Winning!!! With Paloma’s Nest!

Paloma’s nest is one of those companies where you ask yourself why you would buy stuff at big box stores when you could have handmade beautiful objects for not much more.   It’s really beautiful stuff, totally chic, modern, organic and homespun.  I’m a 100% fan.  And you know you want those stockings. 

Giveaway Entry Info:

  • Prize: $100 to spend as you wish at
  • How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell me what two items you like best at Paloms’a Nest! (I love EVERYTHING!) 
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday November 4th at 11:59pm EST
  • How Many Lucky Winners?!: One! (1)
  • Ships to: US Only
  • Also: Please be kind and only enter once, unless you used the extra entry option, you can enter twice. I will select the winner using and will notify the winner by November 11th via email. You will have 2 weeks to respond with your info, or we will select another winner.

  1. jodi

    everything is so lovely! i really like the "be glad for this moment' bowl. so sweet.

  2. Laura

    I really loved the advent calendar! I have always wanted one. Thanks. I really enjoy your style and blog. :)

  3. Sara

    The map ornament and the wheeled animal! Perfect gifts for my new niece!

  4. Katie

    Everything is so pretty – it's hard to choose favorites, but I am most in love with the holiday sweets plates and the stockings with wooden name plates!

  5. MBG

    I LOVE the "good egg" collection. I call my four kids my chickens, so the eggs are too perfect. I also love the cookie plate for Santa offerings. <3

  6. amalisa

    Love her work. Favorites are the "You are loved" bracelet and the tiny text bowls.

  7. I had so much fun browsing their store! Love the personalized cake plate! We grab a carrot cake (our wedding cake flavor) every year on our anniversary and have a slice for breakfast. It's a nice way to start the day! And I am smitten with the limited edition ornaments. It would be hard to pick one, but I would favor the ones you can put a photo in.

  8. Lindsey

    Great site! I love the tiny text bowls and the advent calander.

  9. Sarah J.

    I love so much but the large marching menagerie wheeled animal set and the Child's Menagerie Table and Chair Set has my heart!

  10. lemurlassy

    Wow! They certainly have expanded their lineup over the years. I still love their ring bearer plates and their other plates.

  11. Stephanie

    The Oh My Cavalier Fox Tiny Text Bowl and the tiny nest decoration would classy up my Christmas so very much.

  12. so much to choose from ! the wooden party crowns and Advent Calendar in Keepsake Wooden Box

  13. I'm such a big fan of Palmoa's Nest. Everything in the shop is so amazing. I would love the wooden eggs and the I Love You tiny text bowl.

  14. Nicola

    I love the wooden bangles, and the custom map ornament, and the tiny ornaments! This store is great; thanks for the introduction!

  15. Katherine M

    I love the holiday plates and the ribbon. So cute!

  16. Sarah

    I love the animal menagerie and the stamped animal ornaments. Perfect for Christmas!

  17. I love the large wheeled animals and the wooden birthday crowns. :)


  18. Laura

    i really like the 'be glad for this moment' bowl and the 'bird in wreath' 2011 ornament!

  19. Janet B.

    I love the stamped tree skirt and the fa la la la la ribbon. Everything is wonderful – makes me excited about the holidays around the corner :)

  20. Denise S.

    Wow! So kewl! I loved the holiday plates…which one I would choose, not sure!

  21. Larissa

    I've had my eye on the tiny text bowls for awhile now – torn between "be glad for this moment" and "laugh often". I also love the ring a ling holiday ornament! Or, for the holidays, the heirloom advent calendar. I'd love to pass that down to my kids someday.

  22. Thanks for the giveaway! I love those holiday stockings with white ceramic name plates. Gorgeous!

  23. Danielle

    I love the text bowls – specifically the 'i carry your heart' one becuz we read that poem at our wedding. The holiday sweets plates are amazing, too – so simple, yet so pretty.

  24. Stassja

    Wow I love the clean look of everything on this site. I love the stockings with the ceramic name tags the most, and also love the ceramic text bowl "I carry your heart" as we had that poem read at our wedding.

