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Do you want a cubicle that you see in magazines, but don’t know where to start?

(if you don’t get that reference, then yeah, you should watch more Secrets from a Stylist).  

But this office stuff is awesome. Why have the gross stuff from the big box store when you could have this chic stuff? I have it all and in person it actually looks even more expensive.  It reminds me of the lacquered stuff that Jonathan Adler used to sell, that was a fortune. Only this isn’t.  So even if you don’t win the giveaway, its kinda the perfect little gift for yourself or a co-worker.  Or stocking stuffers.  So enter and win, folks. 

17 Products

$153 Value

1. White Inboxes $19 2. White Desk Set $193. Blue Soft Cover $54. Navy Soft Cover $55. White Spiral $66. Felt Laptop Case $247. White Scissor  $8 (not shown in image)8. Calculator  $79. Pool Blue Stapler $810. White Staple Remover $211. Pool Blue Tape Dispenser $812. Pool Blue Ruler $513. Pool Blue Signature Pens $6 14. Classic Ballpoints (Blue) $515. Blue Gel Retractable Pens $12 16. Large Binder Clips  $8 17. XXL Binder Clips $6

Giveaway Entry Info:

  • Prize: $153 value of all items listed above. With love, from
  • How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell us what Poppin product would make your Mondays better.
  • If you want to be fun: Follow Poppin on twitter and hash it out with your friends using #winpoppin at @em_henderson to spread the word for an extra entry
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday August 5th at 11:59pm EST
  • How Many Lucky Winners?!: One lucky one
  • Ships to: US Only
  • Also: Please be kind and only enter once, unless you used the extra extry option, you can enter twice. I will select the winner using and will announce with winner on August 8th here on this very webpage, so check back to see if it’s you.
  1. Is all of them an acceptable answer?! :) I try to have an organized desk in my office – and it never lasts more than a day! Please pick me for this prize – I would totally be able to keep a clean desk for at least 3 days with these :)

  2. Sus

    I would dearly love a stapler that wasn't from the ugly side of 1963.

  3. Jana

    Just looking at that blue ruler with the big white numbers makes me smile. Not that I ever use a ruler, but who cares, right? :) Love it all!

  4. Casey TS

    I need/love paper organizing stuff… magazine holders, "inbox/outbox"y stuff, etc.!

  5. Avigail

    That ruler is amazing. Although just having a ruler would help me out since I'm always borrowing one from the office next door!

  6. Kathy

    I am in desperate need of those inboxes! I am trying to be more organized and something sleek and modern is just the encouragement I need.

  7. Trish T.

    The tape dispensers are awesome – love the bright colors! Anything to inject some color into my drab office!

  8. mary

    i love that felt laptop holder — what a great punch of color to stash away your computer in!

  9. Kristen

    I love all of it, but the ruler really catches my eye. I work in a very small office, with no windows and cement walls. I would love to have this stuff and bring a little "happy" into my space!

  10. Nicole

    Those bright colors are beautiful – I love the blue and the yellow in particular. Those rulers would make me want to find a reason to use my ruler more often.

  11. Katie

    That tape dispenser is pretty hot…you know for a tape dispenser.

  12. Melissa

    I love the yellow tape dispenser!

  13. "Medium Pink Notebook" or any notebook! haha

  14. Rachel

    Ah those white inboxes would REALLY help sort out this mess on my desk right now! Fingers crossed…

  15. Jaimee

    Who knew cubicle swag could be so cute? I love those notebooks. They would be a welcome upgrade to the black and white speckled composition books available in my supply room.

  16. brenna

    I would love sitting down to my desk with clean, all-white supplies! So, so pretty!

  17. lemurlassy

    I love the tape dispenser, but in reality, I need it all. I love the glossy orange!

  18. Megan Morrison

    Definitely the tape dispenser! I'm a teacher and broke mine last year. With school starting in 2 weeks I need one badly!

  19. Alanna

    Binders and more binders!! I hate the AMPO greyish ones :)

  20. Heidi

    Mondays really are the worst! However, my home desk is sad because it needs to be functional and yet that ultimately means it looks cluttered (because it's from Ikea and has no drawers to hide sins). Color coordinated poppin would definitely help!

