*** This giveaway is now closed!***

Rugs USA! They have a ton of rugs and they are super reasonable with their prices. Be careful, you can spend an entire day looking through their chevron, chain and graphic rugs. They have a wildly huge selection, and today they are hosting a giveaway with one of my faves.

100% wool and handspun. The real deal.  Take two seconds and enter because I want it, but can’t win it, so you should. 


Giveaway Entry Info:

  • Prize: One (1) Rugs USA Homespun Collection Moroccan Trellis Charcoal Rug 3’6″x5’6″
  • How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell me what other rug you would rock from Rugs USA!
  • If you want to be fun (extra entry): Tweet: Cutting the rug with @rugsusa and @em_henderson with a great giveaway!
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday October 7th at 11:59pm EST
  • How Many Lucky Winners?!: One! (1)
  • Ships to: US Only
  • Also: Please be kind and only enter once, unless you used the extra entry option, you can enter twice. I will select the winner using and will notify the winner by October 11th via email. You will have 2 weeks to respond with your info, or we will select another winner. 
  1. I don't know how you could expect us to pick just one! I started writing down my favorites and the list was 15 items long before I was even past page 4! I guess I never knew I had such a love for rugs :-)

  2. Mikki

    I'm obsessed with their Homespun Rug Zig Zag in Charcoal Grey.

  3. Samantha

    I NEED that Charcoal Chevron rug!! lol would look awesome anywhere in my house :)

  4. sarah

    Love the Safavieh Anatolia Collection AN516 Sage Rug!

  5. ljjasper

    Completely love this chevron rug but if I were going for another it would be the Surya Frontier Collection FT40.

  6. Laura

    great rugs!…i would pick the moderne peacock rug! of course love the chevron rugs too!

  7. Love that moroccan rug! I am also digging the vibe rug in black and white and the lovely rugs in the fallon collection.

  8. Emma

    I think the Moroccan Trellis is actually my favorite, but I also love the Zig Zag Navy Blue Rug!

  9. Becca

    This rug is awesome and I'd love to win it! I've been waiting for their Ulta Folkati rug to got on sale but they NEVER do! This might be a safer choice with a selectively barfing cat anyways.

  10. Taylor

    Love the Morocaan rug, it would be amazing in my living room! :)

    I also love the "Boardwalk" bold striped rug – it comes in so many different colors!

  11. keely

    I LOVE that rug! I liked the sisal herringbone on the website, as well.
    Pick me!!!!

  12. tirzah


  13. Liz

    I'm loving the Homespun collection zig zag rug. It would look pretty sweet under my dining table. This rug, however is for my entryway. Fingers crossed!

  14. Beth

    I do LOVE the Moroccan rug… otherwise? Maybe the zig zag rug for a more casual room? What a great source for rugs!

  15. Laura

    love the moroccan trellis rug! it would look so chic in my living room!

  16. Annie

    I really liked the Vibe rug…i'm into chevron right now too!

  17. The Morrocan rug is probably my favorite, but the black & ivory chevron would look fab in my master bedroom!

  18. Laura

    I would prob get the Moroccan Trellis because it's right up my alley style wise, but the gorgeous colors of the Kaleidoscope are so appealing too!

  19. Katie W

    I love the Rugs USA Keno Collection Tundra Brown Rug! I'm not usually a fan of purple but I like this!

  20. I love the finland collection herringbone tweed chevron rug! And I also love this one you're giving away!!

  21. Sarah M

    I love all the large patterned rugs!

  22. Cary

    The Herringbone Tweed Chevron rug in Plum is definitely calling my name! :) But yeah there are SO many pretty stuff, thanks for sharing! This will be an awesome alternative to big box stores!

    And not fair… you picked the best one!!! :p

  23. Rachel

    I choose Marquis Collection Kaleidoscope Plum Rug!

    Fingers crossed…

  24. Katie W

    I tweeted about it too! :)

  25. Melissa

    I love this one: Firouz Collection Shadow Ikat Rug

  26. Laura K

    Oooh…I would love the chevron in Navy…but either would work! I really like their patterns.

  27. Bri

    I guess you did warn me to click over with care, but wow they have a lot of great stuff! I think something from the keno or satara collections would have to come home with me. That's assuming I can ever narrow it down to one! :)

  28. Emily

    I love the Chevron Ivory Rug! Such a classic graphic pattern that surely wont go out of style in my eyes!

  29. I'm DYING for the Marquis Collection Wild Flower Rug. And the Sierra Collection Paddle Rug. And the Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Rug.

  30. Love this one and for a second, I'd probably pick one of the chevron rugs!

  31. keri

    I actually love the trellis, but you can't go wrong with the zig zag either!

  32. aaaaand i tweeted your tweet @justlikemarypop

  33. I would get the Sisal Herringbone Brown Rug for my screened porch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Emily

    Love the giveaway! Love the giveaway rug and I love Rugs USA Keno Collection Cirlces Multi Rug. Thanks!

  35. Emily

    I tweeted the giveaway too!

  36. Chelsea

    I LOVE this rug and I love the light blue Homespun ZigZag rug (along with about 16434864534 other rugs on their site)!

  37. Jessica

    My home would definitely rock the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug…fabulous!

  38. I like the Zig Zag navy rug for my son's room. It would be so fun…filing that little idea away:)

  39. Jenny

    Love the rug, it would go great in our new home! I also love this rug for my 18 month old son's room Couture Collection Alphabet Expressions Rug

  40. I love the Maui Collection Gingham Plaid Rug. I want to get bold in my dining room and this is a great starting point.

  41. Brianne

    I love the chevron rugs too!

  42. Christine

    Definitely the Santa Ana Paisley Rug. I love how bold it is.

  43. CT

    I think I like the Colonial Mills Elegance in Ebony. It's braided, so it is kind of old school, but in an updated, monochromatic way. Either way, great giveaway Emily!

  44. Jenny

    I love the chevron rug. With wood floors I'm always on the hunt for area rugs :)

  45. Katherine M

    I love the Contemporary Wool Handmade Plateau!

  46. Nicole

    my life requires the St. Croix Trading Aspect Collection Stripes CT00 Purple Rug. so cool! haven't seen anything like it elsewhere.

  47. Molly

    I would get the Keno Tundra Rug…and probably about 4 others! I need lots of rugs for my concrete floors this winter!!

  48. I love the contemporary cheetah that is on clearance. I may buy it!

  49. Erin

    This is a classy looking rug, but my favorite from the site is the Momeni Robot rug…would look so cute in my geeky home office :)

  50. lemurlassy

    Loving the Luxury Moderno Collection Geo Paisley Rug and the peacock one. So gorgeous!

  51. Rafael

    I LOVE the brown and blue paisley rug!

  52. I love the Surya Mystique Green Rug. It is a contemporary take on the damask and it is gorgeous!!

  53. Angela N

    I could so use this rug!! My cats have currently taken to using my wool zebra rug as a scratching post!! My current fav from Rugs USA is the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Charcoal Rug.

  54. HK

    Anything from the Chevron collection – love, love

  55. Anna

    Love it! I could definitely use this one and something similar in an 8×10…

  56. Tracey

    I love this rug!!! I would also rock the Home Value Collection Chevron Rug.

