We be thriftin’ – our newest finds

When we were shooting the show we would shop with clients in mind but also we would just buy whatever was awesome because we needed so much for styling every week. So every pretty box, vase, vessel, piece of art, sculpture, etc we would hoard. But I’ve had to curb that joy and be more discerning I would end up spending way too much money, hoarding too much and not needing enough of it – it’s just too wasteful … even though it fed the addiction.

Well now that I’m shooting the book and have gone through my inventory I’m back into that mode for the next month and it’s terribly exciting. So last night after we got finished shooting we stopped by a thrift store and CLEANED UP!!! Here’s what we got (some pieces I bought over the weekend, too), with rough prices.


This thrift store isn’t cheap, it’s actually kinda over priced. But it’s still cheaper than new pieces and mostly more unique.

wicker vase $15, painting (that is actually from ShopClass that I purchased over the weekend, it was $90 but I LOVE it), black/brass horn $10, woven placemat $8, wood pedestal $16, basket trio $4, the camera bag was actually a gift from my best friend.


Large paper mache camel $50  – this came in VERY handy today where we happened to need a large whimsical global object – as you do. so WHAM, we had it.


Footed pedestal thing (from ShopClass), tray $12, pot $3, roll of hand-dyed fabric $60 – from the flea market and its about 12 yards, wooden bowl $10, green napkins $8, basket $15, little wicker basket $2.


Little pottery tray $7, white and blue stripe bowl $15, brass lamp $30, little vase $5, tall white vase $18, huge blue vase $40, vintage blue/gray/striped patchworked fabric is from the flea market and was $110, same dude/dealer as my new pink runner. Expensive, i know, but they come sooo in handy as a tapestry on the wall, tablecloth, throw or rug in a shot. So when its pretty, i just buy right now.


White lamp $40 (overpriced, but such a good unique shape), wood vessel $12, ceramic pitcher $18 (way too much, but again it came in handy today), wood/brass boxed $5, pottery vessel $18 (overpriced), little ceramic bud vase $7, hand colored photograph of ship, $15.


Brass lamp $40 (we got them down from $60), painting $160 (total splurge from Shopclass but I love it and i’ll keep it after), 3 bowls $6 each, little blue vase $12, white vessel $8, weird wooden hammer $5.

So there you have it. My hoarding for you blog reading pleasure. We shot these with our iphone on set yesterday while we were shooting the book. Double timing it over here. And the only way that we can afford to purchase so much for the book is knowing that we are gonna have a massive garage sale at the end. Get prepared, folks. I’ll keep you updated on the deets.

So which is your favorite? Which one do you wish that you had scored?

  1. megan

    Can I go shopping with you pretty please?! You have some amazing treasures here!!!! My favorite is that turquoise painting you got from shopclass and that amazing papermache camel!!!!
    all the best,

  2. Ardis

    Hey Emily,
    That brass lamp is KILLER. I really like that white lamp too. I’m in NY, but my sister is in LA. I will totally have her buy one of them from you if you’ll be selling. Thanks so much for posting this. It’s good to know what you paid for things and what you think is overpriced since you’re a regular flea market gal. This gives me a better gauge for my future thrift/flea purchases.

  3. Andrea

    Winner in the Camel.

  4. Emmy

    The paper mache camel is amazing!!

  5. Donna

    Love the 3 lamps!!!

  6. Emily

    Awesome hoard! And THANK YOU for writing if something is overpriced or not. I’m not a very experienced thrift store/second-hand buyer and I never know if what I’m getting is a good deal or a rip-off so this gives me some kind of a gauge.

  7. Sabrina E. Ogden

    Bestest best friend EVER… that camera bag is to die for!

  8. Robyn

    Why is it that I can NEVER find a paper mache camel when I need one??? Kidding. I haven’t needed one in weeks. ;) But seriously, I love your thrift store/flea market posts!!!

  9. Jess Hartnett

    Painting and two vessels in the last shot, please!

  10. Megan

    Shop class painting, THAT CAMEL, leather bag, and blue fabric are my faves! I can’t wait to see them in the book. I love your style so much and it brings me joy to live vicariously through your hoarding! When I thrift-hoard, I end up with stuff that is so weird it ends up back at Goodwill in the end.

  11. Love thrifting! It is a fantastic way to find unique things and live a little more sustainable lifestyle. Thanks, Emily, for sharing your finds –especially love the camel.

  12. Things I would buy from your stash:
    The bud vessel (because I have a small collection of vases in that shape)
    The brass lamp; definitely eye-catching!
    The three baskets.. I recently passed up a set with lids. Kind of regretting it now.
    And the funky shaped basket with handles, but I wouldn’t know what to use it for. What would you put in it?

  13. The camel, the wood pedestal, the three baskets and the white lamp. I want to go to your yard sale and I live in So Cal so I can. Yippee!

  14. Rachel

    Would love a post on lampshades. My husband and I like to pick up unusual lamps at estate sales, but then have trouble finding the right shade to complement the lamp (and without making the total cost for lamp+shade too $$$). Is it silly to be bothered with spending $100 bucks on a shade for a lamp that only cost $10?

