Tips to Choosing the Right Rug Size

Buying a rug is like buying a dress for your grandma  -  it can be kinda overwhelming, there are a lot of factors to consider, and if you buy one that is too small she just might wear it out of obligation and then you’ll have to live with yourself as the weird guy that bought their grandma a tube dress, that she wore to your cousin’s baptism.

How to choose the right rug size for your space is difficult, especially when rugs are notoriously kinda expensive and therefore intimidating. In general people buy rugs that are too small because 5×7 and 6x9s are so much cheaper than 8x10s or 9x12s, but its often going to make the whole space look chopped up and accidental so in a way you’ve just wasted that money. Tough love, folks.

Here are some tips that you can follow to help you decide:

1. Measure the size of your SEATING AREA before shopping and get the closest size up from that. If your budget is tight and your room is small you can have a smaller rug that floats in front of all the furniture – this is especially ok if your sofa is backed up against the wall – you don’t need to waste the rug real estate under the sofa if you can’t even see that its there. But if your furniture is floating or if your room is big, get a larger rug or else it will make the room look smaller, chopped up and totally out of proportion. One of the main functions of a rug is to pull the room together, not chop it up.

Here it looks fine to have them floating because its a smaller room, sofa against the wall. (Scott’s house, shot by me).

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.56.13 AM

But here, in my house its way too small because the room is a lot bigger and the furniture is floating:

what rug size should i have

2. Orient the rug to the room – If you have a long rug, orient it length – wise. If you have more of a chubby fat room, orient it horizontally.  This is not always the case so its a very nuanced situation. Often if you have a really long and skinny room then you might have two different seating areas and two rugs that are oriented with those seating areas, but the rugs need to cover up a certain amount of real estate on the floor in proportion to the room, so if you are orienting the rug to your sofa, not your room then often you are cutting off huge portions of the room and again, making it look smaller.  So when in doubt, go with the orientation of the room.

3. Legs on or off? This is a question i get ALL the time and my best tip is BE CONSISTENT. If you don’t have a massive rug that fits all your furniture (because yes, that is ideal) then make sure that you are at least consistent with how you handle the legs; if your sofa legs are off, have the chair legs off the rug  as well. If your sofa is all on, then you can’t have the chairs all off or it will really chop up the conversation area.  So I say, ALL ON, or ALL OFF or if its slightly too small to be all on, then try to have them all pretty evenly on the rug. Is that confusing? Just be consistent so it looks as intentional as possible.

how should a rug be oriented

I have seen it where the sofa is all on and the rugs are 1/2 and vice versa and it can look fine, but ideally all the legs would be on the rug.  If you have to choose which legs should be on, then choose the ones that are the least obvious. AKA, if your sofa is low and closer to the wall then you are less likely to see under it and reveal the fact that its not fully on the rug.  See, i told you… nuanced.

4. Square rugs are for square rooms.  That is all.  Round rugs are for foyers/entries or kids room/family rooms that are more playful (or round shaped rooms in case you live in a Yurt).

5. If you have a rug that is too small but you love it, then buy a large sisal that fits the whole seating area and layer your favorite rug on top – I do this ALL THE TIME. Sisal, jutes, seagrass rugs are cheapish so buying a 9×12 is more doable than a 9×12 antique kilim.

6.  Make sure that your rug is has at least 6-10″ on either side of the sofa. This is crucial. If the width of the rug is the same as the width of the sofa then you are in trouble – it will look too small and create a bowling alley effect.

And now a video to demonstrate some of these tips, for your viewing pleasure.

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what rug size

As you can see I went with a hearty sized 9×12 Souk rug from West Elm that fits all the rules perfectly, made the room feel so much bigger (because its light and bright) and of course added a ton of texture, warmth and depth.

Alright, any other rug questions? There’s a lot to talk about here and a lot of info out there, so ask away and i’ll get to all of your questions.


  1. Lauren

    Holy moly was that helpful. I’m about to take the area rug plunge and just this morning was himming and hawing and boring my husband with sizing questions. (He was waaay more interested in his grantland article) I know now what to do – the 8×10 is necessary, maybe even the 9×12. yeesh. how long is your couch? Ours is around 7 ft (we have a long room situation tip #1) so I’m not sure if 1/2 ft is too little on either side. I’ll have to measure before I buy as you suggest. After seeing Orlando’s living room I decided to buy a similar area rug, but in navy/white. It’s good and its on and they are all about coupons like the bedbathbeyond coupon mailbox fairies. Great post. Happy nappers!

  2. Elyse

    Super helpful. What is it about the darn legs??? So tricky! Thanks, Emily!

  3. Jenn B

    What are your thoughts on rug pads? Necessary? Unnecessary?

    • Emily

      If you have a lot of furniture weighing them down or if they are really heavy, i skip them BECAUSE I HATE putting down rug pads. But generally its super necessary. :(

      • brandon

        Please, please, please, Always use rug pads. The rug will last/wear longer, there won’t be any wrinkles/bunching that can develop, It’s more comfortable, the rug will lay better & look better, without a pad the chance of slipping go up exponentially. I could go on….

        Please, I’ve never seen you recommend doing something that can have a negative outcome. My mother slipped on a rug and had to live with back pain for over50 years.

  4. Kate

    Thanks so much!! Rugs are so tricky! What are the rules with the bedroom and having a large rug under your bed?

    • Emily

      Since so many people asked this question i’m going to do a video about it. But short answer for now is that i use a 8×10 or 9×12 HORIZONTALLY arranged under the bed, about 2/3rds to the headboard. Sound weird, but looks good. xx

      • Martha

        Did you post this video? Thanks!

  5. Caroline

    Great blogpost! I do have a question though. I find bedrooms to be tricky. Unless you get a rug that perfectly fits the room, how should you orient a rectangular one? Should you cheat it to the front of the bed so the majority of the rug isn’t hidden under the bed? (Since the bed and the rug are rectangular, sometimes it seems like the entire rug you just bought is under the bed!). Or do you center it in the room? Or do you have to just buy the biggest dang rug that can fit in your space?

    • ryan

      i second caroline’s question on the bedroom rug sitch. i feel like if i get a rug large enough to fit the room (and have some of it stick out enough on the side of the bed to step out onto in the morning), the majority of my rug will be under my bed. do i just get a normal-sized rug to fill the space at the end of my bed and tell my feet to deal?

