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30 Best Easter Egg DIYs

If aliens were looking down on earth this week they might think that human beings were certifiably disgusting creatures. I mean, we take the shells of unborn babies, which came from the chicken’s special parts, and force our children to blow them empty, dip them in colorful water, and play hide and go seek with them. Luckily for us, though, there are a lot of even more insane Easter options out there — all of which I want to do, none of which I probably will … until I have kids. Here are my top 30 DIY Easter egg ideas. Thank you so much Tessa for doing the research and putting this post together. And thank you all you Easter egg DIY genius’ out there. Nice job, friends.

gold easter eggs

1.By Kelly of Fabulous K   2.  She Knows    3.  Studio and Charm Blog   4. By Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen  5. Oleander and Palm  6.  Studio DIY  7.  Oh Happy Day

easter egg diy

9. By Chelsea of Lovely Indeed: One & Two   10. The Alison Show  11. Lovely Indeed  12. La Papier Studio 13.  14. By Chelsea of Lovely Indeed: One & Two  15. VK 16. By Teri & Jenny of Spoon Fork Bacon

black/white easter egg

18. Obviously Sweet  19. Bon Appetit  21. Paper & Stitch  22. Martha Stewart  23. Decor 8  24. B for Bel

diy easter

26. Design Sponge  27. A Daily Something 28. Joy Ever After  29. The Alison Show  30. Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Which one is your favorite? I’m tied between 7, 16, 18 and 26. I need children immediately because Brian and The Bear certainly aren’t lining up to get their Martha on this weekend, and after trying to choose my favorite I realized how much in fact I want to make some of these. I Dye.

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