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13 MUST FOLLOW Designers (i.e. The New Trendsetters)

photo source | design by arent & pyke

The good and the all too unfortunate part of social media (in terms of design) is that we are completely inundated with pretty photo after pretty photo, most of the time unable to really look and appreciate the work that goes into each space. But then it happens. You see a space as you are scrolling through Instagram, pinning inspiration or searching the web that makes your heart STOP and eyes bulge out of your pretty little head. It’s honestly one of my most favorite feelings because since I (very luckily) get to look at beautiful images all day for work and at night for myself I sometimes fear that because my brain is so saturated that it’s bound to stop having that experience. Well, that has yet to happen because of insane designers that keep me on my toes. SO when I/the team sees something that makes our heart sing, I/we take note. Emily and the team thought it was high time we share designers and design firms that we are currently crazy about. Now this list does not contain every person we love because that would be the longest blog post in the world so we narrowed it down to 13. Some are new, some have been around for a minute but all have been serving up those dopamine-induced serges to our brains. Get ready of an emotional design ride people…

Etc for Short

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 1
photo source | design by etc for short
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 29
photo source | design by etc for short

Etc for Short is the design child of Sally Breer and Jake Rodehuth-Harrison. I am sure that most of you are aware of Sally because Emily featured her home in her first book but you should also know Jake. They, along with their crazy talented team, create stupidly exciting work that is always pushing the envelope. Their recent design of the Firehouse Hotel was one of the most exciting things to happen to my eyeballs in a minute.


Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 27
photo source | design by athena calderone
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 3
photo source | design by athena calderone

The aesthetic genius of Athena Calderon of EyeSwoon is unparalleled. While not new to the design scene the recent renovation of her Brooklyn brownstone was pretty much my dream home. I’m obviously not alone in that. Her way of mixing ultra high end modern and traditional pieces that still make you feel like you are in a real person’s home is truly out of this world. Plus, if you love food, her site and Instagram are filled with unbelievable (show-stopping) recipes that will make you look like a pro in the kitchen. Yes, she cooks, too.

Colin King

Processed With Vsco With A6 Preset
photo source | design by colin king

Colin King is just that…well, a king of styling I should say. I promise you know his work so now it’s time to know his name. Colin’s work can be seen in major publications like Architectural Digest, T Magazine, Vogue, Domino, Dwell plus many more. His aesthetic is a blend of sophisticated, moody and super unique. He even helped styled Athena’s home (above). Please enjoy his stunning feed. 🙂

Clare Kennedy Interior Design 

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 22
photo source | design by clare kennedy interior design
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 23
photo source | design by clare kennedy interior design

Every time we think that we are officially done seeing neutral spaces, someone like Clare Kennedy pops up and proves us VERY wrong. Her extremely refreshing take on modern minimalism with a dash of boho has us wanting a lot more for our eyeballs to enjoy.

Ashe Leandro

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 20
photo source | design by ashe leandro
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 21
photo source | design by ashe leandro

I am sure that all of you had a similar reaction to seeing Seth and Alexi Ashe Meyers home…WHO DESIGNED THIS?? The answer is Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro of Ashe Leandro. This power design couple is creating stunningly special homes with a big dose of soul. A must follow.

Tinta Luhrman

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 13
photo source | design by tinta luhrman

Tinta has our current favorite Scandinavian design account. She will make you fall in love with the color brown and have you yearning for a simple modern home filled with natural, unique and special decor accessories. Her home looks like how I want to feel.

Arent and Pyke

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 5
photo source | design by arent & pyke
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 25
photo source | design by arent & pyke

If you don’t know Arent & Pyke you are in for the most serious treat. Every time any of us sees one of their photos, it’s a guaranteed heart-skipping-a-beat situation. Actually, it was nearly impossible to choose a photo to showcase some of their work from their extensive portfolio. They just create the most elegant and perfectly designed spaces that always have a sense of playfulness. Arent & Pyke are an EHD favorite hands down (we have reposted their photos a lot). Those Aussies seriously know what they are doing.

Commune Design

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 15
photo source | design by commune design
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 14
photo source | design by commune design

Commune is another design firm that isn’t new to the scene but boy have they continued to push the design envelope. They’ve been around for 15 years and are still creating jaw-dropping, line-pushing designs that will do nothing if not make you feel inspired and cause instantaneous drooling.

Hilton Carter

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 26
photo source | design by hilton carter

If you are a lover of plants, get ready to be a lover of Hilton Carter, THE plant guy. Plant stylist and author, Hilton has quickly become the internet’s plant authority. The man has around 300 plants in his home (that he successfully keeps alive!) which to me makes him the ultimate green machine. His home is a perfect jungle and it couldn’t make me happier.

Jake Alexander Arnold

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 16

Jake knows how to design a gorgeous space. His ability to mix neutral traditional with monochromatic modern is flawless and insanely inspirational. It’s moody, luxurious and yet extremely welcoming. I would gladly move straight into any of his perfectly curated designs. 🙂

Tina Rich & Tali Roth

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 10
photo source | design by tina rich & tali roth

These two ladies are a design power couple who recently just finished their 250-square-foot shoppable (yes, you can buy any of it) office they call The Playhouse. If looking at this space doesn’t make your day instantly better I am not sure what will. Both designers have insanely inspiring individual portfolios and are names to take note of.

