Vintage Romantic Canopy Bedroom

It’s a bright, airy, romantic, feminine, unexpected and yet totally calm bedroom.  Welcome to one of my favorites rooms i’ve ever designed.  It was for Secrets from a Stylist, but i never had the chance to shoot it properly.  Well, luckily i met Bethany Nauert and last week we stopped by the house and shot the hell out of this bedroom.


I really want this room.  The canopy bed, the regency dresser, that orange chandelier – AND I DON’T LIKE ORANGE.  But i love these colors together.

So here’s the story:  The homeowner is still one of my favorites ever because she was just so grateful, happy, easy and funny.  I actually redid her backyard for this backyard makeover video that i blogged about because she was just so lovely to deal with.  She has a really adorable mid-century house in the hills that has so much charm and light so its easy to make-over, plus she doesn’t live far away which makes it easy and she has great style.


Her style was ‘Eclectic Modern Romance’ (i think) and she wanted something soft and pretty, but feminine without being too girly, which is pretty much my fantasy.

The color palette was definitely a risk, but once i saw this photo below i knew i wanted to try it.

That Hermes orange is really captivating, partly because it is so classic/iconic and partly because it is just so bold. But i went a little grayer and warmer with the lavender, since it was on all the walls instead of just an awesome settee, and i brought in more gray accents to counteract the femininity.  I honestly can’t remember what color I painted the walls, i do apologize, but i think that this ‘French lilac’, by Benjamin moore is pretty close to the wall color and ‘Rumba’ by Benjamin Moore is a pretty close ‘Hermes’ orange.


I knew i wanted a statement bed, but in a quiet way, so one day when i was shopping at the antique mall i found this crazy bamboo canopy bed that was stacked on top of itself, totally taken apart and discarded. The guys told me it had been there for years.  ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, i thought, but then again my eye hones in on shit that other eyes just don’t.  Years as a child at the dump can do that to you.  I think it was $150 and i about peed in my culottes.  Sure, getting it painted the perfect matte gray was going to be $300 but that is $450 for a total statement piece and 100% worth it.  If it were at a beach house i probably would have left it the natural bamboo, but on this carpet I knew that it wouldn’t look that good, and that painted this soft gray color its so much quieter.



The dresser i bought from Wertz brothers as well for $150 but the finish was in really bad shape, while the shape and lines were perfect – nothing that a $300 lacquer job can’t fix.  And yes, in general anything cost $300 to lacquer. Some might be more and some barely less, but in general it’s expensive to have something painted properly.



The chandelier was purchased (again) at a vintage store and spray-painted orange. The color was a readymade spray paint color from Home Depot, but sadly i don’t remember the brand or color. We painted the chain as well to make it more sculptural. I like a swag, i do.  Especially for chandeliers that are kinda statements.  It’s so much less committal and therefore it takes a serious chandelier and gives it a bohemian vibe.


And this rocker? Yep, i bought it and had it painted. Although i had it painted by a guy that basically just spray paints things so no, i realized afterwards it wasn’t the best job. If it were a chair that got a ton of use then it wouldn’t have been acceptable, but it looks good as is and was like $50 to get painted and we were out of money. If you ever go to Pepe’s on Sunset know that if he offers to ‘lacquer’ something, it just means spray painting it.  It’s a running joke amongst Orlando and I. It’s not that spray painting is bad, because its not – its a great finish for many pieces, but for major pieces of furniture spray paint is temporary and doesn’t wipe up or hold up well, so lacquering (which takes coats of a certain kind of super durable paint, with sanding in between coats and at least 2-3 days with the drying time) is much higher quality.

That beautiful throw pillow is DwellStudio for $88.  The two behind it i thought were Dwell, but i’m not finding them now on their site, now.

I do however, like this pillow if you wanted some that were similar and looks just as good, if not better, with that adorable persimmon bird pillow.

And lastly on the wall opposite the bed, i did a gallery wall of beautiful antique botanicals.

I bought them all at the same vendor at the rose bowl, but you can buy them a ton of places online.  I think i spent 2 hours and $500 at that booth, picking the perfect orange mushrooms and eggplant….eggplants.  I mixed high and low – some were originals and strangely expensive (like $80) and some were reprints, yet still old, and were cheaper $5-$7.

We framed them in a mix of vintage frames that we collected at thrift stores and flea markets and then we dropped of some to have framed at a fairly cheap framer in Los Feliz.  But the wall as a whole was probably around $1500.  Not cheap, i know, but is so beautiful. Laying in that bed and waking up to these beautiful drawings of nature is so peaceful.  We wanted it to look really collected and authentic. The room was really quiet so of course i didn’t want a ton of orange frames, but i didn’t want it to feel new and shiny and modern – i wanted them to look as authentic as they were and sometimes these botanicals can look really cheesy in bad frames so we had to be careful to make them look authentic and not look like hotel art.  They turned out totally beautiful.

And after visiting this room again last week, its truly one of those spaces that is so light filled and happy that you could just hang out all day in there.

Bethany Nauert photographed this room so beautifully, so many, many thanks to her.

And in case you want your own fantasy bedroom, don’t forget to enter the Leggett & Platt Pinterest challenge to win a free tufted headboard, adjustable base and $1500 in cash to get your own makeover.  Details HERE.  And remember, i’m judging (with a couple people from the company). It’s not a random contest, the more you pin and curate the better chances you’ll win-  which to me makes it actually attainable, not just luck.


  1. Martha

    That bed is unbelievably amazing. I love the color palette!

  2. Alyrae

    This is probably my favorite room ever. It was on my DVR right after I had decided to do my guest room in lavender and gray. Bam…the perfect inspiration room. I had even seen the window fabric before, but hadn't put that together. (Premier Prints at for those interested).

