Store Tour: Poketo


I shop a lot, so I figured it was time to start letting you in on some of my favorite stores in LA. Jessica is going to be profiling LA’s finest home and accessories stores for your shopping in LA pleasure.


Recent thrifting finds


We are gearing up for the online vintage store.  I have no idea if this is going to work or be profitable or gobble up all our resources but we have stuff, valuable stuff, and we figured it’s time to add it to the business. I also just need to get back out there. Since having Charlie and since adding more people in the studio I find that my shopping and inspiration days are cut back. It feels weird to be like, ‘Ok guys, have fun working for me all day at the studio while I peruse shops on La Brea and drive an hour into the valley for my favorite thrift store!’

But it needs to happen for a myriad of reasons – my sanity, to stay relevant and know what is out there, and now my biggest excuse of all – the online store.

So, here are some recent finds that basically I’m basically just showing off to you. No pricing yet – just a good old show and tell:


Rustic Spanish House Overall


Well, the Spanish Rustic California Modern house is all finished and we’ve certainly documented the heck out of it. So I figured we’d do one big recap post of it so you’d have the whole house in one post. We are real thorough like that.


Shopping the flea market with a toddler

Rose_Bowl_Flea_Market_Emily_Henderson (32 of 113)

I head to the flea market at least 2-3 times a month. In L.A. it rotates around based on the week (1st Sunday is PCC, 2nd is Rose Bowl, 3rd Long Beach and 4th Santa Monica). Charlie usually comes with me – it’s kinda our thing. He came with me all the time when he was a baby and it has only been since he could walk that it’s been more, ahem, challenging.

Click through to see the whole flea market trip …