      • Wendy

        I’ve cheated in my bedroom…with the rug that is. Let me preface that I’m not a designer, but this is what I did: Instead of buying a huge rug where most of it is under the bed, I bought three smaller versions and placed them just slightly under on both sides and then one at the foot. Since my bed is against the wall, I just made it look like the rug goes all the way underneath. It’s not perfect, perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it.

      • Lisa

        +3 Yes, I find the bed to rug scenario tricky too. Would love some tips here Emily.

    • Meaghan

      PLEASE do this same post but for the bedroom!! Especially for kids rooms where you’re trying to fit in a desk, dresser, nightstand(s) and a bed, or two! How do these rules apply then?!


      • Emily

        Yes Yes Yes Will DO!!!!

  6. Super helpful post, thank you! We bought rugs for our house 2 years ago and have to now replace them all because they’re too small and the downstairs neighbor complains about noise. Also, our cats have destroyed them. I guess my big, possibly unanswerable question is, how do I keep the cats from clawing my new rugs? More answerable, do you have any recommended sources for custom sizes? We have a long hallway where we’d gone with Flor. Never doing that again…

    • Emily

      I was thinking about going with Flor for some rug options in my house. Just curious, why will you never use them again? I don’t want to make a mistake!



      • I know this is an old post, so you might not see it, but thought I would weigh in on the Flor tiles. :) I needed a custom sized mat to go under a set of lockers (to protect the floor from the metal locker legs), and used two full-size Flor tiles to make it. It has worked fine, but it’s just under the lockers and never gets walked on. When choosing the color/style I wanted for the locker mat, I ordered about a dozen 6-inch sample squares. I decided to make a doormat out of them. It’s in a very high traffic location, and I haven’t been happy with it at all. I used plenty of sticky circles on the bottom, but one of the squares won’t stay stuck down, and the varying pile heights (all are very low pile, but some are slightly higher or lower than others) make vacuuming difficult. It’s really hard to get the lowest pile squares clean. So, I don’t have any experience with a large Flor tile rug, but my little one has been a disappointment.

  7. Thanks for this. I tell my clients this all the time and they look at me like I am making it up. Large rug ladies unite!

  8. Jen

    We are looking for a rug meant for a small-ish game room that will find its home underneath a pair of Gerard Van Den Berg leather lounge chairs facing a TV and console. You talked about all legs on or off the rug, but does the same rule apply to storage pieces? If the chairs are on the rug, should the entire console be on the rug, too? Stop in front of the console? Two legs on the rug (since the console is against the wall)? I’ve found a pattern I like, but unfortunately, the rug only comes in 5×7, so two rugs together would likely be too big. Thoughts?

    • Kathryn

      Yes I was thinking the same when I was sitting at home last night weighing up my options.
      I have a floating couch, a coffee table and then the TV on a long cabinet that is against the wall.
      So stop before or underneath?!

  9. Lesley

    THANK YOU for taking questions! I looked and looked at your room back when we were deciding how to lay out our living room (which also houses our uncovered TV), but our room is so large that if we did your layout the TV would be floating in the middle of the room. We have a huge and lovely front window that faces the street. One long wall has a fireplace centered between two big windows. The other long wall has an off-center opening to the foyer. And the short wall (opposite the front window) has a big open archway to dining room. If we put the sofa facing the fireplace, the TV would have to be off to one side and too far away. Here is the only solution we could come up with: We ignored the fireplace and split the room in half with the sofa (which is perpendicular to the center of the fireplace). The sofa faces the big front window and the TV is just to the right of the window, angled a bit toward the sofa. Our biggest rug completely fills this seating area. So it’s oriented to the seating area/sofa but opposite the room. In the other half of the room (behind the sofa and in front of the open archway to dining room) we have another smaller rug, also oriented opposite the room. Kids’ art table to one side of the archway and my sewing area to the other side. (Yes it’s a huge room!) Behind the sofa is a credenza with all the kids’ art stuff and games, which they play on the empty smaller rug. Sorry for the long buildup but here’s my question: Is it absolutely horrible to have the sofa bisecting the fireplace in this way? (There is still room to walk between the end of sofa and the fireplace.)

    The only other option I could see is centering the seating area around the fireplace like yours (with rug still going sideways in room), but TV would be opposite fireplace. But when I see this kind of arrangement I always wonder who can watch TV looking to the side like that. And it would leave us with a smaller, basically unusable space at each end of the room.

    I guess in 1938 when the house was built, TV and a kids’ art area were not priorities!

    • Emily

      That does sound tricky but i think that your instinct is good. I have done that before and it looked great. Sometimes bigger rooms are even harder to decorate in, right?

      • Lesley

        Thank you! I think it looks pretty good and now I will stop worrying about it.

  10. megan

    What about rugs on carpeted floors?

    • Jenny

      That was my exact question! I’m glad you asked it. I HATE hardwood floors. SO cold. I know I am against the opinion of 99% of the population, but I love carpet in my home. We have rugs over our carpet to add color, but just wanted to know if there were any faux pas for this design style.

    • kendal

      I was about to post the same question! I’m in a rental property and would looooove to rip out the gross dirty beige carpet but cannot. Rugs on carpet seem tricky and wrong…but can they work?

      • Emily

        I think if its low pile carpet its fine to have a rug on top, but less necessary. I used to be kinda anti-that, but ultimately it does look better than no rug often. I like a rug onto of wall to wall sisal, for sure. And often in rentals the carpet sucks so bad that just having a rug that is cuter on top of that helps so much. Does that help?

        • kendal

          you’re super cool and helpful and just gave a whole boost of confidence to my rug buying adventure.

  11. Sarah

    Yay! I can leave a comment..I wanted to yesterday to comment on the subject of gifts and Emily Jr. 1. I love the bear and bought one! 2. I bought you a gift.. I hope #2 is not too weird! :) I remember one post you mentioned that when HGTV did a test market study, they found that even tho people don’t know you, they feel like they are your friend. True indeed! Because when I saw this little something, I couldn’t resist buying it for my “friend” to celebrate she is expecting.
    Is there a po box or somewhere I can send it?
    Again, congratulations and thanks for continuing to share your time and talents with us!

    • Emily

      What???? OMG, that is VERY nice, indeed. And thank you so much for commenting, feeling like a friend, and obviously the very unnecessary but VERY appreciated gift. My address is 1920 HIllhurst ave, Suite #182 LA CA 90027

      Oh, i’m VERY excited. xx

      • Sarah

        Going to the post office Monday and will drop it then!

