Trolling Craigslist… New Orleans

Trolling Craigslist New Orleans

Nahlins, you fantastical city, you. I know I was there when I was little and I don’t remember much other than it looked pretty cool and weird. Trolling Craigslist there was fine but not amazing. But there are always some pretty good finds:

NOLA craigslist industrial stools nd MCM chairs

1. $60 Industrial Stools. Not amazing, but pretty great for that price.

2. $375 These wishbone chairs used to be my favorite dining chairs ever … not this finish necessarily, I like the raw finish better. I still love them but I’m not sure if these are the knockoffs or the real deal. The price isn’t incredible by any means, but it’s not bad. Just not sure what anybody is going to do with just 2 dining chairs. I suppose you can flank a credenza with them?

NOLA craigslist iron bed and mcm dresser

3. $45 Iron and Brass Full Sized Headboard. Kinda ugly but also kinda sweet if its styled right and in the right room. Try it with white linen bedding and some simple wood (either antique or midcentury) nightstands. Don’t add any ruffles, this thing is granny enough as it is.

4. $160 (plus side table)mid-century Dresser. Nothing to write home about but certainly a good piece at a good price. So if you have the space that needs it, grab this guy because its much cheaper than most dressers at a new store.  NOLA craigslist MCM chair glass table brass vanity


5. $100 Brass and Glass Coffee Table Cute. Not vintage, but a cute little find.

6.$25  Brass Vanity. I can’t, with a clean conscious, actually recommend spending real money on this. But if you are young and looking to just have some fun decorating then something like this could scratch that itch for a while. Maybe you have a nutty floral wallpaper? Maybe you have just a simple white wall and some plants near it? Its not worth any money, but it might be worth some fun.

7. $30 Mid Century Safari Chair. This might be my first long distance hoard. $35 for this thing? What are you nuts? Its awesome. Go and buy it PLEASE. I own one of these already that I got at a thrift store for $150. ONE FIFTY!! And that was a good deal. So this bad boy is a great deal, indeed.  NOLA craigslist dude chair vintage barstolls

8. $125/pair Retro Barstools. I’ve been shopping for bar stools for a while and let me tell you this – they are HARD to find for inexpensive. I need four and I want vintage, which is even harder. So if you are in New Orleans and need to stools consider these if you are on a budget. Not amazing, but pretty cute.

9. $150 Pair of Retro Chairs. I can’t really tell what the base is but I think these big pops of green look to be very cute chairs. Office? Dining nook?

10. FREE sofa. Its free. The lines don’t look bad and I like the 80′s/30′s style. Also, its free.

11.$150 Chunky Leather Chair and Ottoman. Score of the day, indeed. This leather looks beautifully worn. Although I will say that these kinds of chairs need a modern/mid-century context. You can’t put them in a bad 80′s or 90′s (or contemporary) style decorated house. Make sure that the other pieces of furniture really elevate it. Otherwise it goes pee wee’s playhouse pretty fast.

Good, but not Pittsburgh or Minneapolis quality. Where to next, folks?

And Happy Friday!!

  1. Really fun items, thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah

    SF bay are, pretty please!

  3. Elle Ruhstaller

    How about the San Francisco Bay Area??

    I know, I know, we have the luxury to troll the endless rows of amazing-ness that is the Alameda Antique fair every first Sunday of the month….but what if there is something amazing hiding on Craigslist?! The world may never know…..

  4. Elise

    The people in the free sofa household had at least 3 cats. I know, because I’ve had furniture that looked 1/3 that bad, from one cat. And I loved the Pee Wee reference! Well done, Emily!

  5. Bab

    I want those industrial stool! Maybe a trip to New Orleans is in order?

  6. Carrie

    Boston Boston Boston please please please

  7. Triangle, North Carolina and Las Vegas.

  8. Rachel

    Please visit Nashville!

  9. Rachel Taylor

    Washington, DC area!

  10. Jenny H.

    Austin, TX!!

  11. Rachel H.

    I live in New Orleans – thanks for bringing this series to the dirty coast! Your posts inspired me to troll Craigslist daily and I totally agree – the finds here are mostly just fine but rarely amazing. You’d think in a quirky southern city there’d be more treasures out there!

  12. Kristen

    I second Boston. PLEASE do Boston. I look at Craigslist constantly but you seem to be MUCH MUCH better at it.

  13. kelly

    Thank you for your trolling posts, I love them. and…’Pee Wee’s Playhouse’ made me laugh out loud.