  25. I love the Child's menagerie table! And the building blocks! :)

  26. Bethany

    I love the custom tooth fairy basket! adorable

  27. Liz

    So pretty! I love the Large Christmas Stocking with the personalized white ceramic name tile and the "where you were born" map

  28. Julie

    I love the stockings and all of the ceramic ornaments

  29. Christine

    Oooh, hard to say, but I think I love their "you are special today" plate. Who doesn't need to be reminded of that? Second runner up: "Ho ho ho y'all". I like my Santa to have a little attitude!

  30. Katie

    I really wanted to get the ring holder for my wedding but it didn't happen….i love the 'where we met' ornament – so cute for my husband and i's first xmas as a married couple!

  31. Shaney Evans

    I love the children's table and chair set and the text bowls are ADORABLE!

  32. Andee

    Since I'm from Texas I adore the Ho Ho Ho Y'all Plate. I also really like the advent calendar. Great shop!!

  33. Sunnie

    I adore the hand made charm of all the items. The hand ornament & Menagerie table set would be keepsakes for sure!

  34. Cara

    I love her cute ribbon for gifts … with love …. need that for the Holidays! :)

  35. Katie

    Oh my goodness, I love everything too! I guess I like the tree skirt and the wooden crown the best. So awesome!

  36. Amy jupin

    The tree skirt is simplicity at it's finest!!!

  37. Ailie

    I have been drooling over Paloma's Nest. If I had to choose two things it would probably be the "you are special today" plate and the custom baby keepsake ornament.

  38. Michelle

    Wow. New fav site for baby gifts!

  39. Jamie

    Being from Texas, I love the Ho Ho Ho Ya'll plate and Oh Fox plate. Both adorable!

  40. Jessica K

    Love, love, love their ring bearer bowls and cuff links! Very earthy and elegant.

  41. Alecia

    LOVE the personalized ribbons and gift bags. So cute for the holidays.

  42. Jessi

    I love the "where we met" ornament! And the gift bags are great too. I'm trying to move towards reusable gift bags/wrapping this year. I hate buying and throwing away all that wrapping paper.

  43. Oh, I LOVE Paloma's Nest! I think I'd love to get our dear friends a custom baby ornament for Christmas…love those sweet animal shapes. And I'd enjoy having the napkin rings for table styling over the holidays. But so hard to choose!!!

  44. L

    I like the messenger bird ornaments

  45. Amanda P

    Hosting my first Christmas with both sides of the family this year, so I love the Christmas gift tags and all the ornaments.

  46. Michele

    The 6 tiny dove ornaments get my vote! So many beautiful, crafted-with-love pieces.

  47. so exciting!
    I love pretty much everything but my favorites are the CUSTOM bouquet text tile charm/ ornament and of course the Ring Bearer Bowls
    Fingers Crossed!

  48. Lucia

    If I had to pick just one thing it would have to be those simple holiday stockings. But everything they do is so lovely!

  49. Noel

    I love love love the ceramic Christmas tree (the only tree that would probably fit into my NYC apartment) AND those adorable gift bags!

  50. Elisabeth

    I love the map ornament and the sail boat one :) So cute!

  51. jina

    So… am I breaking the rules when I say the two things I like are EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING? Sorry… it's true!

  52. HelpSavePluto

    Of course I cannot go without the "a building block" block set and the large marching menagerie for my daughter Hazel. She's 1 & 1/2 and would love these for Christmas.

  53. Elissa

    Love the stockings!

  54. I've been eyeing the ornaments for so long now. I'm at the age where all my friends are having babies so I think these would make the best Christmas gifts. I also love the "good egg," it pretty much belongs in my house :)

    Fingers crossed!

  55. Katie G.

    Every item is so precious and expert crafted… I especially adore the Holiday Sweets Plate and "Good" Eggs!