  57. Mary

    My favorite is the Trans Ocean Ombre Stripes in the color Ocean. But picking just one was tough!

  58. Natalie

    I like the Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Ivory Rug in Brown. Very cute!

  59. Kirsten

    Ummm… any of them! So beautiful! Here's to hoping I'm a winner! :-)

  60. kyla

    Uh, I would totally pick this WINNER! But, also love the Surya Frontier Silver Rug!

    LOVE U Emily, keep up the awesome.

  61. Sarah

    I love the Safavieh Dhurries Collection in Light Blue!! So cute!

  62. Kristal

    I would also rock the Surya Naya rug in gray! :)

  63. Gabi

    I love the homespun zig zag rug in red!

  64. Sara

    The Finland chevron herringbone. Love!

  65. I would pick the Cradle Collection cars on the move grey rug for Liams play area! So cute!! and I tweeted Cutting the rug with @rugsusa and @em_henderson with a great giveaway! (2) entries up in here~ woot woot!!

  66. Brittany

    Dying! I love the rug you are giving away. I'm also swooning over the Satara collecton Cosmo rug. Such awesome prints. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Jenn

    Love this rug, but also love the Keno Collection Suzani Wheel Rug…and Satara Collection Modern Damask Rug…and…

  68. regina

    ooh fun contest. thanks! i like the Trans Ocean Ombre Horizon rug in yellow!

  69. Meg

    We seriously need new rugs and it looks like they have such a great selection! I love love LOVE the gray one you posted. I'm currently digging that color so that would be perfect!

  70. Sarah Meyer

    I LOVE that Moroccan rug, but I also love the Trans Ocean Spello Collection Chains Natural Rug in black! Woo!

  71. Love this one for my living room! I also like the marquis collection brownish one. Beautiful!

  72. Annie

    I love the Luxury Moderno Collection Geo Paisley Slate Rug. Our bedroom is going to be blues and grays, and I'm currently looking for a rug, but I'll probably go with something less expensive than this =(. But I love the large-scale, modernized version of a classic shape!

  73. Kelly

    I have always LOVED this rug!!! I also have my eye on Tuscan Collection Woven Solid Border Rug
    in the light ivory color!

  74. Meredith

    Love, love, love this rug…. and this one:

    Rugs USA Marquis Collection Metropolis Beige Rug
    Item #: 200QALUM10A-P | 75% Wool, 25% Viscose | Hand Tufted

  75. Liz

    I really like the trellis rug that's to win! I love trellis patterns. But the Herringbone Tweed one is really cool too. Fantastic!

  76. Ali

    Sierra Collection Moderne Peacock blue rug in the bedroom would be kind of amazing.

  77. Kiersten S

    Oh you were right! I totally spent WAY too much time looking at this website. I have to say – my fav is the Peacock Plum Rug!

  78. Kate

    I love the soft blues in this one: Rugs USA Firouz Collection Panels Light Blue Rug!

  79. Emily

    I would choose the Homespun Zig Zag rug.

  80. Katie

    I'm totally in love with the giveaway rug! :) And I also really like this one:
    Rugs USA Serendipity Collection Ahmad Red Rug


  81. Courtney

    I kind of love the navy zig zag too

  82. Rosie

    I like the Ahmad Red Rug

  83. Jennifer W

    I'm digging the Surya Frontier Collection FT40 rug in Grey.

  84. I love any chevron rug, but am moving into a new place and LOVE this rug. It was already on style board.

  85. Amy D.

    I also love the homespun collection zigzag rug!

  86. Kimberly

    I love this one and the Boardwalk Stripe rug in Emerald. So happy!

  87. Sue

    I love all these rugs. I might have to order a new rug for every room in my house. I'm going to buy the Keno trains rug for my son's room!

  88. Serena

    I love the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon FAL Rug, also in gray.

  89. Amanda

    I love the Herringbone Tweed Chevron Ivory Rug

  90. Elizabeth Graham

    I LOVE that rug!! If I could get any other one it would be the Rugs USA Sierra Collection Damask Burgundy Rug!

  91. Brooke Lemmons

    I would love to have the Luxury Moderno Collection Geo Paisley Slate Rug. We just got married and are starting to re do our bedroom to make it a romantic and comforting escape. We just built our own headboard in a natural linen fabric and bought a beautiful grey comforter from DKNY. This rug would compliment our style we've got going on. As well as the one for the giveaway too!

  92. Amanda J

    Super in need of a rug to define my living room space! this is amazing~ and I also like: Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Gray Rug in gray.

  93. Karen

    Tweeted! @vintageviolet30

  94. Karen

    My original post didnt seem to post….
    This rug would be awesome in my bedroom, and the Momeni Belmont Collection BE 03 Blue Rug would be stellar in my living room!

  95. Hannah May

    Oh I love all of them. Especially the grey ones? If I had to pick another, it would probably be the Homespun Rug Zig Zag in Charcoal Grey…

  96. Elisabeth

    I love the Chevron rugs-all of them!

  97. Amanda J

    I tweeted about it! @WeUsEz

  98. KVB

    Loving the Plymouth Collection Cheveron Ikat Rug! So fun.

  99. Sarah

    I love the rug you featured, but i would also rock anything Chevron!

  100. Liz

    Zig Zag in light blue. Fun and pretty too. Great giveaway!

  101. Kerry

    I would probably choose the Rugs USA Couture Collection Boutique Damask Ivory Rug as a great neutral rug with texture for my dining room.

  102. katie hill

    thanks for the great rug resource!
    love the trellis rug and i would also totally rock the morrocan berber ivory shag rug!

  103. Amanda

    Awesome! I love that charcoal color. I also love the Handspun Jute Rug for my living room! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  104. kate

    So pretty

  105. Mary

    Homespun Zig Zag Light Blue!!

  106. Mary

    Tweeted so I get to enter twice! Now GIMME THAT RUG!!! ;-)

  107. Kjerstin

    I LOVE this rug! Would totally rock it, and I also love the Keno Collection bliss rug on their website!

  108. Emily S

    I love the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug, but I have also always admired the one that you're featuring. Swoon.

  109. heather

    I like Textures Collection Handmade Wool Cable Grey Rug in grey. It reminds me of a warm, cozy sweater!

  110. Lilly

    Oh gosh we've been putting off buying a rug for sooo long cause we're low on the big bucks. Thanks so much for the opportunity! And we'd also looove the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug!

  111. Crystal

    I'm loving the Momeni New Wave Nw37 Rug, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  112. Emily

    I would LOVE to own… Surya Smithsonian Collection SMI2112 China Blue Rug… but it's a little out of reach price wise.

  113. Gem

    Love the overdyed Ameixa rug!

  114. Holly

    I love the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Gray Rug!!

  115. Ohhh, I love that rug! I am also a hug fan of the Trans Ocean Spello Collection Arabesque Aqua Rug. Thanks for the chance to win!

  116. Megan

    The Sierra Collection Tree Branches Rug is beautiful.

  117. Mia

    That charcoal rug is amazing! I'm sure my cats would love to scratch it! I also love the Sierra Paddle Rug in Black. Such a great patter that isn't too overwhelming!

