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1 Bed 4 Ways: Bright Fun and Feminine

It’s as if I’m physically unable to go two days in a row on the blog without pink. Todays ‘1 bed, 4 ways’ is way more feminine, obviously, and channels my inner bohemian spirit …. via a more ‘Anthro’ vibe.

Click through to get the inspiration, gif and resources:

inspiration_pink_boho_organic_anthropologie_bedroom_ grid

1 Bed 4 Ways_Bright fun Pink_Boho_Emily Henderson_Anthropolgie

Why it works:

This one is pretty easy to see why it works, right? We have a couple different elements/themes that are echoed around – the natural tone of the table and the wall hanging. The hot pink floral of the patterned bedding, lamp and the flower, and lastly again the mixing of patterns to include both large and small-scale. The navy provides a nice cooler toned accent color to al the hot pink and orange and mustard colors.

1 Bed 4 Ways_Bright fun Pink_Boho_Emily Henderson_Anthropolgie_2

1 Bed 4 Ways_Bright fun Pink_Boho_Emily Henderson_Anthropolgie_1


One thing about that rug on the wall – it’s probably better over a twin bed as it’s not that big, but when Brady brought it and tacked it up, I was surprised at how well I liked the idea, so we went with it. That wicker side table is vintage and will probably be sold on the online shop, same with the hot pink lamps – we have a pair and they’ll be hard to give up but I can’t keep storing those beauties.



Pink Poppy Boho_get the look

1. Wicker Side Table (vintage) | 2. Floral Pillow | 3. Yellow Sheets | 4. Cream Pillow with Tassles | 5. Pink Velvet Pillow | 6. Floral White Quilt | 7. Pink Cup Vase | 8. Woven Wall Hanging | 9. Blue and Floral Dot Shams | 10. Navy Blue Pillow | Pink Hanging Pendent: vintage

See ‘1 bed, 4 ways ‘Cool, Cabin, Casual‘ and stay tuned for the next two! Like this post? Don’t forget to check out ‘1 credenza, 4 ways‘ and ‘1 dresser, 4 ways‘.

*This post was sourced/styled by Brady Tolbert, art directed/produced/written by me and shot by Jessica Isaac. 



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48 thoughts on “1 Bed 4 Ways: Bright Fun and Feminine

  1. I always love pictures of bohemian styled spaces– so fun, carefree, bright, & colorful. I have found, for me though, I can’t live with it for too long. I tire of so much pattern after a bit and it begins to tug at me (But I also admit, I am a VERY restless spirit when it comes to styling). I tend to love boho styling for seasonal spaces, like my front porch which we can use for only half the year up here in the Northeast. But I do LOVE the vibe! And your interpretation is lovely!! Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. I live in FL, so our seasonal is everyone’s spring or summer. I feel like you can do bohemian at other times of the year (like winter) but maybe less of the frothy colors and more of the dark velvety and jeweltone colors? Just a thought!

    2. I love the boho look but I get bored of pillow combinations and accessories. These days I use a white duvet on my bed and I have a whole cedar chest full of different decorative pillows and plenty of random little vases and objects sprinkled around so I can switch it all out regularly

  2. Loving everything about this sweet space! If I could convince my hubs to go floral and pink, I would do this exact set up in a heartbeat! The pink velvet lamps will be gone in a second if you end up putting them in your store! cant wait 🙂

  3. I’m loving this series!! It’s like you knew I just got a new bed and I’m on the hunt for new linens and accessories. Now on to pinning and shopping!

  4. I agree with Charity; while I have coveted those pink velvet lamps since I first saw them, they’d be so perfect for your daughter’s bedroom!!! What’s a few more months in storage? I predict alot more pink in your future and they’d be just the right touch in her elegant nursery……. 🙂

    1. oooooohhhhh shoooooooooot, you are RIGHT. I have to hoard them. DONE. I have almost sold them so many times. THANK GOD I didn’t. xx

  5. Ive been a longtime lover of only white sheets. You may be starting to convince me otherwise…

  6. Lovely to see the pink lamp again. Was wondering what happened to it when you did your bedroom post.

  7. This is gorgeous!!! Do you have photo credit or sources for those inspiration shots? Thanks much!

  8. Emily I am loving this series! I’m about ready to redo a recently renovated master bedroom and getting the product breakdown here is so helpful. Especially because so much of the stuff is affordable from Target! Love it! Thank you.

