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The Link Up: The Best Christmas Candle (According To Arlyn), Another Soup Hack & A Female-Driven “True Detective” Series


image via Yellow Trace | design by Anna Karlin

Well folks, here we are again with another link up. We hope you are ready to jump right in because we have some really great stuff in store for you today, the Sunday before a (hopefully for you) short week! If you missed anything from the week prior, we launched some of our gift guides (more to come—like Emily’s Ultimate Guide—this week, but so far for “her”, for “him”, for the hard to shop for and all the best ideas under $50), talked about tiletwice, rounded up some table-setting inspiration and Emily reviewed and styled some awesome coats. But now, without further ado, let’s see what the EHD ladies have up their sleeves this week…

Today’s featured home tour is something from Caitlin’s dreams, but if ’80s Art Deco is not your thing, keep reading. Designer Anna Karlin turned 11 normal, white-walled standard apartments into THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPACES IN THE WORLD. (Stick with it, we swear there’s a room for everyone!!!).

Emily’s friend Suzanne (who you probably know from some of our fashion posts) cannot live without this moisturizer, and now we all want to try it.

Jess just bought this awesome denim blouse from Zara. It’s the perfect mix of looking “put together” and causal. Plus, it’s super comfortable. Yes, it’s a very “Uptown Prairie” and she is very aware she has been #EMfluenced. 

No stranger to vintage, Caitlin went diving through Chairish for some fun lighting inspiration and couldn’t.stop.scrolling.

Velinda loved the show Unbelievable (on Netflix) and pitched it to friends as “a female-driven True Detective…only TRUE.” The first episode is hard to watch, but so worth getting through because the series is great.

You can stop looking for the best Christmas candle because Arlyn found it for you. “I buy this every year because it’s insanely good. It has that perfect evergreen smell and man does this thing spread that glorious scent around the house. It’s a powerhouse candle and I’m warning you, you’ll be addicted to this thing year after year. In fact… it’s time to go buy mine.”

OMG who remembers Fila from the ’90s and are we okay with it being back?

Our resident chef, Sara, is at it again: “I was making our vegan Zuppa Tuscana recipe (as one does), but also making pumpkin bread at the same time. I had some leftover pumpkin puree—not really enough to make a new recipe with, but too much to throw away—so I just added it to my pot of bubbling soup. INSTANT HIT. The pumpkin with the coconut made the soup extra creamy. I also added mushrooms and a cup of 100% wild rice to turn this Italian themed soup into the cozy harvest soup of my dreams (and it’s still 100% vegan).”

Speaking of food, our other kitchen enthusiast Arlyn loved this article from Food52 on how to make the best stuffing, because, you know…timely. They tested different kinds of breads (and there was a clear winner), different cooking techniques, and if making ahead/freezing/thawing made any difference to the final product. If your Thanksgiving meal is centered around stuffing, go read it (it’s short and has lots of pictures!).

And speaking of Thanksgiving, Julie has a sweet potato recipe she has been using for almost 10 years. If you like pecans, thyme, parmesan and a little spice then this one is for you.

Mallory is desperate to buy these pants that Jess wore earlier this week.

Veronica bought this lipstick from Sephora in the Red is Back shade. “I get it, red lipstick isn’t for everyone, but I have been searching for a good red that doesn’t look absolutely ridiculous and clown-ish on me, and even though this one is brighter than the shade I’d usually choose, I am a big fan! It stays on all day, even when eating messy foods.”

Ryann laughed out loud reading this article about why Thursday is the best day of the week and she is now FULLY convinced it is indeed the best day. Read it for yourself and you too will be converted.

That is all for today. Have a lovely Sunday and see you back here tomorrow. xx

Fin Mark
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Cassie Bustamante

the link to the “vegan” zuppa tuscana goes to a link with several soups, one being a paleo zuppa, but it has sausage. is it a typo or do you have a recipe for a vegan one please? i would love to see it- thanks!


Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom. It’s an add-on at the end. 👍🏼

Amy KS

The vegan soup recipe is the last one on that post.


Great post. Can’t wait to try that sweet potato recipe! Looks amazing! Happy Sunday!


That Thursday article is SPOT. FREAKING. ON.

*fist pump*

Roberta Davis

I have been thinking about that tag “influencer” since Brian mentioned it several weeks ago. I think “inspirer” is a better description of the effect you all have on me! You provide so much information and links to great blogs and products that I am sure I wouldn’t have found on my own! Thank you!


Hi, I followed the Amazon link for that amazing-sounding evergreen candle and the cheapest buying option is $57, with some marked “collectible.” I remember Thymes products from a while back and they were wonderful. But are they no longer being made? 🙁


Hi Ally – there are a bunch of options here:

I just bought the 2 piece set. These really are the best Christmas candles!


Thanks for sharing that!


Read product descriptions and reviews carefully. Thymes is a quality product and some counterfeit product is obviously also being listed on Amazon


They sell them on Candles Off Main online, as well.


If you order directly from Thymes, they are offering 20% off orders over $100 with free shipping, too. Not sure why this post chose the Amazon link instead of going directly to the company.

Mariya Zafirova

That lipstick looks gorgeous!

Mariya |

Tina Schrader

One of my favorite LUs! As to the “Unbelievable” mention, is there any way to describe just how hard to watch it is or why? Is it graphic? Disturbing in nature? Just too sad? I’m pretty sensitive, so I have to be mindful of what I watch and listen to. Perhaps I could skip the first episode or something. And the lipstick…red rocks! I’ve never understood why people make such a big deal about it. I just have to be careful with the sunscreen when I wear it so that I only go half-Joker, that’s all. 😉


I haven’t seen it but I understand it’s about someone who reported that she was raped. So my guess is that they reenact the rape.


There is already a wikipedia page for this series, “Ubelievable (miniseries)”. If you scroll down and expand the “Episodes” sub-heading, you can read a detailed synopsis of the first episode. It should either give you enough info to skip watching that ep, or enough of a heads up to be able to watch.
I do this a lot when I’m unsure.


That candle IS the best Christmas candle. Agreed, agreed!


My nanny just bought my son (18 months) some shoes on sale at Ross – they’re great quality and fit well…but.. they’re FILA. Ugh, like Reebok that’s a brand that should stay in the 90s. I think I could be ok with Esprit, but FILA, no, I think LA gangsta girls with brown lip liner and baggy Kris Kross jeans. 🥴

OMG I loved Esprit. And yeah, FILA was never my vibe as a kid/teenager. I was too busy perfecting the placement of my butterfly clips.


“LA gangsta girls” 🙄 Cholas are cultural icons.


The gingerbread candle is now in stock at my Trader Joe’s and it’s glorious too. But this rec above is very enticing for those woodsy days.


TJ’s Cedar Balsalm candle has a very similar scent!

Karen Pluta

Frasier Fir IS the best. Not only has it been my go-to for the season for my house (along with the diffuser and now wax melts!) it’s my number one holiday gift for others. And lots of our local shops carry it.


“I was making our vegan Zuppa Tuscana recipe (as one does)” haaaa I love it

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