  14. Kate

    SEATTLE, please! It’s the perfect time- SeaHawks are headed to the SuperBowl. Go Sports??

    • Erikka

      Absolutely Seattle! But I must say, I think it will be challenging finding good pieces at a reasonable price- Everyone here thinks their garbage is gold… Prove me wrong!

  15. Alison

    Yesssss Boston (and/or Worcester, Providence, South Coast, Western Mass) please!

  16. Rebecca Mulligan

    Sacramento!!! I love these posts, they are the most awesome use of wasted time EVER! Seriously, they are supper educational and I really enjoy them. Thanks!

  17. Molly

    Any advice on what to do with a MCM piece similar to #4 but it’s all dinged up? My first instinct was to sand down and do a bright white & dark stain combo but I’ve lost interest in that idea as it seems so overdone.

    • Molly

      meant to say a “painted white and dark stain combo”…

  18. Sam

    Adding to the Boston requests :)

  19. Ann

    Detroit City!

    • nasseem

      Yea! Detroit!!!

    • Lil

      Yes! Detroit! Please! Or you could do a post of cities whose CL sucks…you know, to validate the findings of those who live there? Am I missing something in the Detroit CL? Maybe I look at a bad time of day?

    • Sara

      Detroit for sure!!!

  20. Zoe Royall

    I don’t even live there, but I think Portsmouth, NH would be interesting (and SOOO random). Or, maybe Providence, RI? Grand Rapids, MI? [racks brain for more random cities to contribute] Indianapolis? Salt Lake City? Tallahasee?

  21. Noelle

    Baltimore/DC. Love this series!!

  22. Morgen

    san antonio, tx!! we need your awesome eyes!

    • Kelli

      I second San Antonio, Texas! (But Austin would be awesome too!)

  23. erika

    NYC please!

  24. Ashley

    Las Vegas!!

  25. Rachel

    Help! I live in (duh duh duhhhhh…..) OHIO. Toledo, no less, so options aren’t great. I could jam on a Columbus or Detroit post!!!!

  26. Anna


  27. Kipin

    I’m a new reader, and I’m addicted. Anyway. Have you done a rundown in the past of what your favorite search terms are on Craigslist? I’m hopeless.

    • Sarah

      There’s a post in this.

  28. Tessa

    Oklahoma City!

    • Margaret

      Yes OKC!

  29. Emma

    Providence, RI!

  30. Emmy

    I second Emma with Providence! Go Lil’ Rhody.

    Huh, I’d be curious what places like Tucson or Santa Fe have. Sometimes the episodes of Antiques Roadshow in the Southwest have the most amazing stuff.

  31. Jess Hartnett

    Thank you!!

  32. Em


  33. Abby

    Philadelphia, please!

  34. Wendy

    Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix! I beg you.

  35. ali

    seattle! x100

  36. Lea

    I have a sneaking suspicion those wishbone chairs are knock offs. I just saw a pair that look exactly like that at HomeGoods (3 days ago maybe) priced a $99 a piece. Now, for knock-offs, that’s a decent deal! But, I’d be wary that whomever is selling them on craigslist here, has those same HomeGoods chairs, just marked waaaaaay up.

    Any tips on how to tell real from fakes?

    • Little Edie

      You are right, they are very poor knock-offs. Completely wrong scale, angles and proportions.

  37. Kim T

    Sacramento CA

  38. Colin

    HOUSTON, please!!!

  39. MM


  40. Paula

    Portland, please.

  41. gail

    I’ve been waiting for you to do NOLA! I troll CL regularly and there is a severe shortage of finds. This is a great round up. Too bad that cane chair was posted a month ago for same day pick up.

  42. jill

    Boise, Idaho!

  43. Muoi

    Sacramento please!

  44. Zara

    Vermont or Western Massachusetts

  45. Jenna

    Could you please do Cleveland?? We don’t have a lot going for us hahaha

  46. Emily K.

    Portland please!

  47. C.L. Peeke

    Nola Native here…
    Craigslist picking are kind of slim in NOLA for a few reasons.

    1. Not only was there a terrible loss of life during Katrina, but millions and millions of dollars worth of antiques and art were damaged or destroyed by the floodwaters. A large number of homes in NOLA are furnished with items that are only a few years old because families had to replace everything. Hence, less “stock” to go up on Craigslist because everything is newer.

