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7 Items I Bought Recently (and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)


photography by veronica crawford for ehd

Trucker Jacket

I’ve been purging my wardrobe lately but also maybe doing some shopping, mostly because I felt like I was in a rut, but also in the name of these Saturday fashion posts. So today I want to share with you guys a few things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I recently purchased, starting with that Levi’s jacket (above). It is the perfect year-round (nighttime) coat that makes me feel a little bit like a badass. I’m pretty sure I had it in high school, too. It’s just cool and despite the sherpa lining, it’s very slimming because of the crop cut. I am a BIG FAN.

Emily Henderson Chambray Romper
photography by veronica crawford for ehd

Romper | Clogs

Next, I got this romper from Urban Outfitters and as you can tell I feel very pleased with myself. It’s super comfy and it’s just one piece of fabric, which mentally makes my life easy. There is no outfit to put together. It’s just THAT. It does run super small so size up (I’m wearing a medium).

Emily Henderson Babydoll Easter Dress With Sleeves
photography by veronica crawford for ehd

Dress | Shoes

Then we have a dress I am really happy I got. I’m doing an Easter dress post (you know, for my return to a church, as one must embrace any ritual to dress fancy) and some of the dresses I ordered came early. I am telling you guys, I absolutely LOVE this dress. I think I’m going through a baby doll/generally dressing like a small toddler phase but I swear I’m not alone. It’s a thing. In retrospect, I don’t like those shoes with it (I think). But here is why the dress is great: It’s slimming in the shoulders and arms, but crazy voluminous everywhere else. There is a slip lining that falls more straight so even when you twirl (as you do) the slip stays put to avoid any, ahem, embarrassing moments.

I admittedly like wearing short dresses but this is really only possible because of the invention of the spray tan. I want to give a shout out to Brittany (my spray tan expert) because that tan you see up there lasted OVER a week. I normally go to a local place and do Versa spa (level 2 with bronzer if you want to know) but it usually only lasts 4-5 days (and comes off unevenly). I’m normally cool with it because its affordable and fast (for reference: I have a membership for $60/month and I go weekly and I’m in and out in 5-6 minutes.) But then my friend was going on vacation so she wanted the real deal so I had Brittany spray me, too. The second day I was super tan, like VACATION tan, but as it mellowed out it looks pretty darn great. Anyway, if you are in LA she just opened up a store in West Hollywood called Be Bronze Studio. Tell her I sent you.

Alright, moving on. These last four products I didn’t get a shot with me in them, but I’m including them because I bought them, I DO love them, so I want to recommend them.

Grid Of 6 With Color Backgroud With No Title

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: I finally bought new glasses which I am very excited about. I decided to veer away from my usual aviators and I am loving these guys. I think they are a good frame size for my face and they are a nice mix between classic wayfarers and aviators.

2. Ruffled Embroidered Blouse: I posted an IGTV video the other day and a LOT of you asked where I got the blouse I was wearing. It’s from Zara and like most tops, I love that it’s boxy (shocking) but also very flattering in the arms and shoulder. Plus, it has this lovely embroidery that feels very appropriate for spring/summer.

3. Sundry Le Soleil Pant: I am really loving these pants that I recently got from Sundry. They are a super cute boyfriend straight-leg cut, and extremely comfortable. The stripe on the side and rope belt add a little extra flair but otherwise, they are very casual and cozy. Weekend mom pants, FOR SURE.

4. Carla High Neck Blouse: Let me introduce you to one of my all-time favorite shirts. It’s safe and easy to wear (blue! stripes! blouse-y!) but those ruffles and the Victorian neckline are special. I do a half tuck and it’s super flattering and I feel really good in it. It is, however, a splurge.

Alright, that’s it folks. A short and sweet Saturday read. But before I go, we are gearing up for Earth Day and want to feature brands that care about the earth, whether beauty, fashion, farms, home, basically any that considers the impact it has on the earth and treatment of animals. So if you know of any that you can vouch for, please comment below and let us know so we can research and feature!

Fin Mark


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Love it all. What shoes are you wearing with the romper? I have been trying to find a pair of Dansko clogs a la 1970’s but to no avail… any leads? Thank you!


They are madewell


I think they are the madewell clogs. Also checkout Swedish hasbeens, sandgren, and Lotta from Stockholm. I’m obsessed right now. 🙂


I think these clogs are on Emily’s shopping page but just in case they’re not listed there, I saw them on Madewell’s web site. They also come in other colors, like pink!

I have a pair of Dansko black patent-leather clog sandals that I’ve had for ages and they STILL feel and look great!

they’re tagged under the photo (though there might be an ad in the way…sorry about that).


