WINNING!!! Horne Teapot!

*** This giveaway is now closed!***

I long to be someone who drinks tea, I do. People who drink tea are cool and refined.   Unfortunately, I, Emily Henderson am a total coffee drinker.  It browns my teeth, it hypes me up, its not necessarily good for me in any way, but the addiction came from growing up on Diet Coke big gulps, and now its a monster inside me.  


This teapot is beautiful.  I grew up in a small Oregon town as most of you know, so ‘tea’ was something that i saw on British TV shows (for the record, i was not watching British TV shows, i was watching The Sound Of Music and Savannah Smiles….on repeat).  It always seemed fancy to me and grand.  Like, ‘Betsy, can i get you a cup of tea and crumpets?.’  (WHAT IS AN EFFING ‘CRUMPET’??)  

If you haven’t had the misfortune of hearing my english accent, consider yourself lucky because I also watched a lot of My Fair Lady, except i never watched it til the end and learned the ‘good’ english accent. I sound like a Liverpoolian hooker.  Which, in a way, is actually appropriate and i am a whore for good style.

Long story short, this teapot makes me want to serve tea to my guests.  I mean, look how cool i am? I’m modern and effortless, beautiful but not flashy.  

Enter to win it, now.  Look refined and sophisticated to your friends.   

And if you are ever bored, ask an Englishmen to say the words ‘water’ and ‘strawberries’.  It’s hilarious.  NEVER ceases to make me giggle. (Aka: WOOOTA, and strooooobriees).  OH, and get this, you won’t believe it, they drive on the wrong side of the street. Someone should tell them.  Its quite dangerous, mate.

Giveaway Entry Info:

  • Prize: One (1) New Norm Teapot Kettle from Horne MSRP: $79.95
  • How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell me what from Horne’s Kitchen you like best!
  • If you want to be fun (extra entry): Tweet: @em_henderson ‘s @hornes giveaway is TEA-riffic! Check out for details!
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday September 30th at 11:59pm EST
  • How Many Lucky Winners?!: One! (1)
  • Ships to: US Only
  • Also: Please be kind and only enter once, unless you used the extra entry option, you can enter twice. I will select the winner using and will notify the winner by October 10th via email. You will have 2 weeks to respond with your info, or we will select another winner. 


  1. S Reed

    I am a tea drinker and I love THAT tea pot!

  2. Em

    Lovin that Domas coffee pot. Now you got me in the coffee mood (even at 1 am)

    Thanks for combining LOL laughability with terrif design!

  3. i love the stanley pendants in copper! wishlisting for now… *sigh*. that teapot is gorg'! i'd love to brew in one of those instead of my dinky tea ball.

  4. Eugenia

    Want 'em all! But my fav? The Barbara Carafe. Putting that on my Pinterest wish list!

  5. selina

    Horne has so many amazing, pretty yet functional things. The Fog Linen Work apron is one of my favorites.

  6. Amy T.

    I think the Culina Serving/Cutting Paddle by Geoffrey Lilge is gorgeous!

  7. Elissa

    I also really love the Barbara Carafe!

  8. Gwen

    My fav is the Funston Fire & Ice Chest. Practical, fun and ready for a bbq.

  9. Kendal

    I feel like if I had the multipurpose block I might stay organized..maybe…but only because it comes in charcoal and I love that color.

  10. Emily

    I am loving the Textile Pattern – Mustard Cards! They are so cute and would be perfect for "just because" notes!

  11. I love tea and this tea pot!!! and everything from Horne!! Though if i had to pick one thing, they have a pretty fun hammock but since im a sucker for food stuff (and i normally take lunch and/or dinner to work with me) there was a pretty fun lunch box thing!

  12. Ss

    Linen work apron

  13. One summer in Ireland (for school) forever changed me into a tea drinker. And yes, I do like the taste, but what I love about their tea breaks is the word BREAK! Their whole society stops what they are doing two times a day for a sit down around other people and chat! So far I haven't been able to convince my boss here that the benefits of this socially acceptable tradition abroad will also benefit us here. :(

    If I had an endless bank account I would pick the Championes Wool Rug by Gandia Blasco.