  118. Britt Clark

    I love the Santa Ana Collection Bright Flora Beige Rug — great colors! But the giveaway rug would be PERFECT to replace the sad chenille one I inherited from my first roommate 5 years ago. A friend recently stopped by, took one look and asked "what's with the bath towel?" Sigh.

  119. Madeleine

    The Bohemian Collection Belmont Blue Rug is gorgeous.

  120. Shaina

    I love the paisley rugs. I am looking for a rug for my office, this rug would be great!

  121. April K.

    ooooh, lately I have a thing for persian rugs so I might go with the Farah Ivory rug… decisions, decisions!

  122. Kat

    I really like the Zig Zag rug in light blue!

  123. Kelly

    The prize rug is my #1 choice, for my bedroom. My 2nd runner up would be a big brown chevron pattern, for my family rug. Crossing my fingers!!

  124. Jessica C

    hello! I just spent like the last 30 mins browsing their site. The other one I would love is some type of graphic 8 x 10 print with a little native american influence like Surya Big Sky Collection SKY5007 Red Rug

  125. Jackson

    I need this rug in my life, but i would also love to have the Muraco rug

  126. Kaitlin M M

    Oh my gosh, love this rug. Also love the Shahsavand rug from the serendipity collection, which kinda surprises me actually. Lots of nice ones!

  127. Leslie

    Loving Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug!

  128. Joanna

    Id pair it with the Trans Ocean Spello Collection Chains Natural Rug–so cool!
    Crossing my fingers!

  129. Sus

    I desperately need the Serendipity Collection Houndstooth Rug!

  130. Jennifer Robertson

    I love this site! I am having a rug crisis at my new home and I love this rug you have picked! it would be perfect for the new master bedroom where I have navy/gray bedding now! oh Im holding my breath until I win :)

  131. Jennifer Robertson

    I also tweeted this from @sewhappyjen :) YAY!!! I love the Paddle Rug, too. it may just be perfect for my living room but the OUT OF THE ORDINARY RUG is definitely the British Flag. I love that.

  132. patsy

    zigzag rug.

  133. GREAT GIVEAWAY! I also love the Homespun Collection Chevron Rug :-)

  134. Mireille

    Furnishing a new condo with hardwood floors and no rugs yet. I would choose the Marquis Collection Metropolis Rug in Seafoam for my loft office.

  135. Ok, my eyes hurt from scrollling through all those rugs. I've picked the Milikin in Black and White. I think winning this rug would be ideal, because I have no idea how to pick them. I always tend to go for solid color ones, I need pattern in my life. Thanks for the chance and your giveaways are the best.

  136. I ADORE that cobblestone rug. Adore. I want to roll around on it.

    Thanks for this giveaway! I could really use a new rug desperately. I almost bought one at a garage sale today; situation critical.

  137. Definitely the black and cream chevron…they both look fantastic!

  138. C

    What I'd really like is for one of these companies to have a category that would allow you to search just for chains, chevrons, links, and like patterns. Perhaps "graphic" as a category works. This one is a fav. I also love the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection rug in the beautiful french blue color in comes in.

  139. Jorden

    The black and white chevron! If only it were in stock…

  140. Tanya

    Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Gray Rug…to continue with my gray obsession! ;)

  141. Megan

    I am newly engaged (just 1 month!) and my fiance' and I are moving into our first house TOMORROW! We need so much! Don't even have a microwave! Our 3bed/1bath has all wood floors so we would just die if we could get our hands on a free rug! One I like best? Loloi Zara Collection ZR 02 Sage Rug

    Fingers crossed we win! :)

  142. Aimee

    I love the Moroccan Trellis rug in Light Blue and in Navy Blue! =)

  143. JCrump

    I love this rug and hope i win! But if i had to choose another it would be the Safavieh Dhurries Collection DHU552 Light Blue Rug.

  144. jacquelyn

    These are gorgeous! thanks for the giveaway!
    Loving the Firouz Collection Lucid Ikat Rug!! so colorful!

  145. judy

    I love the one that someone (hopefully me…) we win, but I also like the "Marquis Collection Dandelion Olive Rug." Fingers crossed!

  146. Heidi

    Ooooo la la. What a great neutral rug for any room in my house which desperately needs a Rugs USA facelift. I also covet the Shaw Concepts Marrakech rug in Brown (8×10) for my living room because the design will really bring out the colors of my blackberry sofas, green walls and walnut furniture. It has been on my wishlist for a long time.

  147. I love the charcoal zig zag rug. I'd love to put it in my living room to replace the rug that lived through potty training my toddler.

  148. Savina

    Too many great rugs to have a favorite but I like the Chevron Ivory Rug.

  149. Amy D

    I HAVE spent a whole day looking through their rugs before…and here I go again. This is the very rug I have had my eye on for far too long! I want it, I want it, I want it! But, since you are forcing me to pick another… I also love the Surya Frontier Collection FT40 Silver Rug :)

  150. Elissa

    I love the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug, too!

  151. Oooh! We bought a runner from them a few months back & love it!

    I'm a huge fan of their black & white chevron rug- it was a tie between that & the one I originally bought from them. :)

  152. Eliina

    Beautiful rug! I also love their homespun zig zag in light blue!

  153. Hannah T.

    I love the Serendipity Collection Houndstooth Rug. The big bold print is awesome!

  154. I need a new rug desperately! I love the Luxury Moderno Collection Moderne Peacock Blue Rug but I also want one with a little zebra going on for my dressing room (aka spare room that has to make up for my utter lack of closets!)… hmm!

  155. Will Hutton

    this floral rug definately caught my eye! i know some people may think its a bit dated and country-ish but florals are coming back into style, especially when coupled with contemporary patterns and a mixture of textures. I'm definately feeling this rug: Oriental Weavers Sphinx Norwich Collection 2160A Ivory Rug

  156. Holly

    I love this rug! Also like their Zig Zag rugs and any of their yellow or coral geometrics…so many great ones to choose from.

  157. That Zig Zag rug is to die for! Could totally use that in my living room

  158. Rachelle

    Tweeted This! @aicreating

  159. Michelle

    I love the Keno Collection Ornate Transitions Teal Rug

  160. Kelly

    I love that rug

  161. Connie

    I have spent days shopping here. I landed on this one though. I hope I win. I will layer it over my sisal rug.

  162. Jess

    I love the the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Green Rug!

  163. Brittney

    I love the moroccan trellis! I also love the basketweave herringbone jute natural rug!

  164. Kristina

    The Marquis Collection Washaway Rug – which is not really what I would think of as my "style" – but I love it!

  165. Melissa

    I love the rug you're giving away. But a close second is the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon.

  166. Sadie

    I would get the Luxury Moderno Collection Geo Paisley rug.

  167. lynn

    so many to choose from! the british flag rugs would be really fun to have in my living room…

  168. I'm in love with Rugs USA Homespun Collection Zig Zag! The navy one is my favorite!

  169. Kim

    Surya Frontier Collection FT40 Silver Rug. Thanks for the great resource. We need rugs!

  170. Julie Ann

    The charcoal chevon is certainly a modern classic I'd love to rock. But I am digging the neutral, weighty look of the Basketweave Herringbone Jute Natural Rug.

