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Episode 10, 2nd look

I was nervous about the second look because he really really liked the first look, and she liked it enough, so why would i change anything? Yes, it was really ‘boy’ but he’s a bachelor living by himself so it was super appropriate.  But I did.  I switched out the sofa with a sectional from… Read More …

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L.A. Secret Shopping Resources

Well, you asked for it.  Now you are going to get it.  This will be my first of a few shopping resources.  I’ll do a ‘L.A’., ‘New York’ and ‘Online/Big Box’.   A lot of people are secretive with their sources, but when it comes to mainly vintage the more business they do the more… Read More …

Episode 10 first look

Jonte and Keyunda were kinda  a different scenario.  She was the one that submitted him, but she didn’t live there yet, but she is going to as soon as he proposes (which he will, they were so cute together) but it was tricky.  I kinda think i shot myself in the foot showing him his… Read More …

Tonights episode

Alright folks, here’s the mood board for tonights episode.  A lot changed from the mood board to the episode, but this is the general ‘world’.  It’s all about a bachelor who’s soon to be fiance is moving in soon…..


uh yeah. there was a scheduling change.  sorry.  hopefully that mood board is for next weeks episode.  Country pop was this week. i’ll post about it in the morning.   xx

Episode 8 mood board

Yup.  And these guys are my friends…..and when we shot the episode she was 9 months pregnant.  I’m not kidding.  And guess what happens when you are nine months pregnant? You have a baby…. perhaps while a camera crew is in your guesthouse shooting…….Again, i’m not kidding.   It’s an exciting one, folks.  Tune in.