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15 Living Room Furniture Pieces Under $200 That We Actually Love

When Caitlin first suggested this post idea – 15 affordable pieces of living room furniture under $200 – I thought “in my sleep!” Well, well, well, cocky isn’t a good color on anyone and shopping for affordable…and pretty….and positively reviewed furniture in 2023 isn’t for the faint of heart. And this list doesn’t even include sofas (sorry, I tried)! Of course, we always want to encourage looking for second-hand first because there are so many gems out there. However, sometimes you don’t have the time that can take or you don’t know where to start, so having a trusted source handpick some great suggestions is really nice. That’s clearly where we come in. As I already alluded to, this post took longer to put together than I expected (because I thought there would be sooo many options…there weren’t) so please know if you’ve also been having trouble in your affordable furniture journey, it’s not you…it’s the market. Hopefully, this post solves some of your furniture problems because man do I stand behind all of these pieces. I also added in some inspiration shots to help you visualize the endless possibilities. Let’s jump in!

15. TV Stand For TVs Up To 55″

A mid-century modern media cabinet is a classic and an easy staple. Look at the two examples above for instance. The photo on the left is from a makeover Emily did for Joanna Goddard (Cup of Jo) of her past contemporary NYC apartment. Mid-century modern furniture always works great in that style of home because it grounds the space without looking out of place. But then on the right, Arlyn chose this beautiful piece from Article to help add some “modern” balance to her beautiful Spanish-style apartment. They can work anywhere!

Media Console

Classic, simple, and pretty! For under $200, I think this is such a great option that is so adaptable to a ton of different styles. The mix of open and closed storage is great and the wood tone looks really pretty. It also comes in a stained black too! The reviews were about 50/50 on the difficulty level of the assembly but if you’re handy it sounds pretty easy. And if you aren’t handy at all (or have no interest in furniture assembly) that’s what friends, family, and Taskrabbit are for:)

14. Farmhouse Nightstand


Ok, this one is on sale at the moment so if you want the deal go now (or very soon) just in case! It’s from Anthropologie so it’s no surprise this little side table (or nightstand) is so freaking cute. It’s not from the Amber Lewis collab but it looks like it could be. The black stain is modern but organic, the joinery is so pretty, the lip on the top is such a great detail, and get outta here with that rattan shelf! Perfect/visually interesting contrast in both color and materials. 10/10 in my book and the reviews are great too!

13. Gladden Rounded Back Anywhere Chair

If you haven’t noticed, we are pretty big proponents of accent chairs. It’s a pretty easy way to add color and character to a room (especially a living room). Oh, and of course it’s extra seating:) They are also a perfect opportunity to add color or pattern if you dare. If adding color scares you a bit then may we recommend a deep green?? We are also big fans of green velvet if you can’t tell in the photos above. Ha. It’s neutral yet colorful and quiet yet luxe. Win-win if I do say so myself:)

Accent Chair

Well, look what we have here?? A stylish, modern, affordable green chair! The tone of green looks great and I love the shape. And while I love a glam chair, so many “affordable” upholstered velvety chairs are a bit too glam for my personal style so this is a great option that’s more versatile stylistically.

12. Bria Drinks Table

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: living room update – again

Over the past couple of years, our love for the drink table has gone up exponentially. They are just so useful, easy to move around, usually pretty affordable, and there are SO MANY cute ones! Em even talked about doing a whole post on them which still might happen. But look at that incredible drink table from 54Kibo. It’s beautiful and contrasts perfectly with the room’s style. However, that one is rightfully not inexpensive so let me show you this one…

Drink Table

This is another one that’s on sale so remember that if you are thinking it might be a fit for your home! But look at those glorious legs and white marble top. It feels like it’s teetering between MCM and postmodernism. It’s just so good! Wait, actually, I think it would be really cute in my living room…

11. Fountain Valley Pandan Wrapped Side Table

design by jess bunge | styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: moto reveal: jess’ home office

Speaking of my home, it’s the perfect example to say why my next pick is wonderful (if you couldn’t tell by just looking at it:)) Textured furniture, baby! So while a desk isn’t a typical living room furniture piece, I think showing how much beautiful texture my desk brings to my living room is worth showing. Perfect for those who want to add something interesting that isn’t a bright color or bold pattern.