  171. Leah

    so many to love! Peshawar Collection Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Kashan Rust Rug is very cool.

  172. Leah


  173. Carissa

    I love this rug but if I had to pick another I'm digging the Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Plum Rug, it's pretty wild.

  174. I'm lovin the morrocan navy trellis rug!

  175. Brian

    I love every single rug from the Moderna line! awesome!

  176. nikki

    I could fall madly in love with the Marquis Collection Dandelion Olive Rug. I just know it.
    Although the one being given away is pretty dern awesome, too. Thanks! :)

  177. vel

    love the vibe also – perfect in perking up my hubbys office

  178. Lauren

    Love the Habitat Collection Suzani Red Rug and the Sierra Collection Damask.

  179. Emily

    Great selection! I also really like – Rugs USA Homespun Collection Zig Zag Charcoal Rug

  180. Bethany

    I really like the Maui Collection Houndstooth rug in brown and the Trans Ocean Spello Chains rug, nice stuff!

  181. I would get the Shag Collection Animal Shape Flokati Ivory Rug because of my skinny linear coffee table. This would soften the harsh shape, I think :)

  182. Nicole

    I just tweeted you (I still think that is weird to say). I want the charcoal zig zag rug in addition to the beauty you are giving away!

  183. Janet C.

    I love me the zig zag rug in charcoal – anything chevron makes me happy right now.

  184. Mary-Frances

    I love the Keno Collection Hearts Grey Rug. It would work perfectly in my youngest daughters' Alice in Wonderland inspired room!

  185. lauren

    the flokati rug in grey is my favorite.

  186. Haley B

    Definitely digging: Rugs USA Serendipity Collection Medallion Zanjun Persian Rust Rug

    As I do love Persian rugs!

  187. Emily

    Love it! I'm also loving the Marquis Collection Dandelion Rug :)

  188. mary kathleen

    Need the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Turquoise Rug for my pink and turquoise Moroccan dressing room!

  189. Megan

    I am obsessed with over dye right now so I would want Rugs USA Over Dyed Collection Bridgeport Ivory Rug but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Moroccan one too.

  190. Caryn

    Oh what a lovely rug! I may have to get their black and white chevron rug too. Love it for our living room!

  191. Adrienne

    If I can only choose one…USA Keno Collection Ornate Transitions Teal Rug

  192. Elizabeth

    I would have to say that the classic cowhide is pretty swanky!

  193. Kate

    Ooh, I could also totally get the Chevron Ivory Rug. Love so many! Thanks!

  194. Ss

    Charcoal chevron

  195. Nicole

    I've been crushing on this rug HARD. I also love their Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug – the organic nature of the lines makes it look like a cross between zebra print and chevrons. LOVE.

  196. Holy cow, smoking popular giveaway! LOOOVE Rugs USA, and this is actually my dream rug. (Wood floors in my 100+ year old apt. are damaged way past the rustic point, and this baby would def. take the focus off that!) If I had to pick a 2nd best, it would be the light blue chevron in the Homespun Zig Zag collection. Love me some chevron!

    Good luck everyone! :)

  197. elissa

    I want the Santa Ana Collection Faded Antique Ikat Rug! It would be perfect in our new bedroom.

  198. Allison

    I love the one being given away, but the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Gray Rug is great too.

  199. Katie

    Really liking the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon in Slate Blue!

  200. Kate

    The Rug Market Resort Collection Shire Yellow Rug!!!!!

    Wood Grain in Yellow… with my charcoal walls. Fab.

  201. Kristie

    I love in the Firouz Collection the Quads Charcoal Rug! But I really love the rug being given away!

  202. michelle hoard

    Charcoal zig zag rug or DHU 552 in green! love so many! thanks, great giveaway!

  203. Chelsea

    I like the look of Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Gray Rug- simple, pretty, i want it!

  204. MimiB

    Milliken Black and White Collection Vibe Techno Black Rug …. of course. Any size would do. I have many places for this wonderful rug. Thanks Emily… You ROck.!

  205. Amy O

    I'm really loving the Trans Ocean Spello Collection Chains Natural Rug…it's to die for!

  206. kascha

    I like the cornstalk rug..I didn't know it was a cornstalk until I read the description lol

  207. Margot

    I love that rug! It would go beautifully in a sunny room with soft grey paint. But I would also love their zig zag rug in a pale blue.

  208. Ailie

    Love this rug. Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm also loving the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection.

  209. amalisa

    I like the Sierra Collection Paddle Rug.

  210. Shirly

    Love the subtlety of the Bruxelles Collection Steyn Grey Rug, but a black & ivory chevron rug is always great as well!!

  211. Mary

    I'm loving the black and white vibe chevron!

    I also tweeted!

  212. Julie Carroll

    I love the zigzag rug in beige so much that I wanna take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

  213. Melanie

    I would love the Rugs USA Homespun Collection Moroccan Trellis in Light Blue or the The American Home Rug Company Beach Collection Boardwalk Stripes Emerald Rug. I am looking for some great aquas (or charcoals) for my living room!

  214. kelly t.

    Oooh! I haven't been to the RugsUSA site before and you were right about the good stuff to see there! I especially liked the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon rugs and the Serendipity Navajo rug.

  215. Vicky

    I love the giveaway rug, but to choose a close second it would be the chevron. it is such a classic bright, beautiful rug. I could use either one in any room in my house. Also, Emily I never miss an episode. I just found this site and am so excited about the give away!
    Thank You, Vicky

  216. Jenn

    Love this rug! I'm also obsessed with any of the chevron ones.

  217. Jenericparent

    The rug you chose was cool, but I LOVE the Gilligan!

  218. Brandi

    Radiante lanterns blue rug please. Love the style and the color scheme.

  219. Jackie

    I'M IN LOVE WITH THEIR Alabaster Collection Cow Hide Patchwork Brown Rug!!! Amazing!!

  220. Definitely want the Rugs USA Contemporary Handmade Wool Pebbles Cobblestone Natural Rug to put on my front doorstep! so kitschy and cute!

  221. Oh MAN! There are dozens that I adore on that site. I picked three for now, because I couldn't settle on just one:

    Keno Collection Sunburst Beige Rug:

    Satara Collection Modern Damask Grey Rug:

    Trans Ocean Spello Collection Poem Black Rug:

    Sooooo pretty.

  222. Mickie

    I love so many rugs on this site, including this charcoal Moroccan one! My current picks- Serendipity Himali Kilim (32307) , Safavieh Martha Stewart Coffee Rug (MSR3258), and Safavieh Dhurries Black Rug (DHU552).

  223. Jenny

    I'd get the Rugs USA Sierra Collection Paddle Rug in black or ivory. I like the geometric pattern.

  224. Monica

    Zig zag in light blue, oh yeah!

  225. Jamie

    Trans Ocean Spello Chains Rug! So pretty.

  226. Erin

    There are so many fun ones that it's hard to choose but I shall go with this one…Sierra Collection Tree Branches Rug

  227. Maggie

    I love the Morrocan Trellis!

  228. Alison

    the trellis IS my favorite but also love, love the chevron

  229. Teresa

    I love the Rugs USA Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Ivory Rug. It will look great by our fireplace.

