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8 House Tours Worth Taking a Break From Work to See (Because…Monday)

For anyone who came for a mountain house Monday post, we’re sorry to disappoint. Wrapping up the shoot last week meant we needed to pause and take inventory of what stories we have left before we can reveal a few more rooms, so hang tight. More #MHM coming soon. For today, we have a little Monday inspiration for you…

There are few things that get us more excited than a house tour. It is not uncommon in the office to hear someone utter the words “Have you seen this house tour from ___? IT’S AMAZING” and quickly thereafter we will all be huddled around one computer oohing and ahhing. By the way, there are many perks working at EHD, and being surrounded by creative people with great taste is just one of them. So, seeing as the bulk of us had a bunch of beautiful tours bookmarked and collecting dust, we decided to band together and share the ones we are loving this month with all you lovely people. Consider this a little “inside our heads” post. Get your eyeballs ready folks, because we’ve got some treats for you that we hope will inspire you as much as they do us. Let’s begin:

image via rue magazine | design by night palm studio

We’ve talked extensively on dark moody blues and this one is clearly right up our alley. We love those rust colored velvet chairs something fierce, and the hints of brass pulls together the room perfectly (hi, gold-framed portrait of a woman and elegant bar cart. We see you). Head over to Rue Mag see the rest of the home and you will not be disappointed. If the words (from the designer herself) “Spanish romantic with a hint of David Lynch moodiness with soft textures and saturated jewel tones” don’t get your juices flowing, then I don’t know what will.

Screen Shot 2019 06 21 At 11.36.14 Am
image via the design files | design by gratton design

We shared this photo in yesterday’s Link Up article but here, you can see the whole thing via The Design Files (one of our favorite Aussie design sites, FYI). If you are looking for a rustic yet modern beauty, look no further.

At Sophie D 29 Edit
image via apartment therapy | design by sophie donelson

Arlyn really enjoyed getting a peek into Sophie Donelson’s New York pad on Apartment Therapy. Sophie is a long-time design editor (she used to be the editor-in-chief at House Beautiful, for instance), and Arlyn is always curious how OTHER design editors live, being one herself. Are their homes that of a real person, or very designer-y? We are particularly obsessed with Sophie’s paint choices (that master bedroom color is heart eyes). Give us an excuse to play voyeur and we’ll take it.

180518 Cup Of Jo John Derian 275
image via cup of jo | design by john derian

Jess brought this home tour to our attention last week and boy are we into it. It’s not new, necessarily, but that doesn’t make it any less good. Featured on Cup of Jo, the home of designer and shop owner John Derian is full of unique curiosities and is making a huge case for us all to move into a Sea Captain’s house. What exactly is a Sea Captain’s house? We’re not totally sure, but we are hopping on board (pun intended).

image via lonny | design by aishwarya iyer

This bright and airy kitchen via Lonny lives in a charming 100-year-old home in Los Angeles, and we couldn’t help but notice the subtleties that REALLY make the whole house. From the arched front door (it’s pink!) to the uber cool bathroom, this one left us feeling inspired yet calm, cool and collected (much like the house itself).

Screen Shot 2019 06 21 At 11.55.51 Am
image via the design files | design by phoebe bell and chris monahan

Here we have your daily dose of what Australians are known for in the design realm: serenely cool and warm. This is the type of house that you know came together over time; a collection of beloved items edited down to outfit a beautiful shell of a home with a RIDICULOUS view. What you’ll find in this tour from The Design Files is a perfectly executed eclectic mix of textiles and just enough color to bring to life various wood tones.

Featured Dan W 13th 022 E1553808382947
image via domino | design by dan mazzarini

Ryann loves to peek into homes that have a small footprint but feel like not a single inch more is needed, which is why she was drawn to this place featured on Domino. This NYC apartment (which is in a building that once was artist lofts and rumored to have been used by Jackson Pollock and Diego Rivera) comes in just under 500 square feet (480, to be exact), and she says she’d move into it in a heartbeat. The reason it works so well is that it’s not necessarily designed like a home its size, but rather every furniture piece is special and has a presence. Also, Dan Mazzarini’s design makes a very strong case for how to make a beige, neutral space feel rich and interesting.