The Makerista

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 17
photo source | design by gwen hefner
Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 19
photo source | design by gwen hefner

In a sea of modern minimalism, Gwen Hefner (aka The Makerista) is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she a hardcore traditionalist in her design aesthetic but she knows how to play with color and bold pattern. It’s refreshing, fun and if you watch her stories you will instantly want to take a trip to Kansas City to go to all the amazing (and crazy cheap) thrift stores she frequents.

The House that Lars Built 

Emily Henderson New Trendsetters To Follow 18
photo source | design by brittany watson jepsen

While Brittany Watson Jepsen, founder of The House That Lars Built, may not technically be an interior designer she sure is a constant source of inspiration. Her colorful aesthetic and crazy wonderful DIYs are always happiness-inducing, making her’s the perfect account to follow when you are feeling like you are in a creative rut. How freaking cool is her living room (pictured above)?!

How are you feeling? Design drunk? In a design-happy coma? Positively inspired??? Well, I hope you are because that is how I feel. Maybe even inspired enough to pick back up the remaining spaces of my MOTO. 🙂

Please, if you have any accounts or designers you have recently discovered that are deserving of some love, let us know in the comments. So much GOOD work is getting done out there so let’s share the wealth and celebrate all that creativity.

Let us know who to follow – we are always on the look-out for new inspiration.

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3 years ago

Deliriously design drunk at 6am.

Such a great post- thank you for this loveliness!

3 years ago

How could you not follow all of these. So good.

3 years ago

I will get nothing done today at work. Thank you for this! 🙂

3 years ago

Thanks for a refreshing round up! While I can’t say I like some of these images, I’m glad this wasn’t just a bunch of generic designers who are doing the same thing. Thank you, EHD!

Amy E Jones
3 years ago

My fave at the moment is Max Humphries. His work is unique without being too ‘out there’ for me. I love love what he’s doing.

Amy E Jones
3 years ago

Oops! I got his name wrong! Max Humphrey!

3 years ago

So happy that you featured the Makerista! I love following along with her and nice to give a smaller person a shout out!

3 years ago
Reply to  Madeline

I LOVE the Makerista. Seems like such a genuine, kind person too.

Jaye H.
3 years ago
Reply to  Madeline

That’s two of us for the Makerista!

3 years ago

Fantastic! Would love a round up like this by geography for those of us looking to work with someone but not in NY/LA – I found myself clicking through so many of these to see where folks are located in the hopes of finding someone in New England!

3 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Have you checked out Elements of Style, Erin Gates? She’s very flexible in her designs and has an amazing eye! She’s out of Newton, MA.

3 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Check out Katie Rosenfeld out of Wellsley, MA. My favorite for color and pattern!!!!!!!

Katie Rosenfeld
3 years ago
Reply to  Rhonda

What a sweet and unexpected compliment to be mentioned on this blog if only in the “comments” lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Surge, not serge.

3 years ago

Jennifer Robin Design does stunning work here in the Bay Area (and Tahoe). Her photos constantly inspire me.

Tina Schrader
3 years ago

Thank you for this! I like “Follow” lists. In truth, a lot of these designers’ tastes aren’t my style at all — which, considering how everyone else always seems to love them, makes me wonder if I actually have any. I do really like Clare Kennedy’s closet doors there. But a striped ceiling? In my backyard funhouse, maybe. And all those plants make this gal with slight claustrophobia want to walk right back out. Sometimes “more” is (way) too much. But God bless that fella for living his jam. It’s good to get new ideas! I like The Gold Hive, The Sweet Beast (thank you for turning me on to those!), The Grit and Polish, and The Faux Martha blogs. I have a blog but it’s not home decor-related and I haven’t written in it in a long time; otherwise I’d shamelessly promote it here.

3 years ago

Thank you for including different design styles! When I started reading, I was assaulted with modern and California Casual, but love Commune, Jake Alexander Arnold, and The Makerista!

3 years ago

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3 years ago

Really love this post – thanks for sharing the love!

3 years ago

Love this! I’ve followed The Makerista (Gwen Hefner) for years. The others are new to me and I can’t wait to check them out!

3 years ago

Oh wow! I love all of these! Thank you for recommending them. I will definitely be following

Bridget Juister
3 years ago

Thank you for these must follows. I’m sure they’ll inspire, BUT will they have me laughing out loud?!

Diana McNeill
3 years ago

This is a really fun post. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

Sarah Sherman Samuel!! Love her style.

3 years ago

My Vote goes 100% to the eternally creative WINDSOR SMITH, heart stopping interiors. I had the good fortune of hanging out in her navy kitchen, it is one of those memories that is etched in my mind. In that space I was so overwhelmed with how is this possible to have so much beauty, strength and sheer contentment feeling from a room?? I could almost not talk for 90 min whilst just wanting to take it in without interruptions. Look at her Instagram feed for her latest project, WOW, she somehow gets it all: so gaspingly beautiful with a mixture of: breathable and of the time, and the with rigor of the past staples like chevron, paneling. I keep checking back hoping for more reveals, even thou I know this type of all encompassing creativity takes time. YES 100% I was moved (ok obsessed:) by that experience and seeing her work in pictures and books, plus that it ticks the test of time and that I have been loving her work over a 10 year period says volumes.
Great Post, I have enjoyed looking at all the sites you shared! Thanks Gabrielle

Kira Mead
3 years ago

What a great post. Thank you for putting so much effort into this!

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