Vote for The homies, homies — it’s the final round of votes!

Oh friends, I don’t totally know how to approach this situation gracefully, but I’m going to try. I’ve made it into the final round of the HOMIE awards and so even if you voted last week, you HAVE to vote again for the final round in order for your vote to count. The last vote was just for nominations, but this week (until February 16th) is the real deal.

I feel like it’s senior year of high school and I’m up for a huge scholarship for college that will allow me to actually go to a good school, and it’s up to a group of people to decide who gets it. So this is me, Emily Henderson, imploring you, my very valued and appreciated readers, to vote for me for The Homies, if you want to. As a reminder, it’s the best of the blog awards by Apartment Therapy. But I’m not just going to expect it, nope, I’m going to make a case for it. Keep reading.



My blog is my favorite thing  I do in life besides eating takeout with Brian whilst watching “Downton Abbey” or thrifting in undesirable suburbs. After three years of blogging, I enjoy it even more then when I started. But it’s basically the most expensive business card you can have. It takes around 30 hours a week to create the blog — hours that I love and often don’t notice — but it’s still a chunk of time that is mostly unpaid. I clocked in 78 hours of work this week (a heavy week, for sure), which is pretty bad ass, my friends, because the blog is that important to me.


Oh, how  VERY “NPR Pledge Drive” of me, I KNOW. Except I’m not asking for money, just a little click of a box to vote for me IF YOU WANT TO.

Photo by Terilyn Fisher

Photo by Terilyn Fisher

More reasons why:

Here’s how it’s run: I have one full-time and one part-time paid assistants (plus three fabulous interns) that help me with everything, but about 60 percent of their job rotates around the blog. And the blog doesn’t make enough to cover their costs. So I use the money from the design business and partnerships to pay for the blog help.

Right now I am designing three spaces, unpaid by the clients, just for blog content. I know that sounds insane — and clearly I need a better business plan — but basically I found “clients” that are so fun, have great style, great spaces, and want me to do kinda whatever I want. I’m choosing to do their spaces for creative blog content and portfolio work instead of just focusing on paid clients that don’t want to be blogged about. I want to be able to give you real interior design/decorating tips, and good before and afters. I can’t do that just from my house, because it’s just not good enough and you’ll get bored — hell, I get sooo bored shooting here.

photo by terilyn Fisher

I write almost every post myself. Orlando is the only contributor I have, and the reason I even have him contribute is because A. He’s hilarious and amazing, and B. You guys know him, he’s kinda branded with me so it’s not like it’s a random person all of a sudden, he’s Orlando. Plus, I want him to be able to promote his own blog by writing on mine.


We set up two shoots a week to create original content to make sure that you aren’t just getting pretty pictures of spaces you’ve seen a million times from Domino Magazine.  For instance, this week we are shooting Bri’s house tomorrow, two video’s there on Wednesday, One Kings Lane  on Thursday, and bar cart styling on Friday.

Ugh. I’m so sorry if this sounds annoying. I’ve edited this post like ten times, but no matter what campaigning for yourself is sooooooo hard. But I’m almost done:

Here’s what I can promise to you:

– I will always continue to write the posts myself. I might have more help researching, coordinating, photoshopping, and editing, but it will always be me. My approach to my blog is to really try and write/create what I like to read, and my favorite blogs are the ones where there is a relatable person behind them, with one really compelling voice.  I’m not looking to be Apartment Therapy or Design*Sponge  — they already do that sooo well.  I aspire to be more like Young House Love. They give so much information along with a healthy dose of entertainment and are always relatable.

– I will create more styling how-to videos and posts. I have a few on the schedule (two this week, actually), but I’ll keep them coming regularly, I promise.

– I won’t partner with douchey companies, I promise.

– I’ll have your internet babies.

SOOO if you enjoy reading this blog, maybe you could possibly head over to The Homies and vote for it. I’m up against Jenny from Little Green Notebook (whom I LOVE) and Nicole from Making it Lovely, plus many others, but those two are really awesome and totally formidable. In fact, I’ve already voted for Little Green Notebook on best home project blog. They deserve to win, I can’t deny that.

Oh and Meryl Streep. She doesn’t even have a blog, but she’s probably going to win.

Hundreds of thousands of people read this blog every month; let’s make something happen together, friends. It would seriously mean the WORLD to me. And if you’d help spread the word that would even mean more.