  12. Heather

    Finally! I have been struggling for rug tips for quite some time now so this post is GREATLY appreciated! I’d love to know your thoughts on my current living room. Its a large room (about 15′x18′) so we split the room for a sitting/tv area and then a large farm table dining area. The couch we have is a soft light green and sits on top of light colored wood floors. With a masculine wood and iron farm table, what color rug would you suggest? I was thinking a neutral but after seeing your video, a pop of color might be nice. Keep in mind, white is out with our fury black lab. Thanks so much!

    • Emily

      Well, that depends, obviously, but if your walls are neutral then it seems like then i would say bring in a bit of color, but you could always do a neutral rug too and add color in pillows and accessories, too. Does that help at all?

  13. Gini

    Love this post! Do you have any tips for a rug beneath a dining table in a kind of narrow dining room? All our legs fit when chairs are pushed in, but not when we’re sitting in them.

    • Amelia

      Yes! I would love advice for dining rooms too…

      • Emily

        I think there is a rule, like add 18′ – 24″ on both sides of your dining table and that should cover the footage you need to pull your chairs out. So if your dining table is 40″ wide, then make sure that your rug is 76″ – 88″. God that sounds HUGE, but i think thats the rule. You basically want to be able to pull out the dining chairs, get them in and out without the chair going on the rug. Make sense?

  14. Heather

    Yes, question!!! This is so perfectly timed as I was just on my lunch break looking at carpets for my baby-to-be’s nursery. I am struggling because the room is tiny (about 9x8ish) and so an 8×10 rug is way too big and a 5×8 doesn’t cover the whole room (which is totally fine because I love our hardwood floors and don’t mind having some exposed). Do I do something like a 4×6? Between the crib, dresser and wardrobe, not much floor area is exposed anyway so I wanted to avoid that half on/half off the rug furniture affect. Do I go as big as possible so that most stuff is on the rug or do i go as small as possible so that the rug just covers where the floor is bare? Also…while we’re on it, I really want a soft shaggy type carpet in a light gray or white, thought white may be cray cray for a baby’s room. I keep looking and not finding what I want. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

    • Emily

      I think in that case you can totally do a 4×6. I’m having the same debate in my nursery t be and if the furniture is going to be half on half off with the 5×8 then i saw save some money and do the 8×10. I like serena and lily’s shaggy rugs, i think they are under flokati on their site. make sense?

      • Sophie C

        I’m sure both your nurseries are going to be a lot cuter than ours, but as a mum to a 19 month-old boy, I thought I should add a word of caution about rugs in nurseries. Firstly, babies are really, really messy. As in, “gosh, I’m glad my walls are painted yellow, because even after I’ve washed that mess, I think it’s gonna stain” or “my, I’m glad that’s a wooden floor you’ve just pee’d all over, my little man.” I mean, totally gross. And they puke, a lot. If you’re unlucky and your baby has bad reflux, they projectile vomit on a daily basis (not mine, thank goodness).

        Also, if you are walking round the room carrying the most precious bundle of (pukey) love at 3am after hardly any sleep, you need to avoid having too many tripping hazards.

        Just a few thoughts. I know, much too practical, but I can’t help it – I’m an engineer when I’m not being a mum! At least when you’re buying a rug you can have a think about how to clean it!

      • Heather

        Makes sense and thank you for the reply!!! I love S&L but haven’t checked out their rugs, so I”ll do that. How fun is nursery decorating?????? Hope you’re feeling well.

      • Heather

        One last question- on the Serena and Lily flokati…what is the shed factor like on those? With a baby who may be crawling in it, would you worry about all the “fur” getting stuck on their hands and ending up in their mouths?

    • Not that you asked, but I had a shaggy rug in my first nursery and wound up annoyed. It was beautiful, but terrible for any type of floor time. I was always worried about the baby inhaling the loose fibers so we had to put a play mat down before setting the baby on it. Not a huge deal, but inconvenient. Then, when they’re big enough to actually play with toys, I wound up getting rid of it because it wasn’t conducive to stacking, blocks, setting up trains, etc – it was too fluffy. If you have a separate play room this may not be an issue for you, but I personally wish I hadn’t spent the money on such a short-lived rug.

      And there I went giving unsolicited advice.

  15. MicheleLouise


    Some tips on sources for larger rugs would be great!

    Also what about odd sized rooms where a standard rug size isn’t going to be big enough? What about a post about how to use carpet tiles? I feel like I default to those a lot because they work so well in odd sized rooms (we have a lot of long skinny rooms), but then I think I have TOO MANY of them!

  16. Alison Melucci

    Hi Emily,
    Thank you for the good information. What are the rules for when you have a chaise on one side of the couch. Is it okay to just have those legs on the rug and not the other side?

    Kind Regards,

    • Emily

      I think so. WHen it comes to sculptural furniture like that, i think most of the rules go a little out the window.

  17. Lisa

    I JUST came from room & board during lunch (ie peacing from work) to buy a rug and ended up with the bigger size, PHEW!

    Also, I told my husband that Emily Henderson was pregnant. For some reason he wasn’t as excited as I was….

    • My husband is better at remembering the names of YHL/John and Sherry Petersik’s child and dog than he is about remembering the names of some of our actual friends. He doesn’t know who Emily Henderson is…yet.

      • Emily

        That’s hilarious. Totally made me laugh out loud and i shared the comments with everyone i’m working with today. Congrats on your huge rug and thank you SO Much for the congratulations.

  18. Awesome post! Its hard to put down in words why we select the things we do but you’ve done it wonderfully.

  19. Jamie

    Magazines in the fireplace. How does your husband feel? Did you just do it without consulting? Anytime I mention decorating (books/ magazines/ fill it with sticks) our fireplace, that doesn’t work, my hubs has very strong feelings against it. I can’t figure it out. Imma just have to do it. It’s driving me batty.

    • Emily

      OH, he doesn’t even notice. I could’ve bought 4 monkeys, had them stuffed and hung them in the fireplace and he wouldn’t have noticed. It’s a problem. So i think he likes it but not sure if he’s noticed yet.

    • Sabrina

      What about some really tall candles? That at least fits somewhat with the “purpose” of the fireplace so he may be more on board.

  20. i just got a new rug for my room and i bought the biggest one that would fit (8.5×11.5). i am so happy with it. i know once i move it will end up in my living room so i wanted to make sure i got one that was big enough to work now and later.

