Trolling Craigslist… Minneapolis + St. Paul

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Its been a while since I’ve been trolling random cities for vintage furniture I’ll never buy. It’s almost like it’s not a good use of my time or something. But what if … WHAT IF … there is something amazing, lingering out there, taunting me with its availability and cheap prices … I must find it and share it. I’m like some sort of renegade, random Robyn Hood furniture hunter dude. Or so my glass of wine is telling me to write.

Vintage Dresser Brass table and Sectional

1.$200 Vintage Detailed Dresser Ugly as is, sure. But those concentric squares are enticing and with the right color (swedish gray?) it could look sophisticated and playful at the same time. Get er.

2. $100 Brass Sofa Table Brass at its best. So simple and chic. This would sell for a few hundred at a store in LA.

3. $200 Mid Century Sectional Not a bad price for such a big piece. Upholstery on this bad boy (if needed) would be at least $1200 if not more, so don’t buy unless you are willing do spend that (not including fabric – which would need probably 15 – 20 yards). But the shape and style is VERY good if your space can handle such awesomeness.

Minneapolis Craigslist Vintage floor lamps and orchard ladder


4. $150 Retro Red Floor Lamp Not the best price, but certainly an adorable poppy lamp that adds a lot of character to a space.

5. $50 Vintage Orchard Ladders I am in the middle of searching for vintage ladders to powder coat for a project so that’s why I’m so drawn to these. In LA they are not nearly this cheap. Obviously don’t buy them if you are looking to climb trees with them, but for the perfect project they are so simple and chic.

6. $125 Mod Floor Lamp Reminds me of the one I used in the Curbly house which is coincidentally in Minneapolis. Hey, Curbly, you selling the lamp I bought you? I know where you live …

Minneapolis Craigslis vintage lamps and chair

7.  $125 Mid Century ‘Dude’ Chair Such a great price for a vintage leather chair that is insanely inviting. Ladies if you have the problem where your boyfriend/husband only wants comfort but you want ‘cool’, then this is the chair for you. Gobble that up.

8.$50 Pair of Pharmacy Industrial Floor Lamps Flanking a sofa? Yes, please. So cheap and so graphic.

9. $25 Marble and Brass Side Table I feel like these kinds of tables you can use all over the place – next to sofa, in the bathroom, as a nightstand, as a plant stand .. they are small and easy to move around and therefore worth $25 for sure.

10. $50 Moroccan Arm Chairs I’m on the fence about this, but in the right space and upholstered (a black and white situation) it could be cool and pretty cheap.


Minneapolis Craigslist vintage chairs and rocker

11. $80 Pair of Vintage Chairs playful, unique lines adorn these extremely cheap chairs. And look at those little buttons …

12. $75 Thonet Rocking Chair A classic and in great shape. BUY THIS CHAIR.

Free desk whicker chair stone tables

13. $225 Awesome Vintage Whicker Chair Another classic, but not cheap. But I love these chairs so much so if you have the perfect space for them grab them.

14. FREE Industrial School Desk Free and cute. But mainly free.

15. $75 Pair of Marble End Tables If these are truly marble then this is a massive steal. If they are faux then skip them. Sure they need a more 80’s Kelly Wearstler inspired interiors to not look so dated, but if that’s up your alley then go for it.

God that felt good.

Where to next?

  1. JO

    MPLS Craigslist has been a little lean lately… I assumed it was because everything had been scooped up for the Curbly house! If there are any other Minneapolitans interested, I’ve seen a few #12’s around at the thrift stores… I actually know the Sal Army downtown has one in stock right now. I don’t have room, so I’d though I’d share. Love seeing the Twin Cities love here lately & especially happy to see how many things were sourced from Forage Modern Workshop for the Curbly project. Such an artisanal gem in town!

  2. suganya

    Durham, NC please!! Pretty please!

  3. Somebody please, please buy that number 6 lamp. Ours is one of our favorite pieces in the house!

  4. oooh, dc next please.

  5. Kristin

    I love that you do these!

  6. Jess Hartnett

    New Orleans!!!

  7. Lyndsey

    Portland, OR!

  8. Jordy

    Toronto!!! Troll craigslist in toronto!

  9. HAPPY FRIDAY TO ME!! I triple heart Trolling Craigslist so please oh please don’t think your wasting your time….you give us so many ideas!!! Spokane WA!!

  10. Kimberly Morris

    Houston, TX! I never have any luck but maybe with your fantastic eye…

  11. Alexandra

    love these posts! try charlotte, nc!!

  12. Em

    Head south on I-94 down to Milwaukee!

  13. Les

    Canadian blog fan here! Any chance you might troll Canadian craisglists? Your posts are very pretty and interesting.

    Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau, Vancouver etc… Canadiana vintage is pretty sweet :)

  14. erg

    Another vote for Charlotte! These posts always inspire me to jump onto my local craigslist.

  15. Jenny H.

    Austin!!!! So much vintage yumminess here.

  16. Kelly

    SF Bay Area (preferably the East Bay)… and send the list to me first so I can be first in line.

  17. Rachel

    Jacksonville, FL please.