I just live for these fashion posts! There’s always something I would have never picked for myself, but try and end up loving!
I think I’ll order the dress….typically tho, my legs are not my favorite body part and I tend to do Midi length…..
On that note, I wonder if you would ever consider a fashion post with different body types (like was done with swimsuits awhile back). Hope so!


Another thought: maybe the Easter dress post, would be a good one for incorporating different body types? Looking forward to that one! Thank you.

Great idea! We’ll see what we can cook up!


Also live for these fashion posts! Love your style. One question- how does the Sherpa jacket fit? It says a it’s a boyfriend fit, do you recommend sizing down??

Katie Stephenson

They fit big. Size down for sure. Speaking from experience. I’m a 4 and the XS seemed too big on me honestly but also I’m short so maybe that’s why ?


I should have commented on the story at the time, but you had another blue blouse earlier this week in stories(?). Not striped I think. Would love info on that:)


I love all these outfits, glad you are getting out of your rut (although I love your usual style too).

I love seeing these snip bits of your garden. Do you plan on doing an update post of your yard? I’d love to see everything after a year(or two?) of growth and if you have any regrets or favorite things still?

Thank you xx we are planning on doing a garden post this month so stay tuned 🙂


Girlfriend, you are shopping way beyond my price point these days! 🙂


How are you purging your closet? Have you thought about doing a Poshmark closet that is readers could shop?

great idea!!


Moon Bath!


Just FYI–I love that you post every day or almost every day. I’ve followed various blogs for a long time and there are some that post every 3 or 4 months. It’s almost like you’re surprised if you go to their site and find a new post. LOL. Anyway, good job and although it is work, know that it is appreciated.

Thank you so so much xx that is so great to hear 🙂


Please keep these posts up! They are so great. You’ve got amazing taste and I love your high/low ($) approach to fashion.

Thank you so much xx


Pact Organic is one of my favorite eco-friendly places to shop — I find myself wearing their clothes all the time. And they’re really affordable!


The dress is “the bomb” and you definitely killed it. Beautiful color, perfect for Easter and Spring. Plus, how often do you get to actually twirl? So glad you found something you love and feel good in that looks very “now”. You could coordinate with Birdie for a Mom/daughter twirl session.

Happy weekend.


Hi – I want to put forward a fantastic organisation trying to provide a solution to the growing problem of plastic in the oceans, their bracelets are fab.


They are great! Really impressive organisation!


I hate to ask about the the one un-linked product but is that a sweater skirt you are wearing with the jean jacket? I need a new one ?


I would love to know as well!


Emily you are so smart and thoughtful and progressive and generally “woke” af but you need to please stop talking about how things are “slimming” (at least 2x in this post and also in the recent one re: your new favorite swimsuit). I know you have the best of intentions, but it’s body shaming, pure and simple. As if women need to try to make their bodies look as small as possible, at every opportunity. The focus should be health, not size, and we need to be careful about messaging that suggests in any way that the less space girls and women take up, the better. It may seem harmless (“we’re just talking about clothes!”), but it’s not. We have more important things to do with our lovely hearts and minds than to concern ourselves with how “thin” we look in various pieces of clothing. It’s unnecessary and holds us all back.


AGREED! i’m reading this and thinking emily, you know better.
also, she only feels okay wearing short dresses with a spray tan?!?! more body shaming. ?
keep it about the clothes, sister.


I really appreciate this comment. Not even because I want Emily to change how she says things but just because *I* really needed to be reminded of this. Thank you.

If anyone knows of blogs where fashion posts are done on more typically sized women with a focus on looking and feeling great (but not on thin-ness), I would love to know about them.


Wendy – agreed, thank you for putting it so well.
Molly, check out Katie Sturino’s Insta feed. I love her #SuperSizethatlook posts.


YES! In that vein, I’d love to see what your staff are wearing as well! While I love your style Emily, we have very different body types, so oftentimes it’s not something I can pull off. But I know that your staff is adorable and super stylish… I’d love to see what everyone is wearing (if they’re comfortable with it of course.)


As another super fair-skinned gal, please share your spray tan secrets with me ??!! I love them, but only get about 3 a year because I feel like I’m continually staining the sheets or my under-clothes … what do you do about this?? Or is it just me?


Pretty, … but these don’t look ant different than your usual denim, blue stripes, and white blouse

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Leila Khoram-Work


I adore your style! But as a working woman earning the average salary, I gotta say your suggestions are WAY out of the average woman’s budget! Can you offer some items that are less than $100? Shoes for $450 are always gonna be out of my league & I assume many others’ league as well???

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