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Boston and I have a lot in common; we are both obsessed with sports. Only, opposite. I spent two weeks there 10 years ago styling for Home Goods and I remember every day, EVERY SECOND, getting lost in ‘The Big Dig’ and coming to hate Boston. Then years later I went back and didn’t get lost and wasn’t doing a job where I had to shop in every suburban Home Goods, and really liked the historic downtown area. Besides I really like that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore movie. So there’s that.

Anyway, lets troll Boston.

Boston Craigslist Vintage Desk and tables

1. $30 Vintage School Desk You are pretty cute. In a kids room or as an entrance table where you drop your keys? $30 for a decent amount of personality.

2. $75 Set of ‘Marble’ Tables Yeah, ‘marble’ is right. I think these should be $40 because that faux top is a bit offensive, but they are cute little occasional tables, for when I occasionally love marble.

3. $97 Bamboo Nesting Tables Yes, cute. Offer $75. These would go nicely in my house right now, indeed but obviously not worth the long distance hoard.

4.  $275 Set of Six Chairs Not bad at all. They need to be upholstered which would be around $80 a chair with cost of 1 yard each, so make sure you calculate that into your cost. But redone these would be great because a. there is a set of six, b. the shape is totally cute and c. these suckers look comfortable.

5. $70 Lucite Side Table Not opposed at all. Sure, I wish it were brass but you can’t look a Craigslist in the mouth.

Boston Craigslist barstools chairs

6. $100 Pair of Vintage Club Chairs These may not even need upholstering which means they are a great score. Look up online how to clean vinyl because there might be something simple you can do to freshen them up.

7. $125/Pair Vintage Rope Bar Stools These are INSANE. If there were 4 or at least 3 of them I would ABSOLUTELY coordinate shipping for them. I need these really bad. I’ve been looking for counter stools for our kitchen, ideally with a low back and ideally out of wicker or some sort of natural fiber. Someone, please buy these.

8.$30 Bright Vintage Chairs. Totally cute, no?
Boston Craigslist Retro Lamp Peacock chair

9. $60 Softlite Mushroom Lamp Oh hey little mushroom lamp, you are VERY cute.

10. $35 Bamboo Table/Stool. AGAIN, these would be pretty great in my kitchen. Want, need, can’t have.

11. $228 Mid Century Shelving AMAZING. Very good price. Reminds me of a Paul McCobb. These would be really expensive in LA so someone should gobble it up!

12. $135 Peacock Chair As if I need another peacock chair in my life (although ironically i’m looking for a bunch for a project right now so if anyone knows of any in Austin or LA let me know).

Well, Boston, you done showed up to play ball today and I appreciate that. You, me and Craigslist make a pretty good team. And that’s about it for me and the sports metaphors … it’s getting foul around here ….

TGIF and where to next?

  1. Yayy Boston! I want #3! So I might have to offer something on those. #10 has been on there for monthsss!

  2. Love trolling craig’s list. Dig #5, the lucite table…but agree that I’d prefer it in brass. Happy Friday!

  3. Melanie Price

    I LOVE that mid century entertainment unit!! Good Lord, why can’t I live close by right now?!

    How about you troll San Francisco? If you have not already….

    Have an awesome day!

  4. so when you’re trolling craigslist, what are some of the terms you search? i feel like i try to be too specific sometimes and i come up empty handed.

  5. Karen

    Raleigh-Durham, please, please!

  6. Megan

    Santa Fe! I think you will find some really unique (though not often well priced) items. People in New Mexico LOVE buying used stuff, but they know when they have something valuable.

  7. Holey

    Take a gamble on Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World!

  8. Tiffany

    I have a his and hers peacock chair set that I can depart with, however I live in Kentucky, but if you want me to send a picture I can! Have a great weekend!

  9. Jenny

    The East Bay (Oakland & Berkeley, specifically)! I’m an amateur Craigslist troll so I usually only find overpriced items, but I know there’s great stuff out there. Show us the way, Emily!

    • Sarah

      Yes! This is what I’ve been asking (begging) for too!!

  10. Dayna

    This series is so fun! Love seeing what gems you find. How about TORONTO? See what us Canucks are peddling….