OK, that’s it. We are done. Back to a regularly scheduled post at noon, come back for some exclusive Jonathan Adler news.

Here’s the link for the vote again, in case you really need to be bombarded. Thank you so much for those of you who have already voted.  I seriously appreciate it.



  1. Angela Dickerson-Lee

    Ok, Emily you convinced me. But really your blog is comprehensive, helpful and what I like most? Its updated like every other day, which I am sure is extremely challenging but very much appreciated. Good luck on the homies, homie.

  2. sue

    you get my vote emily, even without the campaign! i love your original content, humour & energy in particular! your video how-to’s are always fab & i love how you break down a space & demystify styling for your readers… i’ll happily vote for you to keep this content flowing!

    • Emily

      Thank you thank you thank you, Sue. I really appreciate it. xx

  3. Kimberly

    I’m so glad I clicked on the link. I had already voted for you but that vote was just to get you into the finals and I needed to vote again now that you’re actually in the finals! I didn’t realize that reading the post. Maybe up date the blog or the header to say “I made the Finals…Now vote for me!!!”. I’m rooting for you!!

    • Emily

      Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. and you are right about changing the announcement. thank you thank you.

      • Kimberly

        My pleasure!! Anything I can do to help my favorite blog and favorite designer/stylist win;)

  4. Voted! Reading your blog is one of my favorite daily routines! Good Luck!!

  5. Rozie

    I check your blog every morning and always get a kick out of your posts and awesome sense of humor. The least we can do as readers is take 30 seconds to vote for you. You have my vote! Good luck!

  6. Christine

    Done!!! I love your blog, it has inspired me so much this year.

  7. Eagle Eye

    Already voted! (For the 2nd time!)

    • Emily

      Amazing. thank you!

      • Eagle Eye

        Yay! You responded! I just want to say how much I LOVE your blog and your show! As a totally broke grad student whose DIYs either don’t happen/ end up in the trash because they look so awful – your blog and show are the BEST sources of inspiration, especially since I found a pretty good/ awesomely cheap upholsterer!

        Also, I love your videos and how you talk about filling up space in a vignette like its a composition, you make this art historian extremely happy!

        Okay creepy adulation over now…

  8. Chad

    So I love your blog … the smallest thing I could do was vote!! Major juju to you :)

  9. You had me at “Check out my new business cards with the gold flower embossing”!!
    You inspired me to make heart art back in April and to get off my tush and begin posting more – a lot more, so THANKS for the inspiration! You been voted on, featured, referred to #awesomebrasslampemilyisprobablyalreadyinhercarcomingforit and appreciated!

  10. Whitney

    i voted for you! this says a lot since i know jenny k personally. but she gets my vote for best DYI. i love your blog and even though i feel slightly intimidated writing this now because i am such a fan, i hope you know reading your blog brightens my day! and thanks for the laughs whilst reading- you are the tits. (still laughing from that line) thanks for all the hard work you put into it.
    also the blog’s new do is awesome!

    • Emily

      Oh my god, thank you sooooooooo much. I really really really appreciate it. :) and i love Jenny as well, so if she wins i’ll be almost as happy as if i win.. Thanks again.

  11. Gidget

    I’m in. I voted. Good luck!

  12. Kate

    I just voted for you! Your blog is my go-to source for design inspiration and style. It’s my favorite! Good luck, I hope you win.

  13. Gidget

    OH, and if you ever get tired of that velvet blue wing chair…

    • Emily

      That’s so funny. I still LOVE it, but i think i am going to try to sell it – although i might try to sell it for a lot (like $1200) because i just love it so much. But stay tuned.

  14. Aw thanks for the mention Emily! You’re so sweet and we lurve your blog. Good luck with the homies, homie.

    Sherry (& John)

    • Emily

      Ahhh, thanks guys. I’m glad you are out of the running because no doubt you would win every year. Keep it up. xx

  15. Lynn Rutledge

    I just looked at all the top Homie contenders. You are my favorite, hands down! Just added a vote to your tally.

  16. Natalie

    Quite compelling argument. You sold yourself :) Voted for you. Good luck!

  17. kenley

    Hi Emily! LOVE your blog and totally went over to vote – but just wanted to let you know the Homies hyperlink is broken and leads me to a place that says “Page not Found” on your blog. May want to update it for easy voting purposes!
    Fingers crossed for your win, I love your unique content and would even consider donating if you had a “donate” button. Thank you for all you do!

