Watch this video. C’mon, think of the children. Literally.

If you have kids, if you like kids, if you’ve ever heard of kids, please watch this video.  One of my best friend’s was part of the creative behind this video and campaign about kids health and exercise for Nike and is trying to bring awareness to the issue (and i’m trying to bring awareness to her video…and the issue).

My description of it sounds terribly boring, but its really not.  It’s very good.  Please share it around if you love it and go to for more info.  

  1. MW

    Very touching …

  2. amy

    Just posted this on my facebook page and am going to share it with the Principal of my children's school!

  3. Sunne

    Great message. Just posted to my FB.

  4. Suzan

    I, too, would be the boss of all the chipmunks.

  5. Lori

    I'm sure the video is lovely, but I absolutely will not have any involvement with anything Nike-related thanks to them using Michael Vick as a sponsor. (And before anyone says "he did his time," remember that he served time for racketeering and tax fraud, not for horribly abusing and murdering animals. He's also never shown real remorse.)