Watch my friends show today, plus should i be a carrot for halloween?

Remember this chick from Design Star? 

I know, she’s super hard to look at.

Well she booked the re-incarnation of ‘Design On a Dime’ on HGTV and it is premiering today, Saturday at 4pm (so like 7 east coast).  I have no idea if its good, i haven’t seen it so i can’t endorse it, but she is effing awesome, hilarious, funny, smart, nice and she has great taste and style so i can endorse her 100%.

And check this out:  she went to SCHOOL for interior design.  Ha!!!! I know. Weird.  So she might know what she’s talking about.  

Watch her new show today, support my truly very good friend who i wish i could see more.  I was so happy when she booked the show, she totally deserves it and it makes the HGTV functions extra fun knowing that a really good friend of mine is there.  Also if you ever see her on the street, go up to her and tell her how much you love her show ‘Secrets from a Stylist’. The amount of times that has happened to her (or some other way of being mistaken for me) is hilarious. 

Also on another note remember these two?  Michael came in 2nd in Design Star season 5, and Nina was, …..well, memorable.

Well they are now these two:

Yup. They booked ‘Clean House’ New York on ‘Style Network’.  I’m psyched for Michael, he’s a  seriously awesome guy that deserves a lot of success.  He came off on Design Star as super bitchy, and yeah, sure he can be, he’s also super self-depricating, smart, kind and has really good taste and style.  These two were more determined to win Design Star than any of us, so kudos to them for booking a show.  Again, this is NOT an endorsement, i’m just bragging about my friend and wanted you to have the info.

So that makes 4 of us that have shows out of the 12 on Design Star my season. And i’m still rooting for very handesome and talented Dan Faires to get a show (he makes a really good appearance on my holiday episode, by the way, stay tuned AND he’s making and selling really beautiful furniture by the way, check the link above).

 So what i am endorsing? auditioning for Design Star because turns out even if you don’t win, it seriously opens doors.  

In other news, should i go as 1978 Dolly Parton or ‘a carrot’ for halloween?

Last year i was Judith Light which entailed going into my closet and getting dressed. (Yes Corbett was a chicken, Leigh was a tea-bagger, Brian was ‘Oats’ from Hall and Oats and Ian was a bumble bee)

I know dolly isn’t a stretch, i’ve got the 2/3rds the hair, 2/3rds the boobs and a ton of 70’s – 80’s clothes, but i do love her:

Look how pretty she is, though. Seriously.  I love you Dolly.  

But a carrot would be really fun, too.  I think we all need to be food more often.  I want Orlando do go as a triscuit, but he wants to be ‘bone didion’ (yes a skeleton version of Joan Didion).

  1. jenn

    According to my tv listings Design on a Dime comes on at 8pm EST. I'm looking forward to checking it out. Oh.. you should TOTALLY be Dolly, she's fabulous!

  2. Debra

    Emily, where is your show, miss it so much? I love Dolly too but I have never seen someone dressed as a carrot. Love your Judith Light. You're probably too young to remember, but she used to be on One Life to Live and played a hooker I think. All I remember is she cried a lot.

  3. max

    If you go as a carrot you need fangs or something, carrots are just not scary enough. Dolly tho, cute and scary at the same time. Do do Dolly!

  4. I recently watched your entire season of design star in 2 days, and was amazed how much talent was in one episode (especially considering the following season, which was lacking.) I remember thinking what a tough call all of it was, and that I was glad I wasn't a judge that year, and it's SO great to hear that lots of the other talent is being recognized!

    Oh, and Dolly, for sure. One of my all time faves. Go big with the hair and you'll be fine.

    I dressed as Frida Kahlo for a party tonight, which is what, for me, entails going into my closet and getting dressed. Except for the eyebrows, which need enhancement, and the hair, which requires an extra (fake) braid on top.

    Happy Haloween!

  5. Maybe you should go as Nina.

  6. I love the carrot idea! It is just so friggin hilarious, goofy, and totally random. Love it!

  7. Lauren

    I'm so confused. I swear I already saw an episode of Casey on Design on a Dime a while ago. Is that possible? I was home for lunch, so it must have been a repeat and I remember googling to see if she got the job, because I was so surprised to see her! Then I thought to myself it was only a matter of time, considering she is gorgeous and talented. Please tell me I'm not going crazy and having premonitions, mistaking them for reality. …Anyway, perfect show for her.

  8. I saw the preview a while back and really loved it. I'm totally going to tune in. P.S. I LOVE Dolly. I've been dying to go to Dollywood since forever but can't get anyone on board. I don't know how you're going to outdo Judith but give it a go. :)

  9. Holly G

    Be Dolly! Do it! Do it! Do it! IT would be totally hilarious and amazing! I love Design on a Dime…Why do they always have a rotation of people though? Hope she sticks around for a while! As far as the other show…not too sure.

  10. Emily- Which would be more fun? A carrot is nice, but to channel Dolly all day and night is too cool. (I assume you'll get up in the morning and throw on the wig!


  11. lynyates

    Love Paloma's Nest.. so delicate. Love the children's menagerie furniture and the love tokens…

  12. angie

    I thought Dan won the web show? Good news about Casey. I loved her, and I love Design on a Dime. I thought I saw that Michael and Nina had a show on Style. So Tempest didn't last too long taking Neicie's place, huh? Ok. I'm really showing my fanboy side. Stopping now.

    By the way, I love Secrets of a Stylist!

  13. oh just fab! she was super sweet on the show…i just tweeted hgtv that i'm going to have to get a seperate dvr just for them and all these awesome new shows!!! (is she taking over for candice???)

  14. kbd

    I watched the Design on a Dime 2.0. It was fabulous. I nearly turned it off before I saw it wasn't the original show (I hadn't read this before then). It was great! I learned useful stuff. Stuff I could do at home – and stuff that looked great when it was done. Going to watch it again! well done!

  15. whistlerpotpie

    Update please – were you a carrot? Please post pictures!

  16. Josh

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  17. Ferdinand Rosenfield

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