  56. Keri

    Our ring bowl for our wedding was from Paloma's nest! With a babe on the way and my deep, abiding love for Christmas time, I think I'd go for thecustom baby keepsake bowl/ ornament and a set of the tiny initial ornaments, one for each member of our family.

  57. Jessica

    Love the heart in hand ornamnet and the "i love you" tiny text bowl

  58. Kelsey Loewen

    I love any and all of the tiny text bowls and ornaments! Now I'm crossing my fingers…

  59. pfresh

    ZOMG!! the wooden party crown would be so great for any occasion, but especially for birthday girls like me!! And the tree skirt seems like a future family heirloom

  60. I love the canvas tree skirts and the beautiful ornaments. Though I agree with you, everything is beautiful!

  61. Ahh! Love so many. I love the little dove ornaments and the tiny text bowls and the tags…the list goes on…

  62. Oh I have always adored Paloma's Nest. So simple and gorgeous. I love the sailboat ornament (bestill my nautical heart), and the you are special today plate.

  63. Viv

    I love the YOU ARE SPECIAL TODAY sweets plate and THANK YOU cards.

  64. Yumi

    Everything! But especially the baby and holiday stuff!

  65. heather

    I love the limited edition Oh My Cavalier Fox Tiny Text Bowl with gold leaf! It combines the art of two of my favorite artists.

  66. Carly

    I love, love the Christmas stockings! My husband and I recently got married and we don't have any yet. Definitely on my list right now. The holiday sweets plates are adorable too :)

  67. Sarah

    YES! I'd love some new stockings!

  68. i love the tiny text bowls :)

  69. My husband and I were married in January and we don't have Christmas stockings yet! I would love to get some from Paloma's Nest!!

  70. Lilly

    Wow, the wooden party crowns and the tree skirt are just beautiful. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  71. Amber Moltimore

    I LOVE everything but I would definetly go with the Ring Bearer Bowls (Best idea EVER) and the Good Eggs (because they are so cool!). Thanks so much.

  72. lindsay

    ever since I discovered paloma's nest, i have been swooning over everything they create. the ornaments, tags and bowls have been gifts for my family, friends and clients for birthdays and holidays over the last year. i just realized, though, I OWN NOTHING from paloma's nest! i keep giving it away

    i am absolutely head-over-heels in love with their classic ornament, as well as the holiday stockings. i have a brand new fireplace that those lovelies will nestle just perfectly.

  73. Those stockings are pretty fantastic! What a lovely giveaway.

  74. KVB

    The wooden eggs and holiday sweets plate. So cute!

  75. wanda

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful give away! I would love to stock up on gift bags, tags, and ribbon and share with gifts or reuse again and again for family holidays.

  76. Love the Christmas stocking and little ring bowl!

  77. holly

    i love the custom where we met ornament and the custom cake plate with names!

  78. I love the Tiny Texts bowls. Such a fun, unexpected touch!

  79. Tracy

    The picture frame ornaments (for my son's room) and the menorah (on etsy)!

  80. the heart tokens are lovely!

  81. Um, everything looks awesome!

  82. estes girl

    I love the "where we met" ornaments. Such an original idea!

  83. Lauren E. E.

    I'm a fan of those customized birthday crowns. Cute idea!

  84. Britt

    I love all of those tiny text bowls. beautiful!

  85. Lisa B.

    Love the Child's Menagerie table and chairs set & the Christmas Stockings!

  86. Tarah

    I like the holiday sweet treat plates and the custom maple hangers.
    Great shop! Great prize!

  87. kim

    i was just on paloma's website looking at their ring bearer bowls. i'd love one for my upcoming wedding. also digging the christmas stockings!

  88. Gayla

    I love the metal text tiles set and the personalized sailboat ornament.

  89. Meredith

    The tiny text bowls and the "where we met" ornament. Everything they make is so delicate and beautiful!

  90. Seriously? Pick only two? After just looking at the Christmas section, (since I already knew THAT section would be hard enough), I want the tree skirt and the Menorah. No, I'm not Jewish, but after being a nanny for a Jewish family for amost two years I have always wanted one. And that one is beautiful!

