Bar Apps at ‘The Fort’ with RoomForty

Men wearing bow-ties drinking whiskey and eating high-concept Scottish bar apps is what this blog is all about. Right. But that doesn’t meant that I can’t just do one post about it. Our team designed ‘The Fort’, which is The Fig House mancave, called ‘The Fort’ because the owner, Steve’s, last name is Fortunato, (clearly he was an oil tycoon in his last life). So we figured why not show a few shots of their first little man party there.

It was a mini soiree where Roomforty cooked the bar apps and Pharmacie shook those delicious looking cocktails.

The Fort

Turns out the mirror that we put behind the bar has now been removed at every party due to photography reasons. Photographers, like vampires,  are super anti-mirror.

The Fort

I don’t know what Luxardo and Triblum are, perhaps towns in rural Uzbekistan, but I will drink them if you force me. Or really if you just set them in front of me on a friday at 6pm.

The Fort

Real men drink brandy. I literally have no idea what brandy is, but i’m assuming it tastes like sweat and money.

Bar Apps 06

Ginny (who is British) was psyched when she saw that RoomForty made Scotch Eggs, which is I guess a staple in her motherland. I was psyched when I saw that Scotch Eggs are some sort of fried boiled eggs with meat, which is a staple in my mother mouth.

Bar Apps 03

Y.U.M. I’ve been known to dip my chips in ketchup – not for years, mind you, but yes, I grew up like that. I have a thing for condiments and ketchup and sour cream have been vying for the #1 prize for about 35 years. A french fry without ketchup OR a baked potato without sour cream is DEAD to me. So, these homemade potato chips with all the baked potato toppings (including the now-all-of-a-sudden-#1-reigning-condiment-sour cream) look AMAZING. Put them in my baked-potato-nacho-hole NOW!

Bar Apps 02

Its pretty and yet super dude. Like Cameron Diaz a-la Something About Mary.

May we all live freely enough to just treat crispy bacon as if it were a chip, dip it in some sort of delicious mayonaise concoction and put them in our mouths as if its food. Brian would propose to me again tomorrow if I made these for him tonight.  I’d remind him that we are already married, he’d get desperate and offer to buy me diamonds. I’d remind him I don’t like diamonds very much. He’d offer to give me a week long foot massage and then just as I was about to accept he would remember that he is a much better cook and then he’d rush off and fry said bacon chips for himself by himself.

Meanwhile …

Bar Apps 04

I’m on the Shisito pepper train, and we are on our way to delicious town – stopping off at ‘they seem healthy but they probably are not’ city.

The Fort

How handsome are these three? Very. Thanks Steve, Tal and the mysterious dude I haven’t met before for sending over the pics. To see the transformation of The Fort click HERE, and to see The Fig House space go HERE. To see a lot of the other delicious and unique food that RoomForty does check out their blog. 

The Fort interiors photographs by Ryan Phillips, and someday i’ll probably style it for a pretty shoot. Stay tuned. xx

The beautiful apps & cocktails photographs by Ryan Hack.  Thanks, Ryan!

The home tour/feature in Domino

Oh, I know. It only took me about a month to post these photos from the Domino feature. First off, thank you so much Robert and Brittany (and all of Domino) for the lovely photos/press/time/drinks, etc. These two are seriously good at their jobs and their jobs are HUGE by the way. They kill it.

Secondly, we are shooting more shots of the living room and kitchen today strictly for the blog so you’ll get details, tons of angles, pulled back shots … plus, the living room and kitchen have already change. I know. I’m insane.  But, I wanted to go ahead and publish the feature and all the shopping resources and then the rest of the tour will follow.



AHHH!!!! There is just so much to talk about but I’m going to wait til I have all the photos to reference to really explain how it went down. But, I’ve been inundated with emails about where I got everything so for all the pieces that are purchase-able, so here you go:

Living Room:

Rug | Sofa reupholstered in Sunbrella Fabric | Coffee Table | Target Agate Tray | Target Teal Coasters | Target Metallic Mug | Chairs: Vintage | Tree: Nek Budda | Target Cream and Gold Metallic Chevron PillowTeal Stripe Pillow | Pink Pillow: Custom | Floor Lamp: Vintage | Bertoia Wire Diamond Chair: Vintage | String Art Sculpture by Nike Schroder | Brass Task Lamp, Target | Copper Barware from Target | Buffet: Ikea with vintage legs | Oil Cloud Painting: Penine Hart | String Art Piece | Faux Fur Stool Nate Berkus for Target| Gold and Cream Throw | Turquoise Lamp: Vintage | Wood Tray

Abstract Circle PaintingGold and Cement Vases | Blue Agate Bookends | Girl Waving Painting | Wire Sculpture: Vintage | Ink Sketch of Boy by Orlando Soria | Modern Blue VaseWood Tray |


I love that kitchen and that baby even more. Shooting it again today to get more details details of the backsplash. I promise that post is almost ready to go, I just need a few more photos.