  21. Brittny

    I needed this!!
    So my question is what to do with the rug for the dreaded sectional? Any rules? One of the backs of the sectional is against a wall and the other side of the sectional is floating. I’d love to get new furniture but that isn’t happening… Our sectional is huge.. Not sure why to do for the rug size. Thanks!!

  22. amy

    I just had to comment after the “grandma in a tube dress comment.” I am so glad I bookmarked your site and come back often, because I love the honest way you write and you CRACK ME UP. Congrats on being a mommy-to-be and thank you for all the super helpful info!

    P.S. I have a too-small rug in hiding. Shoulda splurged on the bigger one for sure!!!!

  23. Two questions:

    1. What does one do when a rug has an obvious symmetrical pattern? So, there mid point of the rug is evident. Then, with said rug, how does one work that within a room with a fireplace? Should the rug be centered on the center of the fireplace and the conversation seating area be placed from that point?

    2. Are there different rug rules for a bedroom/bed?

  24. Maria

    Thank you very much, your tips are great. i looking for a rug. Do you have any tips bout it’s color? it is very confusing…

  25. Jane

    Fantastic useful advice -gonna use it as we figure out a rug for the living area :-) <3 <3 <3

  26. Sarah

    Dang my rug’s too small! That makes sense!
    Will you pretty please tell me where you like to buy your larger jute/sisal rugs for layering?
    I’m worried about my room getting to “warm”, I’m already pushing it in my color choices.
    Thank you!

    • Emily

      West Elm, Pottery Barn, Ikea and Crate and Barrel all have pretty good sisals, actually. Ikeas are the cheapest, but i like WEst Elm’s a lot, too. xx

      • Sarah

        I did sum hunting…wanted to share that World Market has a really nice one (thicker and more multi-hued) than ikea and just 20% more in cost. 8×10 for $249.
        I think I’m going to go with the grey toned offering at West Elm tho…wish me luck!

  27. Melanie

    Thanks, this is quite helpful! Just getting ready to buy my first “real” (as in not a garage sale find for $20, haha!) rug. Definitely bigger is better (5 x 8 with front legs on right now but it’s pathetically small) and I think my seating arrangement will feel complete for the first time ever. And- congratulations on Emily Jr!! I really can’t wait to see what maternity styles you rock.

  28. Kelly Jo Bahry

    1) I totally third and fourth that question about the rug under the bed
    2) In the video the little circle table is half on/half off the rug. Is that how you live with it or do you put it all the way on the rug?
    3) I’m wondering if you can take the words off the video more slowly so it doesn’t jolt the eye?
    4) Thank you for doing all these video tutorials, as they are so helpful.

    The End.

    • Emily

      Thanks, Kelly!
      We live with the table off the rug, but man those are awkward situations. And good note about the words. :)

  29. Ola

    Hi Emily, what about sectionals (L-shaped), what are the principals? Do you still need 1/2 feet both sides of sofa width? do you always have to put the sofa underneath?

  30. Emily

    Do these rules apply for a cowhide rug as well, since they are irregularly shaped? I want to put one under my dining room table (it’s only a 6-seater), but I don’t think one exists that follows the rule of all chair legs on the rug when they are pulled out (assuming that’s a legitimate rule). I guess I could do a sisal one under it, but it seems like it would just get bulky under a dining room table?

    • Emily

      I don’t think they follow the rules. If they are sculptural they are kinda their own beast and yes, its a great option to fill a large space on a smaller budget. I have like 3 of them. .

  31. Brandi

    What about rules for area rugs on top of carpet? I have textured/patterned, off-white berber in my family room that I would like to put an area rug over. What should I keep in mind?

    • Emily

      I would just get a lower pile, like a kilim or something that is really thinner. But i think its still a nice way to pull the seating area together.

  32. i am not sure if this is a no-no or not but in order to keep the rug-rules, which i think must be in my memory bank from another life, yet not break my bank in this life – i have purchased two of the same 5′by7′ rugs and placed the seams right next to each other. i found that this can be waaay cheaper than upgrading to the larger sizes and still keeps the rug rules in tact. unless of course doing this is against the rug rules, or maybe the worst one of all. if so i am in trouble ;) although i hardly notice and it has worked like a charm for me many times.

    • Emily

      Nope, thats awesome. i’ve done that before, too. Well done.

  33. Holly

    That was just. super. fun. Best vid yet. Oh why didn’t I wait to pick out my living room rug months ago… now my “conversation area” looks like it’s wearing floods. By the way, I know it’s late in the day for questions, but if you pop back here, I’d love to know the best place in L.A. to buy rug… uhm… underwear. You know, the padding that goes underneath?

    • Emily

      I hate rug pads so much, they are the worst to deal with. I often just order them from Amazon. If you really need one make sure you get a thick one, and often those can be like $80 but they’ll actually work whereas the cheaper ones often don’t.

      • Holly

        Good to know. Thank you! :o)

  34. Sarah

    When we moved into our place my husband didn’t have a job for a little while so we had no budget but I HAD to have a rug so I got a 5×7 because it was better than nothing. I really wanted an 8×10 but there was no way financially. Our room is tricky because even though it’s open it’s small. The entire home is only 1000 square feet, but I love your tip on measuring the space to get an idea. I had a question about pattern of the rug. I have a navy one that I pair with brass accents and some coral, but I also have a black and grey trellis pattern that I love, but it never seems to go quite right with the coral pops. My couch is grey and much of my furniture is white. You can also see the dining chairs right next to living room and I upholstered those in navy and white – is black a total no go? Would just love your take on keeping the rug neutral or what kind of pattern works with other colors in room. You have such an eye for design, love your blog.

  35. Essie

    So helpful! Thanks for the tips!

  36. Deb Johns

    Thanks for the great tips. Not sure you have time to read or respond to all your numerous comments, but wanted to ket you know you have a broken link to the souk rug from West Elm… Might be shortchanging yourself there if folks buy it by circumventing!

    • Emily

      Thank you so much for telling me!!!

  37. Morgan

    Would love to hear tips for dining room? We have tried about 4 different sizes and can’t seem to find one that looks right!

  38. Mika

    Why are rugs o expensive??

  39. great tips – thanks!

    just one minor piece of feedback – most of your images show the different rugs from the same angle except for your first image with the chevron rug. its really helpful to see the different rugs and the impact of each from the same angle because then you can visually see EXACTLY what you’re talking about, especially about how it makes the room look bigger/smaller.