  91. mary beth

    love paloma's nest!!!! I used one of their tiny bowl to hold our rings at our wedding, now the bowl is a tree ornament. I would love another bowl to rest my rings when cleaning dishes and such and a "where we met" ornament. Also a few eggs wouldn't be bad either ;-)

  92. Rayna

    Everything is lovely! The text bowls are great!

  93. woodenshoes75

    i LOVE the good eggs collection. how cute would that be to give as a gift!!!

  94. Karen Collins

    I adore the cookies for santa plate, even though we don't have kids. I am also into the animal ornaments…I can see a whole ark full of animals on a small tree with all white decorations. Can't wait for Christmas!

  95. Amanda

    I LOVE the CUSTOM "where we met" / "where you were born" map ornament and the CUSTOM stamped animal ornament (particularly the hippo).

  96. Anna B

    I love the Christmas stockings and the wooden party crowns!

  97. LOVE the nativity set and the ceramic christmas tree. Everything is so cute!

  98. I loooove everything from Paloma's nest! But my absolute favorite is the nativity set! It's so beautiful and crafted with such uniqueness and care!! I also love thier gold-rimmed ornament!!

  99. Emily

    You can never have too many advent calendars (seriously–I love them), so I would definitely get that!

  100. Emily S

    I love the hand stamped tree skirt, woww. I also love the Home Text bowl. Everything is so cute!

  101. Kate

    Oh my gosh, I love that ho ho ho y'all plate… so simple but with a sense of humor. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I love the infant christmas and room decor. New grandbaby coming in March, so I always have my eye out for new cute things.

  103. Recently I was inspired by Martha Stewarts nov. Issue- there is an article on advent calendars and now it's going to be What I give this holiday season. So that would have to be my favorite thing. It tells someone that your thinking about them everyday, sweet.

  104. Janice

    I love the Oh my cavalier reindeer bowl and Seize the Day bowl. I love the the hand-stamped words and the matte finish on all of these bowls..!

  105. Love Paloma's Nest! The stockings are gorgeous and we are actually in the market for three! Her range of ornaments are super adorable as well.

  106. Justin Jace

    dreaming of my mantle all done in white hung with Paloma stockings and the advent calendar- SO FRESH.

  107. Laura

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the wedding cake plates and the where you met map :) everything is so lovely!

  108. Annio

    So many cute things. If I win I'll let my daughter take the prize as a gift. I especially liked the holiday ribbon.

  109. Ashley

    I love everything from Paloma's Nest! My absolute favorites are the tiny text bowls and the "Where We Met" ornament.

  110. Jenn T

    I'm having a baby boy next march so I'm looking for baby/kid furniture that is stylish yet cute, I love love love the child's menagerie table set!!!! Also with Christmas not too far away, the holiday ribbon is awesome – my fav is "fa la la la la"

  111. Oh! So hard to choose, I really love everything. But I think my favorites are the nativity set and the set of six mini doves. So lovely!

  112. Cait

    I'm obsessed with the yarn wreath with doves and the stockings!!

  113. Susan

    I am *obsessing* over the new holiday collection, especially the stockings with ceramic nameplates. GORGEOUS!!!

  114. Christine

    I'm newly engaged so I love the ring bearer bowls they have. They're so sweet and charming!

  115. One of each please! But if I have to pick two I love the tiny initial ornament and stocking (for the babe!) Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  116. Kim

    Love the good egg. The ornaments are so special, especially the bird.

  117. AliceH

    I love their holiday ornaments – the custom sailboat ornament is my favorite. Thanks!

  118. Meanwhile, I keep dancing

    The elephant and giraffe kids' chairs are b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

  119. Bridget P

    Ooh, the ornaments and the menagerie animals are my favorite.

  120. Liz

    I like the 'joy' dove bowl, the advent calendar, the stationary and the ribbons.! There's a lot to like.

