying or leaving my body gold (with boxes and tubes here and there of course).  Not a bad idea, eh? (i’m not kidding)

I’m off to meet with a potential new client, get an acting/speaking coaching (don’t worry nothing weird, totally helpful actually) and then finish up my Americasmart presentation.

And then:  winter season premiere of Vampire Diaries tonight.  Let the teenage chemistry and blood fly.  


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