Side Table

How cute is this textured side table?! That same quiet interest as my desk but in a piece that most people need for their living room:) The two open shelves give you the perfect opportunity to show off your styling skills. Throw some books, a pretty decorative object, and a cute box for closet storage, and you are all set!

10. Akshan Pedestal Coffee Table

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: sara’s living room & dining room reveal

I put a few coffee tables in this post because let’s be honest, they can be SO hard to find. I know from personal experience. The nightmares I think have stopped. Annnyway, vintage-inspired pieces are always great. Would it be even greater if we all could afford the originals?? Yes. But until then we have great options like the one below.

Coffee Table

What I love about this one (aside from the MCM style) is also the mixing of materials and the sleek lines. This would be so great paired with a visually heavy modular sofa for contrast! But more than anything it’s just a cool-looking coffee table that has an interesting tabletop shape. They also have a white top option!

9. Jeanetta TV Stand

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the ultimate family-friendly media room + wet bar

Who doesn’t love a woven accent?! Well, we do. Instant texture, instant warmth, instant style. If you look at that pretty console from Crate and Barrel we used at the Portland Project you can see what I mean. It still would have been beautiful all wood, but with the woven door fronts, it’s even more dynamic.

Media Cabinet

I know, it’s adorable and those round cutouts are awesome! I think they almost look like they could be speakers. Plus, once again you have both open and closed storage options. It would undoubtedly add a huge dose of fun into your living room and the reviews are great!

8. Duchesne Wood Accent Chair

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’ living room reveal

Ding, ding, ding! It’s time for another great accent chair. I have a deep love for chunky modern wood pieces. Example A. from my first living room reveal above. I actually got it for $100 at the Rose Bowl! Buuuut, it’s not exactly calling anyone’s name to actually sit in. It’s kinda another piece of art. So what’s very exciting about this next pick is that the frame has that chunky modern frame but you are going to actually be able (and want) to sit in it:)

Wood Accent Chair

See!? And it’s Target!! But also on sale so another hurry if you love and need it. I just think this is so cool and super impressed with Studio McGee. If I had room for an accent chair this would most definitely on my list.

7. Anne 4 Legs Coffee Table

photo by zeke ruelas | from: nicolette mason’s new home

This room that Emily designed back in 2015 is as fun now as it was then. But if you take a second to look at the furniture pieces they are all pretty traditional in style. One of these pieces being that very pretty coffee table. In such a bold space it’s a good decision to balance it out with some “light” furniture. That is what this coffee table (and other accent pieces) are doing for this room. That table is also wildly versatile…

Coffee Table

Here is a similar, if not the same, coffee table as the one above! And what’s so perfect about it is that while the style can lean a little traditional or even glam, it doesn’t have the ornate detailing that vintage pieces in this style tend to have. That makes it way more versatile and would look great in A TON of homes! And not for nothing but it has a 4.5-star rating with 567 reviews…juuust saying:)

6. Tucker Drum Side Table

Side Table

Y’all this is just simply a very cool side table. It’s from West Elm, is UNDER $100, zero assembly, and would add that perfect amount of chunkiness to your space. I would easily buy this in a heartbeat if I needed a side table. Heck, I actually might!

5. Vanpelt Metal Bar Cart

design by julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a mid-century eclectic living room with kilz primer and paint – the dark room problem solved

While a bar cart isn’t a necessary living room piece, it is so nice to have if you’ve got the space and/or don’t have another spot for bar storage. Look how perfect it looks in this living room that Julie designed! A perfectly styled (and useful) moment. So let’s see what I’ve picked out for you…

Bar Cart

A MCM-looking classic. It’s not overly glam, but has that punch of brass on the safety bars to SECURE THE ALCOHOL! But seriously, this is a great cart, versatile, and a really great size that also has glass storage. If you don’t love your stemware being upside down, I bet those brackets could easily be removed. It also comes in a light oak color.

4. Wood Pedestal End Table

End Table

Ummm, how good IS THIS drink table?? See what I mean? The drink table game is so good right now. When I showed Caitlin this list, she said she wanted to buy this one:) It’s got personality, it’s modern, and is playful with the ball detail. What’s not to love?! Oh, I know, it also comes in “natural”.

