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Hemingway and Pickett in Echo Park

Those of us who love shopping understand its appeal. The smallest pattern, color, or function can elicit a number of joyful responses as you scan the display shelves seeking something useful, or something that just plain makes you feel good. In the midst of this euphoria, it may be hard to understand why your husband/friend/child/etc. has found the only chair near the exit to plop in and shoot daggers at you from across the room with his eyes. Well, Hemingway and Pickett nails shopping for everyone, even dudes. With everything from backpacks to bowties, necklaces to knives and the occasional taxidermy animal, there’s something fun for everyone.

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Little Girl’s Nursery

This little belly of mine (which is not so little anymore) is growing bigger and bigger everyday which makes me excited, scared, nervous and so happy all at the same time. With the the our new addition to the Hendo clan quickly on her way out, things are moving along with the nursery and I am having so much fun designing and playing around with how this new nursery is going to be.

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Emily takes Spain

While we’ve been here sweating in the LA heat, Em has been traipsing around Spain, unplugged, carefree and having the time of her life. Whenever she does get the occasional moment of WiFi, she’s been using it to post casual photos of the castle she’s calling home, or picture-perfect beach scenes. We think it’s safe to assume the entire Hendo family (baby included) is enjoying this much deserved family vacay.

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Who Wants to Party?

Ban.do Overall

You know that epic house party that you got invited to when you were 16 by the cute boy that was a senior and drove the fancy sports car. He picked you up, winked at you on the drive over and introduced you to all his cool friends. The entire night all you could think about was how perfectly your hair was crimped, how on point your shoulder pads were, and how well his last name would sound as yours?

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Crafting Community

There are two types of people in life, the ones that see a scrap of fabric, a vintage scarf, or some old tattered rag and walk past it on the street or in the flea market , and then there are those that stop whatever they are doing (no matter what that may be) to buy it, pick it up, or hoard it for some BIG project that they keep swearing they are going to do one not so distant day in the future. I am the latter.

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Shelter update


We finished the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission a few weeks ago, followed by a ribbon cutting and a small press event celebrating with all the sponsors. First off, I’m having a ribbon cutting for all projects from now on – even my new nursery or when I finally get around to fixing the laundry closet… Read More …

Orcondo Update: Rug Life

There are a lot of exciting things happening this week at Orcondo. Which you’d think would make me really happy. Unfortunately I’m not. I’m on a vacation to Fire Island and I have major fomo about missing all the fun stuff at home. Anyone who’s done a renovation before probably knows that all the fun stuff (flooring, paint, light hanging, etc) happens at the end.

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Amsterdam Modern

Amsterdam Modern is a deceivingly large warehouse near Echo Park, filled to the brim with unique mid-century Dutch furniture and accessories. It’s where I have bought SOOO much furniture (including my current sofa) and when I was doing the show I would make weekly trips here and pretty much fill up my CRV. Owner Ellen… Read More …