  21. Tara

    I love them ALL but that felt laptop case is totally gorgeous! That cheery blue is a great color!

  22. Bri

    I wish I could find a place for all that stuff on my office desk, but between my dual monitors on big old-fashioned stands and computer tower (that has to sit on the desk because the cables don't reach otherwise) there's not much room left. Maybe if I won I'd be inspired to rearrange everything.


    Loving everything cyan, but I must say, that is the cutest darn tape dispenser I have ever seen!

  24. Sara WW

    I'm in the middle of an office remodel, so this would be a great prize to win!

  25. Katie

    I really like the laptop sleeve. I have a MBA and the folds would hold it so well!

  26. Layla

    Well, I desperately need a staple remover, because trying to remove staples without one has got to be the most annoying office task ever! =D

  27. Stephanie

    I have a bunch of Poppin products sitting in my online shopping cart right now….I just couldn't decide on which color direction to take. Blues and whites? Yep, that'll work! I think the blue ruler makes me happiest.

  28. Lauren

    I'm going with that cool looking calculator– it would make my Monday response rate reports 4,000x's less boring. Plus, as a government statistician, I could really use some style in my cubicle…yes, it really is as drab as you imagine.

  29. Priya

    I already had a not-so-secret, unhealthy obsession with office supplies… but this poppin stuff just pushes me over the EDGE! I get all giddy inside thinking about that blue tape dispenser lookin' all fly on my desk… can't believe I just typed that out. Nerd-alert!

  30. Kate

    I love the pool blue color. The tape dispenser's my fav! My life has sadly been devoid of pretty tape dispensers.

  31. David

    Love all the white and orange accessories, they would look great in my white and orange home office:)

  32. Gretchen

    Im definitely drawn to the felt laptop cover!

  33. Miriam

    I think that stapler would make me smile every day.

  34. Nicole

    love love LOVE the laptop case!

  35. Katie

    That laptop case would be great, so I don't have to carry the one I got in college seven years ago that weighs more than the actual laptop! I also like all the colors they would look great in our home office.

  36. jen

    blue stapler!

  37. kayduh

    That blue stapler is amazing!

  38. Lindsey

    I <3 that blue stapler!!

  39. Katherine M

    I love the turquoise laptop tote. So cute!

  40. Nicole

    i'm in love with that tape dispenser! it would make my Monday better if i could dispense tape from something purdy and tape a few coworkers mouths shut ;)

  41. Stephanie

    All the colors of the ball point pens are so cute!!! The tape dispensers are great as well!! I think whoever wins should submit a before and after of their desk!! =)

  42. Brenna Finnegan

    I'm lovin that tape dispenser, and blue to boot!

  43. Rosie

    Love those soft cover notebooks – they would make me feel a lot more pulled together in meetings!

  44. Paige

    I'm a total office supplies geek, so I love it all! But I'd be most excited about some new pens – they are much better than the ones in my office!

  45. My husband keeps yelling at me for stealing his tape dispenser, so I could totally go for one of those. I love the bright yellow one!

  46. I have a thing for binder clips. Is that odd? Would love some chic accessories for my new shared office. I could impress all the students who don't come talk to me during my office hours…

  47. Ashley

    I'm lovin' on those rulers. yay!

  48. Kelly

    My cubicle would be loving you forever and ever if I won this giveaway! I always suffer Manic Mondays (almost everyday), this would be a lovely reason to enjoy sitting at my desk all day!

  49. Funny, today I was sitting at my desk thinking, "How do I get my workspace to make me feel like I do when I'm in a yoga studio?" Well these tools would definitely get me started on the organizing aspect of it all. Maybe a little white Buddha statue to match?

  50. Jessi

    I like Poppin's cute colorful notebooks…I'm kinda of a journal/notebook junky…can never have enough!

  51. Leah

    ooh I love the white inboxes and I have been dying to get some inboxes too!

  52. Kathy

    I love all their products. I'm really eying the tape dispenser for some reason…

  53. Hannah

    I ADORE those inboxes – starting a new job next week and this would make for a beautiful start!

