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Anita Yokota

Design Contributor

Anita Yokota

Anita, therapist turned interior stylist, naturally fell into a love of design from growing up in a household of an architect and real estate broker. Her background as a marriage and family therapist and real estate professional informs all of her interior design projects. When helping her clients find the home of their dreams, Anita believes it’s as much about the inside as it is the location. Anita’s designs emphasize wellness from the inside out, creating thoughtful spaces that empower her clients to live their best lives.

What Makes Me Tick

  • Sign/Enneagram/Myer-Briggs/Hogwarts House:

    Aries / 7 / ESTP / Slytherin

  • Design Aesthetic in 5 words:

    Clean lines. California Modern. HomeTherapy.

  • Favorite EHD Room Of All Time:

  • Favorite Instagram Follow:

  • Title of Memoir:

    “The Opportunity in ‘Yes,’ and the Power of ‘No.'”

  • Silliest Secret Single Behavior:

    When I watch Netflix by myself, I talk back to the characters as if they can hear me…

  • Most Likely To…

    Jump in with both feet! (It’s the Aries in me!)

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Home Decor:

    Rejuvenation, Citizenry, Serena & Lily, Pottery Barn

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Fashion:

    Madewell, Anthropologie, Gorjana, and Reformation

  • Dining Room Rug:

    Yay, definitely

  • Reversing Book Spines:


  • Wallpaper or Paint?


  • Maximalism:

    What do you call someone who’s a cross between a minimalist and a maximalist?? Asking for a friend…

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