Throw pillow roundup from Etsy

My 20 Favorite Etsy Pillows  (NOT a sponsored post, by the way)

I don’t splurge on throw pillows. Now and again, I’ll see one that I love love love, but I think buying a $300 throw pillow is never where I’m going to want to spend my money. Especially when Etsy has a ton of sellers that have pillows that are more interesting, less seen (therefore I’m less likely to get sick of them), and more affordable than the big box stores. I was shopping for a few clients, so I decided to turn it into a post.   


Happy and graphic: 

 1. vintage kilim chevron pillow $50

2. heart pillow, $50 

3. cross pillow: $42

4. multi-color felt pillow, $150 



1. Striped kilim pillow:  $59

2. red kilim pillow: $69

3. Pink kilim pillow: $129

4. Kaza Kilim Pillow $63

Blue and graphic


1. blue damask;  $9.09

2. native quilt pillow:  $40

3. anchor pillow $22

4. scallop pillow:  $16 you can customize any color. 


Vintage: *hop on these, there is only one each

1. vintage floral pillow:  $24

2. woman needlepoint $24.99

3. blue silk vintage pillow:  $55

4. bird needlpoint:   $28.00

kids/young at heart:

1. Hooked horse pillow:  $48 

2. elephant pillow:  $49

3. whale pillow:  $49

4. mother and child pillow  $45

Support these businesses, my friends.  They are making my job easier, even though it took hours to scour through and i’m sure i’m missing a ton of great ones.  Do you guys like these roundups? I know i don’t do them often but i could start doing more if you are into it……

Happy Monday, friends. 

  1. dana

    ooh – i love these :) my sister actually sent me a link for some etsy pillows two days ago – this seller has some really cute ones :) … i'm just trying to decide which to actually buy!

  2. Jennifer

    Love when you post roundups! More, please :)

  3. HK

    I like the roundups! I just ordered a pillow from one of these Etsy shops, pillows are fun to switch up – thank you for sharing these shops. I could spend weeks browsing Etsy :) Happy Monday to you!

  4. Heather

    Love the roundups!!! Love Etsy, but sometimes don't have time to look through 42,000 listings!!!

  5. Meg

    I definitely just bought that vintage bird number… YUM!

  6. GREAT round-up. Love the Etsy spotlight too.

  7. Love your round-ups and would love to see more! thanks for sharing, liz

  8. Jessi

    Love this post. I agree, pillows can be ridiculously expensive and you see the same ones everywhere. love these finds! :)

  9. Great finds! There is so much to look at on Etsy, it can be overwhelming. Anytime someone narrows it down for me, I'm all for it!

  10. Meg! You got it before I did. :)

    Love these too, Emily. I have spent WAY too many hours of my life browsing pillows on etsy. And it's never boring. :)

  11. Diane

    Definitely into more round-ups!

  12. EmilyHS

    Yes to more roundups!

  13. Emily

    Thanks for doing this! Looking through Etsy for new throw pillows was #1 on my to-do list this week! And I love your round-ups — you have the best taste.

  14. Faye

    Love the round ups! Especially etsy and affordable options! Keep 'em comin'!!

  15. Definitely agree with all of the commentors above. Yes to the round-ups. It's like a mini Emily Henderson Holiday Guide. Anything to find great resources is a plus!

  16. Sara

    LOVE this!!! That scallop pillow is the biggest bargain every! Thank you SO much!! I also vote a big fat YES for more roundups! :)

  17. Meghan

    Love these spotlights. It introduces me to stores on etsy I might not find on my own. Plus all of the navy blue pillows are calling to me.

  18. Audrey

    Obsessed with the roundup! I bought the vintage navy pillow and can't wait to throw it on my bedroom chair for a nice pop of color!

  19. Cindy

    Yes – more roundups! Heartbroken that I missed out on the vintage bird needlepoint, but congrats Meg! I hope you will love it and give it a happy home.

  20. Laura

    Yes, keep it up! Especially because you're doing all the work haha — But thank you for scouring over Etsy for beautiful things. Etsy can be overwhelming so it's great to have a curator! :)

  21. Emily- thank you for including our vintage needlepoint pillow. We love all the pillows included and the Etsy support. Also, it sold:) Sarah and Claire with ameliajanevintage

  22. heather

    Your coffee table is absolutely uhhhh-mazing!!! Love it so much!! I just saw David Bromstead use a similar piece made out of old airlplane metal on his show for a woman who is a pilot. Not brass obviously, but similar look and i loved it. Those first stools you pointed out are very cool….i thought they were bamboo in the picture till you said brass..then I liked them. One thing I can't get into is the chairs that you didnt buy but bought the leather stitched ones instead. That first one you pasted looks icky, but maybe its just the pic.

    Love the round-ups! It's like an inside peek into your brain.

  23. Moo

    awesome roundup! especially love the kilim selections :)

  24. Thanks for featuring my vintage birds pillow! As a new Etsy seller, I was thrilled to get the mention!

  25. I love that you promote Etsy on your blog! Your round-ups are a great way to discover new and chic Etsy shops.

  26. Kristin

    Definitely into Etsy home decor roundups. The cheaper, the better! Thanks, Em.

  27. we used that blue native pillow in the salon we just finished up and it is incredible. I loved it and want one of my own now!

  28. Into it! That vintage kilim chevron is gorgeous!

  29. Hi Emily! Thanks for the post! I just found it today!!!! Cheers, Kim :)

  30. that elephant pillow and the blue pillow are lovely…these are some beautiful finds. Gorgeous