  54. katie k

    that white desk set would really brighten my desk space up! i love all of the blue and white, feels very clean and modern, unlike most office supplies:)

  55. Betsy

    I love the red tape dispenser~

  56. I would LOVE that laptop case!!! My new laptop is a widescreen and doesn't fit in my old laptop bag from Fossil that I love and hate to give up.

  57. Lisa

    The ruler is adorable, and ALL of the stuff would really help out my sad desk area. Thanks for introducing me to Poppin!

  58. Melissa

    My favorite items are the sleek, white lacquered inboxes. I've been at my company six and a half years and over time, my desk has gone from quirky to junky :( I need to bring some class back to this area I spend so much time in!

  59. BEH

    Felt Laptop Case! :)

  60. Kim

    I could totally use a deskset and stacking trays to organize all that unruly junk that drives me nuts & I want to beautifully hide!

  61. POOL BLUE TAPE DISPENSER. I don't decorate with blue that often, but I absolutely love that guy!

  62. Tara

    Well, I am a stay-at-home mom trying to start my own business in the next 9 months, so my mondays really revolve around diapers. HOWEVER, I would love this for my husband's cubicle. And knowing him, though, he'd go a little batty over the XXL binder clips. When I start my own home office, I'm getting everything in orange & magenta!!!

  63. Katie

    I LOVE the blue stapler and tape dispenser. I was just noticing the other day how ugly those two things are on my desk. The color and design makes these functional and chic. Those white inboxes would definitely help with organization too! All of it is so cute

  64. erin

    a navy softcover so i can get serious and remember all the things i have to do.

  65. Jonathan

    Simply looking at these chic items would most certainly brighten up an otherwise gloomy Monday!!! I love the tape dispenser and also the stapler, but my favorite would be the calculator! So cute, and now I just have to somehow get the entire office on-board and switch everything out… :p

  66. That felt laptop case would make every day better.

  67. kwankwun

    I love everything !! This set is Awesome !!!!!

    Love it, Love it, Want it so BAD ~~~~~~~

  68. emma

    Oh my – definitely the tape dispenser! It's so cute and mod, I love it!

  69. Christie

    I love that tape dispenser! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  70. Heather

    I'd love a cute stapler and tape dispenser for my desk at work!

  71. Leslie

    Probably the notebook would make my life easier…so I could keep track of stuff!!

  72. marva

    definitely the poppin stapler. i would use it to staple my eyes open.

  73. carrie

    i would love some bright new office stuff. i'm redesigning my home office and it would be perfect

  74. Mike

    There's something about that ruler that would definitely brighten my desk — it's all great stuff, though, thanks for introducing us to it.

  75. Sue

    I like the Turquoise Laptop Bag. I think I'm going to buy it. They have a lot of cute stuff and it's all relatively inexpensive!

  76. notebook & pens! I'm a girl on the go.. and the little notebooks always come in handy for off-site meetings :)

  77. Rafael

    I love the tape dispenser!

  78. naomi laura

    Organization… drool. This would be so perfectly timed as I am going through old paperwork today and tossing stuff like it is my job.

  79. Amy

    I love the blue soft cover!

  80. Tammy Luccketta

    I need this. Why? Because I homeschool so my office/desk/classroom is taking over the whole house and it may as well look pretty, right?

  81. holy, HOLY. That tape dispenser makes me happy!

  82. Kendra

    Anything with paper makes me giddy. Those little notebooks are beyond their threshold of cute.

  83. I would take any and all. But I love the laptop cases- especially the khaki! I would love for my desk to be a little bit more colorful and not so drab! These accessories would help me enjoy my Mondays (well maybe) a little bit more! At least enjoy the millions of staples I have to pull out a day a bit more!

  84. Fresh Functional

    The pool blue stapler. It'll be the heart of an office makeover concept I call "Fresh Functional", where I pick inviting pieces like those at, blending the necessary functionality of an inbox, a tape dispenser, a stapler, etc., with the "nice-essary" aesthetic of bright pops of color. The pool blue stapler, for instance, will not only serve its intended purpose of helping organize documents, but its sleek, sexy form + vibrant color will perk up an otherwise stressed mind + could even boost productivity. So, my workspace will be the cutest and nobody will be able to call me a slacker. ; }

  85. sara

    I think a bright orange stapler would really perk up my Mondays :) (Great products in every category – it was hard to choose!)