  230. I love the Moroccan Trellis, but the Homespun Zig Zag is a close second!

  231. Keri

    My favorite for my bedroom is Jaipur Rugs Pura Vida Collection Amistad Bermuda Blue Rug.

  232. adam M

    I need the Homespun Collection Trellis Rug in charcoal

  233. Darcy

    the charcoal chevron rug is also amazing, but i've been eyeing that trellis rug for months! love it!

  234. Heather

    I love the zig zag navy blue rug

  235. Hayley

    Way too many rugs to choose from! I love the Rugs USA Firouz Collection Shadow Ikat Ivory Rug.


  236. Hayley

    And I twittered.


  237. Anna B

    Right now, I think I'd go for the Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Ivory Rug. It would go in our bedroom and make everything cozier. :)

  238. Ellen

    Haaa, just WANT this rug ! LOVE the chevron in grey too. So I hope I win ;-)

  239. Larissa

    I love the one you are giving away, but I also have had my eye on the Sierra Collection Paddle Rug in Grey.

  240. Renee

    Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Plum Rug… 4×6 or 5×7. I love this rug! -Renee

  241. I love this rug: Trans Ocean Spello Collection Chains Natural Rug

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  242. Amy

    Thanks for hosting this! The trellis rug would be perfect in my home office so I'm crossing my fingers extra hard that I'll win. As for other rugs, I'd like to get a runner for my hallway, so the Momeni Elements Roll Runners Collection EL07 Multi Rug looks promising. or maybe the Concord Global Jewel Collection Striation Gold Rug

  243. Sarah

    I would for serious pick this one. Second place though, is the Zig Zag rug in Charcoal. Love it!

  244. Emily Henderson, I love your style, blog, and show! I also love that rug! And the Maui Collection Houndstooth brown rug as well; it's very grandfather-chic.

  245. I have been watching that exact(!) rug for our dining space all year… so if I had to pick another besides that one, I might go with the Cenon Collection Yorkey Beige Rug. A hint of chevron, and it seems dudely enough that the Mr. might find it appealing, too. I love me some rugs, so it's no great surprise that we're renting one of the few homes in our area that has hardwood floors.

  246. Mary

    LOVE them all and really hard to pick, but one to catch my eye was Surya Studio Collection Coral Vines Steel Rug

  247. Andrea p

    I love that rug!!!!
    And I also love the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Charcoal Rug….I have had my eye on it for quite a while! Thank you :)

  248. Lainie

    l love the Marquis Collection Ikat Knit Rug. it looks like a cozy sweater.

  249. Sarah

    Please oh Please! It would be perfect in my bedroom reading nook!

  250. Stacy Evans

    I LOVE this rug and it would look awesome in my bedroom. What would also look cool is Rugs USA Safari Collection Contemporary Viscose Handmade Zebra Grey Rug!

  251. Rachel

    love love love the homespun zig zag rug in charcoal

  252. Elizabeth

    LOVE this rug! I also am totally in love with the Trans Ocean Ravella Collection Bistro Neutral Rug.

  253. Rayna

    I love the other charcol one!!!

  254. I love the Keno Suzani Wheel rug in Ivory. :)

  255. AliceH

    I love your giveaways! The Keno Collection Floral Vine Grey Rug would look great in my bedroom – thanks for the chance!

  256. e

    love the surya fallon rug–similar to the one featured in this contest!

  257. e

    also tweeted it!

  258. Colleen D

    Thanks for introducing me to this great source. Lots of great choices on their website. The keno collection tundra would be perfect in my bedroom!

  259. David

    Have to go with the zig zag! So great for an update to any room of the house!

  260. Anne

    I can't decide between the Zig Zag Navy Blue Rug and the Vibe rug. So many good ones!

  261. RebeccaK

    I love the Homespun Zig Zag rug in beige!

  262. Jolene

    Great Giveaway! I'm loving the rich tones of the Santa Ana Collection Bright Flora Beige Rug.

  263. Sarah

    I'm having a hankering for chevrons lately. I'd probably have to go with one of those.

  264. Aaron Lee Warren

    Rugs USA Santa Ana Collection Bold Paisleys Blue Rug. That is SICK!!! Yeah, yeah bold patterns are hot right now, but talk about timeless displayed in a new way. If I win I'll send you a picture of my snaggle-tooth.

  265. Lisa Ladd

    Love the Modern Damask! I want two!

  266. Cyndi

    I love this rug! It would look so cute in the nursery. I also love the charcoal chevron rug, too!

  267. Joannanna

    Love the zig zag rug too…

  268. HeatherK

    I'd totally get the chevron… It's so cheap I might just have to get it! Love the show!

  269. Ashley

    J'adore this rug! AND I love the Satara Collection Modern Damask Grey Rug (yellow and grey)! AMAZING EMILY, AMAZING!

  270. Aaron Q

    I would rock the Rugs USA Peshawar Collection Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Kashan Rust Rug. I can dream right?

  271. Allyson

    I would love the Serendipity Collection Shahsavand Blue Rug!
    Or this one is great too – Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection.

  272. I like the Keno Collection Bliss Rug- in fact, it went onto one of my Pinterest boards!

  273. Victoria C

    I love the moroccan trellis.

  274. Katie c.

    I love their zigzag rugs!

  275. DXT

    Totally going for the Safavieh Newport Collection NPT211 Olive Rug!!

  276. Iris

    Cenon Collection Bold Damask Rug. You would look SO pretty in my living room!

  277. Cathy

    The Lucid Ikat rug would bring happy thoughts into my home.

  278. linda

    LOVE this giveaway!!! Esp. the Modern Damask Rug!! thanks!

  279. Katie

    Trans Ocean Spello Collection Chains Driftwood Rug

    But there are SO many great ones to choose from!

  280. mary beth

    I love the Contemporary Corolla rug, would go lovely with my fireplace and decor in the living room

  281. Meghan B.

    I want the Safavieh Soho Light Blue rug!

  282. Jean

    Well, I would choose the Moroccan trellis in Navy, but it's sold out! I'm sure I could make the charcoal work, though!

  283. Shaney Evans

    the ENTIRE bohemian collection is KILLING me. i always have in mind this teal/dark peacock velvet couch from one of your shows, so a bohemian collection rug that has a tinge of dark teal would be perfect. the gorgeous moroccon rug is AMAZING and totally fits with the style I'm attracted to as well!

  284. joyce

    I'm trying to diversify yet complement the mid-century style of my 1964 pre-fab, and this lovely rug seems like a perfect start! I'd use it in my dining room. I also love all of the Moroccan runners they have in stock.

  285. Katy

    Oh I love this rug! I also like the geo paisley.

  286. Linzy

    I do love trellis rugs, but I also totally dig anything jute. Of which, they have quite a nice selection…

  287. anne

    I like the Finland Herringbone Tweed Chevron rug.

  288. Anna

    I love the imperfections of the Moroccan Collection Antique Berber Shag Rug. So beautifully interesting and handmade.

  289. liz p

    I am in dire need of a rug for living area, thanks for the heads up on this website. I am loving the zig zag rug in grey and the Ikat knit rug and the footprint rug!!!

