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Ricky's Bedroom Teen Boy Room Nanny Makeover Sylvia Emily Henderson Design-083

Today on the blog we are revealing Ricky’s bedroom makeover (if you are wondering what this series is, head on over here for the video, here for the living room/intro, here for the dining room, here for the bathroom, and here …

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Sylvia Makeover Target Master Bedroom_Emily Henderson_Reveal 3

Sylvia and Riccardo’s master bedroom was ripe for a makeover. In case you are wondering who these people are, jump back to this post to learn about this surprise home makeover. Their bedroom was crowded with big boxy dark furniture …

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It’s another ‘how low can you go?’ – modern farmhouse edition. Same vibe, three price points. Even the highest one is really inexpensive and when I tasked Mel with the ‘under $5k’ challenge she said “impossible”. But, she did it …

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