  14. Alex

    I could use any and all of those floor lamps in my somewhat dark apartment…

  15. That Bruno Bed Area is kind of amazing. I could lay on that..totally.

  16. Karen

    The Black Contour Thermo Jug is pretty sexy

  17. Kiersten S

    Is it possible to have been separated from a kitchenware collection at birth? Absolutely stunning! I think my favorite has to be the Sorapot Teapot…

  18. Melissa

    Oh man, I have been looking for a non-ugly dishrack and I think I found one!

  19. Sally

    Love the Tina Frey cream & sugar set! So simple!

  20. I love the 1 Line Spice Rack! So simple and perfect.

  21. I love love love the Barbara carafe, but the banana bowl does make me giggle. Heehee. <— Like that…

  22. Edith

    The Stelton Vacuum jug, of course! If Style and Function had a baby it would be a Stelton vacuum jug– sooooo purty.

  23. Amanda

    I love that tea pot! I am a huge tea junkie!

  24. Adrienne

    The porcelain and walnut grinder makes me want to grind pepper on everything! Salad! Pasta! Meat! Cereal? Yes!

  25. Devon

    I'm almost embarrassed to say that I love something so practical like the High & Dry Collapsible Dishrack but I wash dishes by hand because I don't have a dishwasher and it's gorgeous!

  26. lauren

    the cloudy carafe and glasses have now gone on my wishlist.

  27. Susan

    I just adore the teapot too-and unlike yourself, I love tea. I must have 3 cups a day of the stuff. What kind of tea doesn't matter, hot/cold, Black or Green? No worries-I just love it. Oh, and I love those little tea sandwiches too-So Decadent! I wish I liked coffee. I would love to get into all the gadgets that coffee seems to require-but alas, it just isn't for me.

  28. Lewaletzko

    My tea kettle died this week and I'd love to give this one a new home. (I might give it a home even if I don't win. It is one of my favorite items from the website along with the tea sieve. Fantastic design!)

  29. mandy

    i'm addicted to tea!

    needing that new norm kettle tea pot!! :)

  30. sarah

    I love the speakers!

  31. ning

    I'm in love with that teapot it's beautiful! I also love the Shelton Vacuum Jug in Red which would be perfect tea!

  32. Monica

    I love the "Hungry Salad Bowl" in the Tse & Tse section – gorgeous!

  33. Paige

    The Otto Fan is pretty cool. I also think a lot of their pendant lights are awesome!

  34. Joanna

    Love the teapot…

  35. kate

    omygosh… I am a tea drinker! Pick me!

  36. Liza

    whoa that teapot is insane <3 it but did you see the slow cooker? [] you could make kick ass Moroccan food in that puppy

  37. I'm in love with the Classic Milk & Sugar Pourer set. They would make lovely counterparts to this teapot!

  38. I love the Big Foot Cutting Board cause well it looks cool AND I need a new cutting board :-)

  39. Aliceart

    That teapot is fabulous! I have to say it is my introduction to Horne's Kitchen and is my favorite after perusing their site. Next up, their linen kitchen towels; linen kitchen towels are definitely a well kept secret luxury.

  40. Michelle

    I love the hands-on salad bowl!

  41. Ellen

    I'm a coffee and tea drinker!! And absolutly love this teapot. An other favorite is the 'spheres teapot/infuser. I bookmarked Horne right away, what a great store!!

  42. I also tweeted. Oh and my favorite is the duet tea infuser/coffee press. That would be super handy.

  43. val

    It's okay, I drink enough tea for the both of us! If I could afford anything at Horne, it would be the fat boy hammock for my garden, but I would get plenty of use out of this beautiful and functional tea pot.

  44. Lauren

    I really think the Pure Black Knives are quite lovely and really sleek. Thank you! :)

  45. Elizabeth C

    I love to cook so the New Norm Complete Tray Set would be perfect for a dinner party.

  46. Muoi

    Hi, the water jug is beautiful, I love it's simple shape.

