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1 Bookshelf 4 Ways: Modern Traditional + Get The Look

Welcome to the second ‘1 bookcase 4 ways’, this time going a bit traditional, but in a happy modern (and slightly country) way. I feel like there are fewer people out there that want this look, but there is a big place in my styling heart for traditional done right. I think I watched ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ one too many times when I was a kid. I just want to sleep in a dilapidated farm-house and eat off of chipped china.

Click through for inspiration, resources and styling gif.


My heart longs for a house in the country, OR a really traditional house where I can buy weird collections of porcelain dogs and needle points. Brian can’t wait. Sidenote: we are prepping my old office for a guest room now that I’m having another baby so I think I may just fulfill my country dreams down there since it will be a while before (if) we buy a house in the country. Stay tuned.


Again we started with a color palette – this time blue and white – mixing all different blues and white together. Then we warmed it up with wood and gold. I like that there are hits of glam, but then its grounded by the pottery lamp and the paintings – so it doesn’t go too garish or glitzy.


The larger hits are always balanced out – the blue lamp on top with the blue vase on the bottom right. The stacks of white speak to each other and then little hits of gold are evenly peppered around the space.




Are they drinking on the job? More importantly without me? I’m having FOMO just watching that gif. Sidenote – are we still saying ‘fomo’? Also that booze is just watered down diet coke, by the way. Stylists disgusting secrets.


The only thing I would do is shove the books on the bottom left over to the left some more and maybe give the second shelf some breath – again moving a bit to the left and dispersing the props so they have a little room.

I love how happy it is for traditional. Not stuffy, not precious, just classic finishes and tones with enough color and modern pieces to keep it current. Nice job, Ginny. Your British past really serves you well.


1. Pitcher 2. Rug 3. Sea Scape Print  framed in Chelsea 4. Ribbed Vase 5. Trinket Box 6. Champagne Glasses 7. Mid-Century Shelf 8. Provence Book 9. Gold Tray 10. Jerusalem Book 11. Display Box 12. Salted Book 13. Crystal Decanter 14. Floral Throw Pillow 15. Woven Basket

*Check out first ‘One Bookshelf Four Way’, Eclectic Sophisticate. This series is shot by Jessica Isaac, produced, art directed and written by me and styled by Ginny for EHD. 


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