3. Kimberlina Coffee Table With Tray Top

design by julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a mid-century eclectic living room with kilz primer and paint – the dark room problem solved

With this photo example, I am showing you a side table but below I am recommending a coffee table. A little confusing? I get it. But see how that all-black, thin metal frame beautifully contrasts (aka balances out) the other pieces in the room? It’s perfect and almost ageless, working with a ton of other styles. The same applies to a similar coffee table version…

Coffee Table

Talk about a perfect round black coffee table. Simple, sleek, and pretty timeless. This cutie is going to be usable for years to come no problem. I also love that it’s a tray top! If it were shorter it could’ve been a great solution to my coffee table nesting woes. Ha.

2. Floating TV Stand Up

I know that floating media centers aren’t for everyone but when done right look SO GOOD. Take Mel’s new home and her perfect floating cabinet. It makes the room feel lighter and looks so chic with how she styled it. Then on the right, is Em’s best friend’s entryway. So while it’s not a “media console,” it’s still a stunning floating cabinet, making that space feel inherently lighter. Sure these spaces are on the modern side, but with their particular choice of floating cabinet, they still feel full and soulful.

Floating TV Stand

I nearly squealed when I saw this. It’s long, the wood finish looks beautiful, and yes, it’s under $200. I also really love the walnut option and couldn’t decide which one to display here! I just think this would look incredible in so many homes. Plus this is another piece with a high star rating with 776 reviews!

1. Lift Top Extendable 4 Legs Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee Table

Now, as someone who has lived mostly in teeny tiny apartments, I know how important functional furniture is. Storage coffee tables are a BIG part of this kind of living thus I wanted to give a good option. I really love the all-black wood look. I think it’s simple, chic, and this one is just over $100 at the moment which is a slammin’ deal!

Woof!! If you are still with me thank you! That was a lot of words about 15 (dare I say) great pieces of living room furniture. We all deserve pretty furniture so I hope this helped. If you want more of these just let me know in the comments and which room you’d want!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Art Direction by Emily Henderson | Styled by Brady Tolbert and Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How Target’s Fall Threshold Collection Nails the “Updated Classic” Trend

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8 months ago

Great post, Jess!

I’d love a round-up of best value/best quality/coolest sheets and towels, if that isn’t too much to ask. You guys were right a few years back about white towels not lasting. . . I stocked up on good ones from Garnet Hill four years ago and now they are all dingy, even though I use OxyClean white revive and wash them in hot water. . .*sigh*. I’ve had great luck with Target all cotton sheets holding up very well, on the other hand.

Cici Haus
8 months ago
Reply to  Colleen

Oh Can I join in with my request? I’d love a “how it’s holding up” article about some of the new pieces you guys have bought in the last couple of years. Especially “splurge” pieces!

8 months ago
Reply to  Cici Haus

Oooh, Cici I love this idea!!

8 months ago

What a dream of a post, Jess! So many good (and beautiful) recommendations here! Thank you for all your work in putting this together. It was supremely helpful. And…I know I’m getting greedy here and you just did all this work…but any chance you would consider putting together a similar post for under $500 in the future??

8 months ago

Tiny note: That “wooden” Target chair, which looks really great IMO, is particle board if you check the description. So not sure if it’s a wood veneer, or laminate or something. Were that solid wood I think it’d be fantastic. Of course, also, probably then couldn’t sell for <$200.

Roberta Davis
8 months ago

Good scouting! You found a lot of nice pieces. (I don’t know if I’d want to buy a sofa that was under $200 anyway!)

8 months ago

I just purchased the wooden pedestal end table, I have a table similar to it from Target. I love how it looks, but it’s hollow metal and my clumsy self knocks it over constantly. This table looks much more stable and I love how it looks.

8 months ago

ahhh. Floating tv stand is possible purchase for me. Our dogs constantly roll their toys under our current media stand. 😆 I saw one reviewer had used two to make even longer but wondered about stacking two on top of each other to give heftier look. might look weird “floating” if heftier though?

8 months ago

Are there links to these items? I can seem to find them. Help!

8 months ago
Reply to  Resh

there’s a link that’s centered directly under each product photo! 🙂

Jessica Zeidman
8 months ago

Drink table round up! I did just purchase this one from overstock but I need more!