    GREAT advice – size and scale of EVERYTHING is so important, and I really enjoy reading your advice, and watching your videos. They are fantastic!

    • also, what about that end table that’s half on and half off the rug?

  40. Laura A

    Thanks for the rug rundown! I live in an octagonal house where every room is a roughly 16×16 octagon (no I am not kidding it is real – the Edward A Brackett house – and not a yurt). Right now I have a bit of a hodge-podge of rugs but am hoping to replace them in time. If I am going to float furniture in the middle of an octagon should I base the shape of the rug on the furniture arrangement or go with a circle to match the shape of the room? If I have two front parlors that are very much open to each other should I use the same shape/size rugs even though the furniture arrangements will be different? I know… strange and highly specific questions but if you have any thoughts (and time) I would love to hear them! Love the site, congrats on the baby bean!

  41. Kathleen

    Hi Emily!
    Off topic, but I was wondering if you plan on doing any HGTV Star recaps this season. I’m watching the first episode now and I wasn’t super impressed with the portfolio pics they showed… but we’ll see!

  42. Anna B

    Great video! I second the previously suggested questions about rugs under/near the bed. I’ve considered just putting down a sheepskin on either side of the bed as a simpler option just because I don’t really know how to do a regular rug in that room (doesn’t look right).

    Additionally, I’d like to know if there’s ever such a thing as a rug that is too big for a space. Obviously a rug that is longer or wider than the room itself is too big, but is it possible to accidentally dwarf your furniture with a rug that’s too big? Are there some rooms where you should just forgo a rug entirely? Not knowing these things has kept me from rectifying the too-small-rug-situation that’s happening in our living room since we moved to a bigger space. Thanks!

  43. Rachael

    What about when your room is 2 rooms in one (living room and dining room) making it not a square and not a rectangle? and nothing seems right, but no rug is not so nice?

  44. Melanie

    Emily, I love your choice in rugs! I wanted to ask if the Souk rug in your living room is easy to care for. Is it the kind of rug you would put in a high traffic area, underneath a coffee table with a husband who is a messy eater? Your advice on this is much appreciated!

    P.S. Yours is the only home decor/design blog I read. I’m so sorry I missed The Homies but next year, you are definitely getting my vote.

    • Emily

      Hi Melanie! Brian is messy and no problems yet. It hides spots but isn’t so thick that things get buried in it. Its light without being white, so thats good.
      And thanks so much for reading!!

  45. Yvonne Higgins

    I love the 9X12 rug, but how would you clean it? How often is it cleaned. You can’t really use water and shampoo it in place because of those floors but at the same time 1 smelly, poopy accident by a baby and your rug needs cleaned or replaced, depending on baby!

  46. Bridget

    Thanks for the tips/rules Emily. Very helpful and clear. What about sizing for a foyer? My front door is off center and opens to a foyer that’s approximately 9×15. Do I get just a 5×8 for right in front of the door so people can wipe feet take off shoes? or do I float a larger size in the center? Ugh.
    Next question: how do you light the family room? Do you have recessed lighting? I only see one floor lamp. My fam room furniture floats and I’d love to put a lamp on side tables but I fear they’ll get knocked over or block views of rest of room behind sofa.

  47. Rocio

    But can your rug be too big?! …ugh, I think my rug is too big.

  48. Valerie

    Any advice on the best way to layer rugs? …so when you have that 9×12 sisal and a smaller kilim, what is the best way to orient the kilim?

  49. Great video! Where did you get the rugs from?

  50. Sarah B

    I have a fairly large family room (it eventually connects to the dining room so our seating area was created with a floating couch to define the spaces). From TV/fireplace wall to back of couch (tv above fireplace, couch facing tv) is roughly 14 feet. The horizontal dimension of the room which includes two chairs on the left side of the couch is 17 feet from wall to wall. I ordered a 10×14 Madeline Weinrib rug that should be coming any week now and am worried it might be too big. We are using the space as a family/tv/playroom now so on the right side of my couch is a floating chair next to the fireplace and a credenza against the wall to hold all our toys. My question is.. will it look weird if the front credenza legs are also on the rug?

    And congrats on the pregnancy! Apparently we’re due date buddies as I’m due Dec 15th :)

  51. Sarah

    The room looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Can you tell me where your throw pillows are from?

  52. michele double you

    I could ask all sorts of stuff (questions beget questions and all that) about rugs, because I have inherited a 9 foot sofa that is stupidly-magnificently awesome (very *very* similar to yours, if yours was without tufting and “loose” cushions) and am having to purchase a new rug for our area (and recover the sofa and cushions on some DM chairs and paint the house and get new curtains and and and and and and), BUT….
    I am instead going to applaud you on the music in the vid. {clapclapclapclapclap} Thanks be to the one who banished generic tunes on the soundtrack.

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  54. catherine

    I have had the worst luck with West Elm rugs shedding like crazy. How is that one?


  55. Kate

    Hi- This is great, thank you! Could you please tell me where the rug in the 3rd picture from the top (the navy/charcoal and cream one) is from? It’s the one with the blue couch on the left and leather chairs on right. :)

  56. Laura

    Emily, I’m having some major rug drama right now because in order to follow the rules (which I totally agree with), I need an odd-sized jute or sisal rug to layer under my 6X9. An 8×10 or 9X12 just doesn’t work in the space (its a small beach condo). Do you have any ideas about where to find a jute rug that would be 10X12 or 10X11? Bonus points if it isn’t a custom rug that costs a fortune. I have found this to be an impossible mission so far!!

  57. Kelly

    Oh man did I need this post three days ago before I ordered my rug ekkk! I am now biting my nails that it will arrive in Paris and be to small ahhhhh! What is your take on beds? I noticed in one of the recent posts the rug was half under the bed is that kosher? I am doing that in our guest room and don’t want to be major fopahing it ha! Thanks!!

  58. Jennifer

    Hi Emily!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    What are the rug rules for a living room that could easily accomodate two large area rugs? We have two seating areas that could easily carry 9x12s, or 8x10s, or would one of each be more pleasing to the eye? The seating areas are oriented differently, so the rugs would be perpendicular to each other.
    Thanks so much!