  9. Wow, I love the wall rug! I think if you had 2 or 3 of them hung in a layered pattern it would work for a queen bed. Also dying them slightly different colors would add a lot of dimension. Huge wall art for not a lot of money!

  10. love this look!! most likely my favorite out of the four! i love to mix and match anthropologie bedding pieces! i’ve been wanting to get that long pillow forever..seeing it here now might just do the trick 🙂 lovely job Emily!!

  11. Young and fun and not too serious, love it. I love how you use patterned bedding mixed with plain, so I’ve just ordered some for myself from West Elm!

  12. That lamp showed up on the most recent episode of Mad Men and I recognized it immediately! My husband was really confused when I tried to explain. 🙂

      1. ok, so non-decor related question: Can someone tell me the backstory on how Don knows the woman he’s involved with now? I think she was someone from his past. Please help! haha

        1. The waitress? She’s a new girl. But she does look like Rachel Menken (the heiress of Menken’s Dept Store), who appears in Don’s dream in the first episode of the new half-season. Later he discovers that Rachel has just died of leukemia. I think he “recognizes” the waitress in the sense that they are kindred souls who have experienced a lot of pain and loss.

          I recognized the lamp too!!! That Sally has some excellent taste.

          1. Could she have been Sally’s teacher from years ago? In a flashback (as previously seen on….)he was laying in bed with her and said “do you have school tomorrow?”
            And in the diner she had a book by John Dos Passos in her apron pocket. It’s driving me nuts…
            (But thanks for your input)

      2. So much good stuff on that show. Not sure if you watch, but The Americans on FX is another great show with beautiful set design–lots of 80s pieces that would fit right into designs today.

  13. Buying that quilt. Right. Now. This is my favorite and the third one isn’t even out. Love bohemian vibes, esp in the bedroom! So lush and happy! Also love Anthro. They own me.

    Agree with everyone else, you must keep those lamps for your daughter!!! You’ll regret it if you sell them! They’re so perfect.

  14. It’s beautiful. I can’t tell how much I watched the gif, it would be embarrassing.

  15. Yesterday’s bed was closer to my actual style (and by my actual style, I mean style that I like that my boyfriend won’t hate), but I can’t stop staring at this one. It really is like an Anthropologie catalog come to life. lovely as always!!

  16. You may have noticed that Don Draper (yes, that one) has the same hanging lantern in his fabulous mid-century NY apartment, hovering to the left of his fireplace. His is in brown, I think. Now, I could believe that you timed the post especially to coincide with Mad Men…

  17. Moving soon and definitely saving a corner or wall someplace in my new apartment for that wall hanging.

  18. I really LOVE this! I have such an inner bohemian in me, I think. I’m just afraid to set it free (it can go tacky super fast). I’m definitely pinning this for inspiration. Thanks for showing how classy it can be!

  19. I love it!! This style is jusr reflecting my personality!!! I like the mixt of textures, the look of anthro from hanging decor and side table and the luxury from the Velvet lampshade….
    No words….Cozy and relaxex vibe….mmmmm…..

  20. This makeover looks happy and relaxing.

    + Every single time I get inspiration from an item and want to see it/incorporate it into my space, this time the rug/wall hanging, you make a timely post including it. Seriously, my interior inspiration is Neil Simon’s totally wicker and boho 70s dream of a movie, The Goodbye Girl, and I was JUST searching for a sea-grass rug similar to the one used in the living room set! (Randomly, I bought the campaign desk after seeing the Cup of Jo makeover post and it’s in that movie too.)

  21. You reference an online shop in this post… have I been reading your blog for years and do not know of this?!?!?!?

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