Introducing Pure Photo – large scale photography

Much like pressed juices and kale, large-scale photography is having a bit of a moment right now (read Victoria’s post about it). It was bound to come back around after the decade of the gallery wall. I’m not dogging a gallery wall, I mean, I have like 5 of them. BUT, there is something to be said for just one massive, striking piece. Often this is dauntingly expensive (both the art and the framing) but in a lot of ways it’s not that much more than a gallery wall (if you are starting fresh, anyway).

I met Ryan Phillips when he and photographer, Mike Kelley, shot The Fig House. He owns a company called Pure Photo which curates beautiful photographers/photography and sells to everyone from large hotels, to individual residential projects. Fine art photography can be kinda tricky for me (strangely I love commercial photography probably because I was trained as a stylist for them) I think because they can go ‘hotel’ really easily, but some of these are so striking and incredible that I’d LOVE to own them.

Here is a roundup of some of my favorites. Picture these all big and huge, folks, because they can print real large.

gallery wall

1. Hampton Dunes | 2. The Ocean | 3. Fairground | 4. Funny Pages | 5. Parkhaus II |6. Yellow Plane | 7. Blue Stone Orvieto Church | 8. Santa Monica Pier | 9. Grasmere Calm | 10. South Beach Ariel | 11. Tokyo

gallery wall

1. Travel 8 | 2. Conservatory | 3. Rush Hour | 4. Farmland | 5. Les Conpines, Meditation | 6. National Museum in Canberra 7. Snow Globe |8. Yellow Dress | 9. Midnight Sun Serenity at Skagafjörður | 10. Element 04 | 11. White Sands – New Mexico

Mike Kelley was the photographer that shot The Fig House and he’s pretty awesome. One of his best/most intense photographs in his portfolio is this photo below:

mike kelley

Basically what he did was photograph a days worth of planes taking off from LAX and rendered them together to create this image. I think its totally striking. The photograph actually went viral and he got a ton of press about it, which you can read about here. His vision was to photograph only planes leaving LAX, going to 6 different continents, ferrying people around the world showing the importance/magic of aviation and what it does to our world.

He took 370 photos, using 75 of them in this one shot. I’m not one that typically loves tech-y kinda photos but I think this is pretty incredible, such a conversation piece and the artistic determination behind the photography is totally inspiring. He was there all day, got a crazy bad sunburn to capture something that he felt passionately about.

Here are some of his other beautiful photographs:

Mike Kelley

When perusing their site I wondered what kind of fine art photography most people I know are most attracted to and I figured I’d do a poll. So my question to you is – if money was no object, which style/type of photography below would you want in your home (think large-scale 4′x 6′ on your wall):

photo gallery

1 | 2 | 34 | 5 | 6

Click on the number you wan to enter the poll.

Or if you would want one of the ones above that I chose, leave that in the comments. I’m very, very curious … Meanwhile check out Pure Photo and Mike Kelley’s other work here.

Happy monday, folks. My god its going to be a long week. xx

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Happy 8 months, Mr. Charles

Its 3am, which probably isn’t the best time to be writing an update about Charlie, but I can’t sleep and thinking about him seems way more fun and healthy right now than thinking about what I actually should be doing. So let’s dish about motherhood, shall we?


First let’s get the clichés out of the way now:  I never knew a love could be like this. I love him so much I want to squeeze him like a tube of toothpaste during the olympic toothpaste measuring contest. Just so hard. All the time. I’ve never craved and yet rejected responsibility so much. I want him around me all the time, and yet I constantly want just a 5 minute break. I love him so much that I’m still terrified at the potential loss. Daily.


Lisa’s House: the Office makeover

Ok. When we started the project Lisa’s office was not ideal. Her desk was small. She had no storage. It was just generally less than inspiring to be in. And coming from someone who has worked out of a home office for years, let me tell you that your work life improves if you like going into your office.

This office? Yeah, she didn’t like it at all:

Before_Office2011-08-17_12-01-59_283 copy

It needed color/style/function and it also just needed to feel more important. So the first thing was getting a big pretty desk, a working table, that really commanded the space. Speaking of the space, it was a bit tricky because it was a pass through between the entry and the kitchen so we had to keep the desk on one side of the room, which meant that her back would be to the window. She didn’t want to be up against the window, facing it, so it was tricky but we figured it out. And there was a bathroom in the room that you can’t see, so there was a 3 door challenge.