    2. People keep stuff for a long time here. Out West something is considered old if it is more than 30 years old. In New Orleans it might be considered old if it is from pre-WWI. Some of the older families have furniture in their homes that pre-dates the Louisiana Purchase. When families do get rid of it they don’t put it on Craigslist. They either pass it down in the family or they sell it on consignment at an antique store. If you are ever in New Orleans, I highly recommend spending a day browsing the antique stores on Royal Street. They rival many of the Antique stores in Paris and London. Quirkier stuff usually ends up in the stores on Magazine.

    3. New Orleans tends to be less trendy and more classical than other cities. So less trend dumping on Craigslist as well.

    Its a beautiful city. I highly recommend visiting it…..

    • Joy

      As a fellow NOLA native, I just want to second your fantastic summary and invitation to visit. It is an incredible city!

  48. Chausey

    How about Austin? We’d love your help here! :)

  49. Adrienne

    Indianapolis! Seriously. I feel like I can’t find anything good, but you may see some hidden potential.

  50. petra

    PORTLAND!! The land of all things vintage.

  51. Grant

    Those industrial chairs have the Toledo style and if they are Toledo, they are worth way more than what that person is asking.

  52. Tracy

    I live in NOLA and I am addicted to MCM furniture. I have bought MANY awesome pieces and I have sold many of those pieces after I have lived with them awhile. I have decorating OCD. My secret is our great thrift stores and estate sales. Today, for instance, I walked into Goodwill and purchased two mid century cane and chrome folding chairs. I love them, but will probably sell them in a couple of months.

    • Joy

      I think I need to get on your sale list!

  53. Dona

    Hi Emily,
    Can you share some more about what kind of furniture you would use to “elevate the style” of #11? I have some beautiful black leather sofas of that style – comfortable, we all love them. I am trying to update by mixing them with mid-century modern and rustic pieces, but am concerned about scale. Thanks for any suggestions or resources that could help me with this.

  54. Ame

    Ogden, UT!!

  55. I would love to see your picks from Hawaii. An outsiders view on the prevalent “Island Style” would be interesting.

  56. Hillary

    Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mucho gracias. :)

  57. So fun to see my bar stools as a pick! I found mine on CL too but only paid $80 for a set of 4 – they were part of what turned out to be a great CL pick. Love this series you do.

  58. Donette

    Milwaukee or Madison!!!

  59. Carol

    Charleston, SC next!

  60. Lauren Kuik

    Atlanta! I could seriously use your help :)

  61. Seattle, Seattle, Seattle! :)

  62. Faith

    Please try Orlando–and I do mean try. I challenge even you to find something in this wasteland….we need your help emily!!

  63. Jenny

    Philadelphia, Please!!

  64. Cyndi


  65. Sarah


  66. Heather

    Columbia, SC. I think only a genius like you could find great stuff here.

  67. Susannah

    Emily! Will you please do one of these for Charleston, SC? I know there are lots of great treasures around this old city! If you find ‘em…I’ll buy ‘em!! :)

  68. Angela

    Durham, NC! It’s a mixed bag here.

  69. Katie

    Denver Please.

  70. Oh my gaw, I totally had that brass and smoked glass vanity a few years ago. Got it for free, and used it without the mirror during Christmas as a stand for my itty bitty Christmas tree. It was my first foray into the magical world of brass and gold, and it will always hold a tiny place in my heart. But truly – total junk.

  71. Michelle

    head to the ‘lou!! (um, sorry… saint louis… that’s embarassing)

    • Len

      i second the vote for STL!!

  72. Della

    Toronto. Come visit north of the border.

  73. Kristin L


  74. Sarah

    Love these posts! We are a craigslist-loving family and have scored some great pieces. I also vote for Austin, Texas!

  75. Kimberly

    Boston & Surrounding Areas!! I think everyone in Boston thinks their garbage is gold too…I see a lot of mid century but they want crazy money and this shit needs to be refinished too.

  76. Bridget

    Please do Syracuse!! Love these posts

  77. Mar

    Pasadena. :)

  78. Anna Scott


  79. Kate Ann

    Anywhere in Northern California!

  80. marissa

    Grand Rapids, MI… for sho. Lots of vintage Herman Miller because it’s located here. Furniture City what what!

  81. Jamie

    Houston!!! I have a super hard time trolling craigslist here, I want to know if it’s me or if our options actually do suck.

  82. Amy

    Mid century safari chair- I bought one at an auction for $25! What a score….love that chair!

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  85. amanda


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