  86. Tyler

    Anything to keep my desk neater!

  87. Sandra

    A pool blue stapler would trump my red, Office Space Swingline. Fingers crossed!

  88. Valerie

    That tape dispenser would be great! The metal serrated part on mine comes right off with the tape–instead of cutting a piece. Very inconvenient and ineffective!

  89. Gigi

    love the ruler!! and everything else…

  90. Becca

    That little tape guy is sure cute…I'm pretty sure looking at him would make me feel better!

  91. Jamie

    the white inboxes would make my monday-fridays infinitely better! a beautiful place to organize my stacks of paper, what could be better.

  92. Kim Bernhardt

    Yeah I love it all, it is the color that would brighten my Monday! The crisp white with a pop of sky blue. Love that blue, it is so happy!

  93. Kristen

    Which of these products WOULDN'T make Mondays better?!? They're all fantastic but I am especially smitten with the tape dispenser.

  94. oooo… I'd love to make my Mondays POP with some bright blue desk accessories! Esp. PENS. LOVE NEW PENS! =)

  95. Barb

    I would love the inbox/outbox, the ones on my desk are soooooo fugly.

  96. Those stackable inboxes are fabulous — want some of those!

  97. Love love love Poppin! They've already made my home office space that much more enjoyable. I'd love a chance to style up my workspace a bit more. Would be the perfect way to celebrate my August bday :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway. ps – Tweeted it too!

  98. Tiffany

    I love office supplies. These would make my Mondays happy, because they're chic and cute and awesome!

  99. i am in love with the blue felt laptop cover & the calculator! [perfect for the forever student in me :) ]

  100. Lynne

    how cool is the ruler? I don't really use one..but boy, if i had this, i'd find lots of reasons to use it!

  101. Meg

    Paper/letter bins are perfect for organizing! I am desperately in need of them! Perfect for Mondays to start with.

  102. Jolene

    The in-boxes are quite sleek!

  103. vel

    I love the blue stapler, tape dispenser and ruler! It will make my office desk so cute!

  104. Andrea

    I'm an editor and I'm coveting the red fineliners.

    I love that you can shop by color on their site!

  105. Carolyn

    I'm digging all the items shown, but if I had to pick something from the website not shown above, it would definitely be the 15" Navy laptop case. The red contrasting trim is so vibrant!

  106. I would use the giant tape dispenser to tape up inspirational notes on my co-workers desks. They would say things like "Yeah, eat those Cheez Its!", "Good job on YouTubing funny videos for us!", "Girl, you're working those Ann Taylor slacks!". I would love it in green!

  107. Rayna


  108. I love all of their designs…do they make a coffee mug? A good Monday morning always needs that ;) Bur seriously, I have always been drawn to their tape dispenser, and I love the ruler….which I 100% never need at work! ;)

  109. Kat

    Love the tape dispenser!

  110. stephanie

    oooh, that tape dispenser is the best! and nothing makes me happier than good looking organizational items :)

  111. Wilhelmina

    I was trying to make a template for hanging some shelves today and realized that I don't have a ruler!! And this one is so pretty!

  112. Jake

    I'm really digging the shape of that tape dispenser. I'm a big fan of fancy angles and geometric shapes.

  113. This is really helpful in looking for the wonderful things that I need for the renovation and for adding some life to my place. You had a great selection and I liked it. Great job.

  114. This stuff is amazing; I love it! I don't know if I would keep it at my work ofc. I would probably want to bring it all home! :) Especially love the inboxes and binder clips!

  115. I would use the tape from the magical blue tape dispenser to tape paper to my outfit and go to class as a mummy.

  116. KimBo

    The white spiral notebook would be perfect for documenting my plan to find a better gig – and chasing it down.

  117. Oh man! That stapler rocks my socks!!! It's awesome and unique!

  118. perfidia

    It's all so very fresh and pretty, but I love that tape dispenser the most. I can imagine myself playing with it while on long conference calls in my oppressive beige cubicle, and thinking of those David Hockney paintings of the pools…

  119. Brynn H.

    I teach 4th grade, so I'd have to make sure the kids keep their paws off of my new pool blue tape dispenser!

