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DIY wooden dowel Coatrack in Redbook

DIY Redbook_Coatrack_ Emily Henderson MidCentury Modern

It’s another Redbook DIY today where we made a pretty adorable coatrack with some wooden dowels, paint and rope.  We saw this DIY and loved its simplicity and how sculptural it is. So we did our take on it and whipped this bad boy right up.   Items Needed: Wood Poles: We purchased ours from… Read More …

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DIY ModPodge Chair Hack in Redbook


Its another Redbook DIY, folks. Its surprisingly easy (although don’t make our mistakes … read on). This one was inspired by the queen of DIY, Jenny Komenda from this post – and by inspired I pretty much mean REALLY INSPIRED, if you know what I mean. Thanks, Jenny (and congrats on your new baby). Items… Read More …

DIY Basket Pendant in Redbook


One time, 3 months ago, we turned a basket into a pendant lamp, and now its in Redbook magazine. As you know I have a column with Redbook where every issue we experiment with a DIY. We brainstorm a bunch of ideas, do a lot of pinning and pitch them to the editors. They pick… Read More …

DIY Tree Slab Side Table in Redbook

Redbook August DIY Slab Side Table

Welcome to another Team Red DIY. We all know that hairpin legs are having a moment – well they’ve been having a moment for a while but because they are so popular its now really easy for us to make ourselves. I mean this DIY is really just about finding the resources (we give them… Read More …

DIY Towel Ladder in Redbook

Redbook July DIY Towel Ladder

I have a thing for ladders. Not ‘standing on ladders’ but instead ‘looking at ladders’ and ‘hanging things on’ ladders. I feel like there is always a narrow vertical space in a house that needs to be filled with something shallow – either a really tall piece of art or … a ladder. So we… Read More …