Emily Henderson

Makeover Takeover

Ginny’s LA Living Room

If you check out the blog on a regular basis, then you know about our new series #MakeoverTakeover. It’s where we, the team at EHD, let you sneak a peek through the keyhole at all the trials and tribulations of decorating OUR OWN HOMES. The pressure is on! Cue me, Ginny Macdonald: Interior designer, Anglophile, and puppy whisperer. . .

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Elliot Henderson

One Week Update

They say that love multiplies, not divides. They are right. I wish they would say the the same thing about time. And eye cream. Elliot is 10 days old and while we’ve had a very short relationship, and we barely know each other, we are in love and in it for the long haul. I have so much to talk about

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My Master Bathroom: The Process

It’s shocking how long we can live with a disgusting bathroom. It’s like dating someone who is TERRIBLE for you and everyone knows it, but he’s not the kinda guy who will just let you dump him easily, so you keep putting it off and putting it off in hopes that it somehow will get easier and besides, maybe it’s not all that bad. You learn to ignore the horribleness and focus on things like how he lets you control the remote on tuesday nights.

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3 Steps to Styling Out Your Shelves

Maybe you are someone blessed/cursed with built-in shelves in your home. Or maybe you are someone that can’t throw a book away. Or worse yet, an object hoarder in need of shelving to house your collection of vintage baby doll heads. Either way making your shelving in your house look pulled together, interesting and stylish is challenging and poorly styled shelves is a problem riddling America.

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