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My Family

Merry Christmas …

Merry Christmas from our crazy family to you and yours. We are up at the mountain house, all a little sick with colds, so we are snuggling hard, playing games and making a lot of soup and broth. We survived the final days of work and I have no intention of doing much work the… Read More


My Family

Mountain House: The Kids’ Room Reveal!!

ONE. ROOM. DONE. The kids’ camping/safari/pirate/astronaut—in short ADVENTURE—room in the mountain house is done and today is the REVEAL. In case those photos don’t portray it properly, we love it. But unlike most love stories, it was born out of challenges. Frankly, it was the most challenging room in the house. When Target said “We are… Read More


My Family

Are We Done Having Kids?

Probably the #1 personal question I get is “are you going to have more kids?” And I get it. I wonder that often about people that I follow. So I figured it was time to give you the answer in my usual 3,794 word, “quick to the punch” way (eek that metaphor might make the… Read More

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