Top 10 Best Celebrities Homes; the best decorated and designed.

Call up your inner voyeur because you are about to sneak inside the homes of A list actors, people who have enough money to buy great stuff or hire someone with great taste.   People you love, hate, and love to hate.  

1. Ellen Degeneres

Who can dislike the chick that starts out every show by dancing? Not me.  I’ll dance with you to weird songs i don’t know when i’m sober at 3pm anytime, E.

I love Ellen and her house is casual and easy and not precious, but sophisticated.

An awesome mix of mid-century and antique.

There is the quirk! That weird lamp on the table and the artwork was much needed in this super sophisticated home.  And you know why it doesn’t look nutty or crazy? because she had a consistent color palette.  Learn it.


Because every house needs two dining rooms?  Someday i shall have 6 dining rooms.

via Architectural Digest

2. Cindy Crawford

via HighStreetMarket

I’ve actually spent a few days here when I styled her JC Penney line of bedding, so i got to witness this in person. Michael S. Smith designed it and its a really great mix of California casual and global traveller.  Its really warm, inviting, kid friendly and beautiful.  It’s also a mansion on the beach in Malibu, so its hard to go wrong….

On a side note – her work-out house, yes the HOUSE where she excercises, is as big as our house.  It overlooks the ocean (on the ocean) in Malibu.  Commence jealousy and hatred.

via Elle Decor

3. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller and Christine whats her name (Marsha) have a suprisingly awesome house. Kudos to them for hiring the right designer.  Not sure who it is, but i like it….Its modern, yet traditional and pretty sophisticated.

I’m surprised by how much i love those floors..not to mention those leather chairs.  Its good.

Good arched doorway.  That’s architectural detail that is way worth the money.

via Elle Decor

4. Drew Barrymore 

Ah, America’s darling.  I love her house, totally.  Domino shot it years ago and its still in style, completely timeless, yet young and fun.  I’ve loved her kitchen for a long time.  It’s totally me – quirky, colorful yet kinda not very functional. Again, like me.

This is soooo good considering the fact that she didn’t hire a decorator – UPDATE, a commenter wrote that she hired Ruthie Summers, so thank you for that. Although, Drew honey, if you want a decorator for your nursery you know where to find me.  Outside your house whispering ‘maybe he wants a lucite crib? maybe he wants a mural on the ceiling? i’ll make all his dreams come true’.

And no, i have no proof that its a boy, my fingers moved, i typed the words and thats what happened.

Sometimes i lay on the sofa whilst writing on the floor as well, totally comfortable.

Yes.  I love a red door.  Not the perfume.  Nice job.

via Drew Barrymore

5. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore’s house made me like her moore.  I saw her in a play and wasn’t the biggest fan despite being a previous fan… But her house that she decorated is good. The lady has good taste.

I mean, who hasn’t seen this shot? My little brother, probably.

via Apartment Therapy

via Casa Sugar 

6. Adam Levine

It’s not for everyone, but it has a point of view. Its ‘dude’ enough to be for a single guy, yet not annoyingly bachelor pad.  Would I have put the sofa and chair on an angle? Nope.  Would i have mixed the purple sofa with the red persian rug? NO.  But i somehow still like the space.

Slightly Liberace, but also probably a place where ladies love to visit.

via Architectural Digest

7. Diane Keaton

via Beautiful Libraries

Undoubtedly a beatitful library, and definitely a pretty photo.

It has a point of view, you can’t argue that.  I’m into it.  It’s crazy and fun and over the top, and yet feels kinda appropriate in this spanish house.  I wouldn’t have used the quote on the wall, but somehow it bothers me so much less here than other places. Probably because the font is interesting and feels old world.

via Architectural Digest 

8. Keri Russell

So after Felicity and Ben broke up, she graduated from medical school and moved back to New York, married a hot carpenter/contractor and together they built and designed this amazing brownstone in Brooklyn. Meanwhile Ben and Noel have become lovers and moved to Hoboken. I know, sooo not how i thought it would turn out. Their brownstone is so beautiful, rustic yet modern and totally casual.


via Elle Decor

9. Zooey Deschanel

Oh did i say that Drew Barrymore was America’s darling? I’m sorry, i mean Zooey Deschanel.  Its fun, quirky, young and totally designed.

