Vintage finds…Should i buy them?

From Craigslist, Etsy and other online resources these are vintage pieces i’m VERY tempted to buy right now.

Let me be clear: I don’t need these. I shouldn’t prioritize them into my life and i have no right spending my saturday morning shopping online.  But when i saw this i died:

image 2image 1

It’s a Paul McCobb Oree-join-al.   It’s way too expensive at $1999, but i’m thinking of offering $1450 and see if i can get it.  It’s modern and simple, yet has enough unique character not to bore me and it will perfectly balance out all my crazy grandma 70’s stuff.  The simple lines, the brass, the rosewood….I’m literally talking myself into it as i write this. The problem: i don’t NEED it.  Truly.  But my heart, soul and groin want it so bad. 

UPDATE as of 8/27:  i went and saw it today and its truly beautiful but much smaller than i thought. It basically has to sit on a credenza.  I instantly knew i wasn’t going to buy it and i was soooo relieved because i was previously terrified that i would buy it and i don’t need to be spending the money.  So glad i went and found out so i don’t regret it for the rest of my life.  

Pair of vintage chinese lamps:

Whimsy Asian Inspired Pagoda Lamps

OK. I don’t NEED these either, but the colors are awesome and obviously me.  The pair is $350 which is not a bad price for two really unique lamps.  I will have to buy shades which adds at least another $100 to the price tag.  I think i just talked myself OUT of these, but help me decide. 

This fish:

Vintage Sailfish Tag & Release

I swear to god i’m not drunk. Unless you count being totally intoxicated by the idea of this being in my house, over my headboard….above my tv……It’s 80″ long which is hefty and its $550.  I’ll probably skip it because its expensive and i really want that Paul McCobb shelving unit now, so this may not be a priority in my life.  I can’t believe i just wrote that…..that this ‘vintage sailfish’ may not be a priority in my life.  what is wrong with me?????

Meanwhile i just missed buying these:

Vintage Brass Geometric Shelves


Vintage Brass Geometric Shelves

I was mad that i missed them but truly didn’t need them. Although I could have put them in my bathroom…..AHHHHH NOW THEY SHOULD BE MINE!!!  Whatever, i’m getting the Paul McCobb shelving unit.  

Mirror folding screen:

Don’t need this, but i want this sooooooo bad with all its 80’s goodness.  Put it in that corner that doesnt’ get a lot of light and it will instantly liven up the whole space. 

I also fell in love with this papa bear chair for $699…..

Mid Century Gorgeous Wing Back Papa Bear Looking Chair

Mid Century Gorgeous Wing Back Papa Bear Looking Chair

It’s not cheap but its real leather so way cheaper than most new leather chairs. Such a statement piece, oh those lines, those tufts, those nailheads…..and in brown leather…….

So the question is:  if i can get that shelving unit for $1500 do i buy it???? I’m sure i can find a place for it…..


  1. Emily p

    BUY. Wooooorth it

  2. KB

    Absolutely. Holy crapballs, that is a beautiful piece of sexy. Besides, it's basically free since you didn't get the others!

  3. Bridget

    Yes or else you'll regret not getting it the rest of your ill hunt your dreams!

  4. Buy it!! (and the papa bear chair!) :)

  5. amy h

    If I had $1500, I'd be all over that shelving unit. It's is truly excellent. The other stuff is cool, but they are not at the level of the shelving unit. Except for maybe those little brass shelves (which I have been looking for for my itty bitty master bedroom — I can't find many brass shelves like that).

  6. Kimberly

    But it! Or forever live with the regret. I saw a beautiful pair of brass shelves on Craigslist about 3 weeks ago and I "thought it over" for a couple days…they're gone and I've been searching ever since for anything similar and nada…..

  7. Madelyn

    Buy it! It is SOOOO gorgeous and you will kick yourself every single day if you don't! I just typed in "etageres" on Craigslist 20 minutes ago, looking for something EXACTLY like that and you should see what came up here – gross! So get it and I'll enjoy it vicariously through you.

  8. Oh my goodness stop thinking about it and PULL THE TRIGGER!!! That thing is amaze balls-bananas-gorgeous and if I had an extra $2000 lying around I would do it!! You have to, it is stunning and you will HATE yourself if you don't! Now go!!!

  9. Maca

    Paul McCobb YES! Mirror folding screen YES! Leather chair YES YES YES!!! they are uh-mazing!