  15. Willow

    This is random, but do you know the paint color these were shot against? It’s exactly the white/off white/but not depressing that I’ve been looking for! Usually anything less WHITE than BM super white grosses me out but my historic brownstone needs something more subdued…

  16. Okay I’m officially jealous of all of this. It’s so funny though because I’ve picked up some of those EXACT items at thrift stores. Doesn’t it seem like there are certain things that you see again and again? You just have such an eye for these things though (I’m stating the obvious…) and I love that I feel like your style is accessible because you don’t spend thousands of dollars on every piece you use. Basically I love ya!

  17. Dona

    Okay, I have to laugh (in a good way) I think I have been around much too long, but I have several of those items ( or matching ones) in my basement now! Maybe I should go shopping in my basement next time I need new accessories (Or I should call you and you could go shopping in my basement!)

    • Emily

      uh yeah, i’ll shop anyone’s basement

  18. Emma

    I just bought two of the square brass lamps from a thrift store in Vermont this weekend. $10 each! Love all of these finds. Can’t wait to see how they are used in the book… When can we sign up for pre-purchase!? :)

  19. You are GOOD. Will you take me with you next time? I always get so overwhelmed thrifting and more often than not leave empty handed!

  20. I love the two brass lamps and the abstract painting you plan to keep, but beautiful pieces all around.

  21. dawn

    i would slay dragons for those brass lamps.

  22. giselle

    where is this blessed thrift store???
    gorgeous stuff!!!

  23. You should come back to the Midwest and rent a uhaul. Good gracious, those prices!! Great items though!

  24. Spot on with this write-up, I really think this
    site needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the info!

  25. Nina D

    The painting of the dude with the mustache!

    Love your thrifting and flea market posts. They definitely help to inspire.

  26. Chausey

    Turquoise painting and camel…hands down! :)

  27. Amy

    These are some of my favorite posts to read. Loving the lamps you found! I should totally be your personal shopper because the prices in ND are so much cheaper!

  28. cindy

    i love love love your thrifting/flea posts….i agree with Catherine though that the prices seem way high (compared to midwest (where I am from) or even Atlanta (where I live) BUT what awesome finds! and your justification about selling after is something I always say in my head….i can always sell it if it doesnt work, just buy it!!

  29. Sara

    I think I love almost everything…especially the lamps and art.

    I seriously need to get to the point where I have the cash flow budget for such hoarding…oh, and much better sources than what is available where I am.

  30. Deb

    That white lamp with the curves was my favorite piece of everything. Very art deco. And, I have to ask, do you ever shop @ HomeGoods? Cuz they have these amazing jungle animals made of paper mache’ (which are actually pieces of newspaper from their region in Asia), that would lend quite an eclectic look on any shelf. Just wondering…..

  31. Grant

    Wow, you need to come up to WA for some real thriftin’! It’s amazing the stuff people donate here and what the thrift stores don’t know! Howard Miller Mid Century Clock 2$, Danish modern Leather/wood chair 5$, Jonathan Adler Ceramic bird 3$. My list goes on and on.

    • Deb

      Hey, Grant, would you mind sharing your list of fav places? I live in the Seattle area and have found some great treasures @ the Goodwill’s and garage sales. Where do you go for above items and more? Thanka you!

      • Renee

        Yes, please share Grant!

        • Grant

          The stuff listed above was found either at the Goodwill or the Goodwill Outlet over here in Spokane, however, I do find some at the Value Village and some at garage sales. I do go everyday at different times but have found some awesome stuff at bargain prices.

  32. Marguerite

    Somewhere in this house I have that basket trio.

    The last brass lamp is everything.

  33. Susan

    Huge blue vase and striped patchwork fabric — looove!

  34. Would you consider shipping that brass lamp (last pic) over to Scotland? Need it! Love your work Emily + co.

  35. laura

    love. love. such beauties. I think you need to do a midwest thrift store exploration–i’m always amazed at the finds in madison wi.

  36. I’m in love with that little blue $160 painting from Shopclass, even if it was overpriced.

  37. I love the abstract painting and the large blue/grey (drip glaze?) pottery vase you got for $40 is absolute perfection…

  38. You literally have the best thriftin’ eye in the business! I’d happily take any and all of them (except maybe the camel)! ;)

  39. jennie

    My favorite pieces are the small gray and white pottery. I’m a sucker for pottery. But what I really love about this post is the way you put things together to create these beautiful vignettes that are so much more interesting than the pieces are separately. When you are shopping, do you buy things in groups specifically to go together, or do you buy individual pieces that you like and then figure out what they go with later? Maybe a little of both?

  40. i thrift only when i have a lot of time. it calms and soothes me. i can NOT imagine having to do it on a deadline for a photo shoot !

  41. Holly

    Ok and now I’m shaking because I want to go thrifting so bad. I’m glad I’m not the only one drawn to random really cool shaped baskets – can’t get enough.

  42. Emy

    I just bought 2 lamps with a similar socket as the last brass lamp. Can you please share how to add a shade? Right now, I’m going to have to rig up a lot of hardware pieces to make a piece that will make a normal spider shade high enough not to block my beautiful lamps.


  44. Carrie

    I want that painting in the last picture. And the camel! Love quirky stuff like that :)

  45. Anna Scott

    How big is that camel, exactly? I need a reference for perspective! Large whimsical objects for the win!

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