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22 new and creative ways to DIY your Pumpkins

DIY is in my blood. You can take the girl out of the church but you can’t take the mormon out of the girl. I’m not particularily good at them because i have no patience so i do the first part all great, but then i get frustrated because i just want to see it pretty and styled and instead i have gold leaf all over my face, mod-podge riddling my jeans and Bearcat is just looking at me with utter embarassment.  She gets particularily cocky in October since she’s a black cat and she knows she is important.  Punk. 

But it’s different with holiday because there often isn’t a TON of really amazing decorations out there to purchase, plus you can be kinda sloppy because its temporary and you can be more creative because if you mess it up it’s just for fun – it’s not like trying to refinish your own dining table, spending 3 days on it before you hire a professional. It’s just a pumpkin.  

So here are 22 creative pumpkin ideas that made me want to get my DIY on…..Or at least pay Bonnie to DIFM. (Do It For Me….and i’m kidding…although I once knew someone that got a ‘how to learn to knit’ kit as a gift and she made her assistant do it so she could take credit for it and pretend she learned).  

1. Drink Bowl,  For your kids party – that pumpkin’s not gonna hold much, but it is clever. 

2. Black and White, Totally grown up but still feels creepy, a la John Derian.

3.Decoupage, Not sure if you’ve heard my decopauge stories but one year, i decopauged my life – EVERYTHING was collaged on top of EVERYTHING.  I would kill at this DIY. 

4. Placeholder,   So pretty. Let’s have a fall party.  

5. Leaves  For the traditionalist – totally lovely.  

6. Lace, Lace is trending and your pumpkin can’t be without it this season. It’s Halloween suicide. 

7. Choir Boys, Meet the goofy and friendly pumpkins. The Glee trend continues. 

8. Mercury Glass, i’m actually not sure if this is DIY or not, but she is pretty.  

9. Tourine Topper, So smart. Although measure your tourine before you go to the pumpkin patch – that picture is the result of 4 stylists and editors trying to find the perfect pumpkin.  It looks amazing, but probably not as easy for a normal person without 4 days prep time and two styling assistants.  

10. Planter or vase.  One of my favorites, naturally.  It’s not as playful as a lot of people like to be on halloween, but it’s just so pretty. 

11. Painted.  Not sure if you know, but chevron and dip-dying are trending. Don’t let your pumpkin be caught without them.  

12. Decoupage,  Another decopauge, but different.  

13. Crayons,  Probably the best DIY i’ve seen on a pumpkin in a while.  It’s playing on the 80’s saturated splatter paint trend and i’m 100% on board.  I want to try this on walls real bad. 

4. Branches,  This one i like, but not a fan of how its styled.  It’s creepy so it needs a more stark creepy environment.  

15. Porcupine Anything that reminds me of a hedgehog is in.  So cute.  

16. Chevron Again, with the chevs – but its the perfect place to do them; non-committal and temporary. 

17. Gold Leaf, Hello, beautiful.  Amazing. Love. 

18. Moth Decoupage  No better time and place for the insectarium trend to continue.  Creepy, but sophisticated. Kinda like Steve Buscemi. 

19. Black Out, Chalkboard paint – so easy, matte and apropos.  I love how they painted the stem, too. 

20. Modern Painted,  Apply your painters tape skills to your pumpkins.  

21. Chalk Paint Not to be confused with chalkboard paint.  Chalk paint is milky and extremely matte, giving a really sophisticated finish.  

22. Neon Ah, man. Did you just paint that pumpkin hot pink with a gold stem? I’m 100% all over that.  

So which ones will you guys do? Vote for your favorite and may the best pumpkin win.  


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