Dining Room:

Brass Chandelier: Custom | Table | Chairs: Vintage | Cabinet: Vintage from Chairish| Brass Shelves from SchoolHouse Electric| Table Lamp: Vintage | Agate Tray | Warehouse Oil Painting: Vintage | Lady Portrait: Vintage | Orchard with Snow Photograph | Food Polaroid | Peacock Painting: Vintage | Cat Collage | Oregon Map |


Woven Rope BasketHanging Lamps | Cabinet Pulls | Countertop | Roman Shades | Gold Spotted Vase | Round Wall Clock Wood Bowl | Watercolor Art 


I can’t wait to tell you about the wallpaper in that room. It’s a hilarious/heart-wrenching story that will make you really wish you weren’t me. There is a whole post about it.

Charlies Nursery:

Wallpaper | Crib | Rug | Pouf | Shelving | Baskets | Bear Embroidered Art | Tree Art | Quilted Throw | Circus Tent: customized with vintage fabric


Wallpaper: Custom Designed | Headboard: Vintage | Side Table: Crate and Barrel (from two years ago

| Wood Table Lamp | Duvet and Shams | Wood Hanging Mobile | Gold and White Bowl | White and Gold Stem Vase |

Now for the patio which I had no idea we were shooting or I would have changed a bunch. I mean, I LOVE this shot, but I was planning on reupholstering the sofa in a gray or blue (duh) sunbrella fabric because I don’t do brown.

They took a bunch of shots of Charlie and I in this scenario which I want to get my hands on. I love these kinda entertaining shots especially if there are people involved.


Outdoor Area:

Rugs: Vintage | Slab Table | Pillows: Fringe Pillow, Tassel Pillow , Teal Pillow | Outdoor Sectional | Basketweave Throw . The rugs are normally inside, obviously because they are pretty incredible vintage rugs – and no, i don’t condone putting them outside permanently, but man they look good in this shot!

So much to talk about. So much to tell you. And I know this post had so little information (except hours worth of resources) but I wanted to get it out the process started. I’ll break it all down, I promise.

Meanwhile if you didn’t see this video (of the house in action) here you go:

Photos by Brittany Ambridge for Domino. Scott horne helped me style it, and Ginny, Brady and Emily were just extremely helpful. Stay tuned for a full tour, folks. Meanwhile, TGIF!!!!!!!

The studio tour on Domaine Home

The new studio tour is up on Domaine Home, and you simply must go check it out. But, meanwhile I’m pretty psyched to have a professional photo of our team (Ginny, Brady and I) because right now we only have one pic of us hugging or that instagram of us in the bathtub together. The bathtub shot isn’t really playing well with new clients, but this one? Yes. Thank you, Domaine. We are officially legit.

Emily Henderson Studio_ Brady Ginny

Also, I only hire attractive people, obviously. Attractive people who subconsciously dress in the color palette. And by ‘subconsciously’ I mean that I texted them at 3am with reminders and requests for options.  I believe the words were, ‘sassy, casual, professional, with a bit of a flirt and mischievousness in cobalt or pale blue. One always want to stand out and yet blend in.

Meanwhile here is a couple more sneak peeks. Domaine has the full story, but we are sharing all the whats/hows/whys (and how muchs’) next week over here.


Right now the studio is a total disaster after 3 shoots last week and a mural painting contest on sunday. I look at these pics and think, well, for one day, one sweet day, it was pulled together and pretty.


All the props were organized by color. The ‘whites’ included the porcelain sculpture of a baby screaming. I used to have it under a dome until EVERYBODY IN MY LIFE told me it was too creepy. Just because you see a tortured, suffering baby doesn’t mean that I don’t see a singing, passionately happy infant. Who is the creep now, friends?