  120. Paisley

    The white inbox. I just started a new job and have an ugly broken one held together with tape.

  121. Andi

    I could always use those white inboxes, but I love the fun and colorful tape dispensers and staplers!

  122. Jamie

    Despite the fact that I just recently re-painted my office that pretty blue and need stylish office supplies, the tape dispenser would make my Mondays better to perform a variety of practical jokes on my husband :-)

  123. naz

    I need to win because my desk is a hot mess.

  124. Bethany

    I'm an organization junky so any of the inboxes/organizer trays/etc would make me super happy and prevent my husband from losing the electric bill. again. great giveaway : )

  125. Pam

    The white in-boxes and desk set are awesome. Organization is a good thing! Pick me,!

  126. Brianne

    The sleek tape dispenser would make me so happy every day. Is that weird? It's so cute!

  127. Shandi

    I love the tape dispenser! It makes me happy :)

  128. BreeAnn

    I want all of that stuff! But especially that gorgeous calculator. I work in billing and crunch a lot of numbers.

  129. I can not stop oohing and aahing. Ok, the truth? I'm salivating and my keyboard hates me. But that tape dispenser is my new bf….pretty sure my husband will be ok with that. *crossing my fingers*

  130. Bill

    I think the felt laptop case. My desk lacks organization so this package, and a cork board would be a great start.

  131. I love love love the tape dispenser! Every other tape dispenser is so ugly! This would be the perfect addition to my desk! :)

  132. betsy

    definitely that stapler!

  133. Drew

    I soooooo need some inboxes. I have papers everywhere!

  134. Jeremy

    I'd love the stapler!

  135. Bridgit

    A pool blue stapler would make me smile on a Monday.

  136. The blue ruler would make my Monday way more fun, and the numbers are really big so I can a quint and still see the numbers!! I have no idea how that is extremely helpful to my day, but it's a good thing to squint! Actually it's not, but I still really want the ruler!(:

  137. Kishen Godhia

    oh goshhh. i love all of them!!! anything to do with stationery is my weakness haha!!

  138. Holly

    I love the stapler!

  139. BarbaraW

    You have to love the Plenty Good desk set–cheerful colors and lots of things you need. As I'm in the process of purging and re-imagining my office, a desk set would be heaven, really.

  140. Erin

    That blue stapler would make me the envy of the science department!

  141. JessicaR

    I love it all! My cubicle is dark, lonely, and in the basement of a nuclear laboratory. Anything colorful would help cheer me up on a Monday morning when I have to start my week!!!!

  142. Bryan

    The little black desk set!!
    It has everything to make mondays smooth and easy,
    not to mention the modern and clean design that i so lovee!

  143. bonnie

    I would go for the notebooks and all the red desk accessories. Am loving the ruler…and the tape dispenser…and the stapler…and…. Yes, I would be like a kid in a candy shop.

  144. lani

    i need it all. can't possibly live without more poppin in my life! working (especially mondays) is so much more enjoyable when you are surrounded by coolness.

  145. Kelsi

    Oh…. wow. I am a first year teacher and it all looks amazing. Could totally use it to say the least…. soo after saying that, it's hard to choose a fave. Probably say some of the storage items….. or the unexpected colors! Now off to attack my DVR for a fix =)

  146. ALL OF THEM! They would all make my day :)

  147. Ashley W.

    All those awesome products would make my life a little happier! Not to mention, I'm a new teacher this year and need ALL new office supplies. SInce I'm teaching math, I suppose the one that'd be best would be the calculator.

  148. Michelle

    I love Poppin! Having a rainbow of different-colored supplies on my desk would definitely brighten my Mondays!

  149. Jesser

    The felt laptop case would make my Mondays better, since I currently have to carefully cradle my laptop to and from the office!

  150. Oona B

    The Poppin Yellow Scissors would make my Mondays better because they're so bright and gosh darn cheerful that I wouldn't lose them (like how I can't ever seem to find a single pair of scissors in this house and usually my eight year old is hoarding them under her bed along with a half finished construction paper Chewbacca mask!)

  151. Kaitlyn

    I would love the laptop case!

  152. Betsy

    Everything turquoise – especially that stapler. Beautiful blues!