    Thanks for the laughs and the chance to win the tea pot =)

  47. marisa

    Besides this amazing teapot, I do believe I like the lantern rosendahl here. They would like nice in my imaginary house in my imaginary space, which is styled by Emily Henderson. It would fit right in with all the other beautiful finds there, in between the "mission" and the "eclectic" and the modern".

    By the way, I do believe I should win this giveaway because A. I love Emily Henderson and B. because I Love tea. Unlike you, I actually do like tea very very much. Have had it since I drank it out of baby bottles when I was 8 months old. So yes I think I am the most appropriate person to win. And even though Emily does not like tea, I like Emily – so it makes it a perfectly weird triangle.

  48. I love the teapot! So pretty!

  49. Lisa

    I love the Compass Trestle Legs!

  50. Rosie

    Love the Opus storage jars

  51. HelpSavePluto

    Hiya Emily! I loove the 1 Line Spice Rack by Desu Designs. Whimsical and functional.
    Much love,

  52. kim

    I love that teapot! Classy and modern, exactly what I've been looking for!

  53. Sam

    I like the one line spice rack. I'd love to get my spices out of the way but still on display.

  54. Martha

    The 1 line spice rack is awesome!

  55. So I am thinking that my picks would be one of the Dot Bowl groups, preferably blue, or one of the Casserole Pots!

  56. Karen

    The Tina Fey Cream and Sugar – a ouch of whimsey – just like her!

  57. Kat

    That teapot is pretty awesome, but I've been drooling over the Krenit bowls for a long time. So pretty!

  58. Nur

    I am a big time tea drinker and I use mostly loose tea. This teapot is perfect for me. I love Black Contour Thermo Jug from Horne's Kitchen the best.

  59. Brianne

    The Bistro Coffee Pot is SO cute!

  60. I'm a tea fiend! I'm the only tea drinker in my house, though, so while I have an assortment of single brewers and tea straining cups, I don't own a tea pot. :-( The Sorapot Teapot has my heart going pitter patter.

  61. Anything set from the Paul Smith collections. Happy, happy color!

  62. Dawn

    Love the modern pouf, the ball cream & sugar set, the cobalt jug… I should stop now!

  63. jennie p

    i'm loving the whole DOMUS series! so chic and sleek!

  64. oooooooooh yes please! i love the "Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L" but that teapot is pretty dang awesome. i'll take it.

  65. denise

    Stelton Jug and that tea pot. Me! Me! Me! please.

  66. Jenifer

    one of everything, please! seriously….i love them all…but how about the Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L in Saffron?! Pick me for the tea pot…my friends tease me for boiling water in an old SS bowl….I could use a little class…ahem!

  67. Julie Ann

    Hi E,
    I like the Floral Pendant light but must have that tea pot!
    Julie Ann

  68. heather

    I love the Lilac Ditte Fischer creamer.

  69. Laurel Kadas

    to be honest, i really just want that pot for my dorm room!!

  70. Shakila

    That teapot's pretty awesome and I'm a diehard tea drinker, so it'd be my first choice…

  71. Melanie

    I am digging the cobalt pitcher!!!

  72. Sarah

    The Rosewood Bowl 10" is my favorite, simple and lovely.

  73. Matthew

    I love the Rockers Salt & Pepper Shakers by Nick Munro. I can imagine them see-sawing on my table top.

    Item Link

  74. Cynthia

    my favorite is that teapot. I love tea.

  75. Briana Wall

    Ack! Why you always have the best things? I have been wanting a teapot for a while– I like the one you are giving away, but I also like the spheres teapot and infuser!

  76. Elisabeth

    I love all the rosewood serving bowls. They would go with everything :)

  77. Cheryl B

    I love this teapot and I also love the TinTin Coffee Pot – Wicker Handle.

  78. Karen

    The Y-Grinder Salt & Pepper Mill loos super sweet!

  79. Sarah

    I love it all – carafes, cutting boards, measuring cups. But I think my fave is the Orb Pestle and Mortar. Stylish. And I really need one. But I am also a tea drinker and totally into this giveaway!