  290. I've been looking for a rug for our entry for-e-ver! This would be PERFECT!!! I also *love* the modern Damask grey rug & for the cabin I love the Ikat knit grey rug… apparently, I really like gray ;p

  291. LeAnne

    I'm loving the Safavieh Dhurries Collection DHU552 Light Blue Rug.

  292. karen l

    absolutely the modern leopard print. Such a good neutral.

  293. Morgan Rader

    love, love, love, this rug just added it to my wists list also love the Serendipity Contemporary Handmade Moderno Diagonal 73307 Multi Rug but sadly it is out of stock!

  294. Megan

    I love the Armoy rug. Its peacock-like colors and ikat design make me want to travel to far-off countries! Love these rugs and love your show Emily!

  295. ooh so many great designs to choose from!
    i like the Satara Collection Modern Damask Sage Rug – the green goes well with my other furniture and it's my favourite colour. now off to watch secrets from a stylist on my dvr :)

  296. ellen

    The Octo Sheepskin Natural Rug would look amazing just about anywhere!

  297. Linda

    This chevron rugs are amazing!

  298. Paige

    I like the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon in blue. I really like the one you're giving away though! Pick me!

  299. Michele

    Ooooh – so many great rugs! I vote for Moderne Peacock. Love it!

  300. Amanda

    I love this rug! I also am obsessed with the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Navy Blue Rug. It is insane!!!!

  301. Jamie

    I love that trellis rug, it is the perfect grey! i also saw a grey and white zebra print one that looked fun!

  302. Grace

    I also like the Safavieh Dhurries Collection DHU552 rug in light blue.

  303. Maggie

    The rug looks awesome! I also like Safavieh Dhurries Collection Light Blue Rug.

  304. Here's my two seconds to enter and I'm telling the other 357 people that want it to *BACK OFF*, it's mine!!! (c: Rugs USA has amazing rugs and I've had my eye on the Boardwalk rug for a while…nothing like a bold strip to make you smile right? Thanks for the giveaway Emily and Rugs USA!

  305. Emmy B

    Having the Marquis Collection Daisies Multi Rug would be as good as having ten moms. Too good to be true. But I also love the chevron. Hubba hubba

  306. Meg

    Love love love this rug! I also love the Boardwalk stripe rug– reminds me of summer!

  307. Sharing the love on a crazy little thing called Twitter…

  308. Trista A.

    I am loving the Marquis Collection Metropolis Rug!

  309. i love the trellis rug, but my next choice would be the zigzag. not tired of chevrons yet!

  310. Sarah Sargent

    Pretty sweet: Herringbone Tweed Chevron Ivory Rug

  311. Sabrina A.

    Surya Fallon or the Chevron in Brown are versatile, classic and striking. But I pretty much covet the Boardwalk rug…so many to choose from!

  312. Nate

    Surya Archive Collection ACH1700 Yellow Rug

  313. Thanks for the contest! I would totally go for one of the chevrons (the navy? the brown?)…can't post which one because I would spend the next 24 hours obsessing over which room, which color and my husband would just go bonkers watching me. Crossing my fingers for the win and thank you!

  314. Michelle

    Love this rug, but would also love the Suya Jill Rosenwald Fallon FAL rug.

  315. michelleJ

    Love the Geo Paisley in Slate.

  316. Kas Oriental Colonial Springtime Views Rug :)

  317. spunkyhill

    what a great rug! i love the color. looks like it would be way more expensive. i like the black and white zig zag one too. it would be perfect for under my dining table.

  318. Gigi Poveromo

    Love the rug need a new one for our kitchen. Would love to win. You ROCK seriously. Adore your work!

  319. Jessi

    I think the Moroccan rug is my favorite, but the Trans Ocean Spello Collection Chains Black Rug in black and white is pretty awesome also!

  320. MD

    I have always wanted to channel my inner Lebowski and have a very traditional looking area rug that REALLY TIES THE ROOM TOGETHER (I didn't read all of the comments before posting mine, so if there are already a million "tie the room together" jokes, then I'm really, really sorry).

    This one seems like it will do the trick:
    Capel Annette Collection Amrita Turquoise Rug

  321. Margo

    Love the Tuscan Collection Woven Suzani Blue Rug, its just beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway!

  322. Diana

    Tough choice, but it was pretty satisfying to not be able to decide between an Ikat design and classic chevron and then find – the "Cheveron Ikat Black Rug" – love it. Either that, or the "Serendipity Collection Chevron Brown Rug." But I must admit, your "Moroccan Trellis" pick is pretty gorgeous.

    Thank you!

  323. Jess

    Also love the Zig Zag in light blue.

  324. Becca H

    Loving hydrangeas at the moment, so of course the Contemporary Corolla Chocolate Rug!

  325. Sandy

    OMG! I love so many of them! But I think the Keno Collection Tulip Blue Rug one is my fave!

    I tweeted this too!

    Love you and love your blog, girl! You crack up my workdays!!! :)

  326. Ash

    Rugs USA Finland Collection Plain Knots Natural Rug

  327. Avigail

    I love the homespun collection zig zag rug.

  328. Reba

    Love-love-love the emerald stripes one! I know summer is over, but such a fun way to dress a floor.

  329. Laura J

    I really like the Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Rug

  330. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love the Satara Damask Rug!

  331. I could very much love the Loloi Transco in blue and the Syrya Candice Olson in ivory/black. love them.

  332. JennaK

    I also love the Chains rug in tan – so much that I have it in my living room!

  333. Jamie

    LOVE that rug! I also love the Surya Archive Collection Gray Rug. Great giveaway!!

  334. Robin Grey

    The moderne peacock!

  335. Hannah

    I am eyeing the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection in slate blue, but it's out of stock!

  336. Elizabeth

    Along with the Chevron, I love Serendipity Collection Kodari Chain 96305 Black Rug, Milliken Black and White Collection Vibe Techno Black Rug, Satara Collection Koi Fish Rug, Sierra Collection Antique Ikat Rug in brown, & many more!

  337. Victoria

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mono paisley rug!!

  338. Kiani

    Love the Moderna Collection Xoves Rug. Looks perfect for fall.

  339. Melissa

    Love that rug! I also need something like the Patras Grey Rug right now!

  340. Bonnie

    I love love the homespun collection zig zag rugs!

  341. The Homespun Zig Za rug would be my runner up!

  342. I'd love love love Safavieh Dhurries Collection DHU552 Light Green Rug but would love any rug under 'chevron' for sizzle! Oh how I'd love to win a rug!!! <3

  343. Carol M

    Beautiful rugs! The Moroccan is awesome but in addition either the Zig Zag or Zebra would make this viewer /follower very happy!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  344. courtney

    As a, self-diagnosed, "Funky Traditionalist" & I would totally rock the Herringbone Tweed Chevron rug in Plum!

  345. Sarah

    I have eyed the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Beige Rug for my nursery for weeks!

  346. Emily E.

    I'm so excited that they have faux cowhide rugs! I love the way they look, but I don't think I want the real deal… I also love the Milliken Pastiche Collection Karshi

  347. Hope

    i love the Safavieh Martha Stewart rug!