  121. kate

    I like the white stockings and the "HO HO Y'ALL" serving platter – so funny!

  122. Janet C.

    I want a mantle for Christmas this year so I would LOVE the holiday stockings and the map ornament is adorable. My husband and I have a tradition of purchasing Christmas ornaments from every place we travel so it would be cute to have one from where we live and met.

  123. kristin jo

    I Carry Your Heart bowl — so sweet

  124. I love the adorable GOOD EGG and the awesome cuff links.

  125. Holly

    Love the stockings and all the ornaments and their simplicity.

  126. I have always loved those tiny text bowls of theirs. I almost bought one for our wedding rings before I got married. I also love the little nativity. My mom had two simple nativities when we were growing up and even though we were not raised with much religion, they were the most fun to look at and pretend with as kids. Paloma's Nest has a fantastically simple yet beautiful one. Thanks! :)

  127. Kati

    Love the wooden party crowns. I would get one for each member of the family!
    Also love the tiny text bowls; my favorite is 'be glad for this moment."

  128. Nichole

    I LOVE THE NAME PLATE CHRISTMAS STOCKING!! My son is 1 and our little family doesn't have stocking yet. I would love to start out with something as beautiful as those stockings!!

  129. kate

    Lovely site… liked it for years now. Would love to update my old stockings with the lovely nameplate ones. A tree skirt to match would be icing on the cake.

  130. OMG I love Paloma's Nest!!! The "Oh My Cavalier Fox Tiny Text Bowl" and the "Oh My Cavalier Bird in Wreath 2011 Ornament" are totally calling my name, and I also love the keepsake advent calendar. Yes please!

  131. jessica

    (i love everything too!!!) but if i had to pick two- it'd be the where we met ornament (which first made me love paloma's nest) and the good egg (i think it's a totally adorable treasure.)

  132. Paige

    I really like the white ceramic Christmas tree and the baby blocks with personalized text.

  133. Sarah

    love the menagerie animals and the ornaments and the frames, oh my!

  134. Beautiful products and so hard to choose. I love the stockings so much! The holiday sweets plates are adorable too!

  135. Emily H

    Oh man. I want those stockings!! And i'd love to hang the tiny doves from my chandelier – maybe all winter long!

  136. I absolutely love the 'You are special today' plate… and the napkin rings… and everything!

  137. devon

    Hard to choose! I can't resist the "Whatever You Are" Good Egg and the Messenger Bird Ornament.

  138. Alex

    So simple, clean & timeless. I had a great time checking out this site. Thanks, Emily! My faves are the child's menagerie table & chairs (perfect for creating a zoo with kiddos!) and the smart looking cufflinks.

  139. Emily

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree skirts – I've been looking for a good one for years! And I also like the tiny text bowls – so sweet and simple!

  140. I like the Seize the Day and Spread Your Wings bowls :) Great giveaway!

  141. Anna

    I love the hand-stamped tree skirt and the christmas stocking. The white looks so clean and timeless!

  142. Heidi

    I have a sister who is having a baby and would totally splurge on a child's menagerie chair. Adorable! I've never actually seen anything like this. As a bonus, it would complement the diy paper I got as a wall decoration. Thank you for the giveaway.

  143. erica

    The elephant chair from the children's menagerie set is amazing. The tiny text bowls, especially the "you're the best" are also so sweet.

  144. Carolyn

    I have loved Paloma's Nest forever! I even gave one of her tiny text bowls to my husband at our wedding. Sadly, the bowl broke when we moved. I have been meaning to replace the bowl…and maybe add some Christmas decor to our collection! I love the personalized stockings!

  145. Stacey M

    I love the "where you were born" map ornament for my new baby, and the "we gather together" cookie plate

  146. amy

    i'm getting married next year, so, of course, i love her wedding keepsakes. my favorites are the custom cake plate and white stamped cufflinks.

  147. Everything! Ugh, do I have to pick just two? Seriously, awesome shop.

  148. Trisha

    I love the bowls and the ceramic Christmas tree. Now how do I get my brother to propose to his gal with the plate that says "will you marry me?" Oh, too fun!!!!

