We are constantly looking for creative collaborators that have the right chemistry with us. This could be blog contributors, photographers, videographers, florists, fashion stylists, production assistants, graphic designers or interns. Right now I know i’m looking for the following:

1. A DIY contributor for the blog. Someone who gets my aesthetic and can independently pitch and create some home DIY projects. They need to be fresh, interesting and something you would actually do. Not too crafty, just great solutions for home design that you can do yourself.

2. Photographers: i’m constantly looking for photographers to shoot projects. Most of these are of spaces, but sometimes they might be of people. ¬†Email me your website and we’ll see if its a good fit. Sometimes these are paid (if its a sponsored post) and sometimes they aren’t (but you’ll get pretty spaces for your portfolio).

3. Videographer/filmmaker: I’m doing more and more videos, some sponsored and some just for the blog. Some are simple music montages of behind the scenes and some are tutorial. I would love to start collecting some really great collaborators for projects I have coming up so if you can shoot/edit videos in a way that is natural, casual and fun but looks professional then please reach out!

Email me at emilyhenderson@me.com with a link to your work and we can set something up if its the right fit.