Turns out Bob doesn’t like clowns

Oops.  Well, you win some you lose some.  JUST KIDDING.  Bob still loves clowns.  

Also kidding. 

Heres a sneaky peaky into what may or may not have made it into Joy and Bob’s living room: 

I love them.  From the 70′s, original hot pink upholstery in really good condition.  and kerazy comfortable.  These two were hard to give up….

The question is:  will they stay for the second look?

  1. Michelle

    I LOVE these!!! And they really are in great condition.

  2. Holy hottness! Those are too fun…canNOT wait til see all of these lovely episodes.

  3. Girl...

    If they don't stick around for the second look, I want them!

  4. Gahhhhhhhhh….. I can't stand it! Only 6 more weeks!!! I've never wanted December to go by quickly; I'm usually trying to savor every minute because I hate it when the holidays are over. But this year??? Hurry up January!!!

  5. joy

    hey aubrey,

    not done just yet!….we have one more reveal tomorrow…can't wait! ;)


  6. whisterpotpie

    I will touch them and love them and make them my own.

  7. Laura

    Can't wait to see it all! Loving your holiday spot on HGTV!

  8. sudha

    love the design but hot pink doesnt seem to be my colour :)

  9. Love it! Want it… NOW!! These peaks make me yearn for more

  10. those chairs have stolen my heart. i can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. angie

    Gosh darn it I wish HE loved pink chairs but I guess there is only so much a dude can handle. Buy hey he loves clowns…that's sayin sumethin….what I am not sure… but I like clowns for some weird reason so who knows. Just wanted to say thanks for tryin…really look forward to the episodes and please come back soon!!!!…

  12. OHHHHMG. The red (or hot pink you say?) chairs are amazeballs. Big balls. I totally have a chair fetish and the blue peacock (for $15 no less!!) also made me twitch with excitement.


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