Tonights episode

Alright folks, here’s the mood board for tonights episode.  A lot changed from the mood board to the episode, but this is the general ‘world’. 

It’s all about a bachelor who’s soon to be fiance is moving in soon…..

  1. anna

    I so want to DIY a city board like that with the names of the tiny towns around me. Can't wait to see tonights episode!

  2. So can't wait to see this. And to find out where the light fixture came from!!!!

    I love the pre-views…keep 'em coming.

  3. Sarah

    I'm loving this whole look. I hope it doesn't look too much different from the mood board, but I'm sure it'll look awesome as your rooms always do in Emily fashion.

  4. ahhh, i wondered when morgan's shelving unit would make an appearance. and there it is.

  5. Emily how fabulous! I would love that coffe table in a teal velvet!! (Even though the purple is gorgeous…

    Art by Karena

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  6. I adore the color scheme…it's already set on my DVR (as always :)!

  7. Melissa K

    Oooo, I can't wait to find out more about that couch. I lurve it.

  8. Wiggs

    OMG I am pooping myself with excitement over that moodboard. That's basically the spitting image of my dream house. I can't WAIT!

  9. Wiggs

    AND….aren't those the shelves you bought from The Brick House? Does this mean I win the stalker award?

  10. carlitadee

    I very, very much want those modular shelves (the ones that hold the TV etc). Please tell me where I can get them.

  11. How terrified did the guy look when his girlfriend was going on and on about how at home all of her friends and family would feel! I absolutely LOVED what you did with their space, but it doesn't come as a surprise because I'm a fan of all of your designs.

  12. lisa

    my favorite so far!!! it's so fun to watch you create.

  13. Sarah

    Emily, what is the name of the wallpaper that the woman chose in the style diagnostic? I love it!

  14. Rachel

    I have to say, my boyfriend and I watched the show and we both thought that the first look in this episode trumped the second look. The ivory couch combined with the coffee table screamed feminine and those were the focal point of the room. Not bad if the girlfriend actually lived there, but she doesn't yet and she did like the first look…

    Personally I loved your design choices though. As usual, you blew me away. Love your show!

  15. Karen

    I can't wait to see where that TV console/thingy came from!

  16. Love these colors! I need to dig out and post a board I did for my sisters room in the same palette. I like the mix of traditional and modern in this board. Glad to see the wallpaper too! I'm on a bring back wallpaper campaign at the mo! Cheers Martine

  17. Shannon

    I am very excited about the changes to the show, especially the fact that we'll get more tips! I did love seeing 2 finished looks, but that format had its flaws. ;)

  18. Great job! the combination for the color and style.. big help for me

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