  59. After reading this article, I decided my rug was facing the wrong way. Since my SO is in SoCal this weekend, I moved all the furniture off the rug, turned the rug and pad,then moved all the furniture back. By. My. Self.
    Now the sofa can have all four legs on the rug. But…and here’s the rub…the three chairs are all sitting on the wood floor; no part of them is on the rug. The rug is a 9X12 Bokhara and though one might think it would be large enough to allow the chair legs to rest on the rug, our coffee table (which we love)is huge so with the new rectangular look (rectangular room, rectangular rug) I decided it would be O.K.
    The amazing thing is that the room now looks huge and spacious. I just love it. And while my Virgo-perfectionist would like to see the chair legs as a design disaster, it’s just not it looks really wonderful.

  60. That explains what’s off in my otherwise beautiful living room! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  61. Rebecca

    Well the designer at the furniture store where I bought a chair told me the 5X8 rug would be fine for my space, and after seeing your info I see it isn’t! When you walk in my front door (small house – 1700 sq. ft.), the dining room is to the right and all open to the living room (walking straight to the back of the house). Nice vaulted ceiling in the middle so it feels bigger. I have always wanted to have chairs across from the sofa, but with my room size (14′ 6″ Wide X 13′ 11″ deep) if my sofa is against the wall, rug in the middle and 2 chairs to the left of the rug the space behind the chairs looks weird and isn’t really enough to place anything there. If I put the 2 chairs (but I only have 1 chair right now….), against the opposite wall from the sofa they are too far. Also, the back wall of the room is sliding glass doors to the patio. I don’t want to put the sofa back there as it would block the light. And this house is kind of dark anyway (70′s ranch) so I’m starving for as much light as possible. The rug was ordered from a furniture store and couldn’t probably be returned or if it could would cost me $130 re-stocking fee and I got the rug on sale for around $250. It is a trellis design is a green (I don’t know what you call this green – not Christmas green but tealish……). Anyway the next size up is 10 X 11 and I don’t want to entirely cover up the awesome natural maple wood floors my hubby spent all last summer laying. But if I get a sisal or jute, the light color wouldn’t look good against the color of the floors. Also, I just welcomed grandchild #3 (all under the age of 18 months) and some of those rugs are scratchy. The designer suggested pulling one end of the sofa (right wall) away from the wall and towards the front door to be more interesting. But your info says for a too small rug the couch should be against the wall. Wish I could send you a picture…..

    Oh – and baby advice: when going to do your baby registry PLEASE take someone who has had a baby for like at least 6 months. Otherwise, the baby stores give you their “checklist” of what you need and you end up putting stuff you will never use/don’t need and is really expensive. All of the baby gear gets really expensive, and you don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t really need that’s taking up space in your nursery (especially if small). Also get advice from current moms on things like strollers/car seats. Don’t just go by the reviews. When looking at strollers especially, pay special attention to how easy they are to fold up and put in your car. Actually fold them up and pick them up in the store. Weight is very important. I am super excited for you. You should keep a daily diary of your pregnancy…….. Can’t wait to see your nursery!!

  62. Yes, please please PLEASE do this for the bedroom! Ugh, I keep moving our rug around under the bed (and therefore all the storage under the bed and some of the furniture as well) and it never looks quite right. I feel like this should not be as difficult as it seems right now!

  63. Jennifer

    Ack! My apologies! I just read point #2, which answers my question about two area rugs in one room. Thanks! :-D

  64. Your video was super fun and totally persuaded me that rug size mattered. I loved the visual of you moving up size by size in the same space–very effective.

    Currently, I have a mottled black and gray shaggy rug that we bought at Ikea in our living room. Mostly we bought it because of it’s price, thickness, and ability to hide stains (I have a four year old son and a husband who eats on the couch more often than at the table). I still love it for all of those reasons, although it does fit our space about the same as the 5×7 rug fits yours, thereby breaking the rules.

    Based on your video, I now think it would be lovely to buy a second rug (to lay side by side by the first) so I can upgrade in size without losing the qualities I love in my current rug. It may take a while, but it is something for me to look forward to.Thanks!

  65. Emily,

    I have a major question that is not about rugs but IS about your living room- what is that tribal tapestry/wall hanging face from?! I must have one but don’t know what to search for.

    THANK YOU!!!

  66. Sabrina

    I just want… so many things… in your living room…

    The rug tips were helpful, although I just moved to a place with cool, original wood floors and don’t want to cover them up. The thought of needing to maintain a rug also sticks in my craw. I hate cleaning, and being afraid of spilling things.


  68. Mary

    I have to ask — where did you get that fabulous blue couch? That is the couch I have been DREAMING of for years…

  69. Kelly

    Hi Emily,

    Where do you find your wall art? Love the vintage gold frames and unique pieces….Dont know where to start looking!


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  71. Julie

    For the 10″ rule on either side to apply to our sofa/rug scenario the rug would have to overlap the cement slab in front of our fireplace (it’s non working so sparks wouldn’t be an issue). Our room is set up similar to yours but its a row house so it’s much more narrow. Which is the lesser of two evils – - rug overlapping the fireplace or rug not having space on the sofa ends? Thanks!

  72. Ana

    Im in love with your work, u hace an immpecable taste and greate ideas
    I also love the hand shape stool, i have been looking for a hand or head wood stool as statement pice, please let me know where did u get it?

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  74. I love these rules… as rules. But for my little Denver bungalow with furniture big enough to comfortably seat my 6’4″‘ husband, I still can’t figure it out. Imagine your living room was so small/sofa so big that the sofa had to be shoved up against the window next to the fireplace to fit. Even if the rug were to overlap the hearth (it’s about 1/2″ lower than the hardwood floor, but I can’t imagine that would look good), it wouldn’t be under the sofa legs on one end. I think the problem is solved by getting rid of our sofa (which I want to do anyway) and downsizing to a loveseat, but then where do the husband and the Great Dane sit? Or solved by a cowhide or other irregular-shaped rug?

    Plus (again, bungalow), our living room is also our entryway/foyer and you have to walk through it to get to the rest of the house. I’m not sure we’d be able to get our front door open if we had a rug big enough to follow the rules.


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  76. gayleen

    We have a monster persian rug that measures 11×16 and it was soooo worth the outrageous price. Be warned also that the bigger the rug the more expensive it is to clean!

  77. Tina

    Thank you so much Emily for the awesome video! I now see that my rug is too small for my living room :(

    I absolutely LOVE that sofa in your video! Where is it from? It looks vintage. I want it! Thanks!