First we painted the walls and brought in the new big rustic table that would be the desk:


Click on through to see the after …


Trolling Craigslist… Louisville!

Its been a while since I trolled Craigslist in Louisville. It’s almost like I’ve stopped prioritizing shopping in cities that I have no ability to purchase in. Nay, folks. I’m still here and so is Craig. And Louisville was VERY fruitful this week.

Trolling Craigslist Louisville

I mean, get your phones ready, Louivillians. There is SUCH good stuff here.

Vintage Office chairs and stools

1. Set of Vintage Rolling Desk Chairs $75 On the count to ten after this post is published I’d guarantee you that these are gone. Why? Because these are the trifecta of a good steal. Such a nice shape. A totally lovely color (olive is on its way back, folks) and that price is RIDICULOUS. Congratulations lucky buyer. You done got yourself a STEAL.

2. Awesome Barstools $150 Yes. Weird modernists stools kinda scream 80′s but in the right environment they make such a statement.

sofa blue chairs and peacock chair

3.Mid Century Sofa $475 Not cheap, but sure is pretty. Like The Olsen twins clothing line. I mean, who can afford that stuff? But on them it just looks so lovely.

4. Setf of 4 Retro Chairs $50 YES!!! Cobalt is having a moment (its having a lifetime over here in my world). Grab these. They are wonderful.

5. Bamboo Thonet Style Rocker $25 It’s a Thonet. Its sculptural. Its $25. Yes.

vintage desk and chairs

6. Pair of Bertoia Style Chairs $75 So stupid. Two Bertoiia chairs for $75? Even if you can’t find two more for less than $400 that is still such a steal.

7. Vintage School Desk $35 Cute color, good price.

8. Peacock Chair $50 Great peacock chair. EXCELLENT price.


vintage chairs and table

9. Anthro Style Arm Chair $35 In the right environment this chair is fun and retro. Crazy lady cool. Like

10. Mid Century Side Chair $40 Not incredible. But that is a good price for a lovely chair.

11. Sheaf of Wheat Coffee Table $80 It takes a very specific space to pull this off. I’m thinking mid-century southwestern with lots of neutrals , leathers, pottery, etc. It’s a hard one, but for the right person its a good piece.
Deco sofa vintage desk

12. Deco Style Sofa $50 OKEEEEEEEEE maybeeeeeee this was a mistake. When they said ‘deco’ i think we all know that means 80′s which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? But unless you are Kelly Wearstler herself, I would skip this. But Kell, doll, grab this and prove us all wrong, won’t you?

13. Industrial Desk $50 Yes. So cute, interesting, masculine, nice scale and at $50? It writes itself.

Sorry, its been a while, but trolling Craigslist is BACK!! Where to next, folks?

Wonderful Store in LA: Inheritance

Quite the weekend, folks. I think that I worked 80 percent of it, BUT working means going to the flea market so I seriously can’t complain about that too much. Although at hour 7 when the crowds are huge, the wallet is drained, our feet are blistered, so in 95 degree full sun weather, trying to find all our purchases and coordinate delivery definitely feels like work. Trust me.  Thank you very much Brady and Ginny for working all day. The first half of the day is just so fun, but the second can be a bit brutal. But we all live to shop another flea market.

And man, we got some good stuff for the book styling. This week we are in studio shooting 24 vignettes of furniture/accessories, all curated/designed by me. The amount of stuff/options we need for that is kinda unfathomable. Luckily I’m borrowing from some of my generous and stylish friends including one of my favorite stores in LA, Inheritance. So here is a little feature/call out to thank you, Michael.

Inheritance 1

This store is so refreshing to me because it feels more like a New York vintage store, with weird primitive antiques, more old world found objects and lots of curiosities. It ain’t cheap (I like to warn people), but its special and inspiring and there is always a thing or two that I can walk away with. It’s so well curated that even if you don’t walk away with a purchase (support small businesses if you can!) even how he styled it and designed the store is inspiring.

Inheritance 2

It’s on Beverly blvd near West Hollywood. The owner is named Michael Andrews and he is extremely lovely and like myself, also has a thing for miniatures. Two of my favorite things that I’ve purchased from him are my antique birdcage wooden ladder and my miniature wood oxford shoe. They have graced soooo many shots its crazy.

Anyway, if you are in LA and want to rummage through pretty things check out Inheritance. 8055 Beverly blvd. Or if you just want to follow along from afar you can follow on instagram or check out a profile of him on Chairish site.

Happy monday, folks.