This is just her music studio, but i’m into it. And i’m into her.

via Apartment Therapy

10. Christina Aguilera

The pop singer’s house looks like her crazy concert costumes–untamed and unpredictable with just a bit of bordello flair. Is this my style? NOPE. Would I own one of these pieces of furniture? Nah. But the pops of colors, the crazy patterns, the gaudiness, and the overarching sense of excess and luxury creates an adventurous spirit I admire. It’s not my taste, but this crib is ballsy and has a point of view. You look at this and know instantly that you’d party hard here.

via Pure Home

  1. Jeanie

    Cindy C.'s is awesome, but Xtina's…ugh! That is awful, just awful!!

  2. decorbuddy

    I am sure the dog portrait is what put it over the top for you in Zoey's home. As for Christina's, I am flabberghasted! Makes the Victorian era look mild!

  3. Mila

    In my worst nightmares I have seen things less terrifying than that huge moon man monster!

  4. simone

    Ok, but that Christina Aguilera house was put there to see if we got to the end of the post, right? I'm dizzy! And that moon….scary clown face!

  5. Leslie

    I love, love, love Keri Russell's house. (And I have a friend who knows her and says she is so nice, so I can't even hate her.)

    I like Ben Stiller's house a lot. It's very dark, but it looks homey and they actually have books. A lot of books!

    And I love Ellen's house and Julianne's house.

    Xhristina's is…well, different. And not in the quirky way I expected from Diane Keaton. But let's not say more.

  6. I think it is hilarious that you added no commentary – not a single word – to the Xtina pics. I had a good belly laugh over that one.
    Some nice places in this round-up. Good stuff.

  7. Janelle

    You omitted Mark and Sunrise Ruffalo's house, (also photographed by Domino) done by Nickey Kehoe! Aka my dream home.

  8. I love this post so much! I want to be adopted by Ellen and Portia and have play dates at Drew's.

  9. Hi Emily,

    Lovely showcase. Just wanted to point out that Cindy's home was done by Michael C. Smith ( Michael W. Smith is a gospel artist out of Nashville, not saying he doesn't have style, but he's no interior designer.



  10. Christina's house is a joke right?

  11. I love how you have no comments for Christina's home. :D Ha! That moon is nightmare inducing.

  12. Laura

    Felicity is on netflix instant now and I may be guilty of watching most of season one in one sitting on a rainy sunday a few weeks ago. (Productivity level = 0%.) It made me remember the large chunky sweaters of 1998!! Oh, high school!

  13. What an awesome post. Love Keri's house. I want to move in. Ditto on Christina's house…its just like her.

  14. Lauren

    Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that Adam Levine has a photo of Kurt Cobain next to his bed?

  15. Keri Russell's house is gorgeous. I'll move in right now.

    I love that you're such a Felicity fan.

  16. KC Interiors

    Not to be nit picky, but it is actually Michael S Smith, not C or W….I know this because I've read his books multiple (I mean multiple!!) times and worship him…weird, i know.

    On another matter, I would love to add Brooke Shield's NYC Townhouse onto this list (replace Diane or Xtina's perhaps?). It is sooooo great…See AD March 2012…

  17. Jessi

    I like how you didn't comment on X-Tina's…pahaha! Yikes. I'm really loving Ellen's place. I'm always drawn to a neutral interior, which is surprising to me! Great collection of (mostly) beautiful places.

  18. That's not Drew's house, it's her Flower Films offices.

  19. EmilyHS

    I saw the first pic of Christina's house and immediately scrolled down to see what you had to say. I LOL'd cause there was no comment!

    I wish Diane Keaton's kitchen was alllll white and wood except the peninsula tile. The colored plates and quotation ruin it for me. And I'd like to think she's smart enough not to need reminding of all those generic truths.

    Move over Drew…there's a new sweetheart in America.

  20. Wendy

    Dude, you crack me up. love these houses. I was thinking that moon might eat the baby! So fun to get to see other houses!

  21. Emily

    I definitely loved Julianne Moore's the best… The living room eminds me of your work. Also, Keri Russel's was pretty fantastic- the crown moldings in that living room are STUNNING!

  22. Leah

    As much as Adam Levine turns me off, I do kinda love that he's got a gigantic photo of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg hanging in his living room. And, I've been obsessed with Ben Stiller's house for years! I used to have clippings of those very photos, but now cannot find them. I could have sworn the decorators were a guy-and-girl team, though. My nominees for beautifully decorated celeb homes are Julie Bowen and Busy Phillips.