  78. Chante LaGon

    What good information! I’ll be linking to it on our Flooring pinboard. Check it out at

    - Chante

    • Chante LaGon

      Actually, it’s our Living Rooms pinboard that I’ll be posting this to — you’ve got such a lovely set up that I think it’s a better fit there. Thank you!

  79. Kezia

    Hi! ive just discovered your blog and live in australia. i love interior design and am slowly working my way through your posts. thanks for all the great inspiration! I’ve been feeling for a while that my rug is too small. I like the all on or all off rule for legs, but am stuck with what to do with a tv console. I’ve got a sofa facing the tv console and two chairs next to it (at a right angle). Does it matter that the chairs and sofa are on the rug but the tv console is off? I’m planning on buying a new rug for the space and this will affect the size I buy. Thanks in advance!

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  86. Zarya

    Thanks for the tips!
    A few questions…how much should you spend on a quality living room rug (9′-12′)?
    My husband and I cheaped out and bought a “wool” rug on Overstock and I absolutely hate it. It’s not that attractive and pills like crazy.
    Where do you suggest getting good quality rugs that aren’t $$$$$?
    I saw some that I absolutely loved at Room & Board, wool, low looped, neutral colors and lots of texture. We are about to have a baby (any day now!) and I want something soft, non-toxic, non-pilling, and aesthetic!

  87. Kristen

    Love the post, very very helpful! Can you help? I need some serious advice trying to figure out my living room rug situation. Picture this, my living room is in the middle of my single level house and is situated adjacent to the dining room with small built shelving on either side diving the space in between the dining and living room. Directly across from the dining room are large windows across the whole wall of the living room and is where the only possible spot for a couch is. On either side is a bedroom door which opens into the living room and hits an armchair and opposite this are french doors and a wood burning fireplace that juts awkwardly into the living room. Currently, I have a large square rug (bad, i know!) partially under the arm chair up to the stove but not under the couch. I cant fit a large rug in front of the couch because it will hit the stove.
    I know this is confusing, but i cant wrap my head around this. I cant frame the room because of all of the but i don’t want to break up the space with multiple rugs. Can you help?

  88. Amy

    Great post! Saw the link on apartment therapy and knew I had to come take a look. That said, I don’t like be a specific Suzy (I just made that up, might not work but I like it) but what are your thoughts on a room that’s shaped like half of a slice of pie(the unit has also been called petal shaped). In other words, I have a living room in which two walls are angled out and the adjacent walls are straight, but in no way perpendicular to the others (note – I live in a circular building). To make the question broader, maybe you could expand on your thoughts on floating furniture and rug ideas? I’ve been thinking of floating the couch on an angle and going for a minimalist look, but I have no clue what I should do with a rug/the floor. I’m leaning towards the assumption that a large horizontal rug would not work with floating furniture. The living room is also rather large and doubles as a dining room as well.

  89. Elizabeth

    So…I have a long sunroom on the back of the house (think English cottage, built in 1923), with stone floors, a natural wood ceiling, white painted brick walls, and lots of windows along the entire length of it. (This space used to actually be a screened in porch, which the previous owner enclosed to make part of the house). On one half of the “sunroom,” I have positioned a long dining room table, with benches for seating. On the other half, which is one step down from the dining area, I have created a seating area with a loveseat and ottoman. My inclination is to get two seagrass rugs for the stone floors of equal size to make the room(s) look larger and warmer. OR…should I go for two rugs with the same pattern? My brain tells me that two completely different rugs would be a little jarring to stare at. Also, the room is a bit of a pass-through to get outside to the garden, and the stone floors are cold as ice cubes in the winter. Help?

  90. Jen

    Great post! I have a question that I don’t think has been addressed: In #6, you stress the importance of the rug going at least 6-inches beyond the width of the sofa. What if you have side tables/end tables at either end of the sofa? Does the rug need to go 6-iches beyond the outer sides of these? or can it stop underneath them half way?

  91. I am utterly IN LOVE with this room! Thanks for the valuable post on the area rugs!

  92. mas

    Hi – Where is that awesome couch from??

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  94. Esteban

    Great advice and very timely as I embark upon a journey to find two rugs for two rooms. Right now the floors are covered with what we have discovered to be dinky itty bitty for the size of the room rugs. Thank you for your sage advice and your always clever, charming ways.
    On a side note – what song is that playing in the background. Shazam keeps telling me that it is unable to hear the music. Silly app.
    Keep on rockin’ my design obsession!

  95. If I were to buy an area rug like I would buying a dress for my grandmother, they would all be navy blue or black. You see my yiayia dressed like the yiayia’s in the movie Zorba the Greek–all in mourning. We did eventually persuade her to wear some grey. I did however find your tips helpful, in my next nest, I will take them into consideration. Happy Nesting!

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  97. Margaret

    Where did you find those chairs? If I were to look for something similar, what would I be asking for? Love them!

  98. Fane

    I am in love with a Sisal in the diamond pattern but I have a long narrow living room – the room is 22 feet by 15 with a fireplace anchored at the end – the floor boards run the length of the room – I have measured the rug to be 19’9 X 12 ft – the max width of the Stark is 13’3 – so the diamonds will run perpendicular to the floorboards and the direction of the room – do you think that is a problem –

    Also planning on using it as a runner – but again should the diamonds be running “up” the stairs vertically or horizontal to them?

  99. sj

    This was so helpful! Except now I see that my LR rug, which I thought looked great, is way too small!
    Hm…my DR rug is also probably too small…
    Can’t wait to see the video on bedroom rugs, as I also have not been able to figure that out!
    Also, I have difficulty visualizing how a rug will look in a room. You probably have tips on how to choose rug patterns and colors…???
    Thanks so much Emily- you are the MOST fabulous! And I just now have read about your pregnancy— so very happy for you!!!

  100. First of all: CONGRATS!!! Yay, you’re having a baby and obviously you want to ask me a bunch of questions because you love a stranger’s opinion and I am a very wise and knowledgeable 27. For real though, you’re gonna make an awesomepants mom.
    Second: I wish I could include a picture because I do not know how I’m going to present my super important dilemma with words but I feel like you can handle this- are you ready? (imaginary nod) I live in a rental with an open living/dining room/kitchen. We were gifted a baby piano (yay) which takes up all of our space (boo) so basically our living room area is rectangular, but our seating area is square-ish more than rectangular (but not quite).
    We have a three seater against a wall and an L-shaped couch with one part against a wall and one part kind of jutting into the room, forming a hard “C” (and a sideboard and TV on the other side.) WTH do we do rug-wise? Under all the furniture? It sort of breaks up the room and makes it look small… just a small area rug? That kind of looks awkward too… HELP (please and thank you)

  101. I need help selecting a rug for my entrance at the front door. It opens into the living room. Not sure it i should keep it small or go for a larger look.