  18. Wendy

    What terms to you typically use when you search craigslist? I have had terrible luck unless I am looking for something VERY specific (after almost 10 years of looking I finally found a 60 drawer card cataloge!). I think I am doing something wrong.

  19. Angela

    Durham, NC!

  20. Stephanie Luo

    OMG, Emily, I totally got that exact rocking chair from OC/Irvine for $25 just last month!

  21. M


  22. Kristin


  23. Molly

    Seattle, please!

  24. Sarah

    Portland, Oregon please! Pretty, pretty please! :)

  25. GAH! Take number 10 down. I’ve been stalking those but my upholsterer thinks (from the pic) that the springs need to be re-tied and I am trying to decide if this is a deal breaker….Now someone else might buy them!

  26. chelse

    I got the Thonet Rocking Chair for $7 at a garage sale and LOVE it!

  27. I meant number 11. Though now I am going to check out number 10….. :)

  28. Erin

    HOUSTON!!! I never have any luck.

  29. sarah


  30. Sarah

    austin, pretty please!

  31. Alyssa

    Washington DC!!

  32. Kyndell Walsh

    Charlotte NC please! Also, when you search, what key words do you use? I find that if I type in “modern” I get a lot of things like black leather sofas and rectangular furniture.

  33. Elise

    Yay Minneapolis! That’s so funny you did us, because I was looking at it the other day and thinking “there’s not much here, is it because no one wants to go out to pick stuff up when it’s 30 below zero? what would Emily choose out of such slim pickings?” I agree with JO, there’s usually a lot of great stuff on our craigslist, and reasonably priced.

  34. I love that you share your finds! Whenever I find myself looking for some awesome furniture deals that probably won’t end up in my own house, I want somebody to benefit!

  35. Kristie

    All, you’ll actually find that if you live in a market where vintage pieces are priced pretty high (Austin, Texas for me), it’s more than worth it to contact the seller and see if they would mind shipping. Idid just that and #1 is MINE. Thank you, Emily, this piece is JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

    • Sarah

      The person is going to ship you the chair?
      Well done.

  36. Hannah Rose

    Detroit, please! I’d love to see what you could find!

  37. Wendy

    I would just love you to do Phoenix, AZ! And if you found the deal of your dreams, we’re not too far away. ;-)

  38. Kate

    Philly! You can find some pretty sweet pieces in the Main Line of Philadelphia.

  39. Meredith

    Please PLEASE cross border shop in Toronto! PLEASE!! We’re very friendly and will likely offer you a coffee for your trouble. ;)

  40. Oh, EM! I passed up TWO marble end tables at my local Goodwill recently; each was $25 and one was low and one was high. They were real, but that made them so heavy that I just couldn’t deal. And my décor is perhaps not Wearstlerian enough. I still feel bad though.

  41. Stephanie

    I have a new house to decorate. Please find me great stuff in Milwaukee!

  42. Courtney

    Thanks for doing Mpls!!

  43. Karen / Retro Wanderlust

    Thanks for doing the Minneapolis/St. Paul Craigslist. I’ve been watching a number of these pieces for weeks now wondering why they haven’t found a new home. I’m sure with your help today they’ll all be gone by Monday. I just wish I had some items of mine posted so I could reap the “Emily Effect”.

  44. Deb

    You have such a great eye, Emily! How about Billings, Montana for your next stop?

  45. Bailey

    Em, I never miss a post on your blog and I love your Craigslist Trolling posts. I absolutely have to second Spokane, WA pretty pretty please!!

  46. Faith

    New York’s Hudson Valley!!

  47. Amy

    Another request for Charlotte, NC!

  48. Monica

    My local Salvation Army had that exact same rocking chair for $50 for ages!!! It lasted more than a month. My husband and I like to drop by every Friday and see what they have. Every time I saw that chair I would tell him: Emily Henderson would love it. Get it, she would say.

    I didn’t. I really have no room in the house for it. :( It was in awesome condition, too.

  49. Colleen

    Cleveland,OH! I have a feeling this industrial city has some pretty amazing finds, and I’d love to see what you come up with! Rust Belt Chic :)

  50. leti

    providence, ri.

  51. Steven C


  52. Frannie

    Indy or Louisville, ky!

  53. Julia

    Emily, I adore reading your blog – so much fun.
    BUT, I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t credited the artist whose work you’ve appropriated for the title of this post. It’s Jazzberry Blue
    I actually just discovered his work last night and purchases the Toronto map :)

  54. Amanda

    I was able to snag the little #9 marble plant stand. Thank you for the tip Emily!

  55. Emily I LOVE that marble/brass table! SO CUTE!

  56. Francisca Paiva

    Hi Emily,

    I would love to see a selection of sofas for really small spaces..
    I’m getting one custom-made for my living room, and would really love some inspiration from you. This is probably a problem that many people have, so pleeeaase, that’d be great.
    Ooooh, I can almost see the post: “Small (but amazing!!) and airy sofas for small spaces”, – yes!


  57. Shaundra

    Boise, Idaho!!

  58. Just wanted to give you a heads up that #13 is a chair from Pier 1 Imports from about 13 years ago. Not exactly vintage and not worth the asking price!!

  59. nasseem


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