  11. Elise

    “you can’t look a craigslist in the mouth.” HAHAHA! Hilarious!

  12. Lauren

    SO excited you trolled Boston…can’t wait to buy! Hope you are feeling better.

  13. Steph Connor

    Love these posts— keep them coming! My vote is for Philly :)

  14. Kristen

    Omg, I just about squealed when I saw you picked Boston this time! But then I remembered I’m at work and suppressed my feelings. Thank you!!

  15. Erin

    What is this Austin talk?? HMMMMM?

  16. Variel

    There’s a peacock chair at the Salvation Army in Pasadena, TX for 99 bucks. And one at Mod Mod in the Montrose neighborhood on Westheimer St. in Houston, TX. A cool store you should check out if you’re ever in Houston – cool stuff with great prices.

  17. Meg

    THANK YOU for trollin’ Boston!

  18. What are you working on in AUSTIN????? Dying to know!!!!

  19. Beth

    Portland,OR!! These posts are so fun. I wish I had all the time in the world to constantly troll CL. :)

    • Dee

      Absolutely Portland! I spend so much time combing through Craigslist already, I would love to see what you think about the things I’ve been eyeing — and point out some I’ve undoubtedly missed!

  20. Anna Scott

    Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle!!!

    • Annie

      I second that nomination! Love this feature Emily.


  21. Zoe Royall

    I’m a Bostonian and I’ve never suggested you troll Boston because I never thought you would bite!!! Welcome, friend! For what it’s worth, I am also the only Bostonian that doesn’t follow sports. I used to pretend, but no mas. The problem with trolling Craigslist around these parts is that we live in condos the size of small postage stamps and have no room for hoarding, though I wish. I wish with every bone in my body. Oh well. Feel better Charlie’s mom!!

    • Courtney

      I second detroit! We need the good press

      • nasseem

        I third!!!

  22. Cher

    How about the Bronx? The unloved borough…

  23. lauren


  24. Tricia

    Come to Baltimore please! #saltybalty

  25. Yay!! I’m so excited you picked Boston, some great finds! I’m especially loving the school desk (depending on the height I’m thinking it would make a nice nightstand) and the mid-century shelving. Very tempting!

  26. Sarah


  27. Beth

    Miami!!! Love these posts!

  28. Emily

    Houston! Pretty please!!!

  29. Hannah

    Des Moines, Please!!

  30. JZ


  31. Kimberly Morris

    Please, please, PLEASE Houston!

  32. Heidi Devereaux

    Denver, Co PLEASE!!!!!

  33. Colleen

    Cleveland ROCKS!

    • Jenna

      Yes Cleveland please!

  34. Kale Chips

    Toronto! Please! So many goodies and I could use some help uncovering the true gems!

  35. Shelly

    Charleston, SC!!

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  37. I’d like to find out more? I’d want to find out mօгe ɗetails.

  38. Jenna

    AUSTIIINNN???? Did I hear you say that correctly?? OMG, so excited to see what you have in store for us Austinites!!! YAY!!! And btw, if you need any help in Austin, I will happily volunteer for you :))))!!!!

  39. Kate

    Seattle, please! Home of the 2014 SuperBowl Champions! :)

  40. carak

    St. Louis!!!

  41. Lindsey

    Raleigh, N.C., please!

  42. CJ

    Wow. You’ve got to be the only person in the world who liked that movie.

  43. Jen

    Aww, what are the chances you’d do my town on my bday… and that I’d be too busy celebrating over the weekend to grab the good stuff before it’s gone!

    Fun to read, though!

  44. Stephanie

    PHOENIX POR FAVOR. I mean, come on, it’s where so many old people come to die–I mean–retire

  45. Judi

    Hey, I’ve got a peacock chair just sitting in my garage in San Antonio. Email me if you want a picture of it. :)

  46. I live in Boston and NEVER have this kind of luck! You have an awesome eye, girl! Thanks for the inspiration!

    // Regina

  47. Candice

    At my studio in Austin, we hoard peacock chairs for fun. Let me know if I can start collecting for you!

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