  80. Sarah

    I also tweeted about this lovely giveaway!

    Thank you!

  81. Rayna

    I love them all! This is amazing! Yeah!

  82. Stephanie

    Their products are MADE for entertaining, i love them – and so aesthetically pleasing! They have some fun furniture.

  83. Megan

    I like the looks of the Barbara Carafe

  84. jacqeulyn

    I think I love the tea pot the best! I have had to cut our caffeine so I have been drinking a lot of tea! this would be great to win!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Dru

    I love tea! We drink white, green and black tea hot all winter long. It is just delicious. This teapot would look fantastic on our farmtable..

  86. Jolene

    The Peacock Cards are quite elegant and lovely. BTW, Emily, try a strong brewed cup of black tea with cream and sugar. I was a tried and true tea hater until my now husband introduced me to this way of drinking it. Now I do both, often!

  87. liza

    I'm loving the dot bowl group in yellow/green and of course that teapot!

  88. Lindsey

    I love tea and I LOVE this teapot!!! Horne has so many great items to choose from, but I think one of my favorites would have to be the New Norm Bottle Grinder Salt and Pepper set!

  89. Janet C.

    Loving the coffee pot! It looks so sexy.

  90. Sammy

    I'm in love with the Cloudy Carafe & glasses. The simpler the better, in my book.

  91. Aaron Lee Warren

    I think this is crazy good looking. I think the "Black Contour Thermo Jug Menu A/S" is my favorite tho.

  92. Bridget

    Brilliant design. I'm a tea drinker and I love collecting teapots. Not only beautiful but highly functional. Love that. Also love the orb pestle and mortar. Have no reason to own one but I think it's cool.

  93. Peiching

    Love the Plint 3 Vessels Skagerak!

  94. I love this Norm teapot, but the *Sorapot* — THAT tops the wishlist!

  95. Erin

    I pretty much like all of the serving pieces. I'm slowly collecting white serve ware. It's like a disease!

  96. 1. I love tea.
    2. My in-laws are British, and I can tell you, it's not Liverpoolian, but Liverpudlian. No joke. How awesome is that?
    3. Crumpets are what we wish we had instead of effing English muffins. They are bigger and fluffier yet somehow more chewy and pancake-like. All I can say is I need to find some way to get them shipped to me.
    4. I love the rosewood serving bowl set, if I had a job that paid real $$$ that would be in my kitchen SO fast (yes, I get paid in Monopoly money at my job, it's true).

  97. Ooh I love the orange fatboy hammock. And I really need a teapot. By the way…Crumpets–like a cross between an english muffin and a pancake. The important thing is that they have all these little holes that serve to absorb tons of butter (or loads if you are being British) and jam. Yum.

  98. Matt and Amy

    Hi Emily!
    Love love love your show :)
    I'm pretty sure I can't live without the modern bicycle now that I've seen it. I think it will complete the simple modern life I will be living with my new teapot, if I happen to be lucky enough to win!

    God Bless!

  99. Sarah

    Loving the travel blanket and pillow set! I love how stylish I would look walking on the plane with them!

  100. Joanna

    I drink a lot of tea and that tea pot would only make it better!
    Crossing my fingers!

  101. Isis Villegas

    I love the Alada Salt & Pepper Set They look so cute, just like little creatures.

  102. giginightingale

    liked the Fionia Teak Serving Tray

  103. Rach

    I love the Elevate 6pc Kitchen Tools Box Set. I pinned these on pintrest already! They look so awesome! I hope I win the tea pot! I love drinking herbal tea.

  104. Brian

    The Sorapot Teapot.. .. glass and steel..
    and a matching kitchen.. :-)

  105. caro

    that line spice rack looks amazing.