    My room has an upholstered gray velvet headboard, and pops of turquoise instead of orange, but yes, its pretty much a ripoff. So thanks!

  3. Laurielulu

    Ohhhhhhhh Emily. This is really a stunning bedroom. I really REALLY adore it. It is such a unique combination of color. (Screaming).

  4. one of your best, i think.

    how much for you to travel to the east coast? donna

  5. Vanessa

    Only one close(r) up photo of the closet doors? That was one of my favorite details! Such a smart way to update and stylize the typically boring closet doors that are so common. Wish there were more detailed shots of those! I looked for some right after this aired with no luck.

    Really lovely room!

  6. torie horton

    what about the drapes? you missed telling us where you got the drapes and they are so wonderful!

  7. vel

    You did a great job on this emily – and that bed is to die for! Love everything including the mix of fabric choices and that chandy by the dresser? Very interesting and unexpectedly good!

  8. Love this! Thank you!! I am using it as inspiration for our small entrance way!!

  9. Suzane

    One of the prettiest rooms you've ever done. Love it and you!

  10. Mary

    This is beautiful! Would you be willing to do a post on how to design/acquire/and style a gallery wall? Everytime I see one I'm so inspired, but it just feels like a lifetime to acquire all the unique pieces.

  11. emily jane

    I don't know how I missed this episode! Lovely! (Sometimes, when I'm a wee-bit grumpy around the edges, I play your full length episodes on HGTV back-to-back as I go about my household chores and am inevitably trasformed into a gal with a cheerful disposition through & through… Thanks very much for that btw..!)

  12. Oh man, that bed. Yum.

  13. decorbuddy

    Love it! I noticed that you didn't make attempts to hide the ceiling cord on the swag lamp and actually made a point to to put focus on the cord and lamp as a whole. I never would have thought to do that and it does my heart good to see a designer do that. Makes us novices feel ok to try some other swag lamp placement options. All is right with the world!

  14. this seems to me to be a quantum leap in your work. so elegant, sophisticated and beautifully shopped. the bed, fantastic perfect find, prints 'n' frames, and as you know, orange and purple was bonnard's favorite color. mine too. wow, girl, this is moving into realms of greatness.

  15. dayka

    that bamboo canopy bed? THE MOST.

  16. Jena

    Emily you are adorable, and cuckoo, truly a woman after my own heart. I love your style, and finally a designer who loves to re-do vintage and who isn't a brand snob, yay!!!

  17. Lori

    I love a good gallery wall. I have been collecting for my living room forrrrrr-evvvvvv-errrrrr (said in the Sandlot voice).

  18. Leah

    Gah, that rocker! I saw one just like it at my local Goodwill literally days before this episode aired, but was on the fence. You know where this is going: went back and she was gone. I'm keeping my eyes out, though. Great room; one of your best!

  19. nihiru

    I definitely agree with Mary – a post on gallery walls would be most welcomed. I recently did mine and it's sooo difficult to make it so effortless!

    However, I'm sorry to say it (I do love you and your style), but I'm not into this color palette. I think this orange is too strong for lilac. On your inspiration purple and orange have the same intensity (they are exatly opposite on the color wheel) and create perfect contrast. Your lilac has a lot of grey undertones, while orange has none – I don't think they compliment each other.

    Again – sorry for this criticism. I will not mind if you just delete this comment:)

  20. decorbuddy

    Pertaining to post by "nihiru", the orange in your color scheme is totally acceptable but a nice salmon shade would have been equally nice in that room. It's more exciting to experiment than to side with the generally accepted norms of education and society. Design is supposed to be fun! Keep it up, Emily.

  21. Gorgeous.

  22. Tracy

    Question — has anyone ever tried lacquer spray paint ( I used it on some chairs recently, and it came out so beautifully. I'm just worried it won't last, so I may put a coat of poly on to really lock the whole thing in. I just don't want to if it isn't necessary, because again — perfect finish right now. Looks professional.

  23. Ok dangit I'm so confused about Secrets from a Stylist. Are there new episodes coming out? I haven't seen this one but I can never find it on HGTV!

  24. Donald

    After seeing this room I'm now thinking I should get a sex change so I can decorate my bedroom exactly like this.

  25. Sheri

    Love this room! What did you use for the canopy drape? I can't seem to find anything quite like it.

  26. Cassy

    The mushrooms!!!!!! :D
    The dresser and accesorizing!!! :D
    Because of the color pallet, I wouldn't have pegged it as an Emily Henderson room until I saw the dresser styiling which is so wonderfully you. It's really great. And it's clear you're pushing yourself. Kudos!

  27. Love the bed!! Tell us about those Greek key studded closet (?) doors!

  28. Danielle

    I really love your blog and your show. I also respect your advice and tips on design. I have to say I wish you would flat out not recommend Pepes on Sunset anymore. I went there and had a horrible experience. He ruined the pieces I took to him and he is the worst business owner I have ever met. I know you say go to him with caution, but I believe there are so many other business owners, who are 1000% more professional. I wouldn't take a $5 Ikea footstool to Pepes to be painted.

  29. Danielle

    I really love your blog and your show. I also respect your advice and tips on design. I have to say I wish you would flat out not recommend Pepes on Sunset anymore. I went there and had a horrible experience. He ruined the pieces I took to him and he is the worst business owner I have ever met. I know you say go to him with caution, but I believe there are so many other business owners, who are 1000% more professional. I wouldn't take a $5 Ikea footstool to Pepes to be painted.

  30. Thank you for sharing this information with us!

  31. catd

    You mentioned Framing source in Los Feliz? Need a cheapo framer. thanks

  32. The bedroom is definitely calling my name. The color pallet is wonderful and I never really cared for the color orange but it really is a highlight with the other colors. You have completed a fantastic bedroom.

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