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2 Music Videos for your monday

I had book deadlines this weekend, and I was dying to hang out with these two boys, so no, a proper post didn’t get written for today. But, more importantly I have two music videos that I’m addicted to that you should watch.

The first video is by my friend Taylor. Its pop and its wonderful. It’s all about shaking off negative criticism because haters just gonna hate. You see, folks, the lovely internet (that is responsible for my career so I actually love the internet) has allowed a lot of anonymous ‘freedom’, shall we say, for comments. Often, there actually is a seed of truth in it that I try to learn from. Sure. Great. I take it and adjust my behavior. And sometimes its less than positive. I wrote about it here. But whether you have a public blog or not, you undoubtedly have something that you can shake off. Its just terribly fun to dance to, too.

Also … just don’t be a hater, k?

Another music video that makes me feel even more empowered than T Swifts is this one below. It’s a musician that I’ve been pretty obsessed with for 8 months now. He practices more conceptual music – it’s very avant-garde and some might even call it ‘dis-harmonic’. But disharmony is trending in 2015 and this young pianist really is leading the pack.

This is when he first discovered the vintage piano that I bought him at the flea market. It’s probably not riveting to anybody but me, but for those of you who want a sneak peek into the living room, this was taken 2 weeks ago so you can kinda see where we are at now.

Happy Monday, folks. Now go shake it off.


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