  153. Sarah

    Loving the colors, would look great in my home office :)

  154. Dayle

    I just want to staple something with that sweet stapler!

  155. I think a laptop bag would help my Mondays. Especially the turquiose one. :)

  156. Joanna Schochet

    World's. Cutest. Tape. Dispenser. Seriously.

  157. I love the brightly colored rulers. Would make sitting at the desk less boring :)

  158. tom

    the tape dispensers are pretty awesome

  159. Kaitlin M M

    That super fun boxy tap dispenser would make my day!

  160. i just need cute supplies PERIOD! what better person to choose than a poor college kid?! I will need some desk organizers for my future job! always appreciated!

  161. Natalie

    The Pool Blue Stapler makes me happy. It's so blue and beautiful

  162. Richard D of RWC

    I'll take the "$810." [sic] stapler…yeah, I know what it really is…but still, pool blue is cool!

  163. Tammy

    I love the letter bins! You're a saving grace for pointing out this site, now I don't have to be jealous of all the kids going back to school who get to buy their fancy schmancy school supplie – I can just go to Poppin and be cool too.

  164. The pretty stapler and the lovely calculator would be a perfect addition to my office space!

  165. Laura J

    The stapler is awesome

  166. MelissaM

    I am a college student and would put every one of these items to use! I live in a dorm and every semester I need to restock on office/school supplies and I am just not very organized. I adore this set and I feel it would be very helpful to me during the next school year. Plus, I love the blue/white combo! :)

  167. I'm loving the pool blue accessories. I just moved into a new cubicle at work and am going to decorate it with some fabric I have and other fun touches. I'll have to check out the Poppin website to see what they have.

  168. Celeste

    The calculator! I'm always wanting to calculate something while I'm at my computer, and I hate the online calculators. Besides, since calculators almost always bring you bad news, you might as well use a pretty one!

  169. Amanda R.

    I didnt even know these cute office items existed! I've been trying to spruce up my office at work because these beige walls in my cubicle are just awful! I think the item I would enjoy the most is a green or blue stapler!! thanks for the giveaway!

  170. Ooo, a cup of pretty purple pens (that also write nicely) would be a happy Monday maker.

  171. Andrea p

    That fun navy blue stapler would make me smile every time I use it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  172. Lisa

    The white desk set!

  173. I need need and do mean need a cool pencil holder. I've been in the market for one but don't find anything I like. The white one here would go perfectly with my white Ikea console! Plz pick me. :-)

  174. Stephanie

    That shnazzy calculator would make my Monday number crunchin' a but easier!

  175. i love that small sketchbook in bright yellow for on-the-go list-making and brainstorming!

  176. Nordia

    Just about to embark on my teaching career. Those white trays and boxes would sure help me keep my desk and my student's work organized.

  177. Britt

    There's nothing better than an awesome stapler!

  178. Cheryl

    I would really like the green or red tape dispensors. That would make every Monday better in my life. It would also really liven up my boring office.

  179. anna

    My Mondays would be sooooo much better because my desk would be soooo much cuter than everyone elses!
    The OCD in me loves their color sorted website!

  180. Lauren

    I can never find my tape dispenser when i need it. This one could stay out on my desk and look great!

  181. Elisabeth

    I love it all :) I'm one of the people that love to organize :)

  182. Ashley

    The old stapler I've had for years just broke the other day, so that gorgeous blue Poppin stapler would be a perfect addition to my desk!

  183. Susan

    I really love the glass dry erase board. I love making lists, so this would be perfect for me! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  184. Megan

    the magenta stapler! i am a teacher and people are always stealing my stapler, but with a magenta one they'd never get away with it!

  185. Jenny M

    I love the stapler. The color is so fantastic! You would never lose it on your desk and it would make you smile when you saw it. It is scary how excited one can get about office supplies after working in a cube for a few years.

  186. js

    The binder clips would probably be most useful to me. My desk is overrun with receipts and paper that represent things that need to be dealt with, and when I have time to catch up it's hard to find anything!

  187. Cari

    Would love to have shiney new tape dispenser…I can't tell you how depressing my current 'officey' one is…I'm sure many of you know!