  23. tara

    Somehow my earlier comment got removed/didn't show up. Just wanted to say that Drew Barrymore's house and office were decorated by Ruthie Sommers. Heck, I can see that in one of the photo captions you've posted. You probably would do an awesome nursery…

  24. Catherine

    good post Emily, but did you know that Ellen and Porsche's house went up for sale not long after those photos were shot? Ellen has ants in her pants, she is constantly buying, fixing up and selling houses. If its not ants in her pants then she is a gypsy!

  25. Pam

    I'm pretty sure the Julianne Moore design is not her home, rather it's a home she decorated for a friend-I remember reading a feature about it in Domino.
    My favorite celebrity home is Amanda Peet's.

  26. That's (mostly) not Drew's house, but her office. I remember feeling like I was sold a false bill of goods when that Domino came.
    And Julianne Moore–those first two pics are a budget re-do she did for a friend. The last one is her house, and it is all a stunner.

    Know what else is? Reese Witherspoons's house. Not as seen in ED currently, but when Kathryn M Ireland designed it. Might be same space, can't remember who had the shoot–maybe HB. Pretty sure HB.

    OH! Also Clare Forlani's house in Domino. right up your alley, that one. Good mix of vintage, some glam and some more masculine bits, lots o blue.

    Celebrities: they're just like us!

  27. nofykris

    Cindy Crawford's house FTW..Gaaah

  28. Kimberly

    You were kidding about Christina's house right? My eyes were so tired looking at that place. I remember that house from watching Ozzy and Sharon's MTV show and can't believe I'm saying this but I liked it tons better when the Osbourne's lived there as opposed to the way it looks with Christina living there. I

  29. Jill

    Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi's house is brilliant. So beautiful, I love it. Ben Stiller's home was done by Roman and Williams, who I also love and think are brilliant. Google them people. Mind blowing stuff. Drew Barrymore's Flower Films office was done by Ruthie Sommers not by Drew herself. The shots of Julianne Moore's house is not her house. This was a friend of her's in the industry that she helped decorate her space. Julianne Moores place in New York would literally rock your socks, it's so good. Kerri Russel's house is beautiful. The others are simply eh. I would have included Mark and Sunrise Ruffalo's house also, and Ione Skye's home.

  30. kat

    ben stiller and christine taylor's house was done by Roman and Williams.

  31. That moon in Christina's nursery is terrifying. Poor kid must wake up screaming every night!

  32. Ldcz

    Loved Ellen's House style: it has just the perfect mix of casual chic + artsy sophistication that makes it interesting and inviting at the same time.
    Who wouldn't want a reading/library room like Drew's? Totally went crazy for it!
    And Keri's house style is what I've always aspired to own: elegant and chic with a hint of timeless romance.
    Really loved this post Emily! Thanks!

  33. megan

    Amanda Peet's house should be on this list!

  34. Ali

    Awesome spread!!! All of these are awesome in their own ways! the Felicity part totally cracked me up (and I love her home).

  35. This post is just like you – funny, quirky, yet so full of style! I love you blog ever since I saw you on HGTV, I knew I was gonna be a fan! Thanks for living up to my " expectations ! Wink* wink*

  36. LOVE this post! Ellen and Kerri Russell's homes have always been favorites of mine. I hadn't seen Drew Barrymore's place but I love anything Drew so this was no exception. Sorry but Xtina's is about as classy as I would have guessed. Not feeling it.

  37. Kerri Russell's is more my taste-and I would move right now. I gotta say I"m totally diggin' Adam Lavin's pad- esp. the interesting pics of snoop and dre and TUPAC! LOL. It's a nice mix of bachelor pad and luxury and oh so sexy just like him!

  38. Ana

    A lot of times homes in design mags look great… but like nobody lives in them.

    But these look like real places, and nice places at that!

  39. Sara

    The gorgeousness makes me want to laugh and cry ;)…except for Christina's which just makes me want to close my eyes so I don't have to look at it. Great post!

  40. Karyn

    Hi Emily, I live right near where you're vacationing, I love it here so far (just moved here with the military). I came across something on Craigslist from the area when I was looking for something else entirely and it made me think of you right away. I sent the link on your contact page, I think if I put it on here it'd be gone instantly. I would totally buy it for myself if I could afford to have it reupholstered.

  41. I never comment, so this may sound obnoxious, and I can't find if someone already said it, but that isn't Julianna Moore's house. She has a side hobby as a decorator evidently and she did this west village apartment for her stylist Leslie Fremar. Her house was published in World of Interiors in 2006, you can see pictures here:

    I do love your blog! Been reading for years, all the way back to Brass Petal days, just a terrible lurker :)

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