1. As you are exploring paint brands and shades for your peacock blue room, can you share? I love this shade but am having trouble finding the right one, and while many design blogs suggest doing it, few (to none) seem to call out specific brands and shades that are right.

  2. Sarah

    I love this color… I am convinced that I should only decorate my home with colors that I look good in, blue being one of them! Is that crazy??

  3. Kate

    These blues look beautiful!


  4. Kathryn Jane, i'm totally on it. i'm out of town right now, but when i get back i will try to find the perfect blue – i might go a bit more navy in my dining room, but i'll let you know what i find. and sarah, i couldn't agree more – why paint your walls beige if you would never wear it yourself????

  5. That's so great–thank you! I will look forward to tuning in and will send you pics of my finished blue-room product!

  6. can you tell me where to find the james merill wallpaper. LOVE IT!

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