Top 10 Best Celebrities Homes; the best decorated and designed.

Call up your inner voyeur because you are about to sneak inside the homes of A list actors, people who have enough money to buy great stuff or hire someone with great taste.   People you love, hate, and love to hate.  

1. Ellen Degeneres

Who can dislike the chick that starts out every show by dancing? Not me.  I’ll dance with you to weird songs i don’t know when i’m sober at 3pm anytime, E.

I love Ellen and her house is casual and easy and not precious, but sophisticated.

An awesome mix of mid-century and antique.

There is the quirk! That weird lamp on the table and the artwork was much needed in this super sophisticated home.  And you know why it doesn’t look nutty or crazy? because she had a consistent color palette.  Learn it.


Because every house needs two dining rooms?  Someday i shall have 6 dining rooms.

via Architectural Digest

2. Cindy Crawford

via HighStreetMarket

I’ve actually spent a few days here when I styled her JC Penney line of bedding, so i got to witness this in person. Michael S. Smith designed it and its a really great mix of California casual and global traveller.  Its really warm, inviting, kid friendly and beautiful.  It’s also a mansion on the beach in Malibu, so its hard to go wrong….

On a side note – her work-out house, yes the HOUSE where she excercises, is as big as our house.  It overlooks the ocean (on the ocean) in Malibu.  Commence jealousy and hatred.

via Elle Decor

3. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller and Christine whats her name (Marsha) have a suprisingly awesome house. Kudos to them for hiring the right designer.  Not sure who it is, but i like it….Its modern, yet traditional and pretty sophisticated.

I’m surprised by how much i love those floors..not to mention those leather chairs.  Its good.

Good arched doorway.  That’s architectural detail that is way worth the money.

via Elle Decor

4. Drew Barrymore 

Ah, America’s darling.  I love her house, totally.  Domino shot it years ago and its still in style, completely timeless, yet young and fun.  I’ve loved her kitchen for a long time.  It’s totally me – quirky, colorful yet kinda not very functional. Again, like me.

This is soooo good considering the fact that she didn’t hire a decorator – UPDATE, a commenter wrote that she hired Ruthie Summers, so thank you for that. Although, Drew honey, if you want a decorator for your nursery you know where to find me.  Outside your house whispering ‘maybe he wants a lucite crib? maybe he wants a mural on the ceiling? i’ll make all his dreams come true’.

And no, i have no proof that its a boy, my fingers moved, i typed the words and thats what happened.

Sometimes i lay on the sofa whilst writing on the floor as well, totally comfortable.

Yes.  I love a red door.  Not the perfume.  Nice job.

via Drew Barrymore

5. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore’s house made me like her moore.  I saw her in a play and wasn’t the biggest fan despite being a previous fan… But her house that she decorated is good. The lady has good taste.

I mean, who hasn’t seen this shot? My little brother, probably.

via Apartment Therapy

via Casa Sugar 

6. Adam Levine

It’s not for everyone, but it has a point of view. Its ‘dude’ enough to be for a single guy, yet not annoyingly bachelor pad.  Would I have put the sofa and chair on an angle? Nope.  Would i have mixed the purple sofa with the red persian rug? NO.  But i somehow still like the space.

Slightly Liberace, but also probably a place where ladies love to visit.

via Architectural Digest

7. Diane Keaton

via Beautiful Libraries

Undoubtedly a beatitful library, and definitely a pretty photo.

It has a point of view, you can’t argue that.  I’m into it.  It’s crazy and fun and over the top, and yet feels kinda appropriate in this spanish house.  I wouldn’t have used the quote on the wall, but somehow it bothers me so much less here than other places. Probably because the font is interesting and feels old world.

via Architectural Digest 

8. Keri Russell

So after Felicity and Ben broke up, she graduated from medical school and moved back to New York, married a hot carpenter/contractor and together they built and designed this amazing brownstone in Brooklyn. Meanwhile Ben and Noel have become lovers and moved to Hoboken. I know, sooo not how i thought it would turn out. Their brownstone is so beautiful, rustic yet modern and totally casual.


via Elle Decor

9. Zooey Deschanel

Oh did i say that Drew Barrymore was America’s darling? I’m sorry, i mean Zooey Deschanel.  Its fun, quirky, young and totally designed.

This is just her music studio, but i’m into it. And i’m into her.

via Apartment Therapy

10. Christina Aguilera

The pop singer’s house looks like her crazy concert costumes–untamed and unpredictable with just a bit of bordello flair. Is this my style? NOPE. Would I own one of these pieces of furniture? Nah. But the pops of colors, the crazy patterns, the gaudiness, and the overarching sense of excess and luxury creates an adventurous spirit I admire. It’s not my taste, but this crib is ballsy and has a point of view. You look at this and know instantly that you’d party hard here.

via Pure Home

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