  188. No question, the stapler. "Have you seen my stapler?"

  189. Susan

    White inbox and desk set – yes, please. And be still my virgo heart obsessed with notebooks…

  190. I love Poppin! Their stuff is smartly designed.

  191. Mark

    Love the set but could definitely use the tape dispenser.

  192. caroline

    So pretty! Count me in.

  193. Alisa D

    I would love the large binder clip! How fun!

  194. I absolutely adore their softcover notebooks – blue is my favorite – but everything Poppin makes is awesome. I want it all!

  195. Jake T.

    I am OBSESSED with Poppin'! I literally have so much and want so much more. I LOVE the notebooks. The paper is so nice and crisp and clean, the colors pop, and the skin is just amazing. I LOVE the pens! The GEL pens are incredible. The fineliners are literally the best I have ever used, and the the ballpoints make writing fun. The ruler is so easy to read and the scissor's cut is so crisp. The jumbo highliters are AMAZING and the classic mechanical pencils are so sleek and cool. I also have a a blue tote bag from them and it's so nice and comfortable. However, I have no desk supplies, calculators, sleeves, or any of the AMAZING stuff featured here.

    I have taken pictures and tweet @Poppin everytime and would love to send them a complete picture of all my goodies! :) :)

  196. kelly rule

    I am a fan of Poppin, so it is hard to pick one thing, but there is something about those graphic rulers. They are the jewelry of the collection.

  197. Melissa

    Like so many of us, I sit at a desk 5 days a week. A tape dispenser and stapler are always in plain view and currently are just that — plain. Thanks, poppin, for showing us it doesn't have to be that way and for giving us so many pretty alternatives!

  198. Jess

    I would love these because my favorite color is blue and because they look so neat – surely that will lead to a peaceful and productive office.

  199. Jess

    To be honest, I need everything! I'm just reorganizing my home workspace and a bunch of new office supplies would really do the trick! :)

  200. a poppin gel pen and a medium poppin notebook make everyday better for me, the pen writes so well and smooth, its shape and form is so well thought out it makes writing with it a pleasure each and everytime. The medium poppin notebook is the perfect weight and size to tuck into any bag and take anywhere, the custom colors are so cheerful, i can't help, but smile everytime I pull it out. :)

  201. Bo

    I need some more POP in my life. Love the blue office products. I am now a bit intense about my office pens ever since I switched to the fine-liners! #Lovethem

  202. Katie

    Poppin would make all of my college Monday woes disappear. On top of this, my school desk is always cluttered with projects and various assignments. With all of these products, I would definitely be more driven to be organized.

  203. Kyle D.

    I'm a fan of Poppin's soft cover notebooks (especially the medium size) in any color. they're great products with great paper at a great price. So I suppose that the blue and navy soft cover notebooks would be the products to make my Mondays better…

  204. ChristinaMarie

    The green stapler. Well the green everything. sigh.

  205. Tommy

    I LOVE Poppin! I have the binder clips, small notebook, pens, and pencils so far! Any and every thing would be stellar. Great post!

  206. Leone

    Just look at that cute ruler, wouldya? I love it all but the ruler really catches my eye. Thanks!

  207. I would love a file folder that will help keep me more organized. That way I can start Mondays on the right foot instead of scrambling around looking for things. XD

  208. laura

    The green stapler and tape dispenser would make me smile ALL. THE. TIME. Which is a lot of the time. ;-)

  209. Kate

    The ruler!! Totally the ruler!! A good ruler is hard to find these days, and when you need one, you really need one! Plus, the Poppin' ruler is just plain cool to look at.

  210. GH

    Having colorful office supplies would make any day of the week better!

  211. Heather L.B.

    I have the worst office space that I call the fishbowl. I desperately try in vain to change it up every few weeks but my options are limited. Lately I've been leaning on paper products and desk sets to make a statement. I love the hanging folders, orange desk set, retro ballpoint pens in red, and the white notebook spiral. Swoon!

  212. Sarah Moses

    It's pathetic how bad at simple math I really am, and every Monday I sit down to add up my bills and budget for the week. If I had that rad calculator, my Monday would be so much sweeter!

  213. Mary Ann D.

    I would enjoy having Orange Stackable Inboxes.

  214. Stephanie

    I really need an inbox so I can keep my paperwork organized.

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