  348. I'm leaning toward the Homespun Collection zig zag…likely in charcoal or beige. The navy is great, too…

  349. Lauren

    I would love to get this for my husband's office!. :) I love the Trans Ocean Ravella Collection Disco Driftwood Rug. Thank you!!!

  350. Katie

    I think I'd rock the Couture Collection Boutique Damask Ivory rug…or the Moroccan Trellis Charcoal rug, for free plz!

  351. Amanda

    I LOVE When my husband and I moved I was on their website everyday. Right now I am loving the Surya Forum rug.

  352. L

    I'm tempted by the oak harbor rug–I like the colors, and perhaps in teh right setting it could read more mod and less granny?

  353. Lisa

    I love the selection of rugs… right now I have my eye on the Marquis Collection Dandelion Olive Rug

  354. Dawn S

    This rug is perfect for the nursery I'm planning for our 2nd baby on the way!! Perfect!!

  355. Sunnie

    The Maui Collection Houndstooth Green Rug would go perfectly with my dream, blue suede sofa one day!

  356. Danielle

    What a great rug! If I had to choose, I'd probably go with something from the Finland collection – maybe the Plain Knots Natural Rug.

    And becuz this is my first comment here, I have to tell you how much I LOVE your show! I don't know what took me so long to tune in, but hands down, it's my fav HGTV show and easily in my top 5 DIY shows. (eh, who I am I kidding? it's you and Barefoot Contessa, in a tie!). Thanks for the weekly inspiration!

  357. Carrie S

    I love the Chandra Rugs Dersh Collection DER 11 Multi Rug. It is so colorful!

  358. Jen

    I love the Wild Zebra rug! So fun.

  359. Lan

    really like the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL1043 Taupe Rug.

  360. Karen

    I love the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rug. I am so into chevron right now, but the Moroccan one is pretty swoonworthy.

  361. Cate

    So many great ones! I love the hopespun zig zag rugs…in every color!

  362. Nicole

    I loves me a chevron rug but totally love moroccan rugs too.

  363. I am currently debating between an orange rug for our living room or a peacock blue rug for our bed room. Pick me please.

  364. Ooh I need about 5 rugs for our new house, and this one is perfect! I also would love the Basketweave Herringbone Jute Natural Rug for our kitchen dining area.

    Great giveaway!

  365. Erin Chambers

    The Homespun Collection Zig Zag in Blue is AMAZEBALLS. I also dig the Moroccan Trellis one as well. So cool

  366. Suzanne Panda Meat

    Suriya Tamira in teal

  367. madeleine

    love the dandelion rug! so, so cute!

  368. The navy chevron rug for me!

  369. Jessica

    You have the best taste in rugs! Love the Moroccan Trellis. Charleroi Collection Spacial Grey Rug could be fun in a modern living room!

  370. sp

    i love the featured rug, and would look for a 9×9 or 10×10 square.

  371. KatyB

    The Herringbone Tweed Chevron. I thought I was a bit over the chevron, but this subtle variety pulled me back in.
    PS. Why does every customer service "Live Chat" girl look the same. Perhaps a stock photo of a wholseome girl geared up in a headset.

  372. Kristen

    Sierra Collection Antique Ikat Rug -LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! (and the one in the give away)!! FIngers crossed I win!

  373. I could look at their area rugs all day – what a huge selection. Right now I love the prize rug but I also like The American Home Rug Company Beach Boardwalk but that's only after a quick browse and instantly spotting at least 5 I loved!


  374. Great giveaway! I helped spread the word with tweeting! :)

  375. Kara

    Love the rug , it would look great in my foyer! I also love the Surya Frontier Collection FT40 rug!

  376. kimberly

    oooh – I love the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Gray Rug in turquoise!

  377. Kat

    I really like overdyed rugs right now. They have a couple good choices – but what color! They are all so saturated and happy.

  378. andrea

    i wouldn't mind one by thomas paul. maybe the feather one… yeah.

  379. hannah k

    i love the Safavieh Dhurries Collection DHU552 Light Green Rug
    I would love this for my bedroom

  380. Sara

    Oh boy, I love the Oriental Weavers Sphinx Emerson Collection 2205A Multi Rug :)

  381. Kate

    Finally! A place that carries great graphic rugs. Love the chevron but I am the Surya Frontier Collection FT40 Silver Rug is also blowing my hair back.

  382. Kirsten

    Love this rug!

    I would also rock the The American Home Rug Company Beach Boardwalk in black and white.

  383. Stacie

    Hi Emily! Love your show to pieces! My husband's and my style is traditional boho with a coastal touch (self-assessment). How's THAT for a mix! ha ha! My dream is for a maritime blue sofa with plant green walls (it's cool in my head), armchairs in natural browns, and orangish-red, purple and natural fiber accents throughout the room, so my choices would be: the Marinid Berber Shag, the Moderne Leaf in blue, or the Fardah Gabbeh Rug. I only looked at two pages worth of results, otherwise there would've been an obscene number of rugs listed here. Instead of forever perusing their site, I think I should win the giveaway! The rug would go beautifully with the new art print I bought for my home office! Dear random-generator gods – PRETTY PLEASE??

  384. Johanna

    I would love to moroccan rug!

  385. Andrea

    Oh wow, there are so many to chose from! I'm feeling like my office needs some serious girly flare so the Sierra Collection Floral Damask Pink Rug really caught my eye.
    Thanks for the chance!

  386. Susie

    Definitely love this one but wouldn't mind the Zig Zag in Blue for the sunporch. New house and completely different style of decorating is required. Rugs are a good basic to change up the style!

  387. Karen

    Don't hold me to this, but I think the Trans Ocean Spello Collection Arabesque Orange Rug is gorgeous. Tomorrow? Probably something else. Lots to choose from over there!

  388. Summer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boardwalk rug in yellow! It just makes me happy…

  389. Intisar

    I would love the Rugs USA Madagascar Collection Wild Zebra Orange Rug for my daughters room that I am currently doing over in orange and turquoise!

  390. Joanne

    Holy Shamoli I've been eyeing up the SOH424 Turquoise Rug for my MBR. Love!

  391. Annie

    Um, gorgeous. I can imagine the Marquis Collection Constellation Rug in the correct room too.

  392. mev

    Love this one but also love the Homespun Rug Zig Zag in Charcoal Grey!

  393. Laura

    I'd love the Chevron rug! It's great.

  394. Karen Dybis

    Beautiful. I could use a rug like that right now!

  395. The Rugs USA Sierra Collection Damask Burgundy Rug, please!

  396. Bevy Sparks

    Serendipity Collection Bold Floral Charcoal Rug is perfect for my room. :)

  397. Allison O.

    LOVE the Moroccan Trellis rug! But I also love the Farouz Quads Charcoal rug!

  398. oh my goodness I've been DYING for this rug and it's been out of stock!! my other favorite rug on the site would have to be the same rug but in light blue or navy. I just love this particular pattern so much!

  399. Pin

    The Kas Oriental Signature Collection Soho Grand Multi Rug looks like a painting I used to have. So colorful!

  400. I would love this one: the Bowron Vintage Collection VN42 White Rug

  401. I love the chevron line! Probably the navy color is my favorite.

  402. Thanks for the great giveaway! I've always like the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection.

  403. Molly

    The charcoal trellis rug would look awesome in my house!!!!