  106. Kelly

    Emily you are too funny!!! I laughed so hard at your description of your fake accent! My husband is actually English and (lucky me) we go to London a couple times a year. I have to say that it is best to leave some things a mystery. I was so excited when I went to the grocery store to see porridge and crumpets…. just to find out that porridge is the same as oatmeal and crumpets are what we would call an English Muffin. I decided to adapt the more whimsical titles and now people think I have something extra special in my kitchen ; )
    I really love this tea pot. I am a huge tea drinker (actually drinking tea as I post lol) and I love Scandinavian style!! I also love the Slow Cooker Royal VKB from Horne's kitchen line. It reminds me of something out of Star Wars! Too cool!

  107. Gina

    I used to hate tea. But one year in college I was super super sick and I made myself tea to soothe my throat (because that's what my Mom did when I was young). And I liked it. I am actually drinking tea as I type this.

    The Horne website has so many awesome things it is hard to pick my favorite. But I really like the "Box Appetite – Lunch Box (Black + Blum)". It is practical and combines great organization with design. I would use this to bring my lunch to work all the time.

  108. Julianne

    I have to pick one thing? I like their kitchen tools, all of them. So pretty:)

  109. Laura

    I love the teapot….but my favorite piece in the Kitchen collection is the 10" rosewood bowl which would look awesome on my antique rosewood with inlaid ivory coffee table.

  110. Katy

    I love this teapot! Also, the banana fruit bowl is pretty much amazing.

  111. Erin

    I like the Cobalt large jug w/ handle by DHS!

  112. Christina

    That dish rack – something I wouldn't mind having on the counter!

  113. Kati

    The Tools cooking pans with the Tools wooden serving tray. So beautiful and functional.

  114. marie

    the cobalt small jug is really chic! It's chic and modern, I love it! =]

  115. Kristie

    I would love to win one of those tea pots! I am a big time tea drinker and so is my english husband. Speaking of which, you are so right about how they say things We go to a restaurant and he asks for wooota and the wait staff looks at him in puzzlement as to what he just said and then they look at me to translate. Hilarious! Another good one is banana (buhnaanaa). Again hilarious! Hope I win!

  116. I love the fridge carafe in red…it looks so cozy in it's little sweater :)!

  117. Rebecca

    Emily, I love this teapot AND I love the Future Jug/Carafe Aquamarine Holmegaard.

  118. Summer

    I'm a big fan of the Barbara Carafe!

  119. Kelly

    I'm a spice nut – the 1 Line rack is terrific!

  120. Lauren

    I love the 1.3L Water Jug. It makes me want to stay hydrated and serve water in something pretty with fruit slices!

  121. Stephanie

    The sexy Classic Milk & Sugar Pourer Set

  122. Joyce

    They have a lot of wonderful things, but my fav is the New Norm Teapot Kettle. Thank you for hosting this give away. xo

  123. Paula P

    I love the Cylinda Coffee Press ( French style ) coffee maker. I have a very old bodum one and would love to upgrade. It is quite pricey so that will not be happening any time soon. But a girl can dream.


  124. Linsey

    I am a tea AND coffee drinker. So, this teapot would kind of rock my world… especially on soon-to-be cold mornings.

    I am also loving their "Bon Appetite Lunch Box" — I'm a total lunch packer for work & this would be very handy.

  125. Samantha

    Im really liking the 1 Line spice rak. It would make for a great wall piece.
    And the Coral Pendant
    and Acquamiki Suspension Lamp

  126. Robin

    I love the outdoor post planters in orange. Perfect for my succulents with a little gnome friend.

  127. I love the Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L in orange, because doesn't hot coffee served in modern orange make you smile? I think waking up to this every morning might make my dirty toilets and un-mowed grass disappear. Maybe. Pick me, and let's see…

  128. Katie

    Love the French Carafe & Glasses. Perfect for serving and sipping cucumber water under my red patio umbrella on a hot Sacramento September day!

  129. Amy

    I'm loving the Black Contour Thermo Jug and the Tools Wooden Serving Tray.

    I'm also loving this teapot.

  130. Lan

    i love the Rockers Salt & Pepper Shakers – Mini. just too cute!

  131. MBG

    I would totes serve tea from that teapot. And I'd eat mint chocolate Milanos with the tea. And I'd get a massage and a pool boy. This teapot is not just my fave thing in the Horne line; it is the vessel for a new life.