    • Emily

      OH THANK YOU for telling me. that’s terrible. I’ll change it right now.

  18. Laura

    Hi Emily,
    I rarely vote online, but I’m a regular fan. I check your blog and CNN :) daily. Thank you for the original perspective & helpful tips. I actually think I know how to add color to my home now. I also really like Orlando’s content & recently visited his blog. Good job& good luck!!

  19. I voted before before I saw this! You are an inspiration for me. Talented and funny, but most important, genuine. Keep on keepin on Henderson!

  20. Karla

    This may be a very corny comment but I have found your blog to be inspiring both professionally and personally! I am new to the business in Vancouver, BC and have learned so much about design, styling and being authentic from your blog. I look forward to the daily read over my morning coffee. Very inspired and you have my vote for sure!! Excited to see the new videos this week!!! Karla

  21. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for being so funny and devoted and just simply awesome.
    Voted for you already and I really really hope you win!!
    Keep up the awesomeness!

  22. shefena

    i LIVE for your blog, its vital to my morning ritual, everything you do is so beautiful and inspiring…. soooo i voted for you 6 times (that’s all i could manage with my family and friends emails for now) good luck at the homies as i just adore u and would probably die if ur content ever ended – much love and good wishes!

    • Emily

      Thank you so very very very very much. You just made my day. Thank you so much for getting your family to vote for me, its just so touching. xxxx

  23. You have one of the few blogs that I like to READ as well as look at all the pretty pictures. I’d vote for you anytime. Also, someday I will get rich and hire you to do whatever you want to my whole house.

  24. Stephanie

    love your blog, style, humor (and Orlando!) – you’ve got my vote. keep up the great work, you are awesome!

  25. tammyCA

    To be honest I never heard of your blog before I was directed to the voting contest by another blog I love. They aren’t in the finals so I just cast my vote for you now. You seem down to earth and with a sense of humor and I see you rescue down on their luck furniture and give them a new life…would love to fins a great upholsterer in the valley…I’ve taken classes before but the big stuff I’d rather leave to the pros.

    • Emily

      Very good to know that actual readers are directed here from the homies. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi. And hopefully not too many people see this, but i go to D and R on Beverly for my upholstery. :) Good luck!

  26. you’re so close Emily! I just voted… I’ll keep my fingers crossed and spread the word!

  27. Lindsay

    I already voted for you, but just logged back in to make sure! Done.

  28. You get my vote for using the word “douchey.” I love your design sense, but what sets your blog apart is your relatable writing style. Fuck perfection. Yay for humor!

  29. Dawn Jurgensmeier

    I voted for you in both rounds, Emily- you deserve it! I follow a lot of blogs but yours is the one I look forward to the most every day. I ADORE your style and will support you everywhere you go! I’m super excited about your next OKL sale next month- I bought a couple cool items on your last one and if I’m lucky I’ll score some more!

  30. Sara

  31. Lilpandapaw

    I voted for you! I totally love your show and your little nuances! Looking forward to more videos!

    I trust ;)

  32. Nicole

    Emily, i love your blog, it’s so inspiring! I’ve voted for you! And if you want to re-do my living room for blog content, come over! We need help!

  33. mara

    Ok, so I just registered there to vote for you. I just love your blog, if I had the money and/or lived in the US, I would beg you to style my place :) But as that’s not the case your tipps really helped my lazy self to style my tiny apartment!

  34. Chris


  35. Emily, you’re the best! You’ve got my vote!! If you still need blog content, please come to Austin and help us. We have a cool mid- century place off S. Congress that is begging for a style diagnostic. I’ll also make you delicious drinks. p.s.- Please don’t forget Orlando. I love him.

  36. Bushra

    Emily, we love you & just voted for you right now:) Hope you win! All the best xoxo

  37. Just voted! The fine print on my vote page said voting ends today but your post says it ends the 16th. Maybe you want to spit out a quick post letting people know today’s the last day? (If that is actually the case…) Good luck!!!

  38. Emma B

    Hi Emily. Just voted for you, and I have to say – seeing all the work you do set out like that is insane! I freaking love your blog and sometimes I guess I don’t realise how much work goes into it. Plus you’re funny and feminist and have great hair!

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