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Art for The Fig House from Stephanie Vovas


I’ve never really wanted a portrait of me taken until I met Stephanie Vovas’s work.  It’s so stylized, strange and powerful. I think she could take the most boring looking person on the planet and make them look incredibly interesting in a photo. I just love them so much.

In fact I was going to purchase one of these until I realized that I actually KNOW this girl (she works out with my former boxing trainer – so LA, I know). So now it seems weird to, you know, hang a huge portrait of someone who I occasionally bump bellies with at the gym in my bedroom. But this below portrait is one of my favorite pieces of art we have hanging in The Fig House, and if I didn’t know her I would totally buy her (and yes all art is for sale). 





She’s blowing up right now and sooo busy which is awesome. I thought about getting a pregnancy photo done with her but decided to wait and do a post baby shot (stupid house has taken all my vanity money away right now).

To look at more of her beautiful work, go here: Stephanie Vovas and follow her on twitter and instagram: @stephanievovas.

Thanks once again Danielle for introducing me to another amazing artist that is now hung at The Fig House.

Fin Mark
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