  404. Jayn

    I love the Homespun Rug Zig Zag in Charcoal Grey!

  405. Katie

    This same rug in navy blue!

  406. Khanh

    I would totally rock the zig zag pattern rug! The pattern creates some illusional dimension and can also hypnotize the guests when necessary ;)

  407. Sarah B

    I would totally rock the hand spun zig zag rug in light blue! My home has too many warm colors right now and a cool blue rug would add some chill swagger! Right now in the living room is a rag rug that has a mixture of cool and warm tones, but it's lacking in graphics…that zig zag could totally bring it.

  408. parkertastic

    I just moved from Brooklyn to small town Minnesota to be closer to my parents. I also bought my childhood home from them and it REALLY NEEDS this rug to swank it up

    Safavieh Soho Collection SOH424 Blue Rug

    please pick me, as my life savings went to the plumber, electrician and carpenter !!!!!

  409. Robyn

    Love the Chevron rugs- in grey and black!

  410. ummm, awesome! and i dig the marquis washaway brown rug.

  411. Allison H

    love that Moroccan rug!! i would take any of the chevrons or the Tuscan perma rug!

  412. Allison H

    I tweeted– @ahasserd626

  413. atout

    I really love the trellis one up for grabs, but I also think the Santa Ana Collection Bright Flora Rug would look pretty awesome in my house.

  414. Do I have to pick another rug? I'm kind of in love with this Moroccan one. I have happy feelings towards the Zig Zag rug as well, but the Moroccan one makes my heart flutter.

  415. amber peters

    I would rock the Surya Bombay Sunburst Rug or the Decor Rugs Geo Shapes Classy Zigzags Rug.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  416. Zara

    This could possibly be a rad rug as well.

    Rugs USA Beaumont Collection Maize Shaggy Black Rug, shaggy and raddddd.

  417. Kristi

    I must have the rug!!!! It would be so fantastic in my family room!!! Or I would take the Rizzy Rugs Straw Collection Fluffy Shag Sunflower Rug in Sunflower

  418. Keli

    Diggin the Ikat Knit Grey and the Chevrons.

  419. Andrea

    Moroccan Trellis for the bedroom and Sierra Collection Paddle for the living room..

  420. Lauren Essig

    I love this rug! I would take any of the grey and white rugs. I actually bought a stripped one from them
    a couple months ago and love it!

  421. LOVE the Milliken Black and White Vibe Rug. I'll take anything chevron any day of the week! ;)

  422. Sarah

    love the Peshawar Collection Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Maison Rug, and the one you picked out!

  423. melanie benz

    Rockin Moroccan , all the way! Its my fav! LOVE the charcoal and my little chihuahua will love to lay on it too…lol!

  424. Tuan

    Who doesn't love them a great oversized HOUNDSTOOTH? I would totally rock out with the Serendipity Houndstooth Brown Rug in my loft!

  425. 'gana

    I think the Beach Collection Boardwalk Stripes in yellow would be so cute in the new baby's nursery.

  426. Tom M

    I have no idea where I'd put it, but I like the grey shag carpet. Does that make me a bad person?

  427. mary

    got myself a little thing for kilims, so i would go with the "Classic Home Sara Kilims Collection AE4821 Red Rug"

  428. Jake

    I really would love the Couture Collection Zebra Brown Rug. If I had it I would host fancy dinner parties where I would casually talk about all the false African safaris I had been on and spin lively tales about how I acquired this particular zebra rug.

  429. steph

    I am so in need of a rug! I'm loving the Plymouth Collection Zig Zag Rug. It's so fun!

  430. I would pick the light blue zig zag rug! I like how it's a more organic looking zig zag and love those colors.

  431. Joni

    Depends on the mood…
    Marquies IKAT knit if I'm feelin' festive, Milliken cheveron if I'm feelin' trendy, Home Dynamix Premium if I'm feelin' tribal… and of course the Moroccan Trellis if I'm feelin' Moroccan. Which I totally am. I pinned it.

  432. The finland collection plain knots rug!

  433. Cheryl

    Wow, I wasn't looking for a rug, but now I have 3 bookmarked. I could rock one of Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon's Collection.

  434. LOVE this rug and the RUGS USA Milliken Black and White Collection Vibe Techno Black Rug! pretty pretty!!

  435. Mel

    i'm moving at the end of the month – a new rug would be a great housewarming gift! :) i love the giveaway, and i also love the Homespun Collection Zig Zag Rugs… pretty much every color!

  436. Carey

    love the chevron black and ivory rug!

  437. Trish T.

    I love the Sierra Collection Paddle Rug in black.

  438. The Homespun zig zag rug in charcoal is the HOTNESS. Love that the lines are uneven!

  439. Lori

    We just moved into a house without any carpet, so we're in need of lots of rugs. Thanks for the great resource and giveaway. I love the trellis rug and also am loving the Pokhara Collection Codnor Multi Rug.

    Fingers crossed :)

  440. Jess

    Love these! I would rock any of them! But I do really enjoy the urya Frontier Collection FT40 in Red. :)

  441. Julie

    love the chevron rug! I really need a rug to liven up my space!

  442. Nancy

    Love the rug! Would look amazing in the bedroom! I also like the simplicity of the serendipity collection contemporary flower. Nice.

  443. Libby

    I love SO many! My favs are for sure the Leone rug, the Tundra, and the zig zag!!

  444. Hands down…the Ikat rug in the Marquis Collection. It's total radness!

  445. Shaina

    That light grey flokati is incredible! I would love to win this, I try to cover my fugly tan rental carpet with as many rugs as possible. Going to enter on twitter now :)

  446. Shaina

    Just posted on twitter! Thanks!

  447. tara

    How about the Maui Collection Houndstooth Rug – I'd love it as a runner! I love this giveaway, you can never have too many rugs!

  448. Susan

    So many awesome rugs! If not the Moroccan, then it's the Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL100 Rust Rug, also in Gray.

  449. Lydia

    i would definitely get the Natural Collection Tricolor Cowhide! it is all kinds of awesome!!!!

  450. Johanna

    I would likely get the traditional textured rug (o.k., now I'm not remembering the exact name); it's one of the woven ones that I think would also look lovely with the gray Crate and Barrel sofa that we *finally* settled on after much deliberation and years of only having a small, white loveseat. A rug would really pull the room together. Oh, and it's my 40th birthday today!

  451. Heather

    Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Collection FAL Rug in Sky!

  452. Beth

    Love the Finland Collection Herringbone Tweed Chevron Ivory Rug.

  453. Hannah C

    Ah! My rug JUST got ruined today! Would love to replace it with the much cooler Keno Collection Dots Black Rug (although the 'safer' side of me wants to go with the Gabinet Collection Marfil Ivory Rug ). What a great resource even if I don't win- thanks!

  454. Liz

    Ah, rugs. After spending waaay too much time comparing and contrasting, I can't help but pine for the Ferrara Raspberry Bohemian rug, which would totally perk up my lonely dining room floor.

  455. metro

    Howdy! This blog post could not be written much better!
    Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He always kept talking about this. I am going to forward this article
    to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  456. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I find It truly helpful &
    it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer one thing again and help others like you helped me.

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