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My Custom House Portrait


I have hoarding tendencies, we all know that. But you may not know that this includes memory hoarding – which is my favorite kind of hoarding, indeed. Having a painting done of your house is not the most normal thing to do, but it should be. I have interior and exterior photos of almost everywhere I’ve… Read More …

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Dorm Room Round Up: Brights

Dorm Room Decor Round Up

Future so bright you gotta wear shades, folks. While I loved the first ‘black and white’ dorm round up that Abby did, I think my 18-year-old self is more attracted to these crazy bright colors (as we all know I love me some bright colors). In fact, one of my most favorite comments from My… Read More …

Flower girl


This chick (below) has actual skills with her hands and now she is teaching said skills to the unskilled, like me. It’s a paper flower making class on Skillshare by one of my favorite, nay MY FAVORITE, paper flower maker in the world (and just an awesome all around gal). Brittany from The House That… Read More …

11 awesome art installations

art installations

I’m officially addicted to commissioning art installations for my projects now. Seeing the stained glass panels that Judson Studios did for The Fig House made me more excited than Tom Cruise a la Oprah’s sofa jumping incident. And now I can’t stop. I have a few projects coming up in need of something special —… Read More …