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  103. Hi friends, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say
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  104. Terri

    Hi Emily,

    I don’t know if anyone else here asked, but I was wondering if Secrets of a Stylist will be back. It was one of my favorites.


  105. This is a great post!! Thanks so much. I have a question that you may or may not be able to answer. :) My sofa is up against the wall, but has traffic patterns on both the left and the right (entrance to the kitchen on one side and the dining room on the other). The rug we have now is a 5×7, and I know it’s too small, but I’m worried about the ends of the rug sticking out into the traffic areas if we were to get a larger one. Would you go ahead and get a bigger rug? I’ve also thought about a round rug (maybe an 8′ round). I have lots of globes on display and the wall above the sofa has a collection of embroidery hoops, so there are circles everywhere. I was thinking a round rug would provide more rug real estate, but would be less in the way of the door openings. What do you think? I know it’s hard to say with no pictures. :)

  106. When someone writes an post he/she maintains the plan of a user in
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    So that’s why this piece of writing is outstdanding.


  107. Josie

    I have a soft gold sofa sectional with terra cotta pillows in which the long section is against the wall and the shorter section open. It is on a soft gold carpet. I’d like to purchase a colorful area rug to put in front of the sofa. If I purchase a rug for just the front of the sofa would that appear too small or would I have to get a rug that the entire sectional sits on? The room is rectangular in shape. One wall is entirely brick fireplace, the opposite wall is the sectional and the end wall is an entertainment center/tv etc.
    Thank you so much, Josie

  108. Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thanks Nonetheless I am experiencing problem with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting similar rss drawback? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  109. elena

    What if you couch is the length as your wall? (i have a tiny living area)
    how would the rug be 6-10″ longer on each side of the couch? or what other options could I do?

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  111. Rachel

    Would you please list the source for the rug in the first pic (Scott’s house). I love it and have been searching for one very silimar to it. Thanks!

  112. Anna

    Have your youtube views on this spiked? That is likely because I’ve watched about a kajillion times. Conundrum: shared living/dining area. Getting a big old shaggy girl for the living room space. 8×10 might encroach into the dining room (ie directly abut an oversized stunner of a bench I use in lieu of chairs), 6×9 requires smushing furniture together and making the room look wee.

  113. Kristin Jentgen

    I LOVE those leather chairs. Are they old or a recent find?

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  115. Martha

    Please do the bedroom rug post! I think it would really help so many people (including myself) after reading all these comments. Thank you!

  116. stacey

    Thank you so much for this article! Being a new homeowner, and having to decorate everything, I am kinda at a lost for pretty much…everything. One quick question, I have a rectangle room, that is skinny. I bought a section to maximize seating in the space; I plan to put the sofa, when it is finally delivered (ugh, the waiting!), in the corner. For my rug, do I make sure it is extended out the one side, and then push it up against the wall (since I can’t extend on the other side due to the position of the couch), or do I but a slightly smaller rug and center it to the couch? Thanks!!!

  117. Stacey

    Love this post! So helpful! One question….how do I go about picking a color/pattern/style of rug for my living room?

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  119. Liz

    AWESOME SITE!!!! 1st ever were a site has been so very helpful!!!

  120. Jenny

    Hi Emily!
    I am stumped with rug placement in our living room because there’s a fireplace on an angle in one corner. A 5×8 is way too small, and an 8×10 works… but one corner of it aligns/points to the center of the fireplace, so it kind of pushes it back into the corner opposite it and creates a lot of exposed floor space on the walls radiating out from the fireplace. Also, because of that corner, since we’re looking at sectionals (west elm dunham), one end of the sectional will be off the rug (*$&!). Do we get a rug and cut a beveled corner?? I ordered Flor samples, but hated how hard they were. We love wool rugs. Thoughts? (thank you!) xox

  121. cindy

    Hi Emily,
    What do you think about a piano on a rug? Is partially on okay or is this an all on? Great thread. Thanks for you input!

  122. dream

    I read this paragraph completely on the topic of the comparison of latest and previous technologies, it’s remarkable article.

  123. Pretson Louis

    Buying the right area rug is very much important, but providing right maintenance is equally imperative. We bought expensive area rug for our living room and dining room, and we make sure that Heavenly touch carpet cleaners clean them once in every 5 months. I trust them as they know how to clean the rugs without causing any damage.

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  126. Burp

    Aaaaaaaaah, vocal fry!!!!!

  127. Kristen Hill

    Can you please share details on the blue zig zag rug? Beautiful blog by the way. I am a new reader.

  128. I wish that people would realise how dangerous gas boilers can be.
    A yearly gas safety inspection would save lives.

  129. This is a great article! Rugs can be brilliant for maintaining the quality of your flooring, especially when it’s wooden. Thanks for posting!

  130. Sherry Evans

    I have a very large family room and I like to change the furniture around often, but doing so changing the dimensions of the “conversation area”. Obviously I cannot afford two different rugs. When you mention at the beginning of your video to measure your room, do you literally mean wall-to-wall or around the grouping of the furniture? I just installed beautiful hardwood flooring so I hestiate to cover it up yet my white furniture appears to be floating so I know the need to anchor it. I also want my room to look as sparse as possible so I was thinking seagrass with my zebra cowhide thrown over it.

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  132. With a larger room you can pull seating out from the walls to create a much cozier conversation area around a focal point like a fireplace. Don’t fear empty walls, you can use wall space for art, buffets and consoles, benches and bookcases or additional conversation areas where the furniture can be pulled closer together.

  133. Great tips. Its a big help in beautifying our house and maintaining the cleanliness as well. Thanks for sharing this. Very informative. Good Job!

  134. Great article! Running an online rug business, I refer heaps of my clients to your site as this is a great way of helping choose the right size rug! Perfect explanation and so clear! Love it!

  135. my room is approx. 18 x 18 with fireplace in room so the room actually is 18′ from one wall x 16′ to the fireplace as it protrudes from the wall if that makes since. I’m looking at a 12′ x 14’9″. Is that too large for a floating furniture arrangement? The URL is the layout of our room but slightly smaller as I’ve indicated. Thank you!

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