Conservatory Pre Dusk Resized
image via the vanderlust | design by yabu pushelberg

And finally, when asking around the office for new tours, Grace nearly jumped out of her seat she was so excited to share this one. It’s not a home (that would be wild), but rather a hotel in New York that’s so dang special featured on The Vanderlust. The Moxy NYC Chelsea is aptly named, because this thing has, well, serious moxie. Click through to see a VERY fun idea for a headboard (would be great in a kid’s room), a cafe with a killer color palette we want to steal for a future project and a rooftop lounge that’ll make you want to go on vacation immediately.

Alright folks, now it’s time for the “tell” portion of today’s house tour show and tell. We showed…now enlighten us with house tours you guys have saved/bookmarked recently and are itching to show to someone who will appreciate it (we will).

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4 years ago

So much inspiration! Thank you! Although this isn’t a home but a hotel like the Moxy check out it’s the source for so much inspo lately!

4 years ago

I love Dan so much!

4 years ago

Bitterly disappointed … only because “Mountain House Monday” actually makes me pop out of bed on Monday mornings. Crying in my tea.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kd

Me too. Can’t wait to see it!

4 years ago

Thanks for pointing me toward the John Derian home. It’s wonderful to see an old house that someone just let be rather than “modernized.”

A lot of house tours I see are great eye candy but are way, way, way out of financial reach for me. It’s great to see a place that left the flaws and designed around them without spending 100K or whatever. I will never be able to afford that kind of renovation — or really any major renovation of my house. I have to live with what’s there (other than painting the walls of course). So while I love seeing beautiful renovations that I will never be able to afford, it’s also great to see a place that is old, and preserved, and imperfect, and still beautiful.

Paula Carr
4 years ago
Reply to  LouAnn

Love John Derian’s “vibe” — for lack of a better word.

Tina Schrader
4 years ago

Thanks for these! Just a quick note: you might want to change the link for John Derian’s house tour located in the text. The html code there just takes you to his store’s website, in which I couldn’t find any links for his actual home. I had to click on the tiny ‘cup of jo’ link underneath the picture to get to the house tour. It might be confusing to others (or maybe it’s just me, in which case I will cop to being dense).

4 years ago

The Lonny one made me hurt a bit for the designer of that kitchen who remains unnamed (previous owner, perhaps? No way to know). It has to be hard to see your work everywhere but to get no credit!

Diane OSullivan
4 years ago
Reply to  Christina

Check out the credits listed below the photo for the dedigner’s name

4 years ago

Can’t wait to see the mountain house! These rooms are good, but my inner minimalist sees lots of clutter and it’s bothersome. Love the look, but scaled back a little, would be perfect.

4 years ago

So good.

4 years ago

Really love both of the Aussie homes from the design file. The Lonny kitchen looks is great, but I feel like that choices there have been done so much that it comes off a bit generic.

4 years ago

I’m curious. Do designers remove their TVs for photo shoots? None of those homes had a TV, that I noticed, which seems not very real life.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tara

honestly, yes I think they do. that or they are VERY creative with how to design around them (i.e. hide them in cabinets, behind art, etc.). I’ve seen some interesting things. Emily, for one, doesn’t have a TV in her living room in LA, but rather a projector, so that’s another option.

When I was shooting my living room, I felt a little pressure (that I created myself) to pull out my TV and put art in place of it, but then decided against it because it’s a real space and never showing people how to implement a TV into a design ain’t helping anyone!

4 years ago
Reply to  Tara

I’m pretty sure there is a tv in the NYC apartment. You can see it peeking behind the floorlamp.

4 years ago

That John Derian home tour on Cup of Jo was one of my all time favorites! Just the right amount of crustiness!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Caroline

crustiness ?

4 years ago

I feel that I am most susceptible to trends in fabric patterns. I had rooms full of my beloved Toile in various patterns. My red toile kitchen wallpaper made me so happy and channeled my inner Charles Faudree. Then I fell hard for Ikat. I had to restrain myself from having it in every room as there were so many gorgeous choices. Then along came Chevron. It simplified my look and I loved it from fabric to tiles. Now I can’t stand the sight of it. But it was soon replaced with Buffalo Check with its homey, farmhouse simplicity. Today I’m so tired of it but is it because I see it everywhere or because I just got bored? Might be time for me to dig out my Toile! ?

4 years ago

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