  10. DUH! Emily, get it!! It's so sexy and so YOU.

  11. Faireden

    I love the vases, the Papa Bear Chair (talk about beautiful design – profile? To die for.), and the mirrored screen. Not so much on the dead fish!

  12. Megan

    Dude, you make a living styling shelves (and other things, of course). Can't you write the McCobb shelving unit off on your taxes? ;) You should definitely get it! It's gorgeous and 100% Emily. Plus, unlike some of the other things on your list (I'm looking at you, fish), the shelving unit will hold its value, so you can always resell it. This is how I justify most major purchases.

  13. Katy

    Shelving unit — yes! And then use it to teach us normal folks how to style shelving units. Also, the lamps. Get those. And oh, god, please do not get the swordfish thing. Can you imagine the potential impaling while trying to install it somewhere?

  14. Karen

    The price is steep, but WOW, that shelving unit is A.MAZ.ING. I might be mad at you if you don't buy it- but totally haggle them down as far as possible.

  15. laurie

    Let me be the voice of reason. I say, don't buy it. (Gasp heard round the web). I think you said it yourself when you said you don't NEED it. It won't complete you, and it won't love you back. (even if you do rub up against it in some inapproprate, adoring fashion.) I say take the $1500 and make a memory, or save it for something you actually need. :) ahhh, screw it. just go buy the damn thing.

  16. laurie

    OR you coulc buy it for a client. then you get the satisfaction of buying it and styling without having to spend any of your actual money.

  17. decorbuddy

    I say buy the shelving unit, enjoy it for awhile, and then resell it so someone can enjoy it too. Spread the love! That's what I do…..

  18. Elbu

    Well, I am drunk right now, and I say: GO FOR THE FISH!!!

  19. Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind about the shelf, but I'll join the chorus of other comments validating your desire for it and say GO FOR IT. :)

  20. Cheryl

    well, I just bought the white paper mache bowl with gold lining from your store online, the large one. did I need it? no. have I already made a place for it on the bar cart? yes. will I hand it down to my daughter? yes. it potentially will be a memory and a treasure, now and later. I would say many of the 'things' we have in our homes are not necessities. I guess what I do is try to decide if something is what I truly love and I can see a future for it in my life, beyond the moment of desire. If I already had a perfectly beautiful bowl and it works just fine on the bar cart, I'd hesitate. Or if I planned to paint the bowl as soon as I got it, I would probably pass. I did think about this bowl for a long time and kept coming back to it.

  21. DUH!! BUY IT!!! :) and i really like the folding screen, everything else, nah!! What are you waiting for?! Somebody is going to beat you to that badboy!

  22. First of all, just have to say I recognized some of those items from PBR (lamps, fish) which I just recently found out about and wrote a post on . . . Some really cool stuff on that site for sure. That being said, that Paul McCobb shelving unit is an investment piece that you'll never regret buying. Do you "need" it? Probably not, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. I say, go for it!

  23. CT

    Consider the Paul McCobb a sensible investment. And who doesn't want to invest in vintage? And then, instead of having your money tied up in the stock market, your beautiful investment is living a beautifully styled life in your living room. It's a win for everyone (except maybe the Wall Street stock brokers but they can suck it.) Cheers – CT

  24. Get the shelving unit and I think a must is the papa bear chair. I love mod wingback chairs like that. I'm still kicking myself over the one I found on Ebay that I didn't get.

  25. I find that generally if you ask other people if you should buy something, they'll almost always say "yes," because buying something new is a lot more fun and exciting than saving your money. You and your readers like beautiful things; if you post something beautiful on this blog asking "should I buy this?" the answer will always be "yes."

    I'm not saying you shouldn't go for the shelf – just saying that we are not exactly an objective sounding board here. :)

  26. dayka

    bookshelf–yes. and you HAVE to get the folding mirror screen…super fab & i haven't seen anything else like it!

  27. I hope you did buy it after all! It is AMAZING.

  28. Sara

    You definitely need to buy that shelving unit!!! If you use it for your styling video, can you deduct it and then it costs less?? I would say let the others go so you can go for that gorgeous big piece!

  29. Debra

    Emily, you could make a living styling craiglist ads. The shelf is begging for someone to take it out of it's misery of being shoved next to the wall in front of bad faux wood blinds with the collection of garage sale stuff on it. Buy it!!! I always regret the stuff I let get away.

  30. Amber

    Nashville Craigslist sucks compared to this.