  132. Margot

    I love the tea pot, but I love the prism media console (in white – yay!) at Horne's even more.

  133. Erica

    I love the Elevate Carousel 6pc Gift Set!

  134. jenea w

    That tea pot is seriously cool and would make for a fabulous birthday present to myself!

  135. Barb

    I like the Spheres Teapot/Infuser.

  136. That is one gorgeous teapot! I, too, am a coffee drinker, but a few times a week, in the afternoon, I will make a spot of tea–and this would be perfect ;)

  137. shaina

    I love the Domus Sugar Bowl! So sweet!

  138. tessa

    loving the little tea ball with wooden handle, but could never splurge on something like that for myself…

  139. Brandi

    I'm loving the cobalt jug. I just all about stripes lately

  140. Kara

    I'm partial to the Black & Blum Box Appetit – its watertight for transporting soups and the like – but also has two sizes of smaller food carriers that fit stably inside to keep your balanced meal just right til eating. Its the embodiment of design: makes part of your everyday easier, better, more attractive.

  141. Emily

    My favorite thing is that tea pot! I'm a first generation American on my Dad's side (by way of Ireland) so we grew up drinking loads of tea. This beauty would get lots of use in my home. :)



  142. Jenny M

    I loved the creamer with the lillac inside. It was just a very pleasing shape.

  143. that's a pretty awesome tea pot! you can never have too much tea.

  144. Kacee

    Um hello black contour thermo jug! :)

  145. Huette

    That pot is a tea drinkers dream! I also love the Opus storage jars – would look so nice on my counters . .. .

  146. Meggan

    I love the small white creamer with lilac on the inside! Hard to choose just one thing, I like the coffee press/tea infuser too!

  147. Jesse

    My favorite is the $285 11" frying pan for its hubris.

  148. anne

    Can't decide between the walnut grinder and the small cobalt jug…both so pretty!

  149. Esther

    I love the Cobalt Large Jug with Handle.

  150. Kait

    Looove them all :)

  151. debbie

    love the culina serving paddle!

  152. Janice

    The Championes Wool Rug is SO fun and looks like it would feel reeealy good to walk on barefoot. =)

  153. michelle

    love that tea pot! my jasmine green tea would taste extra yummy!

  154. LH

    I just moved into my first own apartment and don't have a teapot, this one would be amazing!

  155. Sue

    OMG I LOVE this teapot. I would also get a matching coffee pot, like the Cylinda Coffee Pot Stelton.

  156. stella

    for me its gotta be the tina and frey cream and sugar set. its so cute, pudgy and not to mention perfect in housing my tea companions.

  157. Lisa L

    I love the Spengler Entry Bench/Drawer!

  158. Kate

    I love the Culina Serving/Cutting Paddle by Geoffrey Lilge–would be gorgeous for a cheese platter!

  159. priscilla

    i'm totally digging that tea pot, and i'm a tea drinker! (plus coffee, not to worry, i go both ways). i'm totally digging the pepper grinder too.
    love the website, you are too adorable for words.

  160. Sarah

    I love the milk and sugar ball set.

  161. Iris

    I really like the Dot 55 Bowl Group – Paul Smith Ivory/Brown – Stelton. These bowls have SO MANY different uses!! This specific color goes perfectly with the color palette at home. Love them!

  162. I would have to go with the colorful Superior Servers 4pc Set….every synonym of awesome! :)

  163. Cayse

    I am a sucker for a great portable so I love the Therm-O Terra Tea/Water Thermos! I grew up with my mom making sleepytime tea every single night and morning thunder every single morning. As a tea drinker for life and that tea pot is purely magical!

  164. you are hilarious =)

    love this one: Spheres Teapot/Infuser – Small by Nick Munro

  165. April K.

    future jug! although they have many beautiful things – what a great site!

  166. Elizabeth

    I LOVE the Horne Kitchen stuff but I think out of everything (besides that teapot) I would have to choose the Dot 54 Bowl Group in Turquoise!

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