And here’s my ‘naturals woods and fibers’ section. Which includes my collection of miniature dollhouse mousetraps and fly swatters. These were handmade. By a person. Intentionally. I picture her about to debut the dollhouse to her daughter when WAIT!!!! Stop. What if there is a miniature mouse or fly in this dollhouse? And she RUSHES off to sculpt these miniature pest killers. I found them at a flea market years ago and naturally had to frame them in miniautre frames. I love them so much.

Anyway, these and other pics of the studio are on Domaine today. Plus there’s an interview that is more actual info and less ramblings.

All photos are by Chris Patay for Domaine Home and thanks Mat Sanders for being a general excellent person to be around.

DutchBoy ‘Define Your Style’ contest

Second post of the day, how very special, I know. Its a quickie, though. DutchBoy is having a Define Your Style sweepstakes over on their site where you can choose one of the six styles you like the most from the Dutch Boy Paints selection to pin on Pinterest, or choose to pin your own style image on Pinterest.  The agenda is to figured out your style, and pin it out.

My style for instance is Mid-century Marie Antoinette with a side of Kevin Bacon’s ‘Footloose’.


Complete the entry form in its entirety and click “Submit & Pin” to submit your entry and pin the image on Pinterest

Follow @DutchBoyPaints on Pinterest at

The prizes are:

Five (5) First Place Style Prizes of one (1) $300 Dutch Boy Paints prize pack each which will include Dutch Boy Paints, Purdy® Paint Tools and a $200 cash gift card. The total ARV of each Style Prize is $300.

One (1) grand prize of one (1) $1,000 Dutch Boy Paints home prize pack which will include a two hour in-home personal consultation with a Dutch Boy Personal Color Consultant for one room in your home valued at ($300), four gallons of Dutch Boy paint, Purdy Paint Tools and a $500 cash gift card. During the two hour in-home visit, the Dutch Boy Personal Color Consultant will create a custom color palette that fits your decorating style for a single room in your home. Consultation must take place between Monday, January 5, 2015 and Saturday, December 19, 2015.  The total ARV of Grand Prize is: $1,000.

So head on over and Define Your Style.

This post was in partnership with Dutchboy. Thanks for supporting the companies that help me design spaces and creative original content for y’all. 

Painted Glass Lamp DIY

Alright, remember that glass lamp from my guest room makeover post we? Well, today is the breakdown of how/why we did it. Off we go.

First off, I found these simple glass lamps at Target and chose the tall one for scale:


I really liked the simple shape, midcentury wood top and pretty warm lampshade, but the glass was getting lost in the room so I figured I’d try to give it more of a presence by painting the inside of it a color. These lamps are ‘fillable’ meaning that they top screws off so you can fill them with stuff. I didn’t really know what I would put in them (I mean, I really wanted to make it a terrarium with a bonsai tree, but it would have died immediately due to lack of air, obviously). But I did have experience painting the inside of glass jars before when I did this art installation with mason jars (full post HERE) so I figured why not do that?:


This time, though, i’d make it a bit more interesting than just a solid color since it was just one lamp.

Target Painted Lamp Items Needed

Whats so great about this DIY is a. how easy it is, and b. how customizable it is. You can choose ANY COLOR IN THE WORLD, which makes getting it perfect and exactly how you like it really easy.

Heres What you Need:

1. Paint Tray – you will need one for each color- you could use paper plates or bowls, too.

2. Paint Brush

3. Glass Lamp – ours is from Target and has a wide mouth which made it easy to get our hand inside of it and paint it.

4. Paint – You can use any latex house paint. We wanted to do a pink and blue option so this one is Dutch Boy’s ‘Pink Passion’.  Also if you don’t like getting paint on your hands then wear gloves.

Then I asked Brady to play with some patterns/strokes. We used a glass casserole dish that we had to sample, that way you could see how the outside of it would look.

So he played around …

Target Painted Lamp_paint options

1. More of a weave. I like this one but once you are trying to do it inside a jar with a small mouth you have less mobility and control so it was more of a risk (although secretly I might REALLY like this one).

2. I then tried it with a larger weave pattern and more blended strokes – Closer to what we were going for but not perfect.

3. My last attempt was with just straight strokes and blending the colors together – This was our favorite and the one that we thought looked best for the application. This sample was too ‘stripe-y’ and we wanted it to be a little more organic and random, but the general idea worked and was easy to implement.