  149. Annie

    Love/Need just about every single ornament option- but my top two are the lovely custom "where we met" state ornament and the advent calendar.

  150. Courtney

    I love the "where we met" map and ring bowls!

  151. eileen

    I love the Christmas stockings and the advent calendar

  152. Katie

    I have never been to that site before, but it is lovely. I love the christmas tree skirt and the heirloom advent calendar

  153. Hannah Joy

    oh. my. gosh. I am so in love with the child's menagerie set! I have an adorable 20 month old niece & these would be perfect for her!!! On a side note, I am also in love with their simple ribbons – I think that's what I'll be wrapping all of my gifts in this year!!

  154. Rosie

    Love the holiday ribbon with the words on it!

  155. Kristi

    Yay! Tiny text bowls and animal ornaments

  156. Jessie

    love, love, LOVE the baby blocks and personalized hangers… so sweet for my little one on the way!!

  157. Sarah T

    My two favorites are the tiny marching menagerie wheeled animal with custom name&tiny text bowls [i carry your heart is my most favorite]. But everything is so sweet beautifully crafted, I just adore everything.

  158. brenna

    I love the "u are loved" wooden bangle and the white personalized stockings with ceramic tags. Perfect for the holidays.

  159. Jessa

    So hard to just choose two but I really love the "Our first Christmas together" ornament and the stockings.

  160. Amanda

    I love the costom cake plate for me & hubby- cause I still love him like we got married yesterday, and the ho ho ho yall plate- cause I live in the northish and am from the south. It makes me smile.

  161. Melissa

    LOVE the ceramic Christmas tree and "where we met" ornament!

  162. Kristie

    Thanks for the chance! I love the dove bowls & the large marching menagerie wheeled animal!

  163. AJ

    I love the children's tree table and animal chairs. So cute.

  164. Everything on Paloma's Nest is so cute! I think the bowls "Seize this day" or "Be glad for this moment" are so true! And everyone definitely needs to be reminded of that every so often. Would love to win them. Thanks for the chance!

  165. Sam B

    Those stockings are perfect!

  166. Brooke Jones

    I think the Canvas and Wool Hand Stamped Tree Skirt Limited Edition and the Christmas Stocking – Large with personalized wooden name tile are perfect for our new home this Christmas! They are both so clean looking and would go with pretty much every thing :)

  167. Laura A

    Everything is so lovely, but I especially love the wooden bracelets and the "where we met" map ornament.

  168. Allison H

    everything is lovely but i like the wreaths and ornaments!

  169. Sage

    i love the tree skirt and the advent calendar! love, love, love!

  170. Melody H.

    I'm in love with everything! Thanks for introducing us! Must have that advent calendar for the upcoming holidays!

  171. JeanneW

    The white palette is so pretty. I love the tiny text bowls and the personalized cake plate. How special!

  172. Karen

    I love the Yarn Wreath ornaments and lovely Stockings. Paloma's Nest makes such beautiful stuff. Instant heirloom quality!

  173. Sarah

    The first Christmas my boyfriend and I were together for he got me a ceramic dove ornament from Paloma's Nest that said love. So would get him an ornament, probably a tiny initial one. Also that ceramic tree decoration- love it!.

  174. Summer

    So simple but so amazing!

    I love the "Whatever you are, be a good one" egg and the dove tokens are lovely :)

  175. elz

    I love the advent calendar and the "Where We Met" ornament. I love Paloma's Nest, they are my go-to Christmas shop!

  176. Jess

    I love the ring bearer bowls, but we're on such a tight budget for our wedding, that I'm not sure we can swing one yet… I also love the key for Santa.

  177. Emily

    I love the carry your heart tiny text bowl and the custom wooden party crown! Great site!

  178. Robin

    I want to live in those stockings — and the wreath is totes presh!